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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    You Broke Us.

    Friday, February 22 2013
    Lauren stuns Michael, Jamie's leaving, and Jack pressures Phyllis.

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    At Crimson Lights, Phyllis tells Summer she did the right thing not going away with Fen. Phyllis leaves and Fen confronts Summer. He says Phyllis went to his parents. Fen says Jamie admitted he lied and they dropped the charges, but Summer betrayed him - he'll never forgive her.

    Lauren gives Michael the cold shoulder at home. He acknowledges making a mistake, but wonders if there's something else bothering her. She complains about the rift between him and Fen. Fen arrives. Michael apologizes to them, but says he was terrified by Fen bullying Jamie and not showing any compassion. Fen hollers, "Oh so it's all my fault!" Paul arrives with Jamie, who is headed to D.C. - Ronan's been granted guardianship of him. Jamie apologizes to the Baldwins for causing trouble, and for lying. Fen tells him he never should have done that stuff to him. Later, Fen refuses to eat with Michael and storms off. Lauren reminds Fen he bullied Jamie - he was wrong too. Fen doesn't care - he leaves. Michael wants to fix things. Lauren still can't get over Michael not believing Fen. Michael says he needs her to help him with Fen. Lauren announces she's moving out. "You broke us." Fen returns later. Michael says Lauren's gone and wants to talk. Fen leaves.

    Victoria and Nick arrive at the penthouse. Vikki mentions Nikki being sick. They enter. Nikki confirms she has MS and has hand tremors. She doesn't want a pity party or to be treated like an invalid. They hug her. Later, Victor tells Nikki she's brave. Nikki says she lied to the kids about being frightened. Victor gets a call that the ranch will be completed the first week of March. They choose a wedding date and kiss.

    At Jabot, Jack tells Kyle he's impressed with him and Abby - John would be proud. They discuss Jack's addiction - it's still a struggle. Phyllis arrives and Kyle exits. Jack wants to celebrate the success of the new fragrance over dinner. She says they can't have the kind of dinner he wants, and reminds him of his last attempt. Jack jokes. Meanwhile, Kyle gets a call from Summer to meet. He tells Phyllis and Jack and leaves.

    At home, Billy talks to Johnny about upsetting Victoria by letting Chelsea hold him, and how he's planning a surprise to make her happy. He spreads rose petals around and Vikki enters crying. Billy holds her and tells her how sorry he is about Nikki. He kneels down and asks her to marry him again - right now. They say vows. Billy tells her how thankful he is that she always forgives him and takes him back. She asks, "You're done screwing up, right?" Victoria says she'd do every misstep over again to get where they are now. They kiss. Billy gives her a ring. Victoria can't imagine her life without him. They kiss.

    Jamie and Paul stop at Crimson Lights. Summer tells Jamie it was all her fault. He tells her about D.C. She says she hopes things work out and goes to greet Kyle, who asks if she wants to join Jack and Phyllis at the Club. She hugs him as Nick arrives. Nick takes Summer to the patio and complains that Kyle's too old. She says they'll be with Jack and Phyllis. Nick relents. Kyle's puzzled at Nick's concern since they're just friends. Nick watches them leave. Jamie tells Paul he's worried about what Ronan will think of him after the lie. Paul says everyone cares about him and wants what's best for him. They discuss Ricky. Paul tells Jamie he's got a do-over and he's proud of him. Jamie hugs him.

    At the Club, Jack soon gets on the topic of being a couple with Phyllis - what's her problem? She says it's fear - when things were bad, they were indescribably bad. Jack wants to give this a try. Nearby, Lauren enters and heads upstairs with her bags.

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Leslie tells Tyler they have to stick to the story. He says the story is falling apart.

    Dylan spots Phyllis on the coffee house patio and asks, "Phyllis? You remember me?"

    Nick enters the Club and sees Adam kiss Sharon. He asks her, "You and Adam? Seriously?"

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by kmc320 at Thursday, February 21 2013 03:22 PM

    Well Michael you reap what you sow, the Baldwins/Fisher/Fenmore have done a many of criminal things and wrongs to people. And you know in soapland a good solid marriage doesn't exist.

    I just don't like TIIC has turned these old biddies into cougars or lioness, elephants whatever at all.

    Summer and Kyle, another JT and Colleen? This should be interesting a Newman and an Abbott :O

    Dylan spots Phyllis on the coffee house patio and asks, "Phyllis? You remember me?"

    ~~~I don't. Have we met

    Nick enters the Club and sees Adam kiss Sharon. He asks her, "You and Adam? Seriously?

