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    You Broke Us.

    Friday, February 22 2013
    Lauren stuns Michael, Jamie's leaving, and Jack pressures Phyllis.

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    Posted by youareloved at Friday, February 22 2013 10:35 AM

    I am so sorry I didn't finish what I was going to say. Like the scene with Billy and Victoria. Are we going to see this side of Victor from now on or is this just for today. Lauren what are you doing do really think moving out is going to solve your problems it is only going to make them worse. Have a great weekend everybody.

    Posted by sillyme at Friday, February 22 2013 10:41 AM

    After a long time not viewing, it seems not much new has happened...
    I agree about Summer and Kyle, but I think it was Phyllis who switched the results because of how much she wanted Nick.
    I have dear friends and family who have died from MS. I hope this is a sincere story line. I would like to see the new ranch equipped properly with walk-in showers, hand rails, raised toilets, etc., to accommodate Nikki.
    The only thing I truly liked was Victoria and Billy. The stupid bullying thing -- like Fen has no fault in this? I can understand Michael wanting to make sure no favorites were played since he is the DA and Lauren's stand on this is another of the writers' lame attempts to add new characters, which are NOT needed, and draw out story lines.
    Fen should be placed in counseling, as should Summer.
    ?Does anyone else think that Jack looks like Fred MacMurray?
    He was once voted the most handsome leading man...just saying. Oh, an doesn't Summer look more like Sharon than anyone else?! And Fen does not look like his "parents"... who does the casting?

    Posted by GrandmaJackie at Friday, February 22 2013 10:49 AM

    adam is a looser

    Posted by grannykk at Friday, February 22 2013 10:59 AM

    Am I right when I say Victoria (Heather Tom) and Cole were told they were siblings RIGHT before they were going to get married? Then later found out they were not. And am I right when I say Victoria hid her pregnancy from Cole after their divorce and before she miscarried? Cole had moved on to Ashley by that time. And didn't Mac and Billy have to call it quits because they were told they were siblings? Guess the writers forgot about this. Same chit, different fly.

    Posted by ladybelle at Friday, February 22 2013 11:06 AM

    Maybe Lauren wont have as many scenes.She kinda makes me sick.I cant believe they let the bullying story end like this.Yes,I think Phyllis may have changed the results she is very sneaky.Why are Billy and Victoria in this picture?Like I said BORING!!!

    Posted by sunmama at Friday, February 22 2013 11:55 AM

    Mini Vic/Cole-thought they were siblings

    Billy/Mac-kissing cousins

    These two will be bro/sis, Lil Nicky won't let it get too far, and it won't be Phyllis this time, it will be Nick. Big Red is going to get blindsided this time. Some kind of payback for Danny.

    Posted by kmc320 at Friday, February 22 2013 11:59 AM

    @simscb - What a horrible way to wrap up the bullying storyline! Jamie apologizes and Fen refuses to be human

    ~~~We all feel this way. Wonder why TIIC can't make us happy at least once

    Summer causes a wreck and possibly a miscarriage, bullies Jamie and gets a car. Where's Fen yacht. Disrespectful little sap

    @Texanne - I think Jill is right. Adriana will take advantage of Katherine because of her fading memory.

    ~~~That seems to be the direction it's headed. Why IDK but I don't like it.
    I can't for the life of me understand WTH Chipmunk has a say about it. He stole from her and his con mom knew

    tweete you got started again. I'm ROTFLOL

    Posted by FL senior fan at Friday, February 22 2013 12:26 PM

    Nick, mind your own business and stop telling Sharon who she can or cannot see!

    What the heck...did Dylan meet Phyllis in the past when Avery dated him, or what??

    Love the Victor tenderness towards Nikki now with her illness.

    Posted by FL senior fan at Friday, February 22 2013 12:28 PM

    Have you noticed Summer looking older recently?
    I think it's to make her look closer in age to Jack's son Kyle. Do you all think we'll be shocked to see them date, even though Nick is already acting worried? Could it come out there was a "problem" with Summer's DNA and Jack IS father to summer as well as Kyle?

    Posted by ebonygoddess at Friday, February 22 2013 01:23 PM

    okay am I the only one that is so sick of Fen and his momma. Yes Fen you were wrong TOTALLY and Lauren needs to stop pampering him and smack him in the mouth for talking to his father like that. If you guys want Michael to stop prosecuting his family then stop screwing up! Michael you are better off, let Lauren walk away, that will be some peace for you. She's only leaving cause she wants to jump Carmine anyway. Fen needs some SERIOUS help, that boy is young kevin and michael all over again and is eventually going to snap on someone. Also it amazes me that Phyllis told Sharon she bounces from one man to the next and then her daughter told her the same thing. Phyllis can not be without a man at all it seems!

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