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I'd Marry You In A Paper Bag.

Tuesday, July 31 2012
Kyle learns of Jack's wedding plans, Tim clams up, and Paul reaches a decision.

In the jail visitation room, Christine tells Paul they'll prove that he had no choice but to fire his gun that night. They discuss Tim Reid. Christine feels Tim may have information about Ricky.

At the penthouse, Phyllis tells Avery and Nick that she mentioned feeling guilt about Paul and Christine to Tim in their sessions. Avery says that's privileged information, but wonders about their personal relationship - did she mention the incident outside of sessions? Phyllis can't recall. Avery leaves for the station. Nick wishes he could make Phyllis feel better.

Michael, Ronan, and Heather question Tim, who says Phyllis paid him to leave after Ricky came sniffing around. Michael asks what Phyllis didn't want anyone to know. Tim asks for a lawyer. Rafe fills the bill. Once Tim and Rafe have talked, questioning resumes. Tim refuses to talk. Michael bickers with Rafe about privilege. Michael decides to challenge. They disband and Avery bickers with Michael, while Heather corners Tim and says she's Ricky's sister - would he speak to her dad?

Jack finds Nikki outside the house. She asks if he'd like an outdoor wedding. Jack says he'd marry her in a paper bag. He tells her Traci will be coming, and he's letting Kyle know today in person.

Abby speaks to Billy and Victoria at Crimson Lights before calling someone to meet her for lunch at Gloworm. Billy and Vikki join Eden, who laments that she still can't remember what happened with Ricky and help Paul. Nikki arrives to meet Vikki and Billy and calls Nick to join them. When he arrives, Nikki announces that she and Jack are getting married next week - she wants Vikki as Matron of Honor and Nick to walk her down the aisle. Nikki mentions Kyle. Billy says Jack's in for a rough conversation. Nikki says the wedding will be by the pool. Billy makes a crack about 'taking the plunge'. Victoria asks if Victor knows yet.

Katherine and Abby meet at Gloworm. Abby apologizes for the kidnapping stunt at the gala - she panicked over what looked like an epic fail. Katherine says the way you handle failure is what defines you, not the failure. She says they'll recoup the losses. Abby offers a check. Katherine says it's way more than they lost and assures Abby she'll hold a big press conference. Abby wants it to remain between them.

At Newman, Victor compliments Kyle on a job well done and asks if he wants time off for Jack's wedding to Nikki. Kyle says he's cool with the marriage, but ignores a call from Jack. Later, Jack arrives and is taken aback to learn that Kyle knows about the wedding. Victor leaves them alone. Kyle tells Jack he's fine, but won't be at the wedding. Jack heads to the elevator. Victor holds the door while snarking that he considered letting it close in Jack's face. Within seconds, the elevator jams. Jack complains about Victor telling Kyle about the wedding, and mentions he may be walking soon. Victor tells him to enjoy his relationship with Nikki and having Jabot and Beauty of Nature. "While it lasts?" Jack quips.

Nick returns to the penthouse and tells Phyllis about Nikki's wedding. He says the 'second time around' thing works. Nick realizes she's worried about what's happening with Tim. She whispers, "Extremely." Avery returns to say that Michael is going to challenge Tim's right to keep quiet. She promises to discredit him on the stand.

Ashley meets Katherine at the Abbott pool. Katherine tells her about Abby's latest move. Later, Ashley calls Abby over and tells her she's proud of her.

Tim meets with Heather and Paul in the visitation room. Christine listens as Tim says he and Ricky were both screwed over by Phyllis - Ricky was obsessed with revenge and stole her file. Paul tells Tim that Ricky confessed to killing three people. Tim doesn't think he would have lied about that, but Paul wonders if he did, as revenge against him. Later. Paul decides to plead guilty.

Nikki and Kay talk at Crimson Lights. Nikki tells her she's marrying Jack this week. Nikki says she's eager to show Jack she's ready to commit to him regardless of his progress in therapy. Nearby, Billy and Vikki agree that they support the marriage of Jack and Nikki. Kyle appears, announcing that Jack and Victor are stuck in the Newman elevator together. Kay moans that they'll kill each other. Nikki asks if Jack spoke to him. Kyle replies, "Yeah. I don't want to keep you." Kyle talks to Eden about Jack's plans. He doesn't remember his mother the way everyone else does - she was great. It's almost the anniversary of her death and his dad is going to marry the woman who killed her. On the patio, Tim calls Phyllis and says he told them nothing. She agrees to meet him at Trumbles bookstore.

Still at the station, Ronan tells Michael that he believes Tim knows plenty of secrets where Phyllis is concerned. Michael agrees. He can get around the confidentiality issue, but worries Tim's testimony will destroy Phyllis's life.

Jack and Victor emerge from the Newman elevator to find Katherine, Billy, Vikki, and Nikki waiting. Victor walks on by.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Kevin says to Adam, "We're supposed to be partners here, or have you forgotten that?"

Traci says to Ashley, "When the wedding is over why don't you come home with me?"

Jack and Nikki can't wait to marry each other.

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