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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    What's Next For Us?

    Friday, September 28 2012
    Lauren's worst fears seem fulfilled, Sharon wants to fight and Victor's feeling generous.

    At home, Chelsea and Adam discuss his undead dad. She compares how messed up their families are, but she's happy that their baby will have another grandparent.

    Victor kisses Nikki awake in bed. She sighs and they snog. They head downstairs and she wonders why Sharon didn't redecorate the joint. "What's next for us?" she asks. She doesn't want to waste more time. He tells her everyone makes mistakes and he's sorry for the pain he caused. Nikki recaps what happened with Sharon and how his kids protected the company. He wants to repay his daughter. Later, Adam shows up. Victor's gone. Nikki offers to take a message. He walks out instead, just as Nick arrives. He tells his mom Sharon is still at the ranch.

    At Billy's, Kevin tells him to suck it up and tell his wife what he knew. Vikki overhears and prods. Billy avoids explaining. She bustles off. Kev tells him he's an idiot and leaves. Victor calls his daughter and asks to meet. Billy anxiously wants to tell her something but the baby starts crying. Moments later, the mustache arrives. Vikki comes down with the baby and says they should all make peace. Billy is antsy. Victor thanks his daughter for being so loyal and asks her to stay at the company. She needs to think about it but she's glad he's back. After Vikki and the kids go upstairs, Billy wonders what Victor's plan is. Victor changed his opinion of him after what happened in LA. He just wants to keep his daughter happy now. After he leaves, Billy cuddles with his wife and tells her he's okay with her working at Newman if it makes her happy.

    Sharon's surprised when her mom shows up at her door and tells her to pack her bags. Sharon says 'no' so her mom tells her she doesn't fit in there. Doris wonders why she isn't sick of hurting the Newmans. They bicker about it. Doris takes the blame for her daughter being so warped. Sharon won't let Victor and the others screw her over again. "I want to make them pay," she declares. Her mom leaves her a key to her place in case she changes her mind. Soon, Nikki arrives. She suggests that Sharon find somewhere far away to live and offers to pay her off. Sharon can't be bought. "Since when?" asks Nikki. Sharon warns that Victor is in store for a surprise.

    Nikki heads back to her house in a rage. Victor is home already. He opens the mail and discovers that Sharon is suing him for abandonment. Furious, he calls Michael to launch a case against Sharon.

    At the club, Michael reminds his wife that Sheila is dead. He gets a call about the handwriting. Paul arrives just in time to hear the results are inconclusive. Lauren is still creeped out. Michael has to run. Paul gets a text that the doc is back at Fairview.

    Genevieve corners Tucker and the club and wonders where her latest payment is. He says she betrayed him. Jack strolls by and snipes at them. She's impressed he can walk again. Jack sends her away and asks Tucker to sell him back Beauty of Nature. They bicker about it and Jack threatens to call the SEC. Tucker still refuses. Gen eavesdrops and her eyes dart around. Later, Nick arrives to see Tucker. He wants Beauty of Nature. Tucker has a drink and says that is never going to happen.

    Genevieve shows up at the Abbott house and offers to help Jack get Beauty of Nature back.

    Michael and Kev meet at Crimson Lights. The lawyer fills him in about Daisy disappearing and offers his speculation on what happened.

    At Fairview, Paul and Lauren arrive to ask Dr. Laurents about the woman who picked up Daisy. He can't ID the pictures of Sheila or Phyllis. Michael and Kev arrive with an order for the security footage. Lauren repeats to herself that it can't have been Sheila. The footage arrives and they watch it as Paul goes down the hall to talk to Patty. She asks her stuffed cat who helped Daisy leave. That doesn't pan out. Patty tells the cat that everyone will see she's not crazy. When Paul returns to the others, Lauren is freaking out, sure that it is Sheila in the video.

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    The cops go looking for Sharon.

    "Your word against mine? I like those odds," Tucker tells Jack and Genevieve.

    "How did you and I ever get so far off course?" Victor asks Nikki.

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    All screen shots courtesy CBS.

    - Matt Purvis

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    Posted by kmc320 at Thursday, September 27 2012 03:28 PM

    That Chipmunk makes me wish for a pair of 4" stilettos with steel caps on them so I could just stomp the living schiggedy out of him

    RE: Kev tells Billy he's an idiot and leaves for not coming clean with Victoria. Now tell me how long did it take for Kevin to tell Chloe? and he kept making up lies unlike Billy who's side stepping.

