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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    I Dig The Beads.

    Thursday, March 14 2013
    The doctor has Nikki's results, Phyllis learns Jack's plans, and Chelsea and Dylan's chat takes a turn.

    At Crimson Lights, Chloe is complaining about overdue bills to Alex. She asks why he’s not back in New York. Alex tells him his sister is Adriana. Chloe knows her name so must have taken the money from her. They start over. Alex introduces himself, saying it’s a pleasure. Chloe can’t say the same. Alex quips, "Not yet." They talk about Delia and his life as a cop over coffee. Chloe realizes he misses it and softens toward him.

    At home, Lauren reminds Michael she wasn’t even sure she wanted to reconcile a few days ago and makes an excuse to leave. Outside the door, she calls someone she needs to see.

    At Jabot, Phyllis agrees to try things with Jack, who wants to celebrate. She warns they need to pace themselves. She learns of the Hawaiian vacation he has planned, but he has to attend to business. Kyle enters. Phyllis shares her doubts about getting involved with Jack so soon after rehab. Kyle says she’s just what he needs. Summer appears as Phyllis says Kyle is sweet. Jack reappears and Summer suggests Kyle show her around. Kyle takes her in the hall and passes her off to someone else. After, Phyllis wants to discuss this trip idea. Jack tells Phyllis they deserve this getaway and even offers separate rooms. Phyllis says she’d rather go to Istanbul before kissing him. Kyle enters, followed by Summer. Phyllis takes her shopping. Jack tells Kyle to go ahead and say, "I told you so."

    At the hospital, Abby has brought a yogi to perform Victor and Nikki’s next ceremony. Victor doesn’t want to chant, but puts on beads. The yogi talks about mind, body, and spirit and past lives together. Abby joins in their kiss at the end. After, Victor steps out and Nikki thanks Abby for being so kind to her and helping Victor since she returned. Abby tells her it’s great to see people in love. Victor enters with the doctor, who says, "I dig the beads." He has Nikki’s test results. She asks if she can go home. Abby goes. The doctor says Nikki’s numbers have stabilized, but she’ll need medication and a holistic diet. Nikki’s relieved to go home.

    Nikki and Victor arrive at the ranch. She wants to 'honeymoon' upstairs, but Victor thinks she should get her strength back. He suggests tomorrow for their big wedding. He steps out and Nikki gets a pain while reaching for her phone.

    At the Club bar, Dylan and Chelsea discuss their pasts. She says she’s from everywhere and nowhere. Lauren arrives and meets Carmine’s eyes. Paul appears. He and Lauren sit down and she opens up about Michael trying too hard. Paul asks if she’d like a drink – she keeps looking at the bartender. Meanwhile, Chelsea remarks to Dylan that he has some decisions to make. She admits she thought about taking off too. Behind them, Michael arrives. Paul tells him Lauren left for the office. Michael confides things aren’t like they were before. Paul suggests he give Lauren time. Talk turns to Paul being appointed Chief of Police. Michael encourages him to accept. Paul spots Alex on his way out and introduces himself as the new Chief of Police – he hires Alex. Abby arrives, orders champagne, and kisses Alex upon hearing he’s on the force. She convinces him to be her 'plus one' at the wedding.

    Lauren arrives home to an empty apartment and texts Carmine to say sorry for not being able to say hello earlier. Michael arrives and they discuss how awkward things have been.

    Chelsea and Dylan arrive at his room and she wishes him luck as he unlocks the door. He grabs her and kisses her passionately.

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Vikki asks Nick what has him so preoccupied. He says he thinks Wheeler and Dad are up to something.

    Chelsea and Dylan have sex.

    Leslie’s father apologizes. She asks why he killed Mom.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by bikette at Wednesday, March 13 2013 03:15 PM

    Share is going to be mad that Chelsea banged Dylan before she got a chance to. LOL

    Posted by Estrelita at Wednesday, March 13 2013 03:25 PM

    I guess that, if Super Dylan is already hitting the sheets with Chelsea, it must mean that Super Dylan is going to be the pretend Pappa for Chelsea's expected child. The Adam-Chelsea-Super Dylan story already has vague similarities to the story about A.J. - Carly and Super Jason on General Hospital. On General Hospital, Carly hit the sheets with her mother, Bobbie's, husband - Tony at about the same time that Carly hit the sheets with Jason Quartermaine and his half-brother A.J. When Carly realized she was p.g., she wanted Tony to believe that he was the father of her child, but Carly knew that the baby's father was really A.J. Quartermaine. Carly poured out her tale of woe to A.J.'s half-brother, Holy Hit Man Super Jason Morgan. When Carly's baby was born, because Carly had been worrying that the Quartermaine family would use their money, power and influence to take her baby away from her and raise the child as a proper Quartermaine, Jason leaped into the breach and claimed to be the baby's father. Now we have a story about Chelsea, worrying about the same thing - that her baby's biological father - Adam - might be able to use his money, power and influence to take Chelsea's baby away from her and raise the baby as a Newman, excluding Chelsea from the baby's life. If Super Dylan leaps in and agrees to pretend to be the father of Chelsea's baby, you will have a story very similar to the A.J. - Carly and Super Jason story on General Hospital.

