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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    United Front?

    Tuesday, September 18 2012
    Adam and Kevin argue, Daniel and Heather get closer, and word spreads that Daisy's alive.

    At the penthouse, Nick tells Phyllis he's moving back to the ranch - he just has to tell Summer. Phyllis says she and Summer need him. Nick brings up Ronan and the lies. Michael and Lauren arrive. Phyllis assumes it's about Summer and Fen, but Michael tells them Daisy is alive. He explains she was a patient at Fairview and is now in a coma due to an overdose.

    At Jimmy's, Adam and Kevin debate doing a deal with Jabot. Adam thinks they should do it, but Kevin doesn't want to set a precedent by linking to Jabot's website. Cane arrives. Adam asks for Jabot to link back to Tag 'n' Grab, but Cane refuses. Kevin says they get mutual links or no deal. He gets a call and leaves. Adam tells Cane they may be able to come to an agreement.

    Chloe sits on the patio with Bobby. Chelsea appears and tells her the dog's peeing on her bag. Lily joins them and Chloe spills about Chelsea's pregnancy which causes tension. When Lily notes that Adam makes Chelsea happy, Chloe implies it's because he's rich. Lily reminds Chloe people said that about her when she was with Chance. Chelsea smirks that she's not the maid's daughter trying to marry upstairs, and leaves.

    In a booth at Crimson Lights, Paul nods off and dreams Daisy is there. He asks her to let Michael know he was telling the truth about Ricky. Avery arrives and wakes him. They discuss Daisy and Fairview. She suggests they get a subpoena. Later, Nick and Summer enter and sit down. He confirms he's moving out, but doesn't want Summer to be angry with Phyllis. Summer asks to live with him. He agrees.

    At Daniel's place, he and Heather joke about their sneaking around. They make love, and then discuss their situation and Lucy. Daniel says Daisy was a good mom, and Lucy will need a woman in her life. Heather smiles at him thinking that far in the future. He says he's crazy about her. Heather gets a call to meet Paul and promises to return. Michael, Phyllis, and Kevin arrive and tell Daniel that Daisy's alive and in a coma. Daniel wants to see her. Michael phones to get permission. They leave.

    Paul and Avery arrive at the Club. Lauren grabs Avery and they discuss Daisy helping Paul. Avery says she has to convince a jury the shooting wasn't premeditated. Paul asks Heather to get him into Fairview. She says she'll try. Heather calls and learns Daniel's on his way there to see Daisy. Paul joins Avery and Lauren at a table. Lauren tells him he never would have shot Ricky if it wasn't for her. She confesses to Avery that the gun was hers and spills the whole story of how he came to have it. Paul protests. Lauren insists she's coming forward.

    Kevin returns to Jimmy's Bar to find Adam has signed Tag 'n' Grab to a deal with Jabot. Kevin tells Cane the deal is off. Cane lets them bicker. Adam tells Kevin if it weren't for him he'd be tagging and grabbing by himself in a back room by himself. Chelsea, Lily, and Chloe arrive. Kevin snaps at Chloe. Adam tells Chelsea that child will tank this venture. Lily and Cane discuss the animosity. Adam suggests a united front to Kevin, who refuses. Cane tells them Jabot can't do business like this. Adam tells Kevin he's going to kill the site. Chloe tells Kevin he made fools of all of them. Kevin tells her about Daisy. She's furious that he's only telling her now. She leaves. Lily and Cane smirk about not being the ones with the drama for once. They kiss.

    At the hospital, Phyllis waits with Michael while Daniel joins Daisy, who is still in a coma. He tells her that Lucy misses her and that if she wakes up, she'll be part of her life. Daniel exits. Phyllis says Michael left.

    Michael returns to the Club after a 911 text from Paul. Lauren tells him she told Avery about the gun and she's not sorry. Paul, meanwhile, refuses to let Avery use the information - he just wants to get into Fairview. Christine appears, "I might be able to help."

    At Daniel's apartment, he tells Heather the news about Daisy doesn't have to change things. She tells him he has to stop thinking about her. They kiss. She leaves crying.

    Phyllis arrives home to find Summer moving out with Nick. Phyllis tells Summer she doesn't have to go. Summer tells her she did this to herself. Nick agrees. They leave.

