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    Even I'm Offended.

    Wednesday, September 26 2012
    Sharon's plans cause an uproar, Jack laments his choices, and Victor returns.

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    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Wednesday, September 26 2012 05:32 AM

    Well, I do. I will not be watching this. In fact, I will wait until the new writing hits the screen. If you guys would be so kind as to inform me when that happens, I will take a look and see if it's worth my time.

    ...Brooksie, OCTOBER 12, 2012!!!!!

    Posted by hopeformore at Wednesday, September 26 2012 05:39 AM

    kmc, Jack didn't sell his NE stock to Tucker, he sold him Beauty of Nature, so he could pay the margin call on the NE stock.

    Posted by da_kid at Wednesday, September 26 2012 05:45 AM

    I hate to disappoint, but I doubt if the writing is going to improve that much once everything changes hands. I have a feeling things are going to either remain insane, or get worse. I think the writers will try to redeem Sharon, which wil not be successful. They tried it with Adam,but everyone in town, and most posters still hate Adam. We are just glad we dont have to see him scheming every single day. And I believe Phyllis, who so many of us want to see burned at the stake,will get off with a slap on the wrist. Nick will forgive her, Christine will leave town in a huff,and life wil go on for the evil Phyllis. Michael and Ronan will not lose their jobs. They will continue to run things their way. Paul will be found innocent, and will return to back-burner status. Botton line, I don't think we are going to see a lot of difference once the writng changes hands. I hope I am wrong, but past experience says I'm not.

    Posted by da_kid at Wednesday, September 26 2012 05:50 AM

    As hard as Jack schemed to get BON, now he has to sell it. When will he learn that he is a lousy businessman, and that he needs to once and for all put business first, and revenge second. He is a bonafide loser in business and in love. He is too old to still be making such bad choices. It's time to grow up, and maybe he will not always be on the losing end. Now I just want to see Tucker lose a bundle. He thinks he is smart,but Victor is smarter.

    Posted by misskay231 at Wednesday, September 26 2012 05:51 AM

    Lawd have mercy Sharon!! I've always liked Sharon and I hate what has become of her. I mean I know you know its not Victor, but come on?? Having you next wedding right after the service? How heartless can you be. Atleast pretend to care in front of Victors family. That woman has seriously reached a new low.


    I am glad you pointed out all the things that Vikki, Abby, and Nikki said. I'm like, um... pot kettle?

    Posted by cybergidget at Wednesday, September 26 2012 06:02 AM

    Hello there poster peeps! What's cooking? Victor?

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Wednesday, September 26 2012 06:05 AM

    I would just like to know WHO identified the body in LA and how they knew to send it to GC! I'm convinced that Billy heard that "Christian" was killed before he left for home, but just HOW did they know where to send the body? UGH!!!!!

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Wednesday, September 26 2012 06:07 AM

    And wouldn't they do dental records and an autopsy in LA to ID the body? It's as bad as Dummy going to trial in GC for a crime she supposedly commited in Hawaii!

    Posted by cybergidget at Wednesday, September 26 2012 06:17 AM

    Fiddler: Oh you silly thing! You ask logical questions of an illogical writing team.

    Posted by sunmama at Wednesday, September 26 2012 06:17 AM

    Bruceyboy......and mighty defender of TLS where are you? Putting on your hip boots to wade through this today?

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