    Victor's not going to squeal on Billy at least not yet but what if GenV, Tucker or Kevin tell. He still hasn't explain how he knew the number to give Nikki OR did he?????

    Doris that's nice of you to accept the blame for your daughter's behavior but my momma told me as an adult I was responsible for my own actions and behavior. :O

    This Dummy doesn't learn quickly ----------Oh My
    She won't let Victor and the others screw her over again; they're to pay for the mistreatment. Nikki suggests Dummy find somewhere far away to live (KMC - like Mars) and offers to pay her off. She won't be bought.

    Victor opens the mail and discovers that Dummy is suing him for abandonment.

    Gurrrrllll you ain't gonna never learn jeez

    Victor's still a little touched in the head if this update is correct; Michael is the DA, shouldn't he call Avery??????

    Posted by cards1 at Thursday, September 27 2012 03:35 PM

    Sharon has TOTALLY lost it. LMAO at her suing Victor for "abandonment" the man fell off his horse hit his head and didn't know who the he11 he was. I think now she is losing her memory, has she forgot she burned the signed prenup and called off the search and ID'd the wrong body on purpose.

    Sharon can you spell FRAUD? Scratch that just say FRAUD?

    and she tells Doris the "Newmans owe her" WHAT? I'm pretty sure she's taken care of for life with divorce settlements from the Newmans, since she's been married to both bro's and the dad.

    LOL at the scene with Billy/Victor, IDK Victor's expression was cracking me up.

    Still feel sorry for Adam, (can't believe that) but Vic you could have went and seen him or at the very least gave him a call or a text, email, faceplaced him, something.

    What is up with Patty and WTH is Daisy? Have they told Daniel his wife is MIA?

    Still liking Nictor reunited and it feels so good, even if it's just for a minute, LOL.

    Posted by cards1 at Thursday, September 27 2012 03:40 PM

    @kmc320 Re: Victor's still a little touched in the head if this update is correct; Michael is the DA, shouldn't he call Avery??????
    Hey kmc, Victor calls Avery and tells her to get a hold of Michael, he wants to press charges against Sharon.

    your right she ain't never gonna learn. lol well a few days in the slammer might help????

    Posted by bellydance at Thursday, September 27 2012 06:43 PM

    *** WOW ****

    Posted by kmc320 at Thursday, September 27 2012 07:44 PM

    *********You've Heard About These Spoiler*******************
    But just a re-hash

    Victor plots payback on "Tucker's Would Have Been New Wife" for her unforgivable, unforgettable sins

    Paul is not down for the count yet. More evidence could exonerate him

    Watch out, Nina’s gonna b!tch fest Phyllass (or its it B!tch slap Phyllass) cause Nagging Nina don’t play

    Billy does the explaining of his life, to placate (kiss-azz)Victoria’s discontent about having been kept from Victor’s whereabouts all this time.

    B-B-B-B-But this time, Billy might very well have gone too far with wifey

    Summer's news leads to major fallout between Nick and Phyllass (Say it ain't so, Phyllass ain't gonna kill crabby is she Well isn't Crabby leaving

    Phyllass' trial starts What a joke. Send in the clowns

    Chloe cracks under Michael's pressure, What Huh

    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, September 27 2012 08:24 PM

    I hate they messed up Sharon and Victor's relationship with this stupid marriage between them.

    What? Victor is being nice to Billy Goat. How ironic that Victoria will be the one to hate him when she finds out what he did.

    Nikki shut up and crawl up a pole. Why don't you go home. Oh wait, you don't have one. Always mooching off someone else.

    I wonder what the surprise is that Sharon has for Vic. Is it something to do with the annulment papers that didn't get filed?

    Oh Lord, round four or five of Lauren going nuts about Shelia.

    So Genevieve wants to help Jack get back Beauty of Nature. Might be hard for Jackie to trust her again.

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Thursday, September 27 2012 08:35 PM

    Hi Everyone!

    No internet yesterday, UGH!!! Wanted to make one comment though….I can’t believe that when the Turd went back to the Wrinkle Ranch there was STILL a picture of he and Polecat on display! And I thought it was VERY cruel nobody called Adam!

