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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Never Enough.

    Monday, July 30 2012
    Jack's greed angers Ashley, Tim is brought in for questioning, and Victor hatches a plan.

    At Crimson Lights, Abby learns that Daniel's crushing on Heather. Abby muses that anything's an improvement over Eden. She says Heather has the librarian thing going on, making Daniel laugh. He approaches Heather. They try to find a topic of discussion other than Phyllis. Daniel suggests muffins. Heather doesn't think it's proper. They laugh.

    At the jail, Paul worries to Christine that even if Tim got some cash from Phyllis, Ricky may have killed him anyway.

    Ronan finds Tim in paradise. Tim informs Ronan he's not coming home. Ronan says he brought incentive. Beth the landlady appears. Ronan knows they're boyfriend and girlfriend and threatens to book them for obstruction of justice - or tell her husband.

    At Newman, Victor gives Sharon the go-ahead to make decisions about the new line. Avery arrives and Sharon exits. Victor tells Avery there's something going on at Jabot. He asks her to keep a close eye on Jabot and Beauty of Nature - Jack's bound to lose his grip on one or both, and then they'll pounce. After, Victor leaves someone a message to come see him.

    At the Abbott house, Sarge goes inside so Jack and Ashley can discuss Jabot. Jack says he'll merge the companies and he'll be the CEO. Ashley is furious over his greed, and realizes he already has the board votes lined up. "It's never enough for you, is it?" she says as she leaves. Sarge reappears and warns Jack about giving up if he's not standing in time for the wedding. Jack asks how he became a physical therapist. Sarge tells him he was street racing, plowed into a concrete wall, and his brother wound up in a wheelchair. Jack thanks Sarge for what he's done for him.

    Sharon runs into Abby at Crimson Lights. Abby asks if she's still accepting expensive gifts from her father. Sharon says work is great. Abby wonders if she'll stop sleeping with the boss. Sharon tells her she moved into the ranch. Abby rants. Sharon says Abby sounds like she's jealous she's not his little girl anymore. Abby grimaces. "Ew! And what, you are?" Sharon says Abby's disapproval will only make Victor want her more.

    Ashley asks Victor if he called her to his office to fish for information on Jabot. He suggests she show Jack who's in control by selling her stake in Jabot to him! Ashley refuses. Victor asks for her proxy instead. Ash notes this is about Nikki - she won't help him trade his ex-wife for Jabot. She goes, and Sharon returns. She asks about Ashley's visit. Victor tells her Jack always gets greedy, and that he got Ashley riled up about it - now everything will fall into place.

    At the penthouse, Nick tells Phyllis he wants to talk about Tim Reid. He says he was blindsided - what else hasn't she told him. She says Tim was a puddle compared to the ocean of the hit-and-run. Phyllis says she'd never kill someone to shut them up - but she would bribe them. Nick asks if he has anything on her. Phyllis says there's no way he's coming back. Daniel arrives and Phyllis fills him in on the Tim Reid stuff. Daniel says he's with her. Avery arrives and says they found Tim. Phyllis doesn't know if he'll turn on her. Nick asks if he has enough to put her away.

    Tim is brought into the police station by Ronan as Heather looks on. Christine wants him in interrogation. Tim muses that she's still Type A with no peaceful resolution to her Phyllis issues - she should talk to someone. In questioning, Tim recounts how Ricky was obsessed with Phyllis and stole his file. Christine says Tim was obsessed with her once. Tim tells her if he had clients like her, he'd be rich. Ronan makes Chris leave. Heather asks Tim why Phyllis wanted him gone. Tim says Phyllis paid him to keep his mouth shut - it's time to open it back up.

    Ashley meets Abby at Crimson Lights and tells her she and Tucker are done. Abby makes light of her community service and Ashley snaps - everyone in their family needs to grow up. She tells Abby she's going to need her in her corner to take down Uncle Jack.

    In the visiting room, Christine tells Paul that Tim claimed Ricky wasn't a threat to him, throwing Paul into doubt about everything he believed about his son.

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Michael asks Tim, "What are the things Phyllis doesn't want anyone to know?"

    Victor holds the elevator for Jack. Jack says he's surprised he didn't let the door shut in his face. Victor says it crossed his mind.

