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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Things Still Aren't Right.

    Tuesday, October 30 2012
    Sharon promises to get help, Neil makes two job offers, and Adam makes a pitch to Jack.

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    Adam and Chelsea eat fruit and kiss at home. Chelsea apologizes for the accusations she made yesterday. He understands and promises to be more emotionally available. They talk about Adam's plan to seek a job at Newman. The doorbell rings - it's Kevin and Chloe upset about Tag 'n' Grab. Kevin hollers that Adam is ignoring their calls and won't meet with them. Adam tells them he wants out. After they leave, Chelsea questions Adam about leaving them high and dry. Adam tells her it's for the best.

    Sharon rocks in the cottage and shakes her head - things still aren't right. Adam checks in and she tells him the furniture isn't right and she hates everything. Adam wants her to talk to a doctor. She asks if he told Chelsea. He says he's waiting for the right moment. Sharon says it's not right, but claims she'll get professional help. Later, Sharon looks at photos of Faith, Nick, and Noah and wants a phone.

    Genevieve and Ronan enter the trashed suite at the Club. Gen recounts how she came to find the room in disarray. Ronan shows her a paperweight with her fingerprints on it that may be the murder weapon, and angers her by trying to establish that the woman was tormenting her family. Gen hollers that he doesn't even know there was a murder. He says if they had a body, she'd be under arrest.

    In the Club dining room, Cane and Lily discuss whether or not Genevieve murdered the woman she may or may not have hired. Neil appears to talk to Cane about Jabot. Cane realizes Jack hired him as CEO. Neil acknowledges that Cane wanted the job and offers for him to be his right hand. Cane accepts. Neil tells Lily to come by - he has a position for her too.

    Phyllis arrives at the hospital to pick-up Jack. The doctor tells him the news isn't good. He learns that the bullet has to come out - if it continues to move he could wind up paralyzed or even die. He suggests immediate surgery.

    At the Abbott house, Phyllis argues heatedly with Jack, who is considering putting off surgery because of Newman Enterprises. He gives in and promises to schedule it. She holds out the phone.

    At Jabot, Neil tells Cane and Lily his plans for her to head up a guerrilla marketing team. Lily is stunned to hear that her first meeting is in 15 minutes. She exits, and Cane tells Neil that it's good - she was ready to return to work. They set boundaries for working together. Neil tells Cane he has a sketchy background, but he knows he'd do anything for his wife and kids. Later, Lily tells Cane her meeting went well, but she's worried about them working together. He assures her they'll be fine. Gen bursts in asking for help. She insists she's being framed. Cane tells her she's on her own.

    Jack and Phyllis talk business at the Club. She assures him that she and Billy will look after Newman while he undergoes surgery. Jack talks about possibly merging Jabot and Newman's cosmetics line. Jack sees Adam enter and goes to ask why he wanted to meet. Jack asks about the miscarriage, and says he's been through it. Adam says he's done with Tag 'n' Grab and wants to work at Newman. Jack worries he can't trust him. Adam makes his pitch. Phyllis eavesdrops as Adam asks Jack to make him CFO.

    At Crimson Lights, Kevin asks Chloe where they're supposed to find someone with $15 million to buy Adam out. Chelsea appears. She tells them she thinks Adam is taking their loss harder than it appears. After, Kevin rants about his regret over going into business with Adam and about things getting ripped away from him. Kevin decides he'll find the money whatever it takes. Inside, Harmony congratulates Neil on his new position. She then tells him she's leaving Genoa City - Ana is having trouble at school and needs her mother. Harmony tears up as they say goodbye.

    Neil returns to Jabot to find Gen crying and begging Cane. Cane tells her it's taken her years to gain Neil and Lily's trust back - he won't jeopardize it again. "Please leave."

    Sharon sneaks into Adam's house to phone Noah. She leaves a message that she's away. The door opens...

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Ronan asks Phyllis if she took the job at Newman because of Nick.

    Nick says to Adam (standing beside Jack), "You sold him your Newman shares in exchange for a top-level gig. Is that how this went down?"

    Kevin tells Eden he should never have gone into business with Adam Newman.

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    Posted by kmc320 at Monday, October 29 2012 03:14 PM

    I'm glad that Spawn is leaving Chipmunk & Tag & Grab high and dry. That's payback for tampering and lying about the H&R caper. Kharma baby kharma

    Ronan says if they had a body, GenV'd be under arrest.

    ~~~He should know because he knows how to help conceal

    Neil tells Lily to come by - he has a position for her too.
    ~~~Let us pray ----FOR a good s/l for her. Is this where the Tyler guy is gonna fit in

    Spawn you should have had a contract or proposal when you sold the stock to Jack. would have been good leverage.

