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    Big Happy Dysfunctional Family.

    Wednesday, November 21 2012
    Katherine gets an unexpected visitor, Victoria's situation worsens, and Sharon moves home.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, November 20 2012 08:03 PM

    While that old witch was harassing Sharon, she found out her little witch of a daughter his having dinner at Avery's. Serves her right. And once again, nobody wants your life. Heck, you don't even want it. You have no husband and your kids hate your gut.

    Hey heifer, don't forget you are a married woman. Stop kissing on Jack.

    Posted by simscb at Tuesday, November 20 2012 08:51 PM

    Hilda: Go sit your sorry behind in some corner. Nobody wants your life. You are so jealous of Avery. I wish your head would spin around like the girl in The Exorcist.

    I really do NOT like Nick with Avery, but how many available women are left in GC? It is NASTY! No way would I EVER want my sister's husband! He's like a bull in a china closet. LOL

    As usual, the level-headed one is NOAH. I'm so proud of him.

    Chelsea: You were an IDIOT for being jealous of a sick woman. She did you nothing except stay in the cottage per Adam's wishes.

    Even though The LOVELY SHARON is bi-polar, she has more sense than Chelsea. She did give Chelsea something to ponder.

    Posted by simscb at Tuesday, November 20 2012 08:57 PM

    I agree with those of you who said Victor is probably behind the entire kidnapping scam. DANG, Victor! Do you EVER mind your own business?

    He had a lot of nerve telling Billy to get our of HIS HOME. I hope Billy takes Johnny and moves away, far away from the entire Newman Clan. It would serve all of them right.

    How did Moses get to GC for Thanksgiving? Did he take a flight all by himself?

    DEVON: You can shut you big mouth up, too. Take Tucker's offer or starve. Maybe you could apply for Food Stamps or Welfare since you are on the verge of losing your recording business.

    Posted by simscb at Tuesday, November 20 2012 09:01 PM

    Okay, folks! This is my last comment for the night.

    Jack is a total JACKAZZ! Give him time and he will be paralyzed and impotent. Phyllis kissing him will not help his soldier stand at attention. LOL

    If I don't post tomorrow, I want to wish all of you a HAPPY THANKGIVING and God's special BLESSINGS! Enjoy your time with your families and friends.

    Posted by simscb at Tuesday, November 20 2012 09:05 PM

    @bikette: Have you located a site where we can see the show the day before or do you live in Canada? If you found one, PLEASE shoot me an email

    Thank you very much.

    Posted by simscb at Tuesday, November 20 2012 09:08 PM

    OT: Very important....The government is going to invade our privacy and see the emails we send WITHOUT A WARRANT.
    Remember George Orwell's book, "1984". BIG BROTHER WILL BE WATCHING OUR EVERY MOVE. That frightens and upsets me so much.

    Posted by SanFranciscoSenorita at Wednesday, November 21 2012 01:12 AM

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Tuesday, November 20 2012 08:54 AM

    Posted by HeyMon at Tuesday, November 20 2012 08:34 AM


    ...HeyMon, DID YOU FIND IT? If so please e-mail me at Simms was looking for me, but hasn't gotten back with me since the newest link was shut down! PLEASE & THANK YOU! I'll love you forever!
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>... /> Hi Fiddler D, I've been looking too. I followed the instruction posted on the past-latest site today, but did not come up with anything by a 4 minute clip named Sharon Newman. If you find anything, please email me at I noted your email above and will email you if I find anything. BTW, is the letter after the t an upper-case O or a Zero? Thanks a bunch Fid!
    Also, Robin34, Sunmama, Simscb...I've noted your emails to, if I find anything I will email you or if you find anything, you can email me at Thanks!

    Posted by SanFranciscoSenorita at Wednesday, November 21 2012 02:16 AM

    Sunmama, I may have what you are looking for. I tried to email you at the address you posted yesterday, but it bounced back. I checked it again and what I wrote down was correct. You can email me at the address noted above in my previous post today.

    Posted by FL senior fan at Wednesday, November 21 2012 02:22 AM

    Gotta see this, because its not coming together "in the words" about Billy/Nick showing up to save Victoria. Timeframe? And how did they know where the house was??

    Thank you writers! Sharon needed to get away from Chelsea's domain. Love her and Noah's relationship; both playing their parts very well. I think Jeffery really is trying to build that father/daughter relationship. I'd prefer to see Gloria more involved instead of Moma however.
    Noah should have called Adam to let him know where Sharon is...and that she needs her medication but apparent Sharon is showing some common sense signs by returning to face Adam/Chelsea and get her medication. I hope this is the start of her recovery. Actress has done a fabulous part through all the Victor/illness mess. So Chelsea wants to be all loving and forgiving now; unfortunately her true self came out. I got drawn in so hard for this Adam/Chelsea couple but now find myself "almost" wanting Adam to return to Sharon. Perhaps Chelsea should end up with Billy and their baby??

    Hum, Neils family all working together? Not sure about that...sometimes 24/7 is way too much time together. We'll see. What happened to Sophia and little Moses?? I'd love to see Sophia and Sarge together.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Enjoy your day, and if you have family still, please let them know you love them and find something to be thankful for, even in these tough economical times.

    Miss the Y&R's Abbott and Chancelor big Thanksgiving gatherings! Anyone know what the re-run will be on Thursday-Thanksgiving Day?

    PS/ Loved the scene where Kathrine faked a heart attack; her and Jill were fabulous and gave us laugh. Nice touch, writers!

    Posted by FL senior fan at Wednesday, November 21 2012 02:24 AM

    Take it easy Phyllis/Jack. Don't ruin what you have now; don't make it about hot sex. And Jack, remember that back!!

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