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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Even I'm Offended.

    Wednesday, September 26 2012
    Sharon's plans cause an uproar, Jack laments his choices, and Victor returns.

    Vikki storms around her living room ranting about Sharon having her father cremated. She tells Billy she's a heartless wench.

    Chelsea and Adam prepare for Victor's quickie memorial at home. Adam muses that Nick and Vikki will want to take Sharon out for this wham bam funeral.

    Neil and Katherine greet Nikki at the Club. She says she was up all night remembering Victor, and gripes about getting Sharon's text about the memorial this morning. Katherine promises Sharon won't spoil his memory.

    At Crimson Lights, Jack and Phyllis compare notes on getting Sharon's text this morning. Phyllis thinks she included her accidentally, but says she'll go to see the show. Nearby, Lauren comforts Michael, who cared about Victor. They wonder who checked Daisy out of Fairview - it certainly wasn't Sarah or Sheila. Avery appears. They all complain about the quick funeral.

    Sharon greets Tucker at the ranch door. He has the paperwork she requested. Sharon grins that it will be a perfect day - she'll bury one husband and get a shiny new one!

    At the funeral home, Nick angrily shouts for Sharon and then looks at the urn that supposedly holds Victor's cremated remains. Later, Abby arrives with Kyle and Jack comforts her. Vikki and Billy enter. Jack tells Kyle that he lost more than expected when Victor died. Billy and Nick regret that Sharon didn't give Ashley time to get back. Phyllis arrives. Nick thanks her for coming, an adds that Summer is with Fen outside and needs her. Phyllis heads out and passes Christine, Adam, and Chelsea arriving. Sharon enters with Tucker and smiles wide, thanking everyone for coming. Sharon's white dress sets everyone off. Katherine asks what's wrong with them. Sharon announces that they're getting married after. The service gets underway. Everyone whispers about Sharon throughout. Abby's sure even God thinks Sharon's a whore. Sharon gets up and talks about how great, powerful, and strong Victor was - she'll make it her life's mission to honor his legacy. When Nick gets up to speak, Sharon announces that it's time to go to the ceremony and bury Victor's ashes. She grabs the urn and stalks out! Jack, Avery, Kyle, Christine, and Neil hang back. Jack mutters, "Even I'm offended." In the front of the chapel, Adam confronts Tucker about choosing this as his wedding day. Tucker says marriage is how they keep all their money from going down the toilet. Chelsea asks Adam about going to the gravesite. He says no - today's a joke and he just heard the punchline.

    At the cemetery, Sharon says she will always cherish Victor's kindness and then turns to go. Nikki sniffs that Victor deserves much more than a five minute funeral. Sharon shrugs that he'd want them all to move on. Nikki calls her gold-digging filth. Sharon goes and they wonder why Tucker wasn't by her side. Phyllis walks Summer and Fen out and Michael tells Nick he's sorry. They embrace. Abby, Nikki, Vikki, Billy, and Nick stay to speak about Victor. Abby reflects on not always being a great daughter - sometimes she was awful...and naked. Nick says it meant a lot that Victor told him he was a great father. Vikki regrets that they hurt each other. They all leave but Nikki.

    Tucker lets Katherine into his office. He asks why she's not crying over the grave of the son she wishes she'd had. She asks what the hell kind of game he's playing and rants about this debacle. He avoids her grilling and tells her she's welcome to join them at the wedding.

    At home, Jack pours a drink. Traci arrives. She's thrilled that he's walking and is sorry she missed the funeral. Jack says she's not. Traci notes it was the last piece of her baby. Jack tells Traci what he did, adding that he can't even blame Victor - even dead he's getting the last laugh.

    At the Club, Katherine complains to Neil about Tucker being full of himself. Christine spots Phyllis and goes over to tell her Danny is disgusted by what she did. They trade insults. Katherine asks everyone to take a moment to bid Victor farewell properly. As she speaks, Danny arrives and stares at Phyllis.

    Chelsea and Adam discuss Sharon's wedding at home. He assures her he's not jealous. He says the only thing that matters is the three of them.

    At the church, Sharon readies for her wedding. Tucker appears. He says he can't make the same mistake Victor made and produces a pre-nup. She signs it and they begin. Nick arrives, and Genevieve appears.

    At the cemetery, Nikki sobs at the grave that Victor was supposed to come back to her one more time. Suddenly, he appears.

