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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

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    A Very Good Team.

    Tuesday, April 02 2013
    Jack and Victor fool Wheeler, Nick punishes Summer, and Avery becomes very upset.

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    At work, Neil and Leslie discuss a deal. Leslie's distracted. He realizes she's thinking about her father and brother. Tyler appears. She says their father is going to be free - he can't ignore that. Tyler says he won't let it tear them apart. He clarifies that he still believes Gus killed Mom, but they need each other more than ever. Leslie wonders about the change of heart. Tyler says a friend pointed out it wasn't the best coping strategy.

    Wheeler arrives at the police station, where Paul and Alex ask about his daughter and about Gus and Belinda Rogan. Wheeler isn't sure what this has to do with him. Paul and Alex grumble about not getting anything after he leaves.

    At the Abbott house, Jack and Phyllis discuss the shooting at the ranch. Jack says he'll see her at the office later. Phyllis heads out to tell Summer she's moving to the fashion division. Victor arrives as she leaves. Victor and Jack bicker over whose fault it is they're in this mess. They get Wheeler over there and bring up the police interest in his daughter. Wheeler wonders what they want. Victor says his silence. Wheeler complains that this is a business arrangement for them, but he lost his daughter. He rants about them using her. Victor riles him by saying he's to blame for his daughter's demise - he was always more interested in politics. Victor and Jack tell Wheeler he has more to lose and suggest he killed Belinda Rogan. Wheeler blusters that there's no proof he was involved with Lin...Belinda. After a debate about Gus, Wheeler says they're making a mistake. Victor accuses Wheeler of hiring the henchman at the ranch and issues a warning. Wheeler leaves, confident they can't prove anything. Paul and Alex emerge from behind a door. Victor asks if they got enough to nail him. Paul thinks they can build a strong case. "You two make a very good team."

    At Crimson Lights, Kyle tries to put distance between himself and a flirty Summer, but she has the day off school and wants to go to Jabot together.

    Phyllis arrives at Jabot to find Summer with Kyle. Kyle goes about his business and Phyllis curtly informs Summer she's moving to the fashion division. Summer says she can move her anywhere but she won't keep her and Kyle apart. Summer finds Kyle and complains that Phyllis moved her to fashion. Kyle tells her it's the right place for her and she decides she'll make the best of it.

    Nick arrives at Avery's place to find Dylan there. Dylan and Avery explain that he couldn't drive home last night and his bail stipulates he can't leave town. Nick is uptight. Avery gets a call that the judge is ruling in Gus Rogan's case and leaves. Dylan tells Nick he'll leave when things settle and says he didn't call Avery - the bartender did. Nick agrees with Dylan's reason for fighting. Phyllis arrives - she's amused to see them together and asks if they're comparing notes. Nick gives Dylan his job back so he can pay his restitution. Dylan leaves. Phyllis and Nick discuss Summer. Phyllis realizes Summer never told him about bullying Jamie. Phyllis says she's going to Istanbul and Nick should talk to her. Nick calls Summer over and grills her about Jamie. Summer hates that it happened and says she wanted to hurt Mom through Ronan. Nick hollers about her using Jamie who had none of her advantages in life. He's upset she didn't tell him about this. Summer was ashamed and asks Nick hasn't he ever felt that way? Nick says she will spend her summer doing community service.

    Avery arrives at Jabot and tells Neil, Leslie, and Tyler that Gus' ruling is coming down today. Avery gets a call and looks stunned. She says. "Leslie, I'm so sorry." Gus' appeal was denied. Leslie says Wheeler must have gotten to the judge. Avery feels it will be impossible to prove it. Later, Tyler and Leslie talk about how they grew up and staying strong.

    Phyllis joins Dylan at Crimson Lights and they discuss Avery being with Nick. She says it won't last - they're not soulmates.

    Avery arrives home as Summer leaves. Avery's in a lather about Gus' appeal. Nick tells her not to take it personally. Avery rants that Gus is innocent and now the person who did kill Belinda will never pay!

    At On The Boulevard, Wheeler gets a call about the Rogan appeal and is pleased.

    Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Carmine's in a towel in a suite at the GCAC and tells Lauren over the phone that he'll be waiting for her. Lauren tells Michael, at home, that she has a work emergency to deal with. Michael asks, "At this hour?"

    Chelsea has abdominal pains while working.

    Victoria rants to Billy, "He put Sharon in charge of Newman. She has to be stopped!" Billy rubs his forehead.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by Go Cowboys at Monday, April 01 2013 02:17 PM

    Who would have thunk it. Jack and Victor make a good team.

    Hilda, I know you don't want to go there. With the note comparing comment. The entire town can compare notes when it comes to your cheap arse.

    Posted by Go Cowboys at Monday, April 01 2013 02:20 PM

    Hey Hildie, who is Nick's soul mate? Is it you? His mother figure.