    Nikki tells Nick, Billy, and Vikki that she and Jack have decided to get married this week.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Saturday, July 28 2012 07:40 PM

    Lord, hurry up and find Tim. Paul thinks Ricky has killed everybody. I hope the milkman don't come up missing.

    Tim and the landldady have been knocking boots. I wonder if he used some of those tricks Hilda taught him.

    Ronan sure is working hard to free that red headed witch. He found Tim with no trouble. Too bad he can't find a big five feet knife. Poor Paul. Nanas3 will have to save him.

    Abby needs to shut up commenting on folks relationships. When her taste is worse than anybody. Carmine is a thug and kidnapper and hopefully soon he will be behind bars. Her character is a total waste of space. If they fired her, I would not miss her one iota.

    I hope crazy Ashley stay true to Jack and not deal with the devi name Victor Newman. And it is about Nikki.

    Nick honey cut your losses and run far away from Hilda. She will never tell you everything. She is a liar, sneak and a killer. If you have to keep asking all these questions, what kind of marriage do you have.

    I bet Hilda's eyes popped out her head when she found out they found Tim.

    Posted by little bear at Saturday, July 28 2012 10:14 PM

    Sharon is too creepy for words!

    I'm tired of Jack and Ashley bickering all the time!

    Poor Paul! Ricky was a nut and Christine should stop trying to convince him otherwise and make him feel like he killed his son for nothing!

    I had a dream the other night about Billy and someone killed him! So glad it was only a dream and that my sweet, gorgeous guy will be on again on Tuesday!

    Posted by kmc320 at Sunday, July 29 2012 01:31 PM

    *****************SPOILER / SPUMOR **********************

    Ashley's fueding with Jack but she ain't down with Victor either.He asks Ashley for her vote and she says no.

    Ronan learns that Beth has been calling Tim in Mexico

    Tim is uncooperative when Ronan finds him

    Ol lying azz Red Head admits to Nick that she bribed Tim. He may be disappointed some ore but he ain't leaving old cougar but wonders if Tim’s testimony could put his wife away

    Phyllass is upset that Tim’s now threatening her

    Kay betrays Abby’s secret to Ashley

    Ashley is relieved that her little girl is finally growing up

    Kyle seeks support as Jack prepares to marry the woman that killed his mother

    Dummy learns a secret about Chelsea

    Dummy is ticked off by Victor’s obsession with Nikki. (When he brought you back from Kansas and put you in the guess room; when you see him stare at Nikki; when you saw him looking through one of their wedding album... you didn't get a clue neither of those times?)

    Victor jumps the gun on Nikki by marrying Dummy

    Tracy joins her family as the Abbotts gather for the wedding

    Ashley announces that she’s leaving town

    Victor crashes Nikki's wedding and she gets caught up in emotion as Victor makes his move

    To Come Later..................

    Billy gets closer to digging up a secret about Phyllis (you mean there's more? Or will it involve Sasha?)

    Victor disappears

    Dummy causes a scene at Jack and Nikki’s wedding

    Eden undergoes hypnosis

    A young adult recently returned to Genoa City comes out

    Michael’s friendship with Phyllis is put to the test (eventhough we all know it's compromised, unethical, illegal,,,)

    Lauren struggles with guilt over the gun

    Victor leaves town and Dummy finds support from an unexpected quarter

    Posted by kmc320 at Sunday, July 29 2012 01:34 PM

    For HeyMon
    Excerpt s

    Maria Arena Bell indicated that she has no idea why she was let go, and accused her bosses of not telling her directly that she'd been fired
    Bell argued that her tenure with Y&R was successful.

    I am extremely sad to go because there are more stories I could have told. So much more I wanted to do."

    CBS and/or Sony sent her departure message by way of her husband.

    Posted by Sweet Alice Marie at Sunday, July 29 2012 04:29 PM

    Have to say this is the best I've seen Ashley look above in a LONG time. What is it with the flat oily hair look for a lot of the characters lately?

    Sorry cowboys fan (I live in Keller) but Carmine is one tasty looking bit of pastry, and I don't think I would complain much if he 'napped me intent on pillaging. (smiling)

    Posted by nanas3 at Sunday, July 29 2012 05:50 PM

    Yes Nugget....Hilda has more to come....carefule what you wish for you may get it!!! Bwahh..hahahahahahahahaha!!