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Sharon and Tucker turn to look at Nick and Genevieve. "Let's have a wedding."

    Devon tells Neil that if Tucker wants to marry Sharon and piss off the whole town, that's on him.

    Katherine and Abby get texts from Nikki asking them to return to the chapel as soon as possible.

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    All screen shots courtesy CBS.

    - Candace Young

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    Posted by shavonne1119 at Tuesday, September 25 2012 03:18 PM

    Woooowww...I have no words for Sharon. No wait,,.....Yea I was right there are no words for her.

    I know victims have a right to speak out against their attacker, but that's in a court of law...I am so tired of every time The Bug and Phyllis are in a scene, The Bug makes a beeline to Phyllis. Hunni you will get your day in court, please stay out of the woman's face before you do something to jeopardize your chance at getting justice. Today was suppose to be about Victor but you had to try to get a jab in at Phyllis...A good defense attorney can bring harassment charges and that would really mess up your chance for justice.

    Let the court handle have the FEDs backing you. let Phyllis sweat and keep digging her own grave, if you tell her every move you make you are giving her enough to fight you.

    And really dont give a damn about Danny/The Bug/ or Nina. Didnt like em when the show revolved around them way back in the day.

    Quick question....How can a former felon/felon become DA???

    Posted by kmc320 at Tuesday, September 25 2012 03:20 PM

    Now I'm getting ready to do some cocktails so I'll definitely toast fro this to be true.

    RE: They wonder who checked Daisy out of Fairview as it certainly wasn't Sarah or Sheila.

    Please new regime, don't resurrect the dead. You can give us John Abbott now and then.

    gold-digging filth - now that's a new one and I like it

    It would have been ideal if TPTB had Katherine slap that damn faux mullet off Tucker's head when he asks why she's not crying over the grave of the son she wishes she'd had. And then stomp and crush those black rimmed glasses/shades.

    Posted by cards1 at Tuesday, September 25 2012 04:01 PM

    OK,cards is a sap, cried and LOVED it!

    Great scenes IMO with the Newman kids and Nikki. The eulogy of Kay while Nikki was mourning, nice touch.

    MTS/EB soap gold IMO.

    Yeah I know it was sappy, and soapy but it was GREAT IMO.

    I hope after Victor get's done at the "wedding" there is nothing left but fake feathers flying of Sharon's dress. LOL.

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Tuesday, September 25 2012 05:00 PM

    Hi Everyone!

    Dummy sent a text out to everyone about where and when the funeral is! Can you believe that? Chelsea is asking Adam if his brothers and sisters are OK with this. He said, “what, the wham bam funeral…No…they are probably about to take her out!” LOL

    Kathryn told Polecat that she called Dummy and asked if she wanted her to say something at the funeral and she told her that everything was taken care of.

    Phylthy is telling Jack that she got the text probably because Dummy texted her entire contact list. She KNOWS that she wouldn’t include her on purpose, but she is going, to watch the show and to be there for Summer and The Dick. I swear it looks like her hair is darker!

    The priest asks the family if they are ready to get started, but the “Hostess” (Dummy) is fashionably late. She comes in on Mother Tucker’s arm with the biggest smile and says, “Thank you, everyone, for coming!” Duh! This is his family, where else WOULD they be! You should see Kathryn’s face! LOL When Tucker helps her with her coat, she has a WEDDING DRESS on! Kathryn says, “What is WRONG with you two?” She said she didn’t have time to change because after the memorial she has another event. The Dick said it was nice of her to fit his father’s funeral in just before cocktails, and she said, “That isn’t fair, this memorial means the world to me and, afterwards, we (she and Tucker) are getting married.” (Holding Tucker’s hand and grinning from ear to ear) I guessed correctly yesterday! I hope she doesn’t expect the memorial guests to stay and attend their wedding! LOL

    The priest asked if anyone would like to get up and say something and Dummy JUMPS up and says, “Oh, yes, I would!” She is talking like she is speaking to the Board of Directors! The Dick jumps up interrupting and says, “NO this is not going down this way, I’ll say a few words!” She stops her speech and announces that now we will go to the cemetery and bury Victor’s ashes, “oh, and you are all welcome to join them, of course”, grabs the urn like it was an award she had just received and practically runs out the door! It was hilarious! ROTFLMAO

    Kathryn sure ripped Tucker a new one, but even SHE didn’t come to the conclusion that he is after Newman!

