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    Monday, December 03 2012
    Sharon and Adam say goodbye, Billy tries to help Victoria, and Avery surprises Nick.

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    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Monday, December 03 2012 03:29 AM

    Hi Everyone!

    Have the NIIC forgotten that Kyle HATED Phylthy for writing that scathing article in RS about his mother, or does Kyle have some ulterior motive for flirting and sucking up to her? Either way, it is just gross! UGH!

    Vickie has ½ BILLION dollars and Billy is trying to fix a leak in the shower? LOL Just like The Dick having ½ BILLION dollars and is eating microwave dinners? LOL I hate to see what those poor kids’ diets are like! I guess Summer is used to it because Phylthy can’t cook and, obviously, she doesn’t eat either! LOL It’s also nice to see that when Avery cooks, she always makes enough for 2, 3 or 4 extra people; you just never know! LOL

    Avery takes The Dick to an abandoned nightclub (I wonder if it is the same one Polecat worked the pole? LOL) and tells him she could see it now with him running it and a VIP section and everything! LOL Won’t that section get a little crowded, EVERYBODY in GC thinks they are VIP’s! LOL I can just see everyone crowding into the same little area of the club, because they CERTAINLY wouldn’t want to associated with any of the regular riff-raff that attend! LOL

    I REALLY wish the NIIC would have gone a different direction with TLS rather than have her bi-polar! So now does this mean that every time she makes a bad decision, we are now to believe that it is because of her mental illness? I thought that they were going to make her become this strong person, after she hits rock bottom of course. At this point, I don’t know how much more “rock bottom” she can go! It would have been a better story if she had had a brain tumor like TGBB scribed! At least then when they “suddenly” decide that she is “all better” it would be a little more believable!

    WHAT THE LLEH does Adam mean that he would give up EVERYTHING for TLS? I think that the way he has been treating her, SHE is the one that has given up everything! He told her not to talk to anybody, not to open her door to anybody, not to call anybody (BUT HIM) that HE would handle everything! He made her more paranoid about what she did than she already was! To me, that sounds like as much “blackmail” as Chelsea telling her that if she didn’t stay away from him she would tell everybody she started the fire.

    It did Chelsea a lot of good threatening her because she was on the phone to him as soon as she walked out the door, then she called her therapist which is what she should have been doing to begin with. She tells her that she feels the same way she did the night of the fire; what, drunk and hung over? LOL

    TLS tells Adam that she isn’t going to call him and expect him to drop everything anymore; as she calls him and expected him to drop everything so she could tell him that she isn’t going to call him and expect him to drop everything anymore! ROTFLMAO

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Monday, December 03 2012 03:38 AM

    LMAO at the housewarming preview, SMDH and LMAO, Sharon comes out of hiding and crashes the housewarming party of the folks she "warmed" their other house? Maybe she feels she should be the guest of honor since she's the reason they need/get a new house. and THEY have driven her to have bi polar? WHAT? Seems to me if the Newman family is the cause of Sharon's angst, she should stay the he11 away from them, not crash their party and announce "I've got something to say" up in Nikki's face

    Makes no sense but it looks to be funny as he11.

    ...My thoughts exactly, Cards, and she isn't even drunk like she was when she crashed Polecat and Jack's wedding reception! LOL

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Monday, December 03 2012 03:42 AM

    Thanks for the spoilers and your "always on point" comments, KMC! I ALWAYS enjoy them!

    Posted by bellydance at Monday, December 03 2012 04:07 AM

    Phyllis, go sit down some where. If Noah, wanted his Father to know about Sharon, he would tell him, if Sharon let him.. Nick you are an Azz me no question, tell me no lie hole..Please do not get me wrong, not a Phyllis fan either. Someone need to sit Summer and fen down.
    Sharon has been nuts for a log time and it was not the Newman who made her that way. She has always had a line of men, back when she had Billy and everybody else sneaking into her room for sex. Married one Brother and then the other and has been trying to kiss on Victor for years and now finally went to bed with Father in Law. At least Phyllis never did that.Sharon has only Sharon to blame.
    She plays crazy or agitated when it is for her benefit for the moment only.
    I like Chelsea, Adam asked her to marry him..I would feel the same way. Go away Sharon.

    Victoria, you may lose another Husband. It is a strange Father and Daughter arrangement. Nikki, when are going to tell Victoria about the cell phone number, Never I guess.

    Kyle honey, go away..
    Peace out people...

    Posted by fiestygirl at Monday, December 03 2012 04:19 AM

    deja vue same old story (Neil's past story line when he first bought what later became GloWorm) Nick and Avery going to see a warehouse to start a bar. Just another recycle different characters.

    Give us a break from Adam and Sharon. Send the fruitcake to Fairview and get her out of the whining poor me phase Why do we have to listen to her and Victoria try to outwhine each other. If Victoria is as strong as they say on the show she would be up and fighting for NE by now and the kidnap would be something that made her more determined. I know because someone in my family went thru a kidnapping and it made her stronger not a whining nutcase. The writers have made a mess of every character on the show. Adam and Chelsea had something sweet going and here they go messing it up before the ink dries on the marriage license.

    Posted by soapstud66 at Monday, December 03 2012 04:42 AM

    I wonder if Nick will call the new nightclub the "nightclub" like the new restaurant is called the "restaurant"???? Lol What happened to naming restaurants like Gina's, the GC Athletic Club, Gloworm...... Why can't they put TLS with the new cop or someone other than a Newman??!!!!

    Posted by nanas3 at Monday, December 03 2012 04:50 AM between the lines honey...your Boom Clock is ticking!!! Wait until you go into business with Clueless and Chipmunk wants to handle your books! Lawdy!!! Lawdy!!!

    Adumpster will turn him every which way but loose!!!

    Posted by bruceyboy at Monday, December 03 2012 05:06 AM

    SANFRANCISCO, TGBB did, indeed, send the script joke ...

    Posted by bruceyboy at Monday, December 03 2012 05:06 AM

    SANFRANCISCO, TGBB did, indeed, send the script joke ...

    Posted by bruceyboy at Monday, December 03 2012 05:09 AM

    Let's continue to hope (although I really can't give you a good reason to do so) that the Spoilers are "misleading" and they DO NOT ... ONCE AGAIN .... AFTER 5000 TIMES.... pair SHARON with ANY MAN!!!!



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