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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

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    Spaghetti On The Ceiling.

    Wednesday, April 03 2013
    Chelsea has a crisis, Jill notices the theft, and Lauren gives in.

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    At home, Billy debates with Delia about sock colors and tells Vikki, "Socks, screaming, spaghetti on the ceiling! If the fertility treatments work we can have even more of this." Vikki wonders if he's having second thoughts about having a baby. Billy reassures her - he's only worried about what she'll have to go through. Vikki thinks a baby is worth the risk.

    At the hospital, the doctor tells Chelsea that her husband is improving every day. She says their marriage is over and all information should now go to Sharon Newman.

    In a suite at the Club, Carmine disrobes for a shower.

    Michael arrives home to pick up clothes. Lauren tells him she wants her family and husband back - it shouldn't have taken separation papers to make her realize what she was doing. He says she'll have to put in the work to get to the bottom of this. Her phone rings - it's Carmine. She ignores it and tells Michael she'll go to counseling. Carmine calls again. He tells Lauren he's got her favorite wine and their favorite suite for one last night together. Lauren lies to Michael about a work emergency. Michael's understanding.

    Kevin and Chloe bicker at Crimson Lights over selling the stolen donation items. Kevin says it's complicated. Chloe wants the stuff gone before Katherine shows up for a latte and sees it. Chloe grills Kevin about his connections. They argue. Chloe says she never expected their marriage to be like this. Once alone, Kevin makes a call trying to fence the items - Michael overhears. Kevin lies that they're putting a new fence up at the house and deflects Michael's questions. Michael tells him Lauren is willing to save their marriage. Kevin's relieved.

    Cane arrives at the Chancellor Estate to support Katherine. She says she'll tell her loved ones once she knows what's going on. Jill appears and answers the phone. She learns that the charitable foundation never received their donation box. She asks Katherine if she forgot. Kay says she didn't forget and frets that there were expensive items involved. Jill reminds her she agreed to drop them off. Cane is sure the items will turn up. Jill exits and Cane reassures Katherine who is upset she forgot about the charity. Katherine asks about Lily - he hasn't been talking about her. Cane comments on her powers of observation. She says he should be at home, not with her. Jill returns. She's decided the items were stolen by Adriana and wants her fired. Kay hollers, "Not without proof!" After, Katherine admits to Cane she's not sure if Adriana could be responsible.

    At work, Chelsea tells Chloe that Adam woke up. They discuss how he woke up when she told him he was going to be a father - he didn't realize she was in the room and asked for Sharon. Chelsea says Victoria may have overheard her. They speculate on whether she'd tell Adam. Suddenly, Vikki and Billy appear to drop Delia off. Delia blurts, "When can I see the new baby?" Awkwardness ensues. After they leave, Chelsea tells Chloe, "Victoria knows." Chloe disagrees. Chelsea frets about Adam taking the baby away. Chloe leaves with Delia and Chelsea has pains. She's scared of losing the baby.

    At home, Vikki worries to Billy about Delia blurting out about a baby. Billy thinks she's being paranoid - Chelsea and Chloe were clueless. Vikki rants about Chelsea not being trustworthy and mentions Newman. Billy shows her the headlines about Sharon running Newman. Vikki hollers that she has to be stopped. Billy doesn't think she can handle a corporate war while doing fertility treatments. He wonders if she's willing to give it up. She chooses the baby, but when Billy goes upstairs she looks at the headline again.

    Lauren arrives at the suite and Carmine pours the wine. Lauren stammers about the one last night. He says she doesn't owe him any explanation and talks about his heart being battered last year and her making it go away. She acknowledges they were there for each other and feels they should leave it at that. He needs her one more time. She allows him to seduce her.

    Chloe arrives at the coffee house where Kevin has sold the items and has the money. He kisses her.

    Michael gets home and looks at the legal separation papers.

    Chelsea arrives at the hospital doubled-over and tells a nurse she may be losing her baby.

    Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Michael tells Paul that Lauren never came home last night.

    Carmine asks Lauren, "You don't come home and he's cool with it?" She says, "He trusts me."

    Adam tells Chelsea, "It's okay. I know."

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by kmc320 at Tuesday, April 02 2013 03:02 PM

    We're talking about Chelsea assembly line pregnancies, tell what do we think of Victoria? A baby is the last thing she needs. TNSOBIC must be rabid. Why must they be obsessed with having babies only to have them disappear and return SORASed ever so often?

    You know most of this crap is so predictable, Adrian will be accused of stealing while the Chip-punks enjoys their spoil

    Posted by Estrelita at Tuesday, April 02 2013 03:38 PM

    What is even more ridiculous about Kevin and Chloe stealing from Katherine is that we KNOW for a fact that Katherine absolutely adores both of them and they could ASK her for a million dollars and Kay would write out a check for them without even twitching an eyelash! Some boards are speculating that the new guy in town will turn out to have some connection to Alex and/or Adriana - may even be a relative - so that means that JFP and crew could possibly have plans to make Alex's family the new family which grows to take over the show. So obviously the story about stolen items at Chancellor mansion is not really going to be about Kevin and Chloe but, instead, will be all about creating an artificial reason for Alex, Adriana and cohorts to grab more air time from veterans.

