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    Not A Good Person.

    Tuesday, October 02 2012
    Tucker's family turns against him, Paul hopes for a miracle, and Harmony questions Sarge.

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    Posted by Ebybrowempoly at Tuesday, October 02 2012 04:04 AM

    some will say how dumb nick is for going to tucker but deep down sharon wasn't doing his alone. what she did wasn't right but when nick really thinks about it can he blame her .what really gets to me is everyone call sharon weak and she never stands up for herself. but when she does she is call bad names and is rip apart by everyone. no doubt she is sick there is something really going on with her but i love the fact she finally got mad and stood up for her self. maybe when eveeyone stop flapping thier lips in nicks ear he will have time to really sit and think about sharon and what she has done over the past few weeks. he wll see that ther is something wrong with her . that she really hasn't been acting like herself .that he feel there is more to it than her getting mad. maybe while she is in jail she will fall or hit her head and they take her to th e.r and thats where they find out she has a tumor or something to show why she has been acting the way she has. i understand the new writers want to brerak her and then rebuild her but that is nikki s/l with her drinking .

    as for devon he really don't know what the word integrity means . neil has none and never will . he really don't know neil . with what neil did and is doing to sophia by keeping her from taking a job all because he wants to play daddy. well that is what he has devon and lily for. i would love if it turn out that he wasn't the father that there was a mistake made in the lab . after all they are brothers . also shoudl we really believe olive . she has been known to lie .

    so what is the story with yoho and sarge. coudl he be anna daddy . how will neil deal with that . he always has issue with who is someone daddy. mrs c of all in gc you shoudl understand what sharon is going through. if i didn't know better you and nikki are taking lesson on how high you can stick your nose up in the air. both you and nikki came from nothing you both married rich men and for either one of you to think you are better than sharon . shame shame on you.

    Posted by Vdalem at Tuesday, October 02 2012 04:09 AM

    I hate it when Nick and the rest turned on Tucker! Like they have a clean soul to judge Tucker and stand up for a man who did worst stuff to them! I don't like Tucker like I used to but come on! Tucker is not as bad as Ictor!!

    Posted by HeyMon at Tuesday, October 02 2012 04:28 AM

    'Nobody messes with the Newmans'. Spare me, you are almost 40 yrs old, not in high school.

    Glad to see Devon in bed with his girl. MAB was truly trying to get us to believe that the kid dint have any normal desires or a life going on, cept for his troubles with Tuck and Kath.

    Hopefully Sarge wont leave with Harmony. I like the guy. Yolanda, you have never gelled as a character.

    Wow, Sharon Case got a day off. Was ready to to call Y&R, the Sharon-Phyllis Show. Well, of course, Red was on today. Thankfully without Ronan.

    Gen, go to the airport. Get a reservation on Qantas Airlines. Go on the place, do not look back at Genoa City. Leave. Bye bye.

    Posted by da_kid at Tuesday, October 02 2012 04:38 AM

    Vdalem, both Tucker and Victor are ruthless but Victor has history with the fans. Tucker has not been that well-liked since he arrived on the scene. Victor has fans, ruthless or not.

    We have all figured out that Sharon is sick, but Sharon has been sick for awhile. She has been acting disturbed since she fell for Adam. She has just been getting worse day by day. Since no one knows about any tumor, people have a right to be absolutely disgusted with her. She lost all sympathy from family and friends when she trued to act like she owned NE. She's getting exactly what she deserves.

    Posted by da_kid at Tuesday, October 02 2012 04:48 AM

    Maybe this hypnotic session with Eden will have positive results since it's being done without Kyle in the rom. At the last session, just as Eden began to get agitated, Kyle interrupted. If the therapist had done it under the right circumstances, she probably would have given them exactly what they wanted at the last session. What therapist worth his salt hypnotizes a patient with all of her family and friends around. But this is soapland,the rules are always different. I just hope she remembers everything,and with the final reveal of the knife, Paul should be free.

