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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Knee Of The Master.

    Monday, January 28 2013
    Lauren argues with Michael, Jack gets Nikki's advice, and Chelsea sticks to her guns.

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    Chelsea is cleaning up at home when Sharon comes to the door. She tells her Adam's at the Club. Sharon says Adam's miserable without her and warns that she's the only person who can save him. She tells Chelsea she might regret not trying harder. Chelsea complains about Adam being Sharon's savior. Sharon agrees she shouldn't have let Adam help her. Chelsea's determined to be stronger than Sharon was.

    At Newman, Vikki appears and asks Adam, who's looking at Chelsea's photo, if it's really worth it to lose everything to stick it to their father. She knows he wants their father's love and the family's acceptance, and asks him to put Victor back as CEO. Adam snarks that Victor only has contempt for him. Vikki warns he'll wake up one day and realize he has nothing. Adam says she's learned well at the knee of the master, but it ain't going to work on him. He calls her out on not taking the blame for what the lawsuit did to Newman. She leaves.

    At Jabot, Jack tells Billy his plans to go into fashion. Billy cautions that it's a major restructuring. He's concerned Jack will push himself too hard and relapse. Jack listens.

    Victor overhears Nikki making a follow-up appointment at the penthouse. He asks why she's calling a doctor. Nikki says it's just a check-up. Victor says he's meeting Marcus Wheeler.

    At the Club, Leslie backs up when she spots Marcus Wheeler in the dining room. Neil appears and she rushes off. Victor meets Wheeler and takes credit for keeping the press away from his daughter's story. Wheeler informs Victor he knows he hired her. "You owe me." He wants Victor to get Avery Clark off a case - a twelve year old murder conviction in his district. Victor will see what he can do.

    At home, Michael and Lauren argue heatedly about Fen's feelings about them helping Jamie. Michael maintains they can't let Fen off the hook if he hurt Jamie. Lauren asks why he's so determined to blame their son. Michael talks about ignoring warning signs and what might have happened on the roof. He feels obligated to get the truth. Furious, Lauren accuses him of treating Fen worse than a common criminal and storms out.

    Leslie arrives at Jabot and tells Tyler she saw Marcus Wheeler - they can't let him recognize them! Tyler says it's been twelve years - he probably wouldn't recognize them, but she can't afford to make Neil suspicious.

    Leslie returns to the Club and joins Neil after checking for Wheeler. Neil asks why she ran off earlier. She plays dumb. He thinks she's having second thoughts about being seen together in public. She kisses him.

    Jack visits Nikki at home. They discuss his addiction and she gives him advice on recovery. Jack says he took Newman for the wrong reasons. She says John would be proud, and is worried about Victor facing Adam. Victor enters as Jack hugs her. Jack says he's thanking Nikki for muzzling him and leaves. Nikki asks Victor what Wheeler wanted. Victor says he has to pull Avery off a case. She wonders why he owed him a favor. Victor goes back to Jack being there and they bicker.

    Chelsea finds Adam at the Club bar and tells him her stuff is being moved out of the house tonight. He says they can still be together. She won't have that argument again, but will take his money since that's all he has to give her. Sharon watches. After, Sharon asks Adam if there's any chance for him and Chelsea. Adam says she won't even stay in their house. Nearby, Carmine serves Lauren. He wonders if she needs to talk about what's bothering her. She can't. Carmine teases that he can read her mind and gets her laughing. Michael arrives and apologizes. They go. Adam and Sharon discuss Newman. She suggests he let Victoria work there to show he wants to be part of the family.

    At home, Billy remarks on how alone Adam is right now. They agree to appreciate each other and not put business before family.

    Chelsea takes the last of her things from the house.

    Adam appears at Victor's door wanting to talk about family.

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Sharon looks at The Underground and says to Nick, "You think you know everything there is to know about a person..." He smiles. "I've still got a few surprises left in me."

    Adriana says to Noah, "I never said anything about any cops. Noah, are you talking to Chavez behind my back?"

    Tucker tells Katherine he's leaving Genoa City.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Friday, January 25 2013 02:23 PM

    Victoria go home and let Adam run his company. It's funny how Victor is suppose to be so big and bad and has to send his daughter to fight his battles. You left your baby and got kidnapped. Was it worth it to you to get Newman back?

    Victoria is really a piece of work. She knows darn well no matter that Adam does he will never be accepted by them. Adam is not stupid like her and Nick. He can see through them. Glad he brought up the lawsuit. She had to high tail it out of there after that.

    I can't wait for Lauren to find out the truth. She raised a son tha thas a little Shelia in him.

    Nikki, why do you ask Victor questions? He will just change the subject and you won't even realize it.

    Chelsea said her stuff is being moved out tonight. Who knew she had any stuff. Must be her clothes and her five inch heels she walked around the house in all day, waiting on Adam to come home.