    Of course, in the General Hospital version, Jason was able to get away with the deception because, as A.J.'s half-brother, Super Jason's DNA would have been similar enough to A.J.'s DNA for Super Jason to be able to convince everyone that he truly was the biological father of Carly's baby.

    Although it would seem to be way too coincidental if Super Dylan turned out to be a relative of Victor Newman's, there IS a possibility that Super Dylan and Adam could turn out to be related in another way! Some boards are reporting that SIGNY COLEMAN is in talks for a return to Genoa City, but inside hints indicate that she will NOT be returning as the ghost of Adam's mother, Hope - but could be a look-alike, whose arrival in town throws Victor - AND Adam - for a loop.

    Although Super Dylan's few discussions with his father seemed to indicate that Super Dylan's mother has ALSO passed away, it could turn out to be a rather "strange coincidence" if SIGNY COLEMAN was returning to appear (in flashbacks) as the mother of Super Dylan. So if the mothers of Super Dylan and Adam were sisters - or, possibly, even TWIN sisters - that would make it possible for Super Dylan to pull off a deception about being the biological father of Chelsea's unborn child. For a while, anyway.

    I doubt very much that JFP would have brought her prized treasure to Y&R in the person of Steve Burton with the intention of tying him down to a wife and family right away. Although, you never can tell. Super Dylan may decide that the best way to protect Chelsea from having to turn her baby over to Adam would be to marry Chelsea. Seems to me that Wisconsin is the state where it has been ruled that being married to the baby's mother trumps being the biological father when it comes to deciding child custody issues.

    However, on General Hospital, Super Jason was in a romantic relationship with Robin Scorpio, but moved Carly and her baby into Super Jason's penthouse with him. Unfortunately for Robin, Robin soon figured out that A.J. Quartermaine was really the biological father of Carly's baby, and, eventually, went to A.J. with the truth. Super Jason hit the roof about Robin's "betrayal," and Robin sadly left Port Charles for school in Europe after she broke up with Super Jason.

    Chelsea is in a bad way if JFP has decided that Chelsea needs to be her new Carly!

    I am still guessing that Congressman Wheeler is not long for this world, since he has been publicly threatened by nearly everyone important in town. I am guessing that Wheeler will be murdered and the suspects will be Avery, Nick, Neil, Leslie, Tyler, Jack and Victor, to name a few. I am also guessing that, when the Congressman ends up dead, Phyllis and Jack will make a mad dash down the aisle in order to protect themselves from being forced to testify against each other regarding the death of the Congressman's daughter.

    Since New Cop In Town Alex has just been hired by the Genoa City Police Department, it will most likely be New Cop Alex who will be assigned to the case and will quiz all of the major suspects. The case may or may not be solved but if it IS solved, the solution will NOT come from anyone even remotely connected to the Genoa City Police Department. The case will eventually be solved by Super Dylan. As has been the custom on most ABC soaps throughout the past generation - once the primary suspects are cleared of any involvement in the Congressman's murder - the police department may just lose interest in attempting to solve the case.

    OR the culprit will turn out to be some seldom mentioned day player. Although - CARMINE could turn out to be the culprit. ABC had the "Psycho of the Month" club. Which means that, on ABC soaps - where JFP has been working for the past decade or so - whenever a new good-looking guy arrived in town, it was NEVER for romance - but in order to turn into a Psycho overnight. So there IS the possibility that Carmine is going to suddenly turn into This Month's Psycho - and, besides becoming obsessed with Lauren - Carmine might also turn out to be the culprit in the Who Killed Congressman Wheeler so-called "mystery." Sad waste of a potentially interesting hunk.

    I have also heard that TIIC have found new love interests for Michael and/or Kevin. And, following JFP's former story developments in instances such as that - this means that Michael and Lauren, as well as Kevin and Chloe, will have to break up. In JFP's playbook, Lauren and Chloe will have to be the "bad guys" - in order to give Michael and/or Kevin a "reason" for moving on with someone new. Which most likely means that the characters of Lauren and/or Chloe will need to be trashed. Most likely, this also means that, as soon as Michael and/or Kevin move on with someone new, Lauren and/or Chloe will either head for the back burner - or leave town forever.

    If Paul accepts the job as Chief of Police, this means that Paul will have speaking lines during Sweeps periods when there is some major event which calls for police involvement but, for the most part, Paul will NOT be putting in all that many appearances in between sweeps periods. Paul will become the new Mac Scorpio of Young and Restless.

