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    Can You Save Me?

    Tuesday, January 22 2013
    Chelsea makes a decision, Noah talks, and Tyler and Leslie discuss the past.

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    Posted by Ebybrowempoly at Tuesday, January 22 2013 03:54 AM

    it seem we will not have y&r anymore it will be gh . they are tearing our family apart.if they keep up with it i will not be watching it . when i tirn it on i want to see my family not gh .

    michael don't let fen get over on you. i hope you can open laurens eyes to her son and what he is and can be. he is you and kevin rolled into one and that is damger right there. i can see him killing jamie and not let it get to him in fact i think he has no issue hurting anyone who don't like him or who gets in the way.

    chelsea girl what are you doing. did you think that you won the bras ring without a cost to you. did you really think you were going to live this fairy tell life with adam. i guess you think money grows on tress and all adam has to do it pick it off when he needs it. adam works for his money more than i can ever say about you. oh almost forgot you con others out of their money or you steal it.should have taken victor up on offer for 10 million or did you but no one knows you really did take a check from victor.

    Posted by HeyMon at Tuesday, January 22 2013 03:58 AM

    Wow, the Powers are already tinting Alex's hair. He does look a lot younger with his hair darker. Time for me to break out the Clairol Natural Instincts Medium Brown again!

    Adriana, you are trying in these scenes, but you are still coming off as a little girl, caught up in 'great big world' world that you dont understand. Plus, Bobby Adamson's Noah seems too old for Adriana if they are playing them equals of the same age. If they are going for the older man angle like Victor likes to do, then Noah is taking after Grandpa.

    Not sure what Tyler and Leslie had done in their past, but it must be a doozy. Leslie looks like she is going to (blank) a brick whenever she talks about it. Red Williams is still portraying Tyler as cartoonish, and today it didnt help again as he stood there talking about married Lily. Josh G is writing the guy into a corner, and he is being vilified in real life by the Lane fans.

    Kevin is really playing up the horn-dog act with Chloe. The guy has something wrong with him if money gets him going in the sack. Greg Rikaart is playing it like Kevin is going to get it on with her in public.

    Posted by Vdalem at Tuesday, January 22 2013 04:10 AM

    Dang Adam is so stupid.

    Posted by Texanne at Tuesday, January 22 2013 04:12 AM

    Tomorrow's show: Jamie wakes up and Paul asks what he remembers. What are the odds Jamie won't remember? Grrrr....

    Posted by nanas3 at Tuesday, January 22 2013 04:14 AM

    this is Nana putting her head in her hands ()....

    Chelsell we all told you Adumpster would not leave GC and/or The Lovely just had to have that ton of bricks fall first huh? Paulie is a good man!!! That he is!!!

    Lauren...go play in traffic!!!

    Lord I beg you...please don't let Chipmuck and Clueless reproduce!!!! God Help Us!

    Posted by da_kid at Tuesday, January 22 2013 04:23 AM

    NOBODY can be as stupid as Kevin and Chloe. First of all to even think that keeping drug money is ever going to solve your problems is stupid. Then to talk about it in public is the epitome of stupidity. Why don't they both just wear a sign saying "we are stupid, we have drug money that we are trying to launder." And if poor Noah wasn't so whipped by that con artist Adrianna, he would be fine, but he is going to let her get hm into some serious trouble. His first mistake was accepting that bag of money in the first place. Are people in real life really that stupid. Looking at the daily headlines, I guess they are.

    I feel sorry for Chelsea because she came into the show with bad intentions,butshe did the right thing with that baby. She hooked up with Adam because she felt that he was the only one in town who would accept her past since he had an evil past. But now he is sniffing behind Sharon once again,and Sharon is not happy about him leaving town because he is her only lapdog left. I really do not want to see a Sharon/Adam reconciliation.

    Jack, just do the right thing and confess. I'm sick of the whining. Stop listening to other people with their own agendas.

    Posted by Blue 501 at Tuesday, January 22 2013 04:33 AM

    Granddragon & Grandstripper. Love that, Coastie.

    Posted by da_kid at Tuesday, January 22 2013 04:41 AM

    Chelsea, just get the divorce, take whatever money Adam is willing to give yu, and start yur life over somewhere else. I haven't heard any rumors of her leaving the show, so she probably wont take my advice. LOL I don't want her anywhere near Kevin and Chloe because they are headed for jail.

    Every male that Sharon has seduced is tired of her right now,except for Adam, and it looks like the new writers want then back together. I would rather see her back with Nick than back with Adam. I have just had enough of scheming Adam and his lip-biting. People who bite their lip all the time are always people who can't be trusted. Just give Vic his company back and let us move on to something more exciting.

    Posted by Blue 501 at Tuesday, January 22 2013 04:41 AM

    Yes, Jamie needs to go to military school. Hone his killing skills. He could have a brilliant military career. Military school is not for everyone though. A friend who saw his mother shot dead by her husband/boyfriend was sent to military school. Every time the family went up to visit him, Mike was marching off punishment, around & around the parade ground. Just as rebellious as he was at home. Therapy might have been a better answer for him. He was traumatized. So were his siblings.

    Posted by nanas3 at Tuesday, January 22 2013 04:43 AM

    Posted by Blue 501 at Tuesday, January 22 2013 04:33 AM

    Granddragon & Grandstripper. Love that, Coastie.

    kmc would call Grandcat! As in Polecat!

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