    Tracie came, she didn’t make it in time for the funeral (I don’t think even Billy’s “Super Sonic Jet” would have gotten anybody there in time). She told Jack that she wanted to say goodbye because it was the last piece of her baby and it was like losing Colleen all over again. I felt sooooo bad for her!

    REALLY touching scene at the grave site! Everybody left, except the Newmans as they said their final goodbyes. Everybody else went to the club and Kathryn is giving HER eulogy there. As she is talking they are flashing scenes of the family as they are at home trying to make sense out of what just happened.

    Dummy goes prancing (that is the only way to describe it) back into the “empty” church to get ready for her wedding. Waahaaa Tucker is making her sign a pre-nup, and she signed it without even reading it! LOL As they are taking their place at the alter, The Dick comes in and stands at the back and…….IN WALKS GEN to stand beside him! Polecat is still sobbing at the grave, and when Kathryn gets to the part in her eulogy where she says, “He always has the last word”, the Turd walks up to Polecat and she sees him! For tomorrow, Polecat texts everybody to come back to the church ASAP!

    Posted by bellydance at Tuesday, September 25 2012 06:13 PM

    *** WOW ****WOW***!!!!

    Posted by kmc320 at Tuesday, September 25 2012 07:28 PM

    @Fiddler's Daughter - the “Hostess” (Dummy) is fashionably late. She comes in on Mother Tucker’s arm

    ~~~In the hood we call that a Mutha Tucka with a faux mullet when we display out manners otherwise he'd be unprintable

    cards1 I ain't crying for nobody. My girl Nicole told him to go to h311 before she married Jackass and after he married Dummy, his sometimes on and off wayward children only got emotional after he disappeared (and long after screwing him for billions each); his female version of him wasn't working at NE or was she - I'm discombobulated; Lil Nikki was engrossed with his cougar; Vic was mad at Crabby for her kidnapping fiasco AND he's always mad with his twin, Adam Victor Newman Wilson....H311 it sound like it should have been a celebration.

    Now Dummy on the other hand may be a attending a pig roast better known as a luau

    **************SPOILERISH/ SPUMORISH / DOWN RIGHT HUMOUS*********************

    In a recent interview with Braeden he was quoted as saying " it won't only be just Sharon Victor sets out to destroy when he returns." Look out Tucker who plotted with Sharon and Billy for knowing he was alive.....

    JFP gets rid of the actors we know and love and replaces them with people she prefers. Bet you didn't know that CBS/Sony dictated those firings. Sources are saying that a dozen actors will be fired by the time all is said and done. So brace yourself Y&R fans, the firings are not stopping any time soon

    COULD IT BE A RATING PLOY - to announce that characters are going to be killed off OR let go ONLY to have them re-sign.

    I smell a Son of a Snitch in more ways than one and that's not morse code

    Don’t count Paul out yet. More evidence could exonerate him
    Nina’s gonna bitchslap the cow walking schitt outta Phyllas azz Billy does the explaining of his life to trying to placate his wifey about having lied and hiding the well kept secret of dad's whereabouts all this time. He just might find out who his wife really loves

    In front of everybody, Cricket, the Bug, Nina, Michael, Lauren, and Paul; Danny takes angry potshots at Phyllass for all the wrong she’s done.
    Danny badmouths Phallus causing her to rip an new anus over his obsession with goody 2 shoes, Christine.

    Victoria gives Billy h3ll because of his role in her missing dad situation. Then, she goes ape-schitt and says Billy better start coughing up everything he was keeping from her

    And although Jack sold his NE shares to Mutha Tuck, he schemes to save his hide.

    Posted by kmc320 at Tuesday, September 25 2012 07:32 PM

    Humorous I meant

    Posted by bikette at Tuesday, September 25 2012 08:35 PM

    ROTFLMAO Abby was waaaay tooooo funny describing Share in church. She called her every B name in the book and then said even God thinks Sharon is a Hore

    Posted by bikette at Tuesday, September 25 2012 08:36 PM

    The popo wouldn't let me spell it correct.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, September 25 2012 09:27 PM

    Hey Victoria it takes a heartless wench to recognize another one.

    Hey Abby, it takes a wh()re to recognize another one. And you shouldn't use that word in the same sentence as God.

    Hey Nikki, it takes a gold digging filth to recognize another one.

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