    ~~~Make you want to pull the fire alarm.
    NOTE to TNSOBIC why have the therapist scene if you aren't going to do what you idiots wrote

    Posted by Estrelita at Thursday, February 21 2013 03:41 PM

    I think it is took bad that TIIC decided to make Fen the "bad guy" in this whole bullying storyline. In real life, I work with families who are dealing with domestic violence and we have never, never, never seen a case where a bully just suddenly, one day, and without explanation, turned into a bully. Usually, there is a reason behind the bullying. I believe that TIIC would have had a stronger story if Fen had suddenly revealed that he had been molested, possibly by a popular teacher, at the fancy boarding school which he had been attending. Then, when he got home, he saw Lauren and Michael bending over backward to help Jamie when Lauren and Michael had left Fen to fend for himself at the boarding school. TIIC could have used the bullying story as a springboard into a story about Fen revealing a Sandusky-like situation at the boarding school which he attended, and Lauren and Michael could have decided to expose the whole deal at the boarding school. Perhaps a friend of Fen's could have turned up on Fen's doorstep, asking for help.

    However, I guess that TIIC would not be very interested in any type of story about Lauren and Michael working together on something important. I have seen talk on some of the other boards which I visit which indicate that TIIC have found new love interests for Michael and/or Kevin and that is the reason why Lauren and Michael plus Kevin and Chloe are all headed for Splits-Ville. Which seems kind of foolish to me - especially where Michael and Lauren are concerned. If Michael goes off chasing someone new, it will seem like that past several years have all been a big lie on Michael's part. Of course, now, today, TIIC are making Lauren the "bad guy" in a split-up, by showing her moving out - with only a flimsy excuse for going.

    It seems to me that, since it appears to be Tyler and Leslie's mother who was murdered 12 years ago, that the man who is in jail is either their mother's supposed boyfriend - or their father. However, it doesn't seem possible that the man in prison could by Tyler and Leslie's father -because Leslie told Neil that her mother died when she was young - and she grew up with an abusive father. So that would seem to indicate to me that Leslie and Tyler's father had custody of the children AFTER their mother died. Of course, Leslie COULD have been lying to Neil - she has already told a pack of lies to keep Neil from learning about her past. But IF what Tyler said was true, and their troubles DID begin when their father believed that their mother was cheating on him with someone else, then it COULD be possible that their mother HAD found someone new, and, after their Dad confronted the extra guy in their lives, the extra guy turned around and murdered their mother, then that could explain how their mother ended up being murdered and they now believe that the man in prison is dangerous - but would also explain why Leslie told Neil that Leslie and Tyler were raised by their abusive father AFTER their mother died while they were young. Of course, another wrinkle COULD be that their father leaped to the conclusion that their mother was having an affair with Wheeler, and, when their father and mother got into a fight about whether or not she was fooling around with the Congressman, the father killed their mother. But if their father killed their mother, that would mean that Leslie lied to Neil about being raised by an abusive father after her mother died when she was young. And IF their father killed their mother, then it might be because the other man whom he suspected that his wife was seeing was Congressman Wheeler - and Wheeler is afraid that dredging all of this up now could lead to political reverses for him.

    Now that Alex has the :hot" money - and could head back to New York permanently - makes you wonder if we have finally seen the end of Alex. Too bad. Since the girl who is playing Adriana is not much of an actress, it probably would have been more bearable if Adriana had been the one who skipped town - and Alex remained behind - since he appears to actually be able to act - somewhat!

    Still cant see a bunch of billionaires letting Adriana complicate their lives in horrendous ways, all because of a mere $500,000!

    I am beginning to suspect that Nick will begin to worry about Summer becoming romantically involved with Kyle, so Nick will reveal that JACK is really Summer's biological father - that Nick lied about the paternity results all of those years ago, then was in an accident which knocked out his memory - and just now happened to remember it all. Of course, once it is revealed that Jack is actually Summer's biological father, Summer will dump on Phyllis for hitting the sheets with two different men nine months before Summer was born. And Summer will most likely dump on Jack for the same reason that everyone else in town dumps on Jack - because Jack is NOT a Newman! Then Summer will turn to her former brother - Noah - for consolation. Sooner or later, the two former siblings will hit the sheets together. And then they will begin trying to convince their "narrow minded" families that they DESERVE to be happy together! And then Young and Restless will begin creaking toward their "grand finale." It would be hard to guess at this time whether or not Y&R will bite the dust AFTER the other three remaining soaps bite the dust - or BEFORE the other three are permanently axed. But, at this point, it appears to be inevitable! And, of course, that way, JFP will get TWO incestuous relationship stories for the price of one. JFP NEVER met an incest story which she did NOT love to pieces at first sight!