    No Adam, don't let Victoria work there, but I know you will.

    Posted by sunmama at Friday, January 25 2013 03:02 PM

    Hmmm, a twelve year old murder, is the connection between Leslie, Tyler, the congressman, Avery and Nick, the plot thickens.......

    Adam your last name may be Newman, but you know you aren't one, so why are you going to dear old dad to talk about family?

    Posted by Estrelita at Friday, January 25 2013 03:58 PM

    Just my guess about Leslie's mysterious past. I am guessing that Leslie had a lethal encounter with the client who had become too possessive, and he ended up dead. Someone else was accused of the crime and although Leslie and Tyler KNEW that the other person was innocent, Leslie and Tyler decided to keep quiet because they were afraid that if they said anything, Leslie would become a prime suspect. Wheeler knows something about the murder, and Leslie and Tyler know that Wheeler knows something about the murder - but Wheeler also kept quiet. Avery is now becoming involved in attempting to free the wrongly incarcerated felon. My guess is that the wrongly incarcerated felon will either be Friend of Jill Kale Browne, bringing a Friend-of-Jill-OLTL-Sam-Rappaport-Clone to town. OR the incarcerated felon will be Friend of Jill Nathin Butler, who will end up bringing a Friend-of-Jill-GH-Dr.-Ewen-Keenan-Clone to Genoa City. Once Avery succeeds in freeing whichever Friend of Jill will be playing the part of the wrongly incarcerated felon, that Friend of Jill will take up permanent residence in Genoa City, thereby eating up any airtime which is left over after Summer, Noah and Dylan have gobbled up their daily quota. Since JFP always pairs her extra special favorite pets with whomever JFP regards as the most desirable members of the opposite sex in town, my guess is that Dylan will eventually end up matched up with Sharon and the wrongfully incarcerated felon will end up with either Phyllis or Avery. IF the wrongfully incarcerated felon turns out to be Kale Browne, he will most likely end up with Phyllis. If the wrongfully incarcerated felon turns out to be Nathin Butler, he might actually end up with Avery. Summer will eventually learn that her biological father is actually Jack Abbott, and not Nick Newman. Summer will end up being even more disgusted with Phyllis, but will continue to be just as disrespectful as always toward Jack. Summer and Noah will console each other about their rotten luck in the romance department, fall deeply in love in spite of the fact that they both grew up, believing that the other was a biological sibling, and hit the sheets. When their "disapproving" families learn that the kids are hitting the sheets together, they will do everything possible to try to break them up, but will have no luck. About this time, TIIC will discover that Y&R's ratings have hit the skids, that it is not likely that Y&R will be able to regain any of their previous audience, and decide to cancel the show. The biggest question at this point will become whether or not Y&R will end up getting the axe before General Hospital bites the dust - or after General Hospital bites the dust.

    Posted by Coastie at Friday, January 25 2013 04:13 PM

    cowboys fan, you are always 'spot on'- Adumb was able to take over when TGVN's children hung him out to dry!

    So it was the Congressman that Tyler/Leslie are avoiding?

    First it was Jack being nice to TGVN and now Adumb is wanting to talk to him about family? I wonder if his used heart can handle this much SHOCK?

    Dickolas is very talented at starting businesses-
    Crimson Lights, Restless Style, and now The Underground!

    Posted by citykittee at Friday, January 25 2013 05:37 PM

    Lol at Lauren you betcha the DA that Don't Arrest criminals is definitely treating his own son worse than any criminal. I am going blind looking for justice.

    Chloe aiding and abetting adultery in the name of revenge? Just what in the heyull did Lily and the twins ever do to her oh yeah that's right ....she tried to steal Cane and oh well that went about as well as snagging Billy so it's more about Chloe's revenge than Chelsea.

    Team Victor may he rise from the azzes....

    Posted by citykittee at Friday, January 25 2013 05:51 PM

    Sharon....panties and meds ..... Don't leave home without em.

    Thank u Tptb for freeing Adam now let him go back to using his skills for the dark side. Bwaaahaaaa (insert diabolical pinky to the cheek here)

    Posted by kmc320 at Sunday, January 27 2013 01:10 PM

    Victor spies my girl Nikki on the phone with her doctor. Oh Lawd let my polecat be alright You all called this and I went into denial

    Sharon goes to see Chelsea about reconsidering leaving Adam

    Leslie tries to hide when she spots Congressman Wheeler in GCAC. It seems Weeler knows her and brother from 12 yo ago

    Michael and Lauren still bickering over that badazz boy of theirs

    Adam reminds Victoria that it was her fault Victor lost the company, not Sharon’s. (Well tell her pompuous azz some of the truth but your beloved Sharon did too have a hand in it too)

    Sharon suggests that Adam hire Victoria and Nick

    Sharon to Nick (at the Underground), "You think you know everything there is to know about a person..." He smiles. "I've still got a few surprises left in me.

