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    Stop The Negativity.

    Monday, February 25 2013
    Phyllis argues with Avery, Cane and Lily have tension, and Adam moves on.

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    Posted by fairland at Sunday, February 24 2013 11:53 AM

    They joke about Sharon taking the morning off and Adam kisses her goodbye. Nick approaches Sharon. So this is what I have read so far. Is nick still hung up on his jealousy towards sharon still being in love with adam? Where does nick get off watching sharon kiss adam? Does this make any concern to nick for being this jealous over adam being around sharon? sharon is her now women and sharon can kiss who ever she wants. sharon hire dylan because she is a grown women to hire dylan as her own contractor. Nick is acting like a child already.

    Posted by fairland at Sunday, February 24 2013 12:07 PM

    Nick approaches Sharon. "You and Adam? Seriously?" She asks him to remain calm and rational. sharon nick does not know what rational means. So I think you are going to clarify what rational meads. nick only cares about himself and what nick wants sharon to do for him only. this is why nick Nick is still dating avery because Nick does get about everything he wants from avery . Nick love and romance from and phyllis can not proved for nick in the love and romance department.

    Posted by fairland at Sunday, February 24 2013 12:14 PM

    Neil hires them. Chelsea tells Cane she couldn't have done this without him believing in her. Lily looks ticked. I am glad that Neil got over his issues with cane for hiring chelsea. great job neil for hiring chelsea thank you. Now can we at least be friends now. back neil being my fan once again. Lily you need to get over yourself because, no one likes self fish brat that is you lily. self fish to the core that chelsea got hired by neil your own father. chelsea did nothing to you besides chelsea is still friends with chloe. get over it already. I remember 6 years chloe has not shown any interest in you for that long.

    Posted by ladybelle at Sunday, February 24 2013 06:23 PM

    I dont guess Nick wants Adam around Faith since he kidnaped her and gave her to Ashley.Sharon dont know what she wants.She dosen't seem too interested in Dylan, does she? I think Lily should get over Chloe being friends Chealsa.I think she wants to kiss Tyler or something.Poor Michael!!!

    Posted by bellydance at Sunday, February 24 2013 06:42 PM

    What a mess.. OMG !!!

    Posted by aqua23 at Monday, February 25 2013 01:24 AM

    What was the purpose of the bully S/L? Because of the Jaded card carrying bullies who put this mess out is why the story ended so badly. The bullee ( Jamie ) have to apologize to the bullyer ( Fen ) and leave town.

    History: The bug tries to bring 20 year old charges against Phyllis for a " she almost hit me " hit and run.

    Phyllis's Dr. Tim Reid dies from a over dose of Viagra while black mailing her for money and sex to not testify against Phyllis.

    Phyllis and Kevin move Reid's body and Ronan lie to DA Michael and said he was with Phyllis at the time.

    Nick leaves Phyllis because of Phyllis's lies to try and stay out of jail.

    Ronan is having sex with Phyllis and Summer see them and decide to bully Jamie who is a troubled kid that Ronan is trying to help.

    Summer stop bullying Jamie and they become friends and Fen start bullying Jamie because Jamie and Summer are now friends.

    Fen pushes Jamie to the point that he want to kill himself and he jump off a building.

    Jamie lies and say Fen pushed him off the roof, Jamie recants and says Fen didn't push him. Jamie apologize and go live with Ronan in DC.

    Because Michael believed Jamie and not his own lying bullying son, Lauren left him for Carmine.

    Now what really happened to Fen and Summer for bullying Jamie????????? Not a dang thang.

    Thank you Bug for the death of a man and train wreck to everyone's lives because Phyllis almost hit me and I'm going to make her pay. You couldn't quit your job for Danny, but you can quit it to take Nina's man, your so called best friend. Go away, where is the Raid?

    Todays show looks good to me. I'm more than happy Mason is now a dish washer for Nick, he is now in a place were he can hear all of GC's secrets and black mail the hell out of people.

    I still think Wheeler killed Tyler and Leslie's mother and set their father up.

    Chelsea I love you to death, but you can't hide a baby bump, ask Sharon with her loose tops and big purse.
    I wonder if they are going to make Sharon preggers on the show and make Adam the daddy? They better hurry, she has a bump now.

    Why would Sharon move in with Adam because her kitchen is messed up, she don't cook anyway.
    The close's she came to cooking something was burning Victor's house down.

    Lily STHU, every time Tyler said something to you, you looked like those dogs with the false teeth commercial, all you can see is your teeth and you know Tyler is flirting with you, but now you all in a huff cause Cane is helping Chelsea.

    I'm so glad Jack was there to see Chelsea's work, I hope Cane went behind Neil's back and asked Jack to drop in. Cane never should have given Neil his job back, Cane is better at it than Neil.

    Cougar Lauren stop blaming Michael just because you got hot pants for a man young enough to be your son. Own it.

    Please let Dylan and Phyllis hook up?????

    Phyllis and Avery betting who will cheat first, forget it, Sharon beat you both.

    Posted by FL senior fan at Monday, February 25 2013 03:23 AM

    Wonder if my wish will come true? I want Phyllis to date Dylan...tit-for-tat since Avery dating Nick. I bet Avery would be jealous, same as Phyllis was when she "took" Nick.
    Why does Avery keep tabs on Dylan if she's not at least a little bit still interested?

    Cowboys you are right; Jack will need to check Mason's reference BEFORE hiring him. I really see NO NEED for this actor.

    Lordy, is Adrianna really stealing or is it Kathrine misplacing things, like jewelry? Or someone even suggested Kevin/Chloe might be doing it knowing Adrianna is employed now. Payback for taking "her" money back?? Don't like Adrianna anyway, and certainly NOT with our precious Noah!

    Can't wait till all this jealousy over Cane/Lilly/Tyler ends. She may be sending him wrong signals but she has told him where she stands and that she loves her husband. Where's this storyline gonna end....Cane might shoot Tyler, or Tyler might attack and try to rape Lilly?? I like Leslie and Neil and hope she cuts the strings from Tyler because he looks like trouble!

    Looking for more of a storyline with Gloria/Chloe/Chelsea in the fashion business. Gloria is much smarter and wiser than C&C and SHE can sell anything. And with her past love of John...she belongs at Jabot! Would love a John spirit visit to Gloria. This actress is fabulous.

    Posted by FL senior fan at Monday, February 25 2013 03:26 AM

    Oh no, Dylan having war flashbacks. Do you think he'll become dangerous at some point? Perhaps with Nick or Sharon? Bikette, so true...Sharon a good mother yet she does not have custody!

    Posted by FL senior fan at Monday, February 25 2013 03:27 AM

    Is it just me or does anyone else feel Avery is just a bit "sickening sweet" with Nick? Like them together, but she is gagging me recently.

    Posted by bellydance at Monday, February 25 2013 03:48 AM

    Actually, Jack hired Mason @ Newsman's because he is Sarge's Nephew..
    Have a great Monday, everybody ...

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