    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, February 21 2013 04:17 PM

    Fen is just like his uncle Kevin, a drama queen. STFU already.

    Lauren is still going around acting like Fen is an innocent bystander. Lauren the boy bullied Jamie to point where he wanted to commit suicide. Fen stole money from you and planted it on Jamie. The boy has issues, that you need to deal with. If Jamie was doing this to Fen, you would want him prosecuted. And yes Fen, it is all your fault.a

    Michael, I can tell you what Lauren's problem is. She found herself a boy toy. She must be old enough to be Carmine's mother. You can do a whole lot better Michael.

    I'm so sick of Victoria freaking out every time Chelsea is near Johnny. I wish Chelsea would take him back. It would serve her right. Best thing JT did was take Reed with him when he left.

    Jamie is concerned about what Ronan will think of him lying. Don't worry Jamie. Ronan is in no shape to judge.

    How many times will Jack and Hilda get back together. Get some new people on this show.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, February 21 2013 04:18 PM

    Oh Lord Nick really. Now you are all up in Sharon's face about Adam. Go get with your ex's sister and leave Sharon alone.

    Posted by simscb at Thursday, February 21 2013 04:57 PM

    What a horrible way to wrap up the bullying storyline! Jamie apologizes and Fen refuses to be human. Guess he is like Medusa and has snakes for hair. IMO, Fen was turned into a monster when he did all the bullying, planted the money and the jar so Jamie wound up being accused of stealing.

    Summer started this and can say she is sorry, but only apologized because she was BUSTED. She is a Junior Phyllis.

    Posted by simscb at Thursday, February 21 2013 05:01 PM

    Carmine will be hitting the sheets with Lauren soon. GAG! Talk about robbing the cradle.

    From the way Nick reacts when Phyllis Junior is with Kyle, it's only a matter of time for the big revelation of Jack's being her father. Summer will have a COW, udders and all.

    Posted by sunmama at Thursday, February 21 2013 05:27 PM

    Summer and Kyle, ruh roh Shaggy, looks like Jackie was the baby daddy after all. Lil Nicky how will YOU splain this to BOTH your Ex-wives? Wonder how auntie will feel about you then?

    Lauren you are a big baby.

    Mini Vic got Billy boy seriously whipped, she needs to get over her paranoia with Chelsea.

    Posted by little bear at Thursday, February 21 2013 05:55 PM

    Funny Brucey . . . Billy belongs to little bear and i am never ever letting him go!!

    Look at my sweet Billy still being all nice to that horrible spoilt brat of a wife he has!! Why on earth is he apologising to that awful Victoria?! She is the one constantly taking him for granted and freaking out over every little thing she just needs to focus on her perfect husband and adorable kiddies!!

    Kind of glad to see the end of Jamie, that story ended up being a dud! I guess it was just a way to drive a wedge between Lauren and Michael! And now that Fen is mad at everyone what exactly is his purpose on the show going to be?! I guess he'll just skulk around sulking!

    Not that into another round of Jack and Phyllis, i think i'd rather see both of them single and focusing on something else for a while, so i hope Phyllis sticks to her not wanting to be anything other than friends with Jack!

    I could potentially be interested in Kyle and Summer as a couple but not if its just going to be so it can turn out that Summer is really Jack's, that is WAY too predictable!!

    Posted by fairland at Thursday, February 21 2013 08:15 PM

    After, Kevin and Jill question Katherine's judgement - they think Adriana's after her money. Kay insists she can trust her. how many times did jill think that chloe was going after cane's money just to dig in claws with cane for wanting a family for her little girl Delia before Delia was born. How many times did jill actually think that chloe was going after billy for his money because chloe wanted Abbott Name and his pocket cash. Jill did not find chloe that much attractive towards the fact that chloe wanted everything that jill has or nothing at all.

    Posted by fairland at Thursday, February 21 2013 08:23 PM

    chloe was not the right fit for billy as well not to become an abbott all together. chloe was not the right fit for jill because, she was more like jill in every way like jill was more than jealous over chloe. What I will say is that billy is a grown up man with his now dreams. I am not saying, I have disliked chloe one bit. I am still a chloe fan at heart. Chloe fan forever.How many times did jill actually think that chloe was going after billy for his money because, chloe wanted Abbott Name and his pocket cash? Now jill actually think that Adrianna is just chloe in everyday possible.

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