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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Scar Tissue.

    Tuesday, November 06 2012
    Jill confronts Katherine, Victor vows to end Billy's marriage, and Phyllis sees Avery kissing Nick.

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    Summer approaches Avery at Crimson Lights and asks her what's going on between her and Nick. Avery stammers and knocks things over, and says they had dinner - not a date. Summer's disappointed. Avery asks about suing for emancipation. Summer says she won't pursue that and they share a laugh. Phyllis enters. Avery prompts Summer to tell her she's not suing for emancipation. Once alone, Phyllis asks Avery what she's doing, and accuses her of trying to take her place and live her life. Avery says she was just trying to help. Phyllis apologizes and says she hasn't been sleeping. They bicker again after Jack's name comes up. Avery says it's not the morning to converse and leaves.

    At home, Billy leaves Vikki a message to check in. Victor arrives asking for her. Billy snaps that she's still in Miami. When Victor learns that Victoria went on a wild goose chase, he accuses Billy of never planning to help her in the first place. He can't imagine how Billy ever got Vikki's attention. Billy complains about Victor and Jack testing them all. Victor brings up L.A. Billy says the blackmail thing blew up in his face before. Victor vows to tell Victoria what an ass he is when she returns, and they'll be over. Billy leaves Vikki another message and stares at the sinister text from Eddie G.

    On the coffee house patio, Jill tells Tucker she'll figure out she thinks he's up to something, but she agrees it's ridiculous for Katherine to be going back to work at this stage in her life - she'll have another stroke. They talk about how 'scar tissue' gets in their way when trying to reach Katherine.

    At the Club, Nikki tells Ronan they are concerned about the arson case - they found Sharon's bracelet in the room where the fire was started. Nikki wants her found. Nearby, Katherine tells Esther she was gone shopping in Chicago, but Esther then overhears her on the phone with Mitchell discussing the papers he gave her to sign to return as CEO. Esther confronts her. Katherine tells her to zip it.

    Nick and Noah discuss the arson investigation at the tackhouse. Nick downplays the idea that Sharon may have been involved. Victor comes in and tells Nick he can't reach Victoria and she went on a wild goose chase. They debate about Billy and wind up talking about Nick not fighting for the company. Victor sneers that Nick got his $5 million and now doesn't care. Nick says he's dismissed anything he ever accomplished. Victor scoffs that he's afraid he's not up to saving Newman - he's a coward! Nick tells Victor he needs to be present in his kids' lives right now - they're his legacy. Noah returns from a run and Nick tells Victor they're done. Victor agrees. Ronan stops in looking for Sharon. Nick and Noah stonewall him.

    Jill visits Billy at home. Jill wants him to offer an opinion on Katherine. He says her trying to stop Katherine might have disastrous consequences, and suggests she act as 'right hand' so she's not overwhelmed. Jill is still worried about Katherine's health. Billy accuses her of wanting the CEO spot for herself. Jill says that's beside the point. Billy heads upstairs to get Johnny and Jill notices another sinister text that comes in from Eddie G. She asks what's going on. He says it's a guy to whom he owes a substantial gambling debt, and he just got out of jail. Jill asks if Victoria knows. Billy says no and orders Jill to keep quiet.

    Victor arrives at Newman and grills Phyllis about Jack's absence.

    Jill joins Katherine at the Club. Kay jokes that Phillip must have thrown her out and accuses her of colluding with Tucker. Jill admits he asked her to speak to her, and begins talking about the risks of her returning to Chancellor. Katherine tries to dismiss her. Jill hisses that she's there to try and save her damn life. "You stubborn fool!" Katherine notes her glowing terms of endearment. Jill says wants her around driving her crazy for years and years. Later, Tucker tells Jill they can still steer Katherine away from the iceberg if they put their heads together.

    Nick finds Avery working out at the Athletic Club. She vents about Phyllis. Nick places a hand on Avery's shoulder. They start making out as Phyllis appears.

    Ronan finds Victor and Nikki at Crimson Lights and tells them there was another fire with the same M.O. - they have a firebug on their hands.

    Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Michael tells Kevin he's glad he called. Kevin blurts, "I need your help, Mikey."

    Phyllis asks Jack if he can move his legs.

    Chelsea tells Sharon, "Don't even think of sinking your fangs back into my husband."

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by ajsp35801 at Monday, November 05 2012 02:08 PM

    Oh shut up Chelsea. At this point, I can't figure out if they are using Chelsea to make folks root for Shadam or using Sharon to make folks root for Chadam. Put please, someone shut Chelsea up.

    Posted by Coastie at Monday, November 05 2012 02:43 PM

    Well look who's back - Esther!!

    Sphillus asked her baby sister if she is trying to take place and her life, then sees her sucking on Dick's face!

    TGVN has been looking for a reason to throw L. A. in Billy's face.

    Billy had better pay his debt to Eddie G and quit trying to sweep his texts under the rug!

