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    Come To Papa!

    Thursday, July 05 2012
    Anita outs Jeffrey, Abby's in trouble, and Tucker warns Sharon.

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    Posted by simscb at Thursday, July 05 2012 08:13 AM

    Solution for Chelsea and Adam's wedding...ELOPE!

    Why should Sharon follow them? She can't have every man in GC, can she? Ooops...Yes, I guess she CAN.

    Posted by simscb at Thursday, July 05 2012 08:16 AM

    Note to Jeffrey: BIGAMY, you blasted fool! JAIL TIME for YOU.

    You have had a long time to get a D I V O R C E from Anita, but chose to pay her with GLORIA'S money to keep her big mouth shut. Wait for it! She'll be waving that marriage license in front of your face so many times that Gloria will FINALLY see for herself what a louse you are.

    Posted by kmc320 at Thursday, July 05 2012 08:20 AM

    @bikette - New spoilers for July 16th********** Adam takes Chelsea to Kansas and Dummy follows them.

    Shut The Front Door That heifer has nerves of steel, to bad she's missing a brain.

    @mama red -You know, I am totally appauled at the jerk the writers have turned Sharon into!!!!!!!!!!! Every time she is on she is just standing there with this "I am superior look" at everyone!!!!!!!

    ~~~The SOBIC has done tremendous injustice to the character to where she can't authentically act superior. She looks like she's she trying to holdback an outburst.

    And I know that look 'cause I trying to do just that right now.

    I skipped brooksie; so far, but just on p4

    Posted by simscb at Thursday, July 05 2012 08:31 AM

    The thread on the Message Boards is titled: SPOILER!!! New Twist in Sharon's Story.

    Seems she has D I D = Dissociative Identity Disorder/Multiple Disorders.(Multiple Personalities)

    Posted by simscb at Thursday, July 05 2012 08:36 AM

    Just a thought about Daisy,,,I know she has been fired just as Ricky.

    Remember he asked Daisy if she was going to put him in a cage. Maybe that's where Daisy is.

    Posted by bruceyboy at Thursday, July 05 2012 08:40 AM

    GOODDAY and CYBER what is MIL?

    Posted by bruceyboy at Thursday, July 05 2012 08:47 AM

    SIMSCB so SHARON has multiples ????

    is one of them "Come f_ck me pump"?

    Posted by bikette at Thursday, July 05 2012 08:47 AM

    simscb, I brought that cage theory up the other day. They seem to be making a point up saying that Ricky never said he killed her, just that he said he made her disappear. Then Daniel said maybe Daisy isn't dead after all, to his mom. I think it's like we said before, the writers probably don't know either.

    Posted by autigers at Thursday, July 05 2012 08:48 AM

    Good morning peeps!

    First time posting but a long time reader coming to you from The Heart of Dixie. Just wanted to get on early to say you guys make my day.

    Queen: love, love your posts. You are hilarious.

    Brucey: you are the bomb. You never cease to amaze me with your wit.

    Brooskie, Aqua, FD,, Nanas: everything you say is exactly what I'm thinking.

    Thanks for making my day. Keep the comments coming.

    Posted by bikette at Thursday, July 05 2012 08:49 AM

    Bruceboy MIL=mother-in-law

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