    Oh Ashley....just leave...go to someone who appreciates you...HeyMon is waiting!!!!

    Daniel you are like yo momma...just from one to the other and people talk about the Lovely Sharon...let me intro duce to the residence of GC...all of them.

    I sure hope the new writers give us a new avenue to work with.

    Do they not let people but the Wicked Witch Hussy Hilda post bond? Why is Paulie not able to post bond? Stupid sl!

    Cracker Jack better watch his back....Nuff said!

    Posted by nanas3 at Sunday, July 29 2012 05:54 PM

    Posted by kmc320 at Sunday, July 29 2012 01:34 PM

    For HeyMon
    Excerpt s

    Maria Arena Bell indicated that she has no idea why she was let go, and accused her bosses of not telling her directly that she'd been fired
    Bell argued that her tenure with Y&R was successful.

    I am extremely sad to go because there are more stories I could have told. So much more I wanted to do."

    with the crap she has beening dishing wonder they let her go! Her five minutes were up!

    Posted by nanas3 at Sunday, July 29 2012 05:56 PM

    Yo Nugget...I do have one question for you get tired of carrying your Nuggets in Hilda's purse? Just askin!!!!!

    Posted by nanas3 at Sunday, July 29 2012 06:02 PM

    Ronan sure is working hard to free that red headed witch. He found Tim with no trouble. Too bad he can't find a big five feet knife. Poor Paul. Nanas3 will have to save him.

    Yes I have my rental car ready for Ronan and Hilda!!! GAME ON!!!

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Sunday, July 29 2012 06:16 PM

    Hi Everyone!

    Oh give me a break! Phylthy just asked Dickolass if he heard her lecturing Summer about wearing clothing that showed too much! Yea, you heard me right! ROTFLMAO!!!

    Dickolass is asking Phylthy about Dr. Tim and reminding her that she said that she told him everything. She said that she “forgot” about bribing him to leave town, but he forgave her and she wants to go on “forgetting” together! LOL!!!!!

    I am COMPLETELY SHOCKED!!! Guess who just found Dr. Tim? R O N A N! I would have bet that Tim wouldn’t have been found until they let Paul out of jail and he started to do his OWN detective work.

    I THINK I KNOW WHAT THE TURD IS PLANING FOR DUMMY! He just told her to make whatever decisions she wants to on the new cosmetics line! He is going to let her hang herself out to dry! He doesn’t care about the NEW cosmetic line; he is going to go after BON and Jabbo! He wants Avery to keep a close eye on Jack’s companies stating that he is going to screw up and he wants her to pounce on them when he does. I wonder how she feels about this under-handed dealing? She better get used to it because that is how the Turd rolls!

    Jack just told Ashley that he plans on combining the two companies and plans on having ONE CEO, him. He is letting her go! That is so wrong on many levels Jack! First of all, she KNOWS how the Turd does business and would be able to see it coming a mile away; Jack, on the other hand, is so secure in his thinking that he has everything right now and is invincible; he is definitely going to screw things up and will lose EVERYTHING AGAIN! Then we will have to listen to him whine constantly about Jabbot…BON….Jabbot….BON!!!! UGH!

    The Turd called Ashley to his office to try to convince her she should sell her stake in Jabbot to him or give him proxy in an effort to control Jack! I was surprised, but she turned him down because she saw right through him. (See above statement, Jack)

    Avery showed up at Phylthy’s to tell her that they found Dr. Tim and are in the process of interrogating him right now. She looks like she saw a ghost! Dickolass asked her if Dr. Tim talks, does he have enough information to put her away. Her look said it all!

    Ronan and Heather are interrogating Dr. Tim and, after telling him everything THEY know about him being paid off and Ricky and Phylthy visiting him, he has decided to tell everything about Phylthy! OH MY GOD! I can hardly wait!

    When will the new story lines start with the new regime? Since I am aware that taping is done in advance, I would like to know the EXACT episode so I can compare. It will probably be obvious, NOTHING can be worse that what MAB has been dishing out!

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