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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Tough Love.

    Monday, February 11 2013
    Kevin confronts Michael, Abby returns, and Nikki shares her news.

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    Nikki asks Wheeler about his wife and daughter at the penthouse. He lies that they're vacationing in Europe. Victoria arrives. Wheeler goes. Vikki tells Nikki he looks pretty good considering his daughter was found dead in an alley. Nikki realizes Victor kept it from her and becomes emotional.

    At Newman, Adam calls looking for Sharon who is late. He's asking Mason if she called when she appears, saying her car wouldn't start. Mason goes. Adam wonders if her car was the problem, or their kiss. She thinks he was using her as a distraction - he misses Chelsea. Adam insists he's not using her - what's between them is part of what ended his marriage. She thinks that had more to do with Victor. He says he's not out to hurt her. Sharon says it seems to be what happens between them. Later, Mason takes a call from Victor and assures him he's working on switching the pills out. Adam and Sharon return, pleased to have closed a deal. Adam tells Sharon he'd rather have her as a friend, than not in his life.

    Abby appears at Crimson Lights and tells Kevin she flew in to see Kyle. She says he must be kicking himself for not letting her invest in Tag 'n' Grab. He doesn't want to discuss it, but welcomes her back. After, he admits it was a mistake to refuse her offer. He mentions a new venture, but Abby says he's a bad investment.

    On the patio, Summer tells Jamie that Fen spent the night in juvi. She wants him to drop the charges. Jamie says Fen never cut him a break. Jamie tells 'Britni' she'll pay for what happened to him too. Summer says he's a loser. Jamie exits, bumping Kyle as he goes. After, Abby greets Kyle. He explains about Jack's pill addiction. Abby feels bad. Kyle reassures her. They hug.

    At home, Lauren tells Michael that Fen needed his father last night. Michael argues that he's trying to teach Fen right and wrong. Lauren asks what's happened to him and leaves. After, Fen tells Michael he'll never forgive him for believing Jamie over him. Fen hollers that he was scared last night and needed him. He says Michael hates him and leaves. Michael smashes his glass and tries unsuccessfully to reach Lauren.

    Carmine serves Lauren red wine at The Boulevard. He asks why she's upset. She talks about her issues with Michael having their son arrested. Carmine tells her a tale of tough love gone wrong. Three drinks later, Lauren's laughing. Carmine offers to drive her home. Abby arrives and sees them leave.

    Fen arrives at Crimson Lights. Summer says she couldn't get Jamie to drop the charges. Fen wonders how everything got so screwed up. Summer says it's their fault. Fen asks Kevin to talk to Michael. Kevin agrees. After, Fen tells Summer that Michael won't listen to Kevin, but it buys him time to run away. Summer says he'll look guilty. Fen goes. Kyle spots Summer upset. He tries to cheer her up. She doesn't want him as a friend - her friends end up hating her.

    Kevin confronts Michael at home. Michael says he doesn't want Fen to become Kevin! Kevin argues that Fen didn't grow up like them. Michael says he's caught Fen in too many lies to take his word. Outside the door, Carmine drops Lauren off. Kevin leaves and spots Carmine in the elevator.

    At the Club, Nikki and Vikki discuss Victor and Johnny. Nikki warns her not to get too wrapped up in fighting Adam, it's not what family is about. Nikki mentions Victor keeping secrets. Vikki thinks she is too and urges her to open up. Nikki says not there, but doesn't want to leave immediately - this may be the last bit of normalcy she has - she wants to savor it. Adam and Sharon enter and they have a sparring match. Nikki and Vikki leave. Sharon tells Adam she's worried Vikki will find out she torched the ranch. Adam reassures her.

    Jamie goes to the roof and seems to struggle with his thoughts.

    At the penthouse, Vikki reads Nikki's letter from the hospital and asks what it means. Nikki says it means she's sick.

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Paul tries to talk Jamie down from the roof.

    Jack tells Victor if he came to make threats, to leave. Victor tells him to stay the hell away from Nikki.

    Vikki asks Nikki what the doctor said. "What's wrong?"

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by Estrelita at Friday, February 08 2013 03:29 PM

    Re: Posted by sunmama at Thursday, February 07 2013 07:57 PM

    Esterlita....If you are out there, how many soaps of JFP have you watched? I see some of your predictions might be coming to pass.


