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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Nepotism Lives On.

    Tuesday, November 27 2012
    Jack returns to work, Chloe and Chelsea make plans, and Cane is disillusioned at work.

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    At home, Adam tells Chelsea no one can find out Sharon is mentally in chaos. Chelsea's just glad she left their place. Adam passes Chloe on his way out and suggests she tell Kevin to back off. Chloe tells Chelsea she's afraid her and Kevin won't make it, and describes how irrational he's been. Chelsea reassures her, and admits things have been better with her and Adam as well. She swears Chloe to secrecy and tells her all about Sharon. Chloe reassures her that Adam adores her, and adds that she's been a great influence on him. Chloe talks about going into the fashion business together. Chelsea says she knows nothing about business. Chloe tells her to stop acting like a girl. They wonder what their husbands will say.

    At Crimson Lights, Kevin opens his mail and hollers, "No!"

    Phyllis leaves Summer a voicemail from the Abbott house. Jack comes downstairs in a suit. Phyllis says he came downstairs like a hermit crab - it's too soon to return to work. Jack insists on half a day. He downs some pills and they discuss their kiss. Jack apologizes - he got caught up in the moment. Phyllis doesn't want anything to mess up their friendship.

    Cane meets with Neil at Jabot. Devon enters, and Neil tells him Cane will be his new mentor. He asks Cane to teach him everything he needs to know to get to the top. Cane, clearly not thrilled, watches Neil give Devon encouragement. Devon explains to Cane why he's giving up music and asks if he's worried he'll try to take his job. Cane insists he's not concerned. Cane goes to find Neil and accuses him of brushing him off. Neil denies it, and then suggests he run his ideas by Devon first - then they can all brainstorm. Cane sighs.

    Kevin finds Gloria at the restaurant. She confronts him about ditching on Thanksgiving. Kevin tells her he needs $10,000 or he's going to lose his house. Glo talks about the menu, before saying she's got problems too. Kevin's sorry she lost Gloworm, but that's in the past. He talks about how he, Chloe and Delia won't make it to Christmas dinner if they have no house. He explains how he was unable to make his house payments and admits Chloe doesn't know he used it for collateral on the business. Gloria hasn't received a dime from insurance and can't help. Kevin rants that she and Michael want him to fail - well it's not going to happen.

    Jack overhears Adam asking for the financials from Jabot when he arrives at Newman and confronts him. Adam reminds him he wanted to fold Jabot into Newman Cosmetics and assures him he knows the chain-of-command. Kyle arrives and will be joining the team. Adam muses that nepotism lives on at Newman. Kyle spots Phyllis in the hall. She asks if he has a plan to get rid of Adam. He thinks they should pretend to support him while bringing him down. They shake. Meanwhile, Jack sends Adam to get a contract, and Adam watches while he pops some pills. Phyllis accuses him of spying. Adam says Jack is trying to hide his pain and is pushing himself too hard. Phyllis doubts the sincerity of his concern. Adam calls Sharon and leaves a message about lunch. Chelsea arrives and overhears. He insists it's just tuna fish sandwiches. Chelsea lets it go and tells him about the new business with Chloe. He won't listen. Phyllis is in with Jack. He nixes her attempts at getting him to take a break or eat. After, he calls for a refill on pain pills and a higher dosage.

    Chloe finds Kevin at Crimson Lights and apologizes for their argument last night. He says he's angry because no one will stand by him. She tells him she's going to invest the proceeds of Tucker's buyout in a new venture with Chelsea. He tells her they could lose the house. She asks, "What did you do?"

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Summer tells Phyllis that lately, she's only willing to listen if they're talking about her.

    Michael asks Kevin, "How much?" Kevin tells him $10,000.

    Paul tells Christine he knows what he wants. "I want you."

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Monday, November 26 2012 03:11 PM

    Chelsea nobody is destroying your marriage but you. Adam told you not to tell anybody about Sharon and you tell the Town Crier Chloe.