    Who's opening the door while Dummy is on the [hone at Spawn & Chelsea's place???? whooo whhhoooo Trick or Treat

    Posted by MsChief at Monday, October 29 2012 05:06 PM

    @kmc I was thinking Chelsea ... Neil's passing out jobs like sticks of gum, wish I could just grab one

    Posted by cowboys fan at Monday, October 29 2012 05:29 PM

    Well, Kevin should be happy. He has Tag 'n' Grab all to himself.

    Thank you, finally Sharon is going to the doctor. Hopefully she can get some help and be back to the beautiful, loving person she use to be.

    Ronan Shut up. If Genevieve was your witch of a woman, you be wiping off fingerprints and trying to hide evidence.

    This might be the one time that tramp Hilda might come in handy. Jack might need that nosy heifer to keep an eye on things while he's recovering. Might not be a bad idea to hire Adam as CFO.

    Posted by bellydance at Monday, October 29 2012 06:30 PM

    To all in the path of the storm "Sandy" , please take heed and be careful.. We will keep all of you in our prayers...

    Oh, goodness, I am so sick of Cane's hatred towards his Mother. And Vikki, for being so stupid... That's how she lost the last Husband and her son..
    Watch out Sharon, that is Chelsea, coming through the door.

    Posted by simscb at Monday, October 29 2012 08:43 PM

    Sharon is so busted. It's probably Chelsea who opens the door.

    Adam should have told Chelsea the truth about Sharon's falling apart from the beginning. I think she would have understood the predicament he was in. Liars always get caught.

    HILDA's ears must be growing because she certainly is stretching them eveasdropping on Adam and Jack's conversation. Jealous, huh?

    Tag and Grab was ridiculous from the beginning. Well, Kevin and Chloe, it's your baby now.

    Ronan wouldn't be accusing HILDA when he found "the evidence." He would have lied and covered it up. Please pack your clothes and leave GC. I cannot stand a CROOKED COP.

    Cane shows no respect for his Mother. IMO, he is a dirty dog. Not one time did the IDIOT think it was Colin who has been setting both of them up for months.

    Posted by tariro at Tuesday, October 30 2012 12:20 AM

    Hope its not Chelsea and if it is she figure out pretty quickly that Sharon is not well instead of leaving Adam in a huff and why is Sharon looking at a picture of Nick. He left her the way he eventually leaves everybody even if she has to end up alone I sincerely hope she doesnt end up with Nick. Sometimes think She and Adam and Chelsea would just make great friends (like a paraiah club).So glad Adam is done with Tag and Grab need to see him back in an exec position maybe working with Jack is the best thing.Hope Jack can hold on to N.E for a while ,the Newmans deserve to not get it back anytime soon especially Victoria who quits everytime she fights with daddy dearest ;how unprofessional !

    Posted by FL senior fan at Tuesday, October 30 2012 03:37 AM

    Kevin, why the fit over Adam's decision to leave Tag N'Grab?
    You already had startup and its going pretty well...can't you continue by yourself didn't want Adam anyway!
    If it's still a money matter, there are plenty of wealthy in G.C. you can still hit on. What about Abby and her $500Million for instance.

    I hope Chelsea opens that door and Sharon is hysterical but tells her ALL THE TRUTH; and reassures her it is only a friend helping a friend. Remember, Sharon went thru a similar crisis when Nick cheated after their loss of their daughter...should well know how that felt! Adam, you know it is gonna be a lot worse if Chelsea does not find out the truth from YOU.

    Terrible ending storylines for Gen. I hate what they have done to her. She should have been kept and worked into the Jack/N.E. storylines. No respect for Cane now with his rejection of his Mother and believing a stranger over family.

    Billy-Boy, what a terrible web you have spun. Now you are a puppet to Victor. Somehow I've gotta believe the Abbott in your will take over and get out of that mess. Hey, spirit of John, why not visit Billy and please leave Jack alone now; he doesn't need that negativity while facing serious surgery!

    Posted by FL senior fan at Tuesday, October 30 2012 03:38 AM

    Now will probably "trace" where his Mother called from.
    Adam's number!

    Posted by FL senior fan at Tuesday, October 30 2012 03:39 AM

    Didn't Adam/Kevin enter into some kind of contract?
    Perhaps Kevin did not read the fine-print; with Michael
    being his attorney-brother, why didn't he have him examine it...or did he and I missed that?

    Posted by Ebybrowempoly at Tuesday, October 30 2012 04:12 AM

    for all that cane has done who is he to turn his back on his mother. how can lily of all be ok with himm doing that when she dont have a mother . so sick of lily with her nose up in the air. so many say she is sweet and she wouln't do harm she has a evil side to her and watch it come out. i hope that there is something in canes past that he hasn't told lily about and it come to bit him in the butt big time be nice to know he had a wife back home he forgot to tell lily about . now that would be a good s/l how wil he get out of that one.

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