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Christine tells Paul they're not budging on letting them have access to Daisy. Avery says there is one person who might be willing to go in for them.

    Genevieve tells Billy over the phone that Victor left last night. Billy asks if he's coming home.

    Vikki tells Sharon that Tucker McCall is a corporate shark. Nick asks Sharon if he's supporting her or out for himself.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by kmc320 at Monday, September 17 2012 03:06 PM

    *************SPOILERS/ SPUMORS/ RUMORS*********************

    Christine questions Ronan about his affair with Phyllass
    ~~~~H E L L O OOOO reach over and touch your neighbor and say it's 'bout dang time

    Spawn prepares to close a secret deal. (What? Is he
    secretly buying stock too? The previous spoilers say Victor is going to make potted meat outta Spawn, Nikki & Dummy)

    Avery subpoenas Daisy to testify in Paul's defense, even though Daisy is in a coma and Paul was unsuccessful in gaining any info.

    If Craisy doesn't recover (which Peanut and me are praying for), Lauren is going to confess but Paul tells Avery not to use it.

    Christine comes to Paul's aid again.

    The residents of Genoa City make plans for a memorial service for Victor after they receive word of his death. (How IDK)

    Family and friends gather for Victor's memorial. Katherine speaks about Victor's history and his "fantastic virtues,
    wonderful father, upstanding pillar of the community" ROTFLMAO .

    Just in the midst of it all, Katherine says one thing to remember about Victor is that Victor always had the last laugh as she catches a glimpse of Vic.

    Nikki's emotional distress takes a turn when a presumed dead Victor makes an unexpected appearance at his funeral. (I don't know what that means either)

    Posted by kmc320 at Monday, September 17 2012 03:14 PM

    I'm waiting to see Phallus reaction to an alive Craisy BUT Michael should have taken his crooked azz to Daniel, he's the spouse.

    Chelsea smirks that she's not the maid's daughter trying to marry upstairs, and leaves.
    ~~~Ouch!!! Touche'

    Nanas3 you need to do something about Paul falling asleep in public places, i.e., a booth at CL.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Monday, September 17 2012 03:22 PM

    Ahhh, little Hildie needs Nick. Whatever for. You have SUPER RONAN.

    Wow, Hilda lost another child to the father. Broom, you are batting 1000.

    Chloe honey, have we forgotten our past?

    Well Lauren, it took you long enough to open you big fat mouth.

    Posted by Sweetbaby111 at Monday, September 17 2012 03:41 PM

    I Feel sorry for Phyllis to lose her husband and her daughter all in the same day so is Nick going to let Ronan have his wife just like that just because he is tried of all the lies. I can't wait till summer find out that her mother did not have a affair with Ronan and I hope Ronan get in Nick face for hurting Phyllis like that.

    Posted by Laloni at Monday, September 17 2012 04:04 PM

    I don't want Nick to leave Phyllis, please do not let this happen. Their bratty daughter is a trouble maker and is in desperate need of discipline. Nick needs to be there to support Phyllis.

    Posted by kmc320 at Monday, September 17 2012 08:16 PM

    @Sweetbaby111 - I Feel sorry for Phyllis to lose her husband and her daughter all in the same day...

    ~~~I'm doing one legged jumping jacks

    RE: I can't wait till summer find out that her mother did not have a affair with Ronan and I hope Ronan get in Nick face for hurting Phyllis like that.

    ~~~And I hope Christine cause him to lose his job and relegated to a short order cook at a greasy spoon.

    But why would anyone want to stay in a marriage/relationship/friendship with a lying despicable, habitual, can't see the truth if it jump up and pit bull bite you in the azz denying liar

    @Laloni - Their bratty daughter is a trouble maker and is in desperate need of discipline. Nick needs to be there to support Phyllis.

    ~~~So it's okay to cover up an adult's crimes by blaming on the child? I'm at a loss. Please elaborate how it's the brat's fault or Nick's fault for that matter.

