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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Destination Miami.

    Thursday, November 15 2012
    Nick and Avery are gossip fodder, Victoria talks to Eddie, and Jill makes a proposal.

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    At the restaurant, Avery asks Nick about the divorce meeting. He wants no talking about that or Phyllis. When Avery's in the restroom, a gossip columnist grills Nick about abandoning his wife right before her trial to romance her sister. Nick threatens a lawsuit. The woman leaves when Avery returns. Nick fills Avery in.

    Jeffrey drops in on Chelsea. She tells him she's sorry about the Gloworm fire. Jeff admits he's glad to be out of that pressure cooker. Adam enters as Chelsea asks if they know who did it. Adam tells Jeff he was sorry to hear about it. Jeff says it's the reason for insurance. Adam offers to cover any other costs. Chelsea and Jeff marvel at his generous offer.

    At the Club, Jill tells Tucker that Katherine doesn't know he's meeting with them about Chancellor. Tucker says she'll be angry, but Jill's unconcerned. Kay appears and asks if it's an ambush. Tucker protests they're just looking out for her. Jill tells Katherine she has a solution - the two of them will go back as a team and run the company together. Debate ensues. Tucker asks Kay what's so bad about sharing the workload. Jill points out they could accomplish more. Katherine says she'll sleep on it, and gruffly reminds Jill she can come back to the mansion. Tucker and Jill marvel that she didn't say no.

    In the Club dining room, Victor is handed the dossier of Eddie G. Victor orders the guy to watch Eddie, but warns he must not know he's being followed. Victor calls for the jet - destination Miami.

    Eddie G enters Victoria's cell and asks her to eat, saying he has no beef with her, just her husband. She mentions that she's Victor Newman's daughter. He says this has nothing to do with her father - Billy skipped out on a gambling debt. Victoria says she can get him more than Billy ever could, and suggests they just settle this and move on. He notes her lack of faith in Billy. Vikki says he's out of his league on this - does he think she's stupid enough to give a gambling addict access to her accounts? Eddie says Billy sent him to prison and his wife and child moved away. He has to pay.

    At the cottage, Faith hangs back from Sharon. Noah explains to her that their mother has been sick. Sharon assures her she'll be fine. Faith decides she's going to tell Daddy. Noah explains that it's a secret surprise. Sharon sings Faith to sleep. Noah and Sharon hope this wasn't a mistake. As Noah and Faith are leaving, Adam appears. He grins at Faith, and muses if this was a good idea. Sharon says Faith knows it's a secret surprise. Once alone, Sharon opens up to Adam. Chelsea eavesdrops as Sharon worries that she may never be stable enough to be around her kids. Adam says he has absolute faith in her. Chelsea pulls out Sharon's letter that says she'd be lost without Adam.

    At Avery's door, they laugh about his playboy image and the paparazzi. Nick says he had an awesome evening. She invites him in for a nightcap and Nick jokes that he's only interested in her for the food. Nick gets a call from Victor, who tells him to come to the Club on an urgent family matter.

    Adam returns home to find Chelsea sitting in the dark. She demands a run-down on why he fell in love with her. Chelsea says he ran away from her after the miscarriage, but he runs to Sharon when she needs him - he'll never love her like that; she can't compete. Adam tells Chelsea he loves her, not Sharon; he chose her. They embrace. Later, Chelsea sneaks out while he works.

    Nick arrives at the Club and Victor tells him Victoria's been kidnapped by a loan shark Billy owes money to - they have to go to Miami. Victor spots Katherine by the door and tells her he's headed out of town.

    At home, Billy tells Nikki they need to get that money and pay Eddie before Victor jumps in and ruins everything. Nikki snaps at him not to make this about Victor - they're trying to appease a criminal who's after him! Billy knows it's his mistake - it was just so long ago when he was a different person. Nikki reassures him Victoria will get back home. Nikki recalls when Victoria was kidnapped before. She says she's even savvier now. Eddie calls. Billy asks for more time and wants to speak to Victoria. Eddie disconnects. Nick storms in and shoves Billy. "What did you do!"

    In the cell, Victoria hopes Billy gets this right.

    Chelsea enters the cottage and watches Sharon sleep.

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Noah looks at a bag of money with a note that says, "Keep this super safe. I'll be in touch. A."

    Christine shows Paul and Michael what she found.

    Jack tells Phyllis she has a piece of metal getting in her way right now as he looks at her wedding ring.

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    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Wednesday, November 14 2012 03:51 PM

    Hi Everyone!

