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    It's Time.

    Wednesday, December 05 2012
    Nick confronts Sharon, Victor wants a party, and Jack's behavior stuns his staff.

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    Posted by SanFranciscoSenorita at Tuesday, December 04 2012 11:31 PM

    Now that the penthouse is ready for occupancy, are they still going to rebuild the ranch?

    Posted by tariro at Tuesday, December 04 2012 11:38 PM

    Wish Nick would stop sticking his big nose into Sharon's business I am truly sick of him and his judgemental,controlling man-boy personality. He has played his own part in Sharon's disintergration with all his ping ponging between those two women and he should take responsibilty for that instead of always blaming Adam. I wish he would do what he does best; cut and run when the going gets tough and leave the cleaning up to the real adults!

    Posted by exotic1 at Wednesday, December 05 2012 12:35 AM

    Where is Daisy and does she know her baby is no longer in GC?

    I love this site.

    Posted by exotic1 at Wednesday, December 05 2012 01:04 AM

    I'm sure Nikki will be elated with NIck's new club. I know she will be hoping he will hire her as his pole dancer or lap dancer. Ha! Ha!

    I love this site.

    Posted by FL senior fan at Wednesday, December 05 2012 02:06 AM

    Oh boy, CARMINE IS ALIVE AND WELL! I thought we'd lost this hottie as well. Wonder who's "boy-toy" he's gonna be?
    Young Kyle still lusting after Phyllis. At least Eden picks up on it; thought Jack would have but guess that is to come yet.
    Nick take it easy on Sharon. She has an ILLNESS and is trying to manage it. Soooo glad Sharon/Noah/Adam are all on the same page about her NOT confessing to the fire. Part of me says all the Newman's pushed her into it...the other part says she an arsonist but who cares because everyone else on the show gets a free pass on their crimes.
    I am so loving the maturity the writer's have given Noah.

    Posted by FL senior fan at Wednesday, December 05 2012 02:08 AM

    Time to see more of PAUL and Christine, please!!

    Anxious to see Nikki/Victor's penthouse. Hope it has a modern touch instead of looking like a funeral parlor.

    Posted by apple1950 at Wednesday, December 05 2012 02:11 AM

    Not much going on here. Pill addiction: old. Nikki and Victor: old. Nick and Sharon: old. Kyle after Phyllis: distasteful. Adam and Nick: old. I skim the recaps and don't watch the DVR anymore. Soon I won't waste the electricity taping. Very soon.

    Posted by Ebybrowempoly at Wednesday, December 05 2012 03:41 AM

    ok so nick knows know about sharon. why is he so up in arms about it. why is he mad is it becasue adam help sharon or cause he didn't . he goes and thanks adam but tell him to more or less stay away from sharon .so nick does that mean you will be there to help her. cause right now she has noah and adam and her dr. are you goingto be there when she feels the walls are closing in . will you be there to hold her and tell her it will be ok. i hope you will be there when your mother starts on her . will you finaly find that back bone and back your mother off the mother of your childern.

    phyllis why do you care about sharon . why is it your place to tell nick shron is back . you and nick are not married and its none of your bizwaxs what sharon is doing. stay in yoru ph and leave her alone.

    omg victor you are one sick man . why do you want your daughter without a man . over the years we have watch how you control her life more than anyones . do you want to be the man in her life.after you push for the sharon/ victor s/l .which i thought was sick maybe it is fianly coming clear as to why you did push for it.

    nikki do you have a say in anything . why don't you stand up to victor and tell him you want vicky and billy there. oh i forgot you do whatever old vic tells you . you don't want to rock the boat. you should have been 1950 wife instead of a wife of 2012

    Posted by Texanne at Wednesday, December 05 2012 04:21 AM

    I wonder if Nikki will discover Jack's addiction and try to help him. Jackie don't you know you never mix painkillers with alcohol? Where is John's ghost when you need it?

    Why is Carmine back? Somebody is going to have an affair. If not, oh well at least it's 5:00 somewhere in the world.

    Summer is snooping through Avery's storage unit. WTH is that girl up to?

    I find it ironic Nick wants to open up a bar knowing Nikki is an alcoholic. How long will it be before Nikki falls off the wagon?

    Posted by Blue 501 at Wednesday, December 05 2012 04:30 AM

    Ok. Did we see Sharon with just ONE bottle of pills? I have a lot of experience with bipolar disorder (family curse, I think) and a patient with bpd should never have just an antidepressant. Sharon needs a stabilizer too. Now it sounds like she is about to go into a manic surge and tell the whole Newman family that she burned down the ranch b/c when someone is manic, she feels invincible. The stabilizer is supposed to level things out so the patient does not dip into mania. I am dreading this. Nick had better step up for her.

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