    While it would be great if Jack and Victor's teamwork ends up hustling Congressman Wheeler out of town, while solving Avery's case at the same time, I doubt that it will turn out to be all that simple. I am still guessing that Wheeler will get whacked and everyone in town who has been arguing with him will turn out to be suspects - a la - The Never Ending Diane Jenkins Case.

    While it would be more intriguing if it turned out that Wheeler's wife - or even another of Wheeler's girlfriends - was responsible for whacking Belinda Rogan - I kind of doubt that JFP and Crew have anyone on board who would be able to work out a more intricate plot along those lines. My guess is that Avery will become convinced that Wheeler himself is the culprit, Rogan will be released, Wheeler will end up dead and Alex will investigate but Dylan will solve the mystery.

    Which, of course, brings us to an even bigger mystery. IF Dylan just remodeled Sharon's entire kitchen - WHY would Dylan NOT have enough money to make bail for a shoving and shouting match at a local bar? Surely Dylan made some sort of cash when he remodeled Sharon's entire kitchen! But, at this point, we are supposed to believe that Dylan would be able to make MORE cash by working behind the bar at Nick's Place than he did when he remodeled Sharon's kitchen! Plus, of course, there is still the matter of Dylan needing to sell his father's business. Surely, Dylan would be able to realize a little cash from that transaction! Looks to me just like another artificial reason to create a situation where Dylan would be in close proximity to Nick, Avery, and Noah, among others - on a daily basis!

    While it would be a pleasant surprise if Adam tells Chelsea tomorrow that he knows that she is p.g. - I am guessing that it is way too soon for anything like that to happen. So my guess is that what Adam knows about tomorrow will something entirely UNrelated to Chelsea being p.g. Either that - or it will turn out to be another one of Chelsea's dreams!

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Tuesday, April 02 2013 06:08 PM

    Hi Everyone!

    Chloe tells Kevin to “fence” Kathryn's donated items before she shows up for coffee! Have you EVER seen Kathryn in CL getting coffee? I do not remember EVER seeing her there!

    Posted by fairland at Tuesday, April 02 2013 06:45 PM

    I totally agree that katherine could give both kevin and chloe a million dollars. What I do not get is why steal at all from katherine and place where chloe did once lived and moved back in the next to steal an thing from katherine right under there noise's. Chloe is how old now. I actually thought chloe would not do any stealing from anybody. I actually thought chloe would learn from her mistakes to when stealing a man's husband and force on her marriage problem's the chloe should and tell kevin that you are making me do bad things to the people that I care about like katherine.

    Posted by fairland at Tuesday, April 02 2013 06:52 PM

    Some boards are speculating that the new guy in town will turn out to have some connection to Alex and/or Adriana - may even be a relative. first off what is relative mean. does that like relation's to other cast members. like chloe background and how chloe was raised not having any parents that did raise chloe outside from Esther as a mother. Was Alex's family took chloe in as to adopt chloe while no parent was around to raise a child like chloe when chloe was younger. Did Adrianna, and Alex mother or father raise another child in the mix of it all.

    Posted by fairland at Tuesday, April 02 2013 06:58 PM

    you are saying it was not Marcus Wheeler. It had to be someone else besides Marcus wheeler. Victor and Jack did more than accused Marcus for no parent reason without the doubt that jack nor victor have any proof to make an accusation like that just to make a case that is not even real that Marcus did anything at all.Why would Marcus take all the blame over victor's action to get Stephanie Wheeler hired to put jack in jail. Marcus could not have done that himself or to his own daughter like victor did. I would like to know why there is lawsuit against victor himself.

    Posted by fairland at Tuesday, April 02 2013 07:03 PM

    Alex and/or Adriana - may even be a relative - so that means that JFP and crew could possibly have plans to make Alex's family the new family which grows to take over the show. Now this is more than entertainment to me to read something like this. awesome as all get out. victor Newman needs to step aside to let the new family take over. watch out victor Alex will be the new family with Adrianna to boot.

    Posted by fairland at Tuesday, April 02 2013 07:06 PM

    I would to see more of storyline that are more than major story lines for chloe in the near future like, Why not add an addiction to chloe's character, she may have a background that we do not even know about.

    Posted by Go Cowboys at Tuesday, April 02 2013 07:18 PM

    Dang, it didn't that that hoish Lauren long to run to Carmine when he said he had her favorite wine and suite. She left Michael in her dust. And how many last times are they going to have? Michael please bust that tramp.

    Posted by Go Cowboys at Tuesday, April 02 2013 07:20 PM

    Dang, how many babies is Chelsea going to lose? Why do they keep letting her get pregnant only to lose the baby.

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