    Adam and Dad Victor spar like they always do

    I like that Nikki and Jack have a heart to heart about their experiences with addiction. I just wish it was at a different location

    Victor isn't happy to she his fiance' Nikki rekindling her friendship with her other ex-husband, Jack

    This is how schiggedy gets started: Nikki turns to Jack again after an unsettling phone call yet when Victor asked her she lied

    Shocking news leaves Nikki reeling - what medical emergency will I have to see her through

    Nicholas meets Dylan who tries to be sensitive about Avery’s feelings

    Stroll down memory lane as Avery and Dylan’s memories overwhelm them

    Kevin and Chloe’s bubble bursts. (Too bad they weren't a 100 ft in the air and the helium ran out)

    Katherine is upset to learn that Tucker is leaving town for Hong Kong but they share goodbyes

    *********Coming Down the Pike********************

    Cane is blown away by Chelsea’s skills (Remember she was good at putting together dresses and IDK if she's puttin on of off clothes NOR if that the s/l period)

    Chloe and Chelsea end up with a new business partner.

    Lauren and Michael are shocked by Fen’s confession

    Fen’s conflict with his parents comes to an unsettling climax

    Jack is unsettled by an unwelcome visitor

    Eden leaves town

    Mason is tempted to shake hands with the devil for the sake of a tempting opportunity

    Nick feels the bite of jealousy as Dylan makes it clear that he wants Avery back

    John continues to visit his struggling son

    John’s words and deeds resonate for Jack as he struggles against the temptation to stray from the example his father left him

    Leslie and Tyler’s mysterious connection to Marcus Wheeler affects Lily, Cane, Nick and Avery

    Lily learns things about Tyler that heat things up

    Sharon and Adam maneuver their new professional relationship and abnormal past

    You know I am soooo sick of this triangle that I'm spitting bullets!!!!! Adam must choose between exploring a new romance with Sharon, or repairing his broken marriage

    Complicated emotions continue to attract Adam to Chelsea

    Kevin and Chloe look for a way to even the score with the person who stole the money from them

    Alex finds a romantic reason to linger in Genoa City Dummy !!!! ???

    The object of Alex’s affection may find herself unable to reciprocate

    Adam enjoys success at the helm of Newman Enterprises

    Victor and Victoria are infuriated by Adam’s competence

    The Board of Directors refuses to reinstate Victor ----

    The truth about Jamie’s accident sets in motion some very intense dynamics

    Lauren finds herself increasingly pleased by Carmine’s sympathetic nature

    Carmine’s charms capture a beautiful woman’s attention Cougarrrr :O

    Nikki and Victor’s future hangs in the balance

    Sharon considers opting out of romantic entanglements while she focuses on her recovery

    Adam continues to be a temptation

    Dylan and Sharon hit it off

    Posted by kmc320 at Sunday, January 27 2013 01:22 PM

    Restless Styles is an unstable magazine? It has changed ownership how many times since inception?

    I would love to tear the hair off Chloe's head to access her brains.

    I can't fathom how a woman can fantasize about desk sex with her ex-husband then go see his current wife asking her to take Spawn back. ain't that some schiggedy?

    These comments may be full of "I" but I'm just flabbergast over the inept writing. It's as if TNSOBIC has either let the characters read the others' lines of they're printing off scripts and penciling in the names of the characters.

    Example: Vikki asks Adam if it's really worth it to lose everything to stick it to their father. She knows he wants their father's love and the family's acceptance.

    ~~~See what I mean, assinine statement. Now two out of 3 of these apply to Victoria. If Nick had said it then that would be a true statement.

    I did a happy dance knowing that Spawn told LilVic to take responsibility for role in changing the dynamics of NE because of her lawsuit.

    Now I do like intrigue - Senator Wheeler wants Victor to get Avery Clark off a case - a twelve year old murder conviction in his district. 12 yrs for Tlyer & Leslie too

    GC is the only place where enenies can visit your home and walk in after to tried to close the door on them

    @coastie - Dickolas is very talented at starting businesses-Crimson Lights, Restless Style, and now The Underground!

    ~~~Right you are but his attention span is about as long as a short fuse. There's a name for that, ADHD

    Posted by bellydance at Sunday, January 27 2013 05:05 PM

    I wonder if Nikki has cancer or something ??? Something
    is going on !!!!

    Posted by fairland at Sunday, January 27 2013 06:40 PM

    I think chloe does not want revenge . chelsea does want revenge from how adam treated chelsea and chelsea had to bend everything for that has to do with sharon mess.From burning down the ranch and over the fact that chelsea want revenge on Adam that both Adam and chelsea did lose a a baby together. Chelsea does not like or hate sharon being part of Adam's life all over again. Adam blamed chelsea being the monster that sharon was the one burn down victor's ranch.

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