    And Chloe, you need to tell Kevin to get a grip. Is the coffee house business in that bad a shape. What if you never came up with the idea of Tag-n-Grab. How would that little Rat have provided for you and your daughter.

    What, Neil told Cane to run his ideas by Devon first. Is he crazy? Has he been drinking from Sharon's cup?

    Kevin is such a drama queen. Kevin dear, you can move into Katherine's like everybody else does. Now pull your arse together. I know he is about to do something stupid. And stop saying Gloria and Michael want to see you fail.

    Now doesn't Jack need a new prescription from the doctor to get more pill and to up the dosage. The doctor should be able to tell he ran out too fast. Maybe he is calling the doctor and not he pharmacy. Nix the deal if he's calling you Doc.

    Posted by bikette at Monday, November 26 2012 04:22 PM

    So Jack can just call his Dr and tell him he needs more pills, how many and what strength and all this with out even having a follow up appt. WTH?

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Monday, November 26 2012 04:53 PM

    Hi Everyone!

    Adam is imparting to Chelsea the “importance” of her silence about what she knows about TLS because of her being so “fragile”! As he is leaving Chloe is at the door to talk to Chelsea and she tells him she gets it that he wants to back out of T&G. He tells her he is glad, now tell her husband to back off! He tells her about him pounding on his door and leaving threatening phone messages. He suggests to her that, if she doesn’t want him arrested, she better put him on a shorter leach! Shorter leach…now that’s funny! LOL

    Chloe tells Chelsea that her marriage is a mess and she doesn’t think they are going to make it. I’m doing my happy dance! YEA! LOL She tells Chloe that it was TLS that was staying in the cabin and Adam was helping her. Chloe brings up them going into business together again.

    Phylthy is leaving a message for Summer, again, as Jack comes down the stairs dressed for work. He tells her he is going in for ½ day, it is high time he is there to check on Adam himself!

    Kyle goes to the office and tells Phylthy that he can’t believe his dad hired Adam much less put him in charge. They are going to team up to watch his every move and report back to each other. As they shake hands on the deal, and Phylthy is walking away, it looked like he was going to “jump her bones” by the look on his face….look out Jack…your son will be on that desk the next time you leave! LOL

    Adam tries to talk Phylthy into seeing that Jack takes it easy and, as she walks away, he leaves a message for TLS that he wants to bring lunch over so he can see how she is doing and catch up…oh…talking about “catching”, Chelsea just walked off the elevator and heard everything he said! Chelsea told him that it wasn’t worth arguing over, but she wants to talk to him about her new business idea…he is too busy…so she asks him to take her to lunch to talk about it. He said you heard that I have plans, she said you don’t even know if TLS got the message or not, but he turns her down anyway.

    Kevin tracks Gloria down and she gives him LLEH about not showing up for Thanksgiving and wants to know if she should expect the same thing for Christmas. He tells her he needs her help…he needs $10,000 or he is going to lose his house. First of all, how could he NOT have any money? He owns CL and it has more customers at any given time than any other business in town! Kevin tells her that he took a loan out when he started T&G and hasn’t been able to keep up on the payments. HOW MUCH MONEY DID HE HAVE TO START THIS COMPANY WITH ANYWAY? She tells him that all her money is tied up, except for the money she invested in his business; which she will never see, and the insurance company is making them jump through hoops so he is going to have to ask someone else!

    Posted by cards1 at Monday, November 26 2012 07:42 PM

    This epi was better than I expected.

    I actually liked the Phyllis/Kyle plotting against Adam. Adam just have might of met his match, lol.

    Either my set needed adjusted or Cane was green today, he was jealous as he11 of Devon working at Jabot.

    Good to see Gloria, dang she looks good, that was good when she told Kevin she just lost her business and Kevin didn't even acknowledge her loss. That was soooo true, here's Kevin running around whining his arse off and his mother's restaurant burned down and all Kevin could think about was his little chipmonk self. Then he started that whining "everybody wants me to fail" OMG!