    Noah should have NEVER taken Faith to see TLS! Everyone talks about Simmer being traumatized, what do you think this will do to that little girl! She finally did come back and sit down beside TLS and she told her that she was getting better and would be home soon. Well that is FOREVER with a child that age! She wants to go home and tell daddy, but they talk her into keeping a secret. But one thing was good, Noah apologized to her.

    Jeffrey goes to see Chelsea and she said she is sorry about GW, he told her he is kind of happy to be out from under the pressure of running it. She asked him if they have any idea who set the fire just as Adam comes in the door. He extends his sympathy with the fire too and offers to pay for any additional things that the insurance doesn’t cover. Jeffrey has made a complete change in his character and I’m am LIKING it!

    Polecat goes to Billy with only “part” of the money, she couldn’t get it all, she tells him that she will sell some stocks tomorrow and Billy said that Eddie wants the money TONIGHT and he needs to get to him before the Turd barges in and gets Vickie killed! Polecat puts her finger in his face and tells him to NOT make this about the Turd because they are trying to appease the criminal that is after him! He should have bit her finger! LOL In the mean time, the Turd gets a report on who and where Eddie G is and then calls his pilot telling him to get the jet ready to go to Miami and calls The Dick to come to the club!

    Eddie G. brings Vickie food and she asks him why he is doing this, because of her father. He says it has nothing to do with her father it is about Billy! She tells him that SHE can get him more money than Billy EVER could, so why don’t they just settle up and she can go home! She begs him to bring her a phone or a computer and she can make this happen right now! Amazing, SHE can manage to get money transferred by a click of a button, but her father and mother, who are undoubtedly richer, have to jump through hoops to get their hands on a lousy $2M! If Eddie G plays his cards right, he could get money from Vickie, the Turd and Billy and end up being a billionaire! LOL HE TURNED HER DOWN!

    Jill and Tucker set up an “ambush” with Kathryn at GCAC. Jill tells her that she has her blessing to go back to work, Kathryn wants to know what the catch is because there always is with her, and Jill says run CI as a team! Tucker tells her it is a “damn” good idea and she should think about it. She tells him that if he thinks it’s a “damn” good idea, why doesn’t he let Jill run McCall Unlimited! LOL Ornery old coot! LOL

    Adam goes to see TLS and sees Noah and Faith before they leave. She is upset about the kids leaving and he is telling her he has never known ANYONE that is as kind, sweet, smart and strong as she is and he has faith in her that she will get better. Chelsea is standing on the porch listening then leaves, pulling out the letter from her pocket that TLS was trying to write and reads again that Adam has been her rock and her protector and without him she would be lost. When Adam comes back she asked him WHY he fell in love with her. He tries explaining and she tells him she wishes she could believe him. She told him when they lost the baby, and she needed him, he ran away but now that TLS needs help he can’t stay away from her and she can’t compete with that! She sneaks out of the house and then sneaks into the cabin and looks at TLS sleeping on the sofa. That’s it, just looks at her, guess we will find out tomorrow what she is going to do! LOL

    Posted by cards1 at Wednesday, November 14 2012 05:05 PM

    @Fiddlers Daughter Thanks for the entertaining update.

    Thanks goodness NO nuSummer today (sorry nuSummers mother)

    Although I must have had nuSummer on the brain because when that reporter plopped down across from Nick, I thought at first that was nuSummer in a wig, lol.

    Well I will try not to complain, complain, complain today because I enjoyed the epi.

    Uh, oh, looks like the bad Chelsea is about to come out. She is going to do something to TLS. I blame Adam for this, he is putting Chelsea in an impossible situation and putting TLS above his current wifes needs.
    If he wants to help TLS he could put her up somewhere else.
    Wonder is Chelsea is fixing to torch that "cottage" and blame TLS, whatever her plan is I feel it is going to backfire on her and blow Adam straight into the arms of TLS.

    I enjoyed the scenes with Kay, Jill, Tucker.

    There's hot headed Nick to knock Billy's block off over Vikki, this part is getting good. I like the fact Nikki brought up when oldVikki was been kidnapped before (showed history) by that stalker Gary and kept in that tree house on the Newman Ranch.

    That actor that played stalker Gary went to GL and played a main character Gus Ituro, but I never did like him much on there he always reminded me of that stalker Gary from Y&R. Guess he played the role well on Y&R.