    Polecat and the Turd are waking up in bed together, her glad it wasn’t just a dream! Ahhh! I can’t imagine crawling in the same bed that Dummy just got out of the night before! I hope the maid changed the sheets! LOL She filled him in on what all The Dick and Vickie went through to try and hold NE together and he was surprised that Vickie would step up. So he is going to do something for her; something she might not like! Ominous!!!!! He calls and is on his way to her house to talk to her and Billy is $hitting bullets! LOL The Turd wants her to come back to work. Vickie took Johnnie upstairs and Billy asked him why he didn’t tell her. He told him that he saw another side of him in LA and Sister Celeste told him that HE was the one that ran into the burning building to save him…so he is NOT going to tell Vickie. This is what I was hoping for!!! Yee Haw!!!!!

    Dummy’s mom showed up on her door step and told her to re-pack her bags because it was time for her to go home with her! She can’t convince her because she wants to MAKE THEM PAY FOR WHAT THEY DID TO HER! She plans on going through with a legal battle with the Turd. Good luck with that one, Dummy! LOL Polecat just barged in, opened her check book and asked her how much it would take for her to leave GC! I didn’t know there was enough room on a check to write that many 000000’s! LOL Dummy tells her she isn’t leaving and to go back to him and tell him that she has a “surprise” for him….what that she’s pregnant! LOL I guess not, she is suing him for abandonment! She called Leslie to make sure her papers were delivered and the Turd called Avery to tell Michael that he wants Dummy arrested….didn’t say why but I’m sure he will come up with something! LOL

    Gen asked Mutha Tucker why there wasn’t a deposit in her account and he tells her she no longer works for him! He is still peeded at her for not warning him that the Turd was still alive. Jack walked up to them and said, “Well, if it isn’t GC own BONNIE and CLYDE!” LOL Jack is threatening him with the SEC if he doesn’t sell him back BON. He just MIGHT pull it off! Hope he does! Gen is listening from around the corner. She shows up at Jack’s to tell him that she has proof Tucker manipulated the stock and she can help him get BON back.

    Lauren, Paul, Michael and Kevin are trying to find out who checked Daisy out. Lauren showed the doctor pictures of Phylthy and Sheila on her cell phone (now why would she have Sheila’s picture on her cell phone?) but the doc’s glasses got broken that day and he couldn’t really tell them for sure, so now they are going to watch the surveillance footage. The woman had sunglasses and a scarf on her head but Lauren is convinced it is Sheila. Actually I think it looks like Patty Cakes!!!!!

    Happy “belated” BD MsChief! And congrats on the new GB Tweete!

    Posted by Shadow8288 at Thursday, September 27 2012 08:36 PM

    just finish watching a of the 10,000 was pure gold..

    Sharon getting thrown out I loved it!!
    than Tucker slammed the door in her face THAT was gold
    Momma Doris is trying to get Whacky home with know Sharon isnt gonna go down without a fight..

    Sharon seriously has lost does she really think she would win her lawsuit..
    ITA with Cards1 she'll be going down for fraud...she's gonna wish they kept her in fairview..

    Patty's back....really...where is this storyline going??

    Larun is freaking out cause she saw shiela..its like folks seeing freddy in their dream..its gonna be a nightmare in GC if Shiela is back..

    Billy you know keeping secrets isnt gonna save your arse...for once listen to alivn's rejected chipmuck brother..tell vikki the truth..

    Nikki v. Sharon round 649...make sure there's not horse sh#t around..

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Friday, September 28 2012 03:47 AM

    For those of you that haven't read this, this is what MAB wrote for Adam to say after he found out that his dad was dead:

    “I’m so sorry Chelsea that I ruined your shirt crying & sobbing on your shoulder all night about my father.” And “I don’t even know who I am anymore without my dad.” And there were even lines with Adam glorifying Victor speaking of how much a family man and good father (to all his children) Victor was. And it had Adam talking about how he now understands the kind of amazing, loving father that Victor was and he hopes to one day be just as good a father to his own children as Victor was.

    ...He tweeted that the NPTB allowed him to re-write his lines for this show. Now does ANYONE wonder why MAB was fired?!!!!! That SURE doesn't sound like something Adam, even the NEW REFORMED Adam would say about the Turd!

    Posted by Mythical at Friday, September 28 2012 03:55 AM

    Oh my they have really messed up Sharon's character. She used to be so beloved!

    Is It only me but It pisses me off that Adam gets to live the perfect life while he did so many cruel things.

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