    Then Chloe goes and apologizes to the weasel, why IDK, and all this time he mortgage their house and didn't tell her!

    I like the friend ship developing between Chelsea/Chloe. I don't blame Chelsea for talking to Chloe, she needed someone to talk to and she didn't reveal all.

    Adam you are an arse! Going to Sharons to eat TUNA? OMG, SMDH on that one.

    Posted by Estrelita at Monday, November 26 2012 08:43 PM

    This all sounds ultra-Junior-High to me! Cane getting bent out of shape by Devon's arrival at Jabot. Chloe believing that her marriage is doomed because Kevin is in a tailspin following the failure of Tag and Grab. And the biggest question about tomorrow's episode appears to be whether or not Summer will hog all of the available air time all by herself - or whether she will end up, being forced to share some of the available air time with Noah! Obviously, what all of these juveniles REALLY need is a Recess Lady who can keep all of their Playground Tantrums at least partially civilized!

    Posted by SanFranciscoSenorita at Monday, November 26 2012 09:49 PM

    Just watched 11/26 & 11/27, pardon me if I mix them up.

    I agree it sounds like Paul and Christine are definately leaving the canvas or at most sent to DC only to surface now and again. What will Paul do? Open up a restaurant?

    I love the new hard-lining Gloria--wanna see more of that. She's not taking any grief from her whinny-arse son who only comes looking for her when he needs something. still think he burned down Glo-Worm, I think she thinks so too.

    BTW, what happened to the arson investiations? Did they drop that all ready?

    Posted by SanFranciscoSenorita at Monday, November 26 2012 09:52 PM

    BTW, thank you, Nanas for the detailed briefing on the history of Matt Clark you did a few weeks ago. I wasn't watching at the time, but remembered only one small part when on vacation or sick day.

    Can't wait to see if this serial rapist, Matt Clark, shows up as Avery's husband or ex. Too bad Paul won't be around to investigate.

    Posted by SanFranciscoSenorita at Monday, November 26 2012 10:20 PM

    KMC, my dear. Always love your Spumors. Did you say something about Adam and Sharon saying good-bye? If so, what does that mean? Is one of them leaving?

    Posted by Texanne at Tuesday, November 27 2012 03:43 AM

    Why do I get the feeling that Jack will soon be buying his drugs off the street? If the doctor says no to him, Jack will be looking for a drug dealer.

    Poor whiddle Kevy poo. I'm sick of your ranting and raving. He is going to lose Crimson Lights because he borrowed on it. Kevy that big "L" on your forehead was put there by you. Grow up and get that chip off your shoulder.

    I thought Christine was going to tell Danny in person she wants to be with Paul. I bet Danny will talk her out of it. Christine doesn't stay on the show for very long so maybe this is the way for her to leave again.

    Cane be afraid, be very afraid. Neil wants you to run things by Devon. WTH. He goes from the music business (ha ha) to a big exec? He couldn't even get anybody but a few no-names. How is he supposed to help run a big corporation?

    Posted by Ebybrowempoly at Tuesday, November 27 2012 03:54 AM

    well summer you are so right unless it is about phyllis she doesn't want to talk. ulike avery who will listen to you your own mother is all about her. don't feel to bad that how phyllis has been her whole life it all about phyllis and no one else.

    chelsea girl you are the reason the marriage will bow up now that you told the biggest mouth in the state about sharon be sure it will get out but then makuybe that was what you are hoping for but rmemeber one thing adam will know it was you who told chole. who ask you not to say aword but you betray your husband by telling chole. do you not think this will not come back on you. adam may not be so forgiving this time.

    kevin grow up you sound like a little boy who didn't get the candy. you are the reason you will lose it all . why cause you got in over your head and you want to be top dog . well honey you have to have help to get to the top. you might be smart when it comes to hacking into computers but you really don't know much of anything. take trucker offer and save your house with your fact you are the joke of the show now .

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