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    My DNA.

    Wednesday, November 07 2012
    Victor warns Jack, Kevin argues with Michael, and Chelsea confronts Sharon.

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    Phyllis visits a groggy Jack in the hospital. She asks if he can move his legs. He moves them and she admits she is so relieved. The doctor appears and says he'll make a full recovery but must take it very easy and should expect significant pain. He prescribes painkillers. Phyllis tells Jack that Billy stayed through the whole surgery and loves him. They discuss Newman and Adam. Phyllis says she's suspicious of him, but Jack's not worried. Phyllis notes that they both hate Victor. Jack says Adam doesn't hate Victor - he's desperate to prove to him that he's a real player in the business world.

    At home, Adam declines coffee with Chelsea, saying he has to get to the office, but then mentions he's going to check on Sharon. Chelsea is supportive. After, Chloe calls Chelsea for an update. Chelsea lies that it was their housekeeper staying in the cottage. They agree to meet later.

    Victor stops Michael at the Club and they chat about the arson investigation. Victor tells him he agrees with Nikki that Sharon is responsible.

    In the cottage, Adam reassures Sharon with regard to Chelsea, and says the doctor is coming for her session. He encourages Sharon to be honest with her. After he's gone, Chelsea arrives to put Sharon on notice. "Don't even think of sinking your fangs back into my husband." Sharon maintains she asked Adam to be honest with Chelsea from the start. Chelsea warns if she has ulterior motives she'll be sorry.

    At Crimson Lights, Kevin questions Chloe about her new friendship with Chelsea. Chloe tells him Chelsea's a born designer - they might start a business together. Kevin is upset that she seems to be giving up on Tag 'n' Grab.

    Michael answers his door to Kevin and says he's glad he called. Kevin blurts that he needs his help. Michael laughs when Kevin says he needs $15 million. He says he can't help him, and Kevin accuses him of enjoying seeing him fail. Michael is offended. They bicker. Kevin slams out hollering, "Thanks for nothin'!"

    At Chelsea's house, Chloe talks about business ideas, but Chelsea is distracted and says she's moving a bit fast. Chloe agrees to delay their talk a couple of days.

    Michael follows Kevin to Crimson Lights and tries to make things right, but more bickering ensues. Chloe breaks up their argument. Michael gets a call that there's been another fire - Gloworm was burnt to the ground. Kevin says they have a huge insurance policy. Michael's disgusted.

    Victor finds Adam at Newman and offers him one last chance to do right by his family. Victor says Hope would be appalled, but Adam says it's just business - he wonders how many times Victor has said that over the years. Adam assures him he'll make Newman great. Victor tells him not to get too comfortable. Phyllis arrives. Victor mentions Jack being in the hospital before leaving. Phyllis tells Adam that Jack is doing great and eager to get back. "What was your father doing here?" Adam says he asked him to betray Jack. Phyllis is suspicious of how Adam handled it. He tells her to get over herself. Chelsea arrives and tells Adam that Chloe asked about the person in the cottage, but she covered. He agrees to take Chelsea to lunch, but then blows her off when Sharon's psychiatrist calls.

    Victor appears in Jack's hospital room. Jack's sorry to tell him he's going to live. Victor confronts him about Victoria's whereabouts. Jack says nothing will happen to her - she's a Newman. Victor warns him to be careful of Adam - he's more like him than Jack thinks. Jack isn't concerned. Victor reiterates, "He has my DNA. Watch him." Phyllis enters. Victor taunts Jack once more before leaving. Phyllis tells Jack what Adam told her about Victor's visit to Newman. Jack nearly busts open his stitches.

    At home, the psychiatrist tells Chelsea and Adam she is quite concerned about Sharon now that she knows her history.

    In the cottage, Sharon freaks out thinking about the therapist coming. Adam arrives and Sharon blathers about things not being fine. The therapist enters and tells her she's ill. Sharon admits she needs help. The doctor reassures her.

    Adam returns to the house and tells Chelsea that something happened since he last saw Sharon - she's back in a dark place.

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Billy tells Ronan he's getting a little worried about Victoria.

    Sharon tells her therapist she's done some horrible things and is afraid of getting caught.

    Chelsea says to Adam. "Sharon caused the fire at Newman Ranch, didn't she?"

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    Posted by bikette at Tuesday, November 06 2012 03:22 PM

    Been thinking this for awhile, I'll bet Adam will be the one to get NE back for Victurd. But I hope if he does, he does not let Nick or Victoria work there.

    Posted by bikette at Tuesday, November 06 2012 03:23 PM

    Kevin STHU!!!

    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, November 06 2012 03:25 PM

    Whew! I'm glad my baby can move his legs. Now I won't have to carry him piggyback.

    Chelsea honey, you need to have that conversation with your husband. You can't take a man that does not want to be taken. And p.s., don't talk smack to a crazy woman.

    Kevin, you should be glad that Michael even let you in. I would have left you knocking on the door. You treated Micheal like something on the bottom on your shoe, then go begging for fifteen million dollars. Fool are you crazy?