    Of course, since the actors portraying Kyle and Abby will soon be replaced by Friends of Jill, it is probably a pretty safe guess to presume that Kyle and Abby will soon be spending more time on the air than any of the long-term veterans.

    I thought it was kind of wild that, in the official "cast photo" of Young and Restless, celebrating Y&R's forty years on the air, well over HALF of the cast were performers who have only arrived on set since JFP took over - with the performers who have been around since the early days of Y&R were pretty much marginalized and definitely outnumbered by all of the newbies!

    Posted by bellydance at Wednesday, March 13 2013 06:11 PM

    *** WOW ***

    Posted by kmc320 at Wednesday, March 13 2013 08:23 PM

    Lawd I had to scream What What What (from the Christmas Story when Ralphie's mom said he learned to cursed from Schwartz)

    Paul's being appointed Chief of Police.
    Dylan grabs Chelsea and kisses her passionately. They have
    sex (•ิ_•ิ)? (o)

    Posted by Go Cowboys at Wednesday, March 13 2013 08:36 PM

    Well Chelsea just found a daddy for her baby.

    Posted by Go Cowboys at Wednesday, March 13 2013 08:37 PM

    I think Hilda will be mad that Chelsea beat her to Dylan too.

    Posted by sunmama at Wednesday, March 13 2013 08:49 PM

    WT? Paulie's the new police chief?

    Oh, yeah Dylan and Chelsea-Didn't they say we would see more romance??????

    Estrelita-seems you have JFP down. IDK was GH this predictable and BORING???????????????????????????

    Posted by fairland at Wednesday, March 13 2013 09:38 PM

    Chloe is complaining about overdue bills to Alex. She asks why he’s not back in New York.Chloe why are you complaning too much. I mean Alex does not have to go back to New York. Chloe does tell Alex that chloe does have Money problem that are way overdue. So chloe complains about Alex leaving I mean Alex has been in town for how long. Chloe you already know that you have feeling for Alex so stop complaining about Alex should be leaving any time soon.

    Posted by fairland at Wednesday, March 13 2013 09:43 PM

    Alex tells him his sister is Adriana. Chloe knows her name so must have taken the money from her.Alex chloe already know about Adrianna already by now. I mean that chloe has seen Adrianna only one tmie already. Kevin wants to make Adrianna look bad in katherine eyes. Kevin wants adrianna because a theif in katherine's eyes.

    Posted by Estrelita at Wednesday, March 13 2013 09:47 PM

    RE: Posted by sunmama at Wednesday, March 13 2013 08:49 PM

    Estrelita-seems you have JFP down. IDK was GH this predictable and BORING???????????????????????????


    Pretty much! All of the ABC soaps drove their audiences away with boring repetitions of the same old stuff. During the past several years - maybe even the last ten years - each of the ABC soaps focused on about four to six people - and those four to six people ate up every hour, day in and day our, for years. Those four to six people had about ten different conversations which they had and most of the dialogue was a slight variation of one of those ten conversations - over and over again. On General Hospital, for example, the six people who kept repeating slight variations of the same conversations over and over again were Sonny, Super-Jason and Carly and whomever those three might be romantically interested in at the moment.

    You would think that, with Y&R's 40th anniversary on the air coming up, there would be some interest in promoting some stories which are actually happy - at least for a week or two.

    However, the promos which have been running about Nikki and Victor's wedding seem to imply that some sort of violent event is going to interrupt the wedding. I can almost guess, in advance, that, by the time the wedding is over, Nikki's wedding dress will be splattered with blood. JFP has a positive fetish for bloody brides. I remember one year when EVERY woman on EVERY ABC soap who was a bride ended up covered in blood! It seems to me that on AMC it was Gillian who had just married Ryan Lavery. A couple of days after the wedding, Gillian was murdered by a psycho who slit her throat. Then, on OLTL, there was Blair, who was engaged to marry Todd again. Blair was involved in an airplane accident. It seems to me those bloody brides were all scheduled for 2001. The original plan had been for Blair's airplane accident to be shown on screen, but TIIC did a fast scramble and re-wrote everything so that Blair's airplane accident occurred off-screen and viewers got the aftermath of Blair's airplane accident, while Blair recovered from her injuries. On General Hospital, Carly was planning to re-marry Sonny but was seriously injured when one of Sonny's enemies managed to sneak a bomb past all of Sonny's celebrated bodyguards and blew up Sonny's apartment. With Carly inside, of course!

    Somewhat later, when Sonny was marrying "Kate Howard," one of Sonny's enemies sneaked into the church and shot Kate while she was saying her vows. Of course, Kate's white wedding gown was covered with blood. MUCH later, when "Kate" was beginning to suffer from a split personality, "Kate" went wandering around on the docks, wearing that bloody wedding gown! JFP just has an obsession with white wedding gowns which have been covered with blood. So I think we can all know in advance that, at some point, during Nikki and Victor's wedding festivities, Nikki's white wedding dress will end up being splattered with blood!

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