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    Sad And Droopy.

    Tuesday, January 29 2013
    Gloria wants in, Tucker has news, and Adam faces-off with Victor.

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    Posted by FL senior fan at Tuesday, January 29 2013 12:53 PM

    After viewing live today...
    KUDO'S TO THE WRITERS; today was right-on, fabulous.
    I shed some tears with the Kathrine/Tucker scene; why couldn't Kathrine call him back just to say "I will always love you, son". Perhaps she will call him on the phone before he leaves? Hoping so.
    And I felt sorry for Adam. He was sincere but Victor was not. Victor forget to tell Victoria the real reason he friendship to make amends once and for all.
    Really delighted & got a chuckle out of Chloe/Kevin/Andriana scenes....ha, ha, Kevin/Chloe lost the stolen money!
    GREAT SHOW TODAY; some sadness & some laughter! Very entertaining.

    Posted by Soapy_Diva at Tuesday, January 29 2013 12:57 PM

    Steve Burton, who played Jason (AJ's brother) on General Hospital, is Sean Kanan's distant cousin.

    Got this from Wikipedia, maybe that's why they look alike, they are related.

    Posted by youareloved at Tuesday, January 29 2013 01:08 PM

    Today was another day of a good show. I actually felt sorry for Adam today when he was talking to Victor it looked like he wanted to cry why is Victor so cruel. Liked the scene with Tucker and Katherine saying their goodbye's why didn't Katherine tell him she loved him really think that would have met alot to him if she did that.

    Posted by fairland at Tuesday, January 29 2013 01:27 PM

    Chelsea, Chloe, and Gloria could be fun. Now, will they really involve Cane and Chelsea, or maybe its Chelsea and this Alex dude.
    I hope not with with this alex dude. Alex does not look that clean to me over the fact how Alex treats Adrianna. Really why treat Adrianna like she is garbage like every word is lie to him no matter what. That is how Alex tick, Alex would treat chelsea the same as Adrianna with every word would be a lie to him when any way. chelsea would have any word of her opinion any way where it comes to Alex finding everything would be a lie.

    Posted by fairland at Tuesday, January 29 2013 01:35 PM

    Glo tells Chloe she lost a bundle on her racehorse and wants in on the fashion venture. Chloe says she'll ask Chelsea. Chloe say no to gloria place you were the one that left us so you could have a bundle of cash over a racehorse to care to be part of the fashion business . That is why you did listen to jeffery to have a lot off loot over a racehorse to get a lot of money right off the bat than giving a care that I am being partners with chelsea to run a business with fashion . Gloria did drop chloe and chelsea for a racehorse with jeffery on you want to be part of the fashion business already. what is your deal. Then hire gloria back with a smile saying got yah.

    Posted by fairland at Tuesday, January 29 2013 01:46 PM

    He bets she told him he's a dirty cop, and warns Noah not to get sucked in again. Noah says he knows that. He tells Alex what he knows. Alex says the money belonged to a drug dealer - Adriana's boyfriend. What i do not get is how alex knows that Adrianna had an ex- boyfriend that is drug dealer in the first place without having a warrant. I las like to know how does alex know who the drug dealer is when it comes to Adrianna ex- boyfriend is a drug dealer any way. I actually think this cop is a dirty cop telling Noah all the facts like this. Noah is being far too stupid to think that this guy Alex is on the up and up. Adrianna knows that Alex is a dirty cop. why not actually listen to her Noah.

    Posted by clamelia at Tuesday, January 29 2013 01:54 PM

    Love everytime in Nick&Sharon are in the room together.

    Posted by Soapy_Diva at Tuesday, January 29 2013 01:57 PM

    Posted by clamelia at Tuesday, January 29 2013 01:54 PM

    Love everytime in Nick&Sharon are in the room together.


    Posted by RedRobin11 at Tuesday, January 29 2013 02:04 PM

    Meeeeoow! All this bickering...

    Posted by Lizz1 at Tuesday, January 29 2013 03:00 PM

    I enjoyed the show today, loved seeing Katherine/Tucker just wished she had told him that she loves him. Sorry to see him leaving, just hope that they don't kill him off. Adam is not as bad as Victor, I hope Victor never gets his company back. Victor has no feelings for Adam or anyone that don't serve him. I hope he doesn't mess with Sharon's meds. I can't stand Adriana she acts younger than Summer, but glad that she stole the money from Chloe and crazy Kevin. Looking forward to Dylan/Avery/Nick storyline.

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