    Oh Lord, Gloworm has burned to the ground. And all Kevin can think about is the insurance money.

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Tuesday, November 06 2012 06:27 PM

    Hi Everyone!

    Jack is out of recovery and back in is room and Phylthy is there with him. He can move his legs but the doctor warned him that there will probably be pain for a while and is prescribing pain medicine. Phylthy is warning him that she doesn’t trust Adam and he disagrees with her.

    Chelsea asks Adam if he thinks it is a good idea working at his family’s company and he tells her he is sure about it. He is headed out the door for his first big day as CEO and doesn’t have time for breakfast OR a cup of coffee with Chelsea, but he tells her he is going to check on TLS before he goes to work. Not good, Adam, not good! He tells TLS that the doctor is coming today and for her to be honest with her.

    Chloe calls Chelsea to see if she confronted Adam to find out about the bag they found and she told her that Adam told their housekeeper that she could stay in the cabin while her place was being painted and he forgot to tell her. Chelsea watches for Adam to leave the cabin and goes to see TLS telling her that if she is telling the truth about wanting to get well and get back to her kids, she hopes she does but, if she is lying, she WILL be sorry.

    Chelsea goes to NE to talk Adam into going to lunch, but he gets a phone call from TLS’s doctor and tells Chelsea that he feels he should be there with her the first time. So much for lunch! LOL

    The Turd sees Michael as he is leaving the GCAC and asks him how the arson investigation is progressing. Michael tells him that Nickie told Ronan that she thinks TLS did it but it is looking less likely now, but the Turd tells him he thinks Nickie is right. The Turd then goes to NE and offers Adam “one more chance” to do right for his family. Maybe he should check with Soduko(sp) next, he might get better results AND more loyalty! LOL

    The Turd then goes to the hospital to see Jack because someone told him he had surgery. This is “one busy man” today, maybe he should start helping Girl Scouts sell cookies door-to-door; he has been all over town today! LOL He tells him that if anything happens to Vickie he will hold him AND Billy accountable and that he had better watch Adam. Phylthy walks in and when the Turd leaves tells Jack that he was just at NE talking to Adam about helping him.

    Kevin goes to see Michael wanting him to give him $15M and doesn’t understand that he doesn’t have it and storms out. Michael chases him to CL to try to talk to him to no avail and gets a phone call that there has been another fire… is GW….it has burned down!

    Posted by sunmama at Tuesday, November 06 2012 09:20 PM

    Chipmunk shouldn’t you be out and about storing up nuts for the winter, instead of being a whiney a$$ punk?

    Adam, stop making you wife guess what’s going on, tell her everything you did to Sharon, and why you are now helping her.

    Gloworm burned down, does this mean they have another new set in the works? Come on JFP, you should have burned down Jimmy’s dive.

    TGVN once again, please get a hobby, running all over town acting like the polecat is getting old. Do you have no compassion visiting your enemy in the hospital because you think you own it? I guess the privacy regulations don’t apply in GC either.

    Dr. Watkins get the girl some drugs stat!!! Although I am not sure what her diagnosis would be?

    BRUCEYBOY, yes, I was talking about Orange Crush the drink, there is a bar here that has them for 5 bucks all day, everyday.

    Dear Sweet Baby Jesus (yes the scene from Talladega Nights) please see to it EVERYONE behaves today. AMEN.

    Posted by kmc320 at Tuesday, November 06 2012 09:37 PM

    I'm be a Phyllass (Beech) in about 6 hrs. Too excited to sleep.

    Tell me CBF if your man is going to end up "addicked" to Phyllass or pain pills?

    Jacks assessment of Spawn wanting to earn his dad's respect is true.

    Why must the NuSOBIC make the numb-nuts Chipmunk a fool, dunce, idiots, etc? You tell someone to go to hell and then stop by for a bailout.

    Spawn agrees to take Chelsea to lunch, but then blows her off when Sharon's psychiatrist calls.

    ~~~I'll be glad when the NuSOBIC script better lines for this as no sane woman would tolerate such. If it's to irritate, they're succeeding

    Posted by Navarro1010 at Wednesday, November 07 2012 01:04 AM

    Hello All:

    Can anyone tell me if Jack has ever been addicted to painkillers before? My guess is that the writers plan to head in that direction.

    And what is Tucker up to?

    I want to smack Kevin and Adam upside the head! I can't believe they're acting this way. Very annoying.

    Posted by MsChief at Wednesday, November 07 2012 01:21 AM

    We did it!!!!!

    This is another example of why the Adam Chelsea pairing is off, shea ready to leave T&G and he is still fighting to save it

    Gloworm got torched, didn't see that one coming, I hope this isn't howg Kevin

    Posted by MsChief at Wednesday, November 07 2012 01:25 AM

    .....hope this isn't how Kevin gets his money

    Adam blows Chelsea off ..... Can't wait to see where this goes

    Posted by Texanne at Wednesday, November 07 2012 03:23 AM

    I wonder if Kevin will be blamed for the fire at Gloworm because he mentioned the insurance money to Michael.

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