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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

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    A Good Boy.

    Thursday, December 27 2012
    Victor ticks off Billy, Vikki, Nikki and Adam, Chelsea storms out, and Kevin and Chloe hatch a plan.

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    Posted by cards1 at Thursday, December 27 2012 09:31 AM

    Fiddlers Daughter
    RE:I was totally "embarrassed" for Cane! LOL
    LOL ITA, dang did Cane know what Tyler looked like shirtless before he shot that scene? No wonder Cane is so jealous.

    Posted by bikette at Thursday, December 27 2012 09:32 AM

    Soapy Diva, re Sharon at Newman. She's is the current reason that Jack has NE. So why wouldn't he want her there?

    Posted by bruceyboy at Thursday, December 27 2012 09:35 AM

    SOAPY_DIVA you can believe that all you want .... on the one hand, you guys call her a dimwit and then on the other hand, credit her with "destroying" a company ... right ... she was a PAWN used by the men in her life at the moment (VICTOR/TUCKER) ..

    SAY IT WITH ME OVER AND OVER .... VICTOR CAUSED THIS MESS ... he started it, he continued the problem and made the entire thing happen ALL BY BEING VICTOR NEWMAN .....

    just because you hate SHARON doesn't mean she is to blame for everything that happens on this soap ...

    Posted by bikette at Thursday, December 27 2012 09:36 AM

    Cards and Fiddlers, LMAO and thought the same thing also about Cane and Tyler in the Sauna. Maybe that's why Lily shorten her skirts.

    Posted by aqua23 at Thursday, December 27 2012 09:40 AM

    Adam you are use to dealing with a lying home wrecker, that's not Chelsea, she has a brain and is now using it. Chelsea tells Chloe she is about to come into some money, hello Adam, it's your money.

    Adam your little song and dance about the baby being dead and you couldn't fix that sounded good, but Chelsea wasn't dead and she needed you, but you choice to be kissing on worthless and as her MO goes, she broke up your home and dumped you. You should have talked to Nick and Phyllis, Nikki and Victor or Vikki and Brad, it's the same MO. Next it's Nick and Avery's relationship.

    Nick you need to be telling Sharon to back off and not Phyllis. Phyllis try to help the people she care about, Sharon not.

    Now Sharon agree that Adam should stab Jack in the back to save them both, when Jack has been nothing but good to Adam and if Adam had not tried to help her sorry butt Victor couldn't blackmail him.

    Sharon stop messing up peoples lives, you went to Victor's house and you burned it down, no one provoked you, so admit it and go to jail where you belong.

    Can't wait to see Billy and Victor go at it.

    Kevin give it up, you always get caught, now you and Chloe can be cell mates while fire bug is free.

    Posted by bikette at Thursday, December 27 2012 09:44 AM

    BB, Blame everything you want on Victurd, it's fine with me. I hate him. But IA with you about it's his arrogant azz that made company go public in the first place. Plus the fact that he nothing to protect this from happening this last time, when he fell off his "high" horse and disappeared. If he hadn't taken off for last twenty years every year without a word to any one, maybe they would have looked a little harder for him this time.

    Posted by bikette at Thursday, December 27 2012 09:52 AM

    Aqua re your post>Kevin give it up, you always get caught, now you and Chloe can be cell mates while fire bug is free.

    I had to laugh when he told Chole to take the handcuffs off him so he could get the money. I'm thinking and the cops aren't going to put the real ones on him when they arrest him?

    Posted by kmc320 at Thursday, December 27 2012 10:02 AM

    Hey Everybody
    Huz daughter & grands gone shopping leaving son, SIL & me home w/me perched watching Y&R.

    I love Billy,s blue plaid tie. The cast is well dressed & looking good.

    I'd matter stand out in this 29 deg weather than watch the silly azz story of Chloe n Kevin.

    Victor has that cat w/the bird in his mouth look when Vickie & Nikki was getting on his butt over Billy.

    Cane can't conceal his jealousy and it's comical.

    Posted by bikette at Thursday, December 27 2012 10:09 AM

    Chelsea is 100% right. Share rejected him and that's why he went back to Chelsea. Sic um girl.

    Posted by sunmama at Thursday, December 27 2012 10:13 AM


    It is the turds fault for losing his own company, NO ONE ELSE, certainly not the 5 watt bulb of Sharon's brain.

    Start with the going public, but then not having proper safeguards in place for any of his multi disappearing acts. or proper disaster relief plans..don't get me started.

    Heymon, looks like you will be getting your mob boss, but it will only be a matter of time til you hate him too. This woman and her BFOJ almost put GH in the hopper, and Y&R will continue to free fall at this rate.

    I am hearing you in the PHack department, when she was with him it was the only time I could tolerate the red menace and Jack always seemed content with her, but you know contentment and soaps don't mix's boring.

    Hope you and yours had a Merry Christmas.

    Sims, just scroll, I saw it Monday and just had to laugh. What the heck it makes them look like they are getting more posts.

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