    Posted by da_kid at Tuesday, October 02 2012 04:55 AM

    I think the writers feel that once Sharon is proven to have a brain tumor, all will be forgiven, but if the spoilers are correct, and she burns down the ranch, I doubt if the Newmans will ever embrace her again, even if a doctor swears that she has not known what she was doing for the last few years. It is always a sticky situation when a prisoner claims that they were insane when they committed a certain crime, then the temporary insanity plea is used. Sharon's insanity has not been temporary. She has been out of her mind since before Faith was born. She got worse after the birth when she hooked up with Adam. But I'm sure she will get off with an insanity plea, just like Phyllis probably will bcause they both are nutty as a fruitcake.

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Tuesday, October 02 2012 05:11 AM

    Hi Everyone!

    Phylthy went to The Dick’s to bring a belated BD gift for Faith he said he would give it to her when she got out of pre-school. It was just an excuse to talk to him, but at least it was during the day! Dummy came at bedtime and Polecat nor the Turd went to see her at all. Happy birthday Faith! LOL She complains that Summer isn’t answering her calls or texts and he tells her that he isn’t going to force her to call her. Phylthy thinks they should get past the “anger”. He said it isn’t just anger it is humiliation, disgust, sadness…..she was shocked when he said “disgust”!

    Jack told Sarge that he wants to donate his wheelchair and transfer board and Sarge said he would take care of it. He also told him he wouldn’t be needing the hand-controlled vehicle anymore and wants to donate it to his brother. Sarge said that was awfully generous, but he should have told him his brother died a few years ago in an automobile accident. I hope Sarge stays, I really like the friendship that he and Jack share!

    All the family are gathered at the club, Kathryn, the Ashby’s, Neil & YoHo, Devon & Roxy; Tucker walks up and says, “excuse me”, Kathryn says, “excuse you? There is NO excuse for you!” LOL And the “shunning” begins! LOL Devon took him aside and told him that despite all his money and power, he is still not a good person. Tucker said that knows that it is tough when your father disappoints you and Devon told him his “father” has NEVER disappointed him and, in fact, he hopes to be 1/10 the man that Neil is! WOW! I think Devon just found the knife that Ricky used on Eden! LOL

    YoHo approached Sarge about their last conversation that they had about him knowing her. He mentioned a party they were at and she still couldn’t remember him and he said that didn’t surprise him. Do you suppose he is Anna’s father?

    The Dick went to see Mutha Tucker at his office and told him that Dummy was in jail and that HE should be too, because what he did to his family was unforgivable! He said that NOBODY messes with his family and gets away with it! Mutha Tucker is shaking in his boots. Sophia was there and told him he had BETTER sell BON back to Jack or EVERYTHING is going to come down on him!

    Eden and Kyle, are at CL and she told Avery, Michael & Lauren, Chris & Danny, and Paul she wants to go through hypnosis again. Let’s hope it isn’t the fiasco that it was the last time with every Tom, Dick and Harry in the room interrupting! They called the doctor to come to CL and I thought for SURE they were going to go in the back room and start, LOL, but he wants to take her to Ricky’s old room and only allowing Michael and Avery to be there. (Is that room STILL un-rented?) They STILL aren’t recording it or taking notes! He puts her under and they show her back in the room as it was….and THERE IS THAT DAMN COMPUTER! It is sitting on a table RIGHT BY THE DOOR!

    Tomorrow they FINALLY FIND THE KNIFE! It is in the gutter! It’s a good thing there wasn’t a big rain storm! Now, wouldn’t you think that the PD would have looked there?!

    Posted by bruceyboy at Tuesday, October 02 2012 05:28 AM

    DA_KID I completely disagree with your statement that Sharon "deserves" what is happening to her ....

    What a double standard folks have with respect to TLS.... Victor/Nikki/Phyllis ad nauseum get away with "murder" ,both figuratively and literally, yet folks flock to their side with adoring eyes and "forgive" them ...

    Yeah ... right ... Puleeze.

    Posted by PurpleHearts at Tuesday, October 02 2012 05:28 AM

    Oh pllllllllllllease tell me Nick isn't shining up his white hero horse to come save Sharon... isn't it a little too late for that? What a total hero he is sticking up for her behind her back but not to her face or when it really counts. Where can I get me some of that? NOT!

    Posted by PurpleHearts at Tuesday, October 02 2012 05:31 AM

    @ bruceyboy

    I couldn't have said it any better.

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