    Nick has asked Phallus repeatedly to come clean with him but the wicked evil witch can't bring herself to tell the truth. How can a relationship be strong and last with 'continual' deceit? Every time Phallus opens her mouth, out spills lie. Then she stoops to implicate others (chipmunk) with lies and deceit...........JS

    Posted by cards1 at Monday, September 17 2012 08:51 PM

    Phyllis, "oh the thought of Daisy being back in Lucy's life" I don't blame you Phyllis, Daisy that hit and run driver leaving to people laying in the street, then connected to an arson fire where a young woman died, then lying about paternity of her child, then ruining a Dr.'s life then stealing from her daughter's trust fund to pay off Dr. from telling the truth, then having the Dr. die mysteriously at her apartment then covering it up and so on and so on, your right that person would be a terrible influence around Lucy, oh wait that would be YOU Phyllis. It's pretty bad when Phyllis makes Daisy look good, Daisy is almost a saint compare to you Phyllis. All Phyllis is worried about is that Daisy will wake up and I hope she does! But it's okay you will probably be in the sack with your dirty cop by the end of the week, now that Nick left you again. LOL.

    I wish they would let Chloe go, not Abby. WTH does she come off putting Chelsea down and it's not her place to be running her mouth about Chelsea's pregnancy, some people don't like to tell it before the first trimester, I LOL when Chelsea told her "atleast she's not the maids daughter trying to move upstairs." Plus Chelsea didn't even bring up she got pregnant by Billy and tried to get Cane. I can't stand her or Kevin right now.

    Not to mention Michael and there's Paul still trying to protect Michael's wife Lauren and Michael has done everything he can to railroad Paul. and protect Phyllis, Kevin and Ronan. I thought Michael said Ronan would face consequences for having an "affair" with some one he was "investigating" what happened to that?

    and what is up with Daniel/Heather? They act like they have been having great love? all I ever see them doing is boinking. It's funny everyone seems like their more upset that Daisy's alive then when they thought she was dead. lol

    I did think Daniel visiting her was nice. I guess, I don't know what to think when Daisy Carter turns out to be the good one.

    Well I guess since Lane was bragging about being drama free there's about to be some drama headed their way next. I wish just once this soap would tie up one S/L before starting 50 more. Like WTH is that knife, who was at the cemetery, bring TGVN home and just who the he11 was that buried in the Newman Stables? lol

    Posted by FL senior fan at Tuesday, September 18 2012 02:55 AM

    Daniel/Heather should have known a day was coming when Daisy might be found, or her body. So now they have to deal with the reality he is a married man. Sorry, Heather, you set yourself up for this heartache. I would image "down the road" things will work out for them however.
    Finally, Lauren tells the truth!
    Wonder when someone will figure out that Sharon spoke with Daisy when they both were at Fairview hospital? Didn't everyone hear about her being there? After all, it supposedly made the company stock drop again so it wasn't any secret! Duh, Avery...remember your CEO was just released from there.
    Didn't Tucker or Billy ask Geni to follow "Christian"?
    Stupid that after finding him they would let him just disappear again with someone following him. Spoiler says he later reappears at his own funeral? Wasn't this done before??

    Posted by FL senior fan at Tuesday, September 18 2012 02:59 AM

    Writers dropped the ball on Victor's storyline, in my opinion.
    Geni should have helped him recover; and it be discovered that dock company was under the umbrella of Newman Enterprises...and everything turn out well there for the workers after Victor changes things. Are we to believe that Billy/Tucker agree to just let Victor disappear again...WITHOUT GENI FOLLOWING HIM??

    Posted by Ebybrowempoly at Tuesday, September 18 2012 04:00 AM

    phyllis did this to herself. no one did it to her. do i feel sorry for her hell no. she couldn't trust her husband . to tell him the truth. he stood by her knowing deep down she did tyr to kill chris ad paul and hse left them there for dead. but it was the lies she kept pilingh on top of each other. she stole from her daughter. so ye s nick has had enough. yes they will get back together. i really hope not but the writers kepp shoving them in our face. all nick really wnte d from his wife was the truth .

    when summer finds out that there never was anythimg going on with phyllis and ronan how will she feel that her mom let the world think she was having affair .nick knows they didn't but it always comes back to phyllis lies and the fact she see nothing wrong with what she has done.

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