    Posted by Estrelita at Wednesday, November 14 2012 05:17 PM

    Looks like TWO full days of Noah hogging air time again. And poor Victoria is still in the dark. I feel for you, honey! I am beginning to feel like I am in the dark most of the time too! I never had understood why the TV Types were so thrilled to get High Definition television - then the only thing they could figure out to do with it was to focus all of their attention on taping shows which consisted mostly of talking heads, stumbling around in the dark, mumbling to each other! Also, the destruction of the character of Ronan has been cringe-worthy to watch. Ronan is Nina's long-lost son - and many long time viewers had waited years for him to find Nina. And when Ronan DID find his long-lost mother - the only thing which the writers could think of to do with him wss to turn him into a crooked cop with a fixation on Phyllis? Makes absolutely no sense to me. Of course, TIIC also managed to turn Paul's son into a psychotic serial killer, who was killed by Paul. I have never understood why it is so important for soap opera writers to trash the character when a performer is being hustled out the door. I remember that, on General Hospital, when TIIC wanted to hustle Stephen Nichols out the door, they turned the character of Stefan Cassadine into an out-of-control psychotic who was murdered by Luke after assaulting a day-player actress. It just seems to me like such a waste when soap writers can not just allow a character to leave town with some sort of integrity. If TIIC are always to eager to hustle performers from the past writing team out the door as soon as they take over - it seems to me that it would be a lot easier to allow the characters being played by those performers to exit with a little bit of dignity and grace!

    Posted by kmc320 at Wednesday, November 14 2012 06:16 PM

    I hope Chelsea finds out that her Demon Husband is sponsoring the male fire bug.
    Let the chips fall where they may.

    So I guess the new place is called "The Club"!!!!

    RE: Faith decides she's going to tell Daddy. Noah explains that it's a secret surprise.

    ~~~I posted on Wed's that children tell. They are purely innocent and the old adage "out of the mouths of babes" hold true.

    RE: Chelsea demands a run-down on why Spawn fell in love with her. Chelsea says he ran away from her after the miscarriage, but he runs to Sharon when she needs him; he'll never love her like that; she can't compete.

    ~~~KMC says True Dat. Now make him pay. Do your homework Chelsea.

    We all can call a truce because I'm not changing nor would I expect or ask any of you. That's what makes this board so inviting and entertaining; the many opinionated posters. I have fun. Try it instead of playing the gate keeper. I'm nearly 59 yo and this old dog ain't bulging

    Posted by bellydance at Wednesday, November 14 2012 06:54 PM

    KMC... I enjoyed your post.. and Fan4now, please do not leave..Fiddler, your post are great also ....

    Posted by bellydance at Wednesday, November 14 2012 06:59 PM

    Is Chelsea leaving Adam ?? I pray she do not kill Sharon in her sleep... Please , just let her walk away ....

    This is some what of a silly, silly, storyline...

    Posted by SanFranciscoSenorita at Wednesday, November 14 2012 07:18 PM

    How come Billy doesn’t have one red cent? Doesn’t he have an inheritance/trust fund that Jack was overseeing? He should be of age by now, ya think? Maybe nobody told the nuwriters about that little detail.

    KMC, you are so right about kids and secrets. When my daughter was 6 years old, I took her to my job for “bring your kids to work day.” She almost got me fired, and I was passed over for a promotion that I was promised. I ended up having to leave that job because it suddenly became a dead end. Thanks daughter-dearest, you shut that door and by doing so, you opened an even better one at the next company. I give poor Faith 10 minutes before she blabs about mommy dearest to daddy dolittle.

    I agree with you all. NuNoah can pass for his parents’ age. Shoulda kept old Noah. He was much more boyish looking, right Brucey Boy?

    Posted by cowboys fan at Wednesday, November 14 2012 08:00 PM

    This gossip columnist knows enough to ask Nick about abandoning his witch, then they must know about Hilda sleeping around with Ronan.

    Adam hush up. Jeffrey and Gloria made millions from the fire. They don't need any additional help from you.

    Don't blame Faith for being scared of Sharon. Heck, I was too.

    Chelsea must have a death wish. Crazy Sharon will wake up and beat the hell out of her.

    Posted by exotic1 at Wednesday, November 14 2012 10:42 PM

    @Cards1/@MissLes: There is already a body on the ranch. Remember the body in the barn that was never identified?

    I love this site.

    Posted by HeyMon at Thursday, November 15 2012 02:33 AM

    Posted by exotic1 at Wednesday, November 14 2012 10:42 PM

    @Cards1/@MissLes: There is already a body on the ranch. Remember the body in the barn that was never identified?

    I love this site.
    I'm hearing ya on that one. You'd think MAB could have at least tied some of her story-lines up once in a while.

    1. 'Skye's' body at the Ranch. Ended up not being Skye's body.

    2. Did Patty kill Rich Hightower?

    3. Why did Abby stuff the key down Diane's throat?

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