    Posted by kmc320 at Monday, April 01 2013 06:28 PM

    OT: Y'all know I crying over lil Pam (Cliff Barnes daughter) losing the twins. Got chills all over

    RE: Gus killed Mom, but they need each other more than ever.

    ~~~This pleases me, as family has to stick together through the good, the bad, the ugly, the hate......

    I'm always amazed the Victor can always point out others incompetence: RE: Victor riles Wheeler by saying he's to blame for his daughter's demise as he was always more interested in politics.

    ~~~Well doesn't that sound like Victor and Newman Enterprises? He'll sell his soul to Lucifer and sacrifice his children, wives, friends and extended family

    The gospel according to JG:
    The show is just getting warm and will get even more warmer and sexier. Also, more romance, more suspense, and intrigue in the coming months.

    Wellllll Damnnn Nail me to the cross, Jack and Vic setting up Congressman Marcus Wheeler with Paul & Alex eavesdropping

    Posted by kmc320 at Monday, April 01 2013 06:43 PM

    I figure I can post 18,000 back to bak post too

    Phyllis arrives and is amused to see Nick & Dylan together and asks if they're comparing notes.

    ~~~Ol jealous red headed heifer, go find Jack since you've never had that experience

    Nick and Summer - 'BOUT damn time. But he'll just buy her a bigger car, friggin hypocrites - community service when you should b forming a foundation for the cyber-bullying victims along with workshops/seminars

    This gave me a warm wet pants moments from LMAO: RE - Phyllis joins Dylan and discuss Avery & Nick saying it won't last - they're not soulmates. Well h311 Phyllass & Nugget were Dick-Mates

    Posted by Ms Stella at Monday, April 01 2013 06:54 PM

    KMC - re Dallas and the twins. Me too - very sad scene. Incredible acting.

    Posted by kmc320 at Monday, April 01 2013 07:02 PM

    2 hrs Dallas next week Brucey boy. I got to go get an O2 tank just for tonight. Guess I'll need 2 next week.

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Monday, April 01 2013 07:08 PM

    Hi Everyone!

    Did you know that GC has a Sheriff?!!! I didn't! LOL

    So Dylan has to get re-hired as The Dick's bartender at minimum wage to make money to pay off the “exorbitant” bail. Well THAT should take him a few decades! LOL I would think he would have quite a few pieces of silver jingling in his pocket after gutting and remodeling the whole kitchen for TLS.

    I guess Phylthy FINALLY took time out of her busy schedule to talk to The Dick about Season's infatuation with Kyle and her bullying Jamie, and he gets mad at Season for not telling him; why wouldn't he get mad at Phylthy for not informing him of something she KNEW was going on! So he is going to make Season spend her summer doing “community service”! LOL I can't wait until Michael gets around to “disciplining” Kyle as well and they BOTH end up cleaning roadside rest restrooms all summer! LOL

    Jack and the Turd set Wheeler up, along with Paul and Alex, listening in and recording the conversation. Why wouldn't they consider that what they were saying was implicating them as much as Wheeler?!!! UGH!!! They take his coffee cup for DNA analysis; sounds like the Paul and Alex duo are going to match it up with the DNA evidence at the scene of Belinda's murder. Although there also is a possibility that Wheeler's wife or daughter could have committed the murder and he is just trying to cover it up!

    KMC, you go right ahead and post “18,000 posts” girly; at least we can understand “yours”! LOL

    Posted by ladybelle at Monday, April 01 2013 07:37 PM

    I watched a movie on Encore last night staring Eric Braedon[Victor] and Billy Zane named The Man Who Came Back,it was a great movie and he really did some great acting. He also produced the movie. It was from 2008.

    Posted by fairland at Monday, April 01 2013 07:55 PM

    Tyler appears. Leslie says their father is going to be free - he can't ignore that. Tyler says he won't let it tear them apart. Leslie point out that tyler can not ignore that their father will be a free man from prison. thank god that Gus Rogna is getting free from jail. I mean, if Gus was innocent all this time then I would like to know who was the one that did the killing if was not Gus himself. was it the henchmen that Wheeler did hire. That also mean that tyler ca not always get what tyler wants from his own father because, Gus Rogan is always going to be there father. tyler does need to learn to deal with Gus Rogan.

    Posted by fairland at Monday, April 01 2013 08:03 PM

    I actually think Leslie is right about the commit that leslie made earlier that tyler can not ignore the fact that Gus did not kill anybody. And tyler is more than afraid that Gus would be the one to hurt other people like Gus's kids.Tyler says he won't let it tear them apart. this more than a personal matter for tyler to be this justified that tyler did have a bad childhood that Gus was more than abusive towards tyler himself. Tyler clarifies that he still believes Gus killed Mom, but they need each other more than ever. this is a clear cut statement that Leslie says their father is going to be free - he can't ignore that. tyler is taking things way to personally than tyler needs to be.

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