    To answer your question - I didn't really watch much of Another World after JFP started messing that show up - but I did watch AW back in the olden days. In fact, I even exchanged a few letters with Val Dufour while he was with the show. He and a bunch of the other stars from A.W. were in town for a sort of "meet and greet" type of event and I got to chat with him briefly there. But friends who stuck it out with A.W. until the bitter end said the show's cancellation was a mercy killing - it was time to put the suffering soap plus its suffering viewers out of their misery.

    Well, looks like Summer is back, ready to resume her duties as secondary air hog. Now that Super-Dylan is here, I am sure that Dylan will take up the position of primary air hog. And Noah and Summer will move down to taking up their positions as alternating secondary air hogs, except when they are both hogging air time together.

    JFP seems to have a pet hatred where women are concerned and so many of her stories involving women turned out to be just gross. People mention the Jamie Frame murder on A.W. as one of the grossest in soap history - but JFP just LOVES anything which is gross.

    I was there years ago when OLTL first came on the air - then bailed on that show when the whole gang ended up in the underground city of Eterna. It was not until about 1997 that I was sitting in the doctor's office, waiting to do the chemo thing, and I noticed that OLTL was still on the air. What I thought was interesting was that I could still recognize many of the important players - like Victoria Lord and Asa Buchanan. So while I was doing the recovery bit, I dialed in to OLTL (this was about 1997), and the show was fairly interesting. When JFP first began heading up the writing department, it was not long after A.W. had been axed. When OLTL first started bringing on A.W. refugees, it seemed OK. But, then, pretty soon, most of the OLTL characters who had been around since day one started disappearing. All sorts of gross things began happening to them. Many of the stories were just plain idiotic. So I switched to GH. GH was OK for a little while, then JFP turned up on GH. And she immediately started doing exactly the same bunch of stuff at GH which had killed my interest in OLTL. So it was obviously a pattern. Once again, JFP's former A.W. buddies began turning up and totally overwhelmed GH. And many of the stories were just gross. JFP apparently believes that border-line incest stories are interesting to the viewers! While JFP was at OLTL, Kevin Buchanan kept hopping into bed with people he was related to - or almost related to. Like his brother Joey's wife, Kelly. And his uncle Todd's wife, Te'a. While JFP was at OLTL, we said that Kevin Buchanan never met a relative he didn't want to hop into bed with! In another example, Clint Buchanan rushed down the aisle with Sam Rappaport's ex-wife, Lindsay. Lindsay's son, Will, also came to Llanview and was soon involved with Clint's daughter, Jessica! Of course, it wasn't long before Jessica hit the sheets with her step-brother, Will Rappaport, and ended up pregnant!

    When JFP moved on to GH, she still had a thing for stories about relatives sharing bed-partners. For example, in one particularly odious story on GH, Lucky Spencer met a girl named Laura who looked a lot like the way that Lucky's mother, Laura, had looked when she was younger. Of course, Lucky may not have remembered that. It turned out that Laura was just her "stage" name - she was actually a hooker whose real name was Summer. As Lucky and Summer grew closer - and even hit the sheets together - Lucky eventually learned that one of Summer's regular "clients" was none other than Lucky's father, Luke Spencer. So you had a story about father and son who were sharing bed-partner Summer-the-hooker-whose-"stage"- name-was-Laura. So you sort of had a story about Lucky hopping into bed with a hooker (whom he did NOT know was a hooker), who looked much like Lucky's mother had looked when she was younger and also someone whom Lucky first believed was named Laura. So JFP is just really big with incest stories. I think that, before she left, one of JFP's "big" romances was when Lucky Spencer's on-again, off-again wife, Elizabeth, hopped into bed with Lucky's brother, Nikolas, and ended up p.g. It was kind of ridiculous when OLTL characters went around, making speeches about how awful Victor Lord was because he committed incest with his daughter, Victoria. Actually, about the only person committing incest in Llanview, who ended up on the receiving end of long speeches about how terrible he was, turned out to be Victor Lord! JFP was just fine with all of the other incestuous relationships in town!

    Of course, it didn't take JFP long to introduce the mob to OLTL. Dr. Ben Davidson was pretending to be a bartender when Viki discovered him. It eventually developed that Ben was a mob doctor and was not able to save the son of the big mob kingpin's son, so the mob kingpin had vowed vengeance and Ben was hiding out as a bartender. After Viki and Ben developed a romantic relationship, it was revealed that Dr. Ben was actually the brother of lawyer Sam-I-Am-In-The-Middle-of-Every-Story-Line. As Ben and Sam argued their way into a reconciliation of sorts, Viki moved in the direction of marrying Ben. Then the mob kingpin who had been chasing Ben arrived in town with his daughter, Grace. Sam and Ben remembered having a sister named Grace, who had supposedly died. However, it turned out that Grace had not actually died - but had been grabbed by the mob kingpin and raised by him. Of course, AFTER Dr. Ben married Viki, Viki's son, Kevin Buchanan, met and fell in love with Dr. Ben's sister, Grace. So, I guess, in that instance, Kevin jumped into bed with his step-aunt!