    Posted by little bear at Monday, November 05 2012 03:16 PM

    little bear is the one who has Victoria hidden away . . . need to eliminate the competition so my Billy can see that he and little bear belong together forever!!

    .♥/(,")\.(".) ♥
    ..★/♥\/█\ ★
    .♥_| |__| |_ ♥

    I don't know why so many viewers are anti teenage stories! I started watching this show as a teenager around the time when Billy, Lily, Brittany, JT, Colleen etc were all introduced as teenagers, and i thought it was GREAT to have characters my age on the show, i think a soap should cater to all age groups and not focus on any one in particular. So as long as they keep it interesting i am MORE than happy to follow any story about the teens!

    Posted by kmc320 at Monday, November 05 2012 03:17 PM

    Wow, I heading to the bar to stir up trouble 'cause this update is Yawn, stretch, sigh ....boring

    Posted by Another Stay at home mom at Monday, November 05 2012 04:02 PM

    Victor needs to leave Nick alone. He never created the mess but now he's suppose to fight for the company that TGVN never had it in his right mind to secure? Once again, none of this would have happened if he just stayed away from Sharon. But no, he had to have her as his wife! His ex-daughter-in-law. Take your loss Victor, you deserve it. So glad I stop spending an hour watching and 3 minutes reading.

    Posted by bikette at Monday, November 05 2012 04:11 PM

    Nick is a joke. I get it that he doesn't want to work at NE, but to stand there in the house that daddy gave him and say he EARNED that 5 million dollars in a lawsuit that his big sister started is laughable. Then he goes into horndog mode over his wife's sister.

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Monday, November 05 2012 04:45 PM

    Hi Everyone!

    Summer asks Avery what is going on between her and her dad and Avery said they were just friends. She was hoping there was more to it. They are talking and laughing and Phylthy comes through the door and sees them. I thought she had a job, what is she doing lurking around CL? She asks her if she is trying to live her life and YELLS at her to back off! She finally calms down and mentions that Jack was in the hospital which Avery didn’t know about; she is Jack’s lawyer why wouldn’t she know these things? UGH!!!!!

    The Dick is asking Noah if he has heard from his mom, he didn’t really answer, so I guess that is a no. He wants to know what the latest is on the arson investigation, The Dick said he is out of the loop but, by the looks of that rubble he can’t imagine them finding ANYTHING that would tie his mother to it.

    Billy is trying to reach Vickie leaving a message for her to please call home; he is starting to get worried. The Turd knocks on the door wanting to know where she is and, since Billy can’t tell him when she will be back, he wants him to fill him in on everything. He tries to explain that Jack thought he was up to something and fed him information that sent her to Florida, but all the Turd does is blame him. Billy told him that he and Jack can BOTH go to LLEH! Way to go Billy! Of course, the Turd asks him if he is going to tell her about LA and Billy says that he blackmailed him before and it blew up in his face isn’t he ever going to learn. The Turd plans on telling Vickie as soon as she returns and THAT will be the end of Villy.

    Polecat runs into Ronan at the GCAC telling him that the Fire Marshall has left several messages for him to call him. They found TLS’s bracelet at the fire scene and he needs to get on it RIGHT AWAY!

    The Turd goes to see The Dick and tells him that BILLY sent her on a wild goose chase and she hasn’t returned his calls. The Dick told him that he hasn’t heard from either probably because she didn’t want him to say he told her so that getting between his and Jack’s feud would ruin her marriage. The Turd said that would be the best thing that would happen because Billy is an Abbot it would be good for her to get rid of him. The Dick asks him, what she would trade him in for, a corner office! LOL The Turd throws it in his face about the money he and his sisters won in the law suit and calls him a coward because he isn’t fighting for his legacy.

    The Dick tells the Turd that his kids NEED him right now because both of their mothers have gone off the deep end. He asks him, where is Vickie right now, traveling for the company because of HIM and her son needs her too. He told him that his legacy is his kids right now that the Turd has other kids to fight for his legacy…and in walks Noah!

    Jill is at Billy’s to see Johnnie and, when Billy goes upstairs, his phone rings and she sees another text message. She grills him about it and he says he owes the guy $100,000.

    Posted by bikette at Monday, November 05 2012 05:45 PM

    Loving Jill being back.

    Posted by Princess Pickles at Monday, November 05 2012 06:14 PM

    Looks as though it will be a Sharon free day, yay!

    Billy and Vicki are millionaires, why doesn't he just pay the debt and be done with it? He obviously owes it, he said he did so pay it Billy!

    Phyllis is right about Avery, she's trying to take over her life, I wouldn't be ok with my sister doing that at all.

    If you're reading this comment on Tuesday, don't forget to vote, it's your civic duty and remember change is good!

    Peace and Love fellow posters!

    Posted by Princess Pickles at Monday, November 05 2012 07:00 PM

    Dang it, just now watching today's (monday) show, why do Avery and Nick have to be cute together, he flashes her that smile and it makes me smile too. Kind of wish she wasn't Phyllis's sister because they do have chemistry.

    Loved the Billy and Phyllis bonding!

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