    So I figure it won't take JFP long to concoct a really gross incestuous affair for Young and Restless.


    At this point, I figure that both Nikki and Katherine will turn out to have the type of illness which either sends them out of town indefinitely, or provides a good excuse for parking them on the back burner indefinitely!

    Critics originally said that JFP's plans were to side-line most of the veteran performers to the back burner. So far, most of the adult performers in town currently spend the majority of their air time either speaking TO Summer, Noah and/or Dylan - or ABOUT Summer, Noah and/or Dylan. I expect that state of affairs to become much, much worse.


    I notice the continuity on this show now leaves a lot to be desired. For example, after Jamie fell on the roof, there was an ending scene with Fen going into Jamie's hospital room - and Jamie opening up his eyes. Then, almost a week later, we learn that Jamie must have claimed that Fen pushed him - but it must have all happened off screen.

    I would personally not have a problem with Jamie suddenly admitting that he lied about Fen pushing him over the side of the roof. What I have a problem with is that there appears to be no reason at all for Fen to suddenly be acting like a creep - especially after he has spent most of his life as an apparently typical kid. So, if some mitigating circumstances could be introduced which would explain WHY Fen is suddenly acting out, this could be a much more interesting story. IF however the story is that Fen just suddenly turned into a creep overnight, with no apparent reason, then all you have is a romper room re-run of Paul's-only-son-Ricky-who-became-a-psycho-serial-killer-overnight-and-appar...

    And, so far, the pursuit of the hot mob money is just a boring romper-room rehash of the same story which ran several years ago, featuring Amber. At least the Amber version of the hot mob money had occasional spots of humor. The Adriana version of the hot mob money not only has NO occasional spots of humor - but it makes NO sense whatsoever that a guy like Nick - who just walked away with half a billion dollars from his father - and knowing that Adriana's tricks are making life difficult for Noah - would NOT just offer Adriana half a million dollars to just go away and leave them all alone. Nick could give Adriana half a million to get out of town and hand the hot mob money back to Alex - thereby giving Alex a reason for leaving town.

    It is total nonsense that billionaires would let their lives become so messed up while wrangling over a mere half a million dollars - which may or may not belong to some mob kingpin somewhere!

    Posted by jthixen at Saturday, February 09 2013 07:44 AM

    I guess this means its time to stand up for Y&R veterans on the CBS site because it looks like JFP will be trying to push them out. Or maybe that's what CBS / Sony is trying to do? I'm sure they see JFP's pattern, it can't be new to them.

    Nice to see Abby's back, wonder for how long?

    Posted by kmc320 at Saturday, February 09 2013 05:48 PM

    I want to thank pretty/peanut/fairland for my ROTFLMAO moment. I almost thought I was going to have to call the 1st Responders for emergency relief 'cause I laughed so hard, long and continuously wwwoooooo

    RE: fairland at Saturday, February 09 2013 02:15 PM
    I will be just sticking with just one alias that will be Fairland only. nothing more nothing less.

    Posted by kmc320 at Saturday, February 09 2013 06:02 PM

    That was a 'laffin' crying

    ******************SPOILERS / SPUMORS*******************

    Sharon's sorry for the kiss. Bullschitt!!!!! Albeit Adam insists that his marriage is over; and Sharon's former MIL puts a kink in Sharon's plans

    Lauren confronts Michael after their Demon is released on bail and the couple have a heated argument causing Lauren to walk out

    Carmine drives an inebriated Lauren home while someone watches their chat

    Victoria notices mommee's tremors and guesses something is wrong

    But... Before Victoria notice the tremors, Nikki was shocked by the news that her condition is incurable. (You all may be right about Parkinson because us liquor lovers have withdrawal shakes ) Nikki shares her test results with Victoria but doesn't share the illness.

    And to exacerbate the situation, my Polecat worries how Victor will react considering his health issues. (And KMC says that B@stard has outlived worse)

    Wounded in the groin from a spear gun which left him impotent

    Collapsed during an argument with Jack and left for dead, but rescued and survived

    Gunshot wound inflicted by Mary Jo Mason in 1996, left him near-death, but he survived

    Broken leg from a plane crash 1999

    Stricken with temporal lobe epilepsy for which he underwent gamma knife radio surgery 2006

    Shot in the heart and received a heart transplant

    Fell from a horse and lost his memory (Aug 2012)

    Broken wrist from a fight (Sep 2012)

    Injured including a concussion in an explosion meant to kill him (Sep 2012)
    (He'll be "AwRight") :O

    Victor warns Jack to stay away from Nikki

    Nikki’s condition is revealed

    Paul learns the truth about Jamie as Jamie prepares to jump from a ledge with Paul pleading that things will get better

    Phyllis realizes the extent of Summer’s responsibility..... AND like mother like daughter

    Chelsea is stunned to find that she’s pregnant again BUT in the meantime her admirer Cane has her back with her designs

    WHAT?????? ----------- Marcus keeps Leslie off balance (regarding what)

    Leslie’s anxiety about Wheeler escalates

    Paul calls Phyllis out on the hit and run as while Phyllis resents Christine’s attitude

    Christine receives a surprising offer that may change her plans for her law suit

    A blizzard threatens Genoa City ------ (Is Mason gonna get caught in it and Sarge rescue him OR will someone die or have a near death experience )

    Lily and Tyler make the best of it - the Blizzard I guess (FIREWORKS)

    ------------Down The Pike------------
    Cane and Lily celebrate their anniversary by making up

    Michael and Lauren make up

    Avery and Nick’s special evening is spoiled by shocking news

    Abby meets a new man

    Whatttttt Cane advises Chelsea to work on her problems with Adam

    Anita now wants to look out for Chelsea’s best interests

    Wheeler pressures Victor

    Some kinda revelation impacts Phyllis’s life (could it be her daughter is like her

    WHO???? Connor Boyd seeks a carefree life apart from his family’s expectations

    Alex finds a romantic reason to linger in Genoa City (Dammit Chipmate Ragga Muffin CHLOE. I sure hope so Chipmunk)

    Posted by cowboys fan at Sunday, February 10 2013 10:23 AM

    Shut up Summer. Why would Jamie drop the charges on that delinquent Fen.

    Michael you are doing the right thing. Don't listen to Lauren. Don't wait until Fen actually kills someone.

    Now Lauren is ready to give it up to Carmine. Didn't take much.

    What's wrong with snooty Nikki?

    Posted by bellydance at Sunday, February 10 2013 11:41 AM

    WOW ... All comments are great today.. Better than the show!!
    Shout out to Fairland and the rest of your little group.. Peanuts and caramel and so on....

    Good one KMC320 ...
    Enjoy this blessed day everyone...

    Posted by bellydance at Sunday, February 10 2013 11:47 AM

    Wait, I just read in the spoilers where Chelsea finds out she is pregnant again.. WOW !!!

    I'm sick of Adam and Sharon..I wish they would put Sharon and Dylan together. Or somebody " NEW"........

    Posted by fairland at Sunday, February 10 2013 06:28 PM

    Lauren confronts Michael after their Demon is released on bail and the couple have a heated argument causing Lauren to walk out. There demon has been released on bail that fast already. Fen does not waste any minute to get out of jail that fast in only one showing on Y&R. why not even longer period of time. why not a week or up to a month before letting Fen out of jail for only one day flat.

    Posted by fairland at Sunday, February 10 2013 06:32 PM

    Adam wonders if her car was the problem, or their kiss. She thinks he was using her as a distraction - he misses Chelsea. Sharon of course that Adam does miss chelsea over you. what do you want from Adam now that adam does miss chelsea from kissing you at all. Why would sharon think that she is a distraction towards adam missing chelsea. you got what you wanted sharon. You wanted Adam all to yourself, chelsea out of the way so you can romance Adam yourself.

    Posted by fairland at Sunday, February 10 2013 06:40 PM

    She thinks he was using her as a distraction - he misses Chelsea. Adam insists he's not using her - what's between them is part of what ended his marriage. Adam does have a right to miss chelsea as long as Adam needs too. Adam was the one getting drunk over not being with chelsea or adam could not stand to do things different where chelsea is concerned like to adapt to what chelsea would have wanted in his marriage to chelsea it was all about doing what is best sharon only. why not come through for me sharon sick. sharon have bi- polar disorder chelsea . sharon does care about her family like noah and faith . Yes sharon did burning down the ranch but sharon had to come first for being with noah and faith once again. Help any way chelsea. who would want all those demands I mean really.

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