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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Come To Papa!

    Thursday, July 05 2012
    Anita outs Jeffrey, Abby's in trouble, and Tucker warns Sharon.

    In their suite, Chelsea tells Adam how sexy it was when he defended her to his family. He says they'd better get used to it. Chelsea says she understands Vikki being freaked out that a baby could be taken away from her again. They decide to tell Jeffrey. Adam smirks that she's marrying into the Newman family - he may have a positive reaction.

    Avery tells Nick and Phyllis, at the penthouse, about Paul's predicament. Daniel comes downstairs and says he thinks Paul's telling the truth about what Ricky said about Daisy. He wonders if she's really dead.

    At the station, Abby tells Michael he got his 'perp walk' for the cameras, now she wants to go. Ashley asks if she thinks this is a joke. Michael tells her this arrest wasn't for show - he won't let this slide! Ash sends Tucker home and Ronan takes Abby and Carmine to process them. Ashley fills Victor in by phone.

    Gloria welcomes Victor and Sharon to Gloworm. Kevin and Chloe appear and ask Victor about Abby. Victor and Sharon don't blame Chloe for being upset with her. Victor learns of Abby's arrest and tells Sharon to call Nick and Victoria. He heads out. Chelsea and Adam enter and tell Gloria and Jeff they're engaged. Jeff chuckles at Adam's suggestion they pick up the tab - he's only Chelsea's uncle. Sharon watches with pursed lips. She calls Nick to tell him about Abby. Chloe overhears. Later, Anita arrives, says she heard about the engagement on Faceplace, and gushes to Jeffrey about their 'little girl'. He says William is the father. Anita says the twin she was with had a heart-shaped mole on his thigh. Gloria chokes on her champagne. Jeff comes clean, and hugs Chelsea. "Come to papa!" Gloria has a hissing match with Jeffrey about his memory while Chelsea worries Anita will steal the spotlight at her wedding.

    At home, Vikki tells Johnny she may have over-reacted about Chelsea's engagement. Nick arrives. Vikki tells him she understands Phyllis' protectiveness over her kids. Nick wishes Daniel had listened to Phyllis and steered clear of Daisy. Vikki's proud he stood up for Lucy. She tells Nick that Chelsea's engaged to Adam - she can't rule out them coming after Johnny. Nick reassures her.

    In the interrogation room, Abby rants about Michael over-reacting. Victor enters. Carmine tells Victor he was as surprised to become her boyfriend as he was to find her in his trunk. Rafe arrives to represent Abby, who enrages Michael by claiming it was all performance art. Chloe and Kevin arrive and confront Carmine. Michael ushers them out and Vikki and Nick enter. Ashley tells Abby she won't be truly sorry until no one shows up to help. She goes, and Abby tries to help Carmine. He tells her to stop. Abby's released on bail. Michael tells Rafe he picked the wrong week to become D.A.

    Sharon runs into Tucker at Crimson Lights and they discuss Abby. They commiserate about dealing with the Newmans and Abbotts. Tucker tells her the silver lining of his divorce is that Abby's not his headache. He says Sharon should think about that before getting serious with Victor.

    Chloe and Kevin arrive back at Gloworm and Mrs. Sorenson tells them he heard about the hoax - she's pulling her arts donation and telling her friends to as well. Kevin and Chloe worry about finding investors for their website. Chloe looks across the room and says, "Adam!" Nearby, Jeff confronts Anita about telling. She says he'd better start paying again or the marriage certificate will surface too.

    At the Club, Kyle wishes Jack a happy belated birthday and gives him an expensive watch. Jack thinks it's too much, but Kyle says Victor gave him a bonus. Jack hopes someday he'll use his talents at Jabot. Kyle changes the subject to Abby and Daisy disappearing. Jack says no one will miss Daisy. This reminds Kyle of Diane. Ashley comes in and asks Jack to stay the night at home. Jack says all the Abbotts are always welcome there. Victor shows up and he and Jack agree that Abby should pay the price for her antics. Victor says Jack has enabled her.

    Nick returns to the penthouse where Avery, Phyllis, and Daniel are cooking up plan to prove that Ricky could have killed Daisy - thereby freeing Daniel.

    Kyle goes to pick up Abby at the station. He tells her she made the front page and takes her for food.

    Vikki returns home to find Billy there!

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Heather tells Daniel she removed herself from the investigation in light of what's happening with Paul.

    Vikki asks Billy to guarantee her that Adam and Chelsea won't ruin their family.

    Nina says to Paul, "The whole thing seems so arbitrary." Christine appears and says, "My thoughts exactly."

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Wednesday, July 04 2012 01:26 PM

    I'm glad that Abby and Carmine were arrested but it won't last. They will be in there for a few hours. They need to get a year. Carmine did try to kidnap Chloe.

    So Jeffrey is the papa.

    So Vikki thinks she overreacted to Adam and Chelsea's news. Really, you think.

    Nick, I wish you had listened and stayed clear of Hilda. Really, is one witch better than the other?

    Wait a cotton pickin' minute. Are Jeffrey and Anita still married?

    Victor shut up. How has Jack enabled YOUR daughter. You are still mad she gave Jack money.

    Yippie Billy is back.

    Posted by juann at Wednesday, July 04 2012 03:52 PM

    Abby and Carmine definitely need to learn a lesson. Carmine did try to kidnap Chloe and why does Abby automatically think that she is not going to be held accountable for her actions? I hope Michael throws the book at her.

    I think we all knew that Jeffrey is the daddy. By the looks of the photo I don't think Chelsea is to happy about this bit of news.

    Yes Vicki, you most certainly over reacted about Adam's engagement and you should be ashamed of yourself. Chelsea has told you she would not come after the baby, and I believe her. You should too.

    We have a Rafe sighting!!!

    OMG! I think Jeffrey and Anita are still married!!!

    Once again Victor has to run his big fat mouth and blame Abby's mistakes on Jack. Face it Victor, she is your daughter and learned the tricks of the trade from the master himself.

    Welcome Home Billy. I have missed you:-))

    Have a great night everyone!

    Posted by bikette at Wednesday, July 04 2012 07:32 PM

    CBF and juann, Yes, they are still married. She has been blackmailing Jeffery for awhile.

    Posted by bikette at Wednesday, July 04 2012 07:40 PM

    Spoiler**** Maybe. OMG, I just went on the message boards and someone said that they read in SID that Sharon is so upset over Chadam that she goes back to shoplifting.

    Posted by kmc320 at Wednesday, July 04 2012 08:06 PM

    My 4th of Jul post said I wish Dummy had overheard Spawn telling Chelsea that he didn't need to, but wanted to marry her, causing Dummy's a$$ to revert to shoplifting; then I saw the thread on the Y&R forum saying just that. Oh my

    Something about hearing Victurd and Nicole talking about her.....

    Victor learns of Abby's arrest and tells Sharon to call Nick and Victoria.
    ~~~Explain to me why I'd want that Beech to call me if I was Nugget or MiniVic.!!!

    Please release the real writers out of captivity

    Once again Vexatious Victoria is getting on my last damn nerve. What can her punkass brother do to help her? You cougar whupped eunuch.

    My ROTFLMAO moment: Carmine tells Victor he was as surprised to become her boyfriend as he was to find her in his trunk.

    Anita I'm glad you're telling Jethro what time of day it is. Cowardly wuss. Send him to Oz for a brain, heart and courage. Thief!!!

    Victor says Jack has enabled her. ~~~~~How can you enable someone who has lent you millions of $$$$? That's a dumbass statement. More like Jackass has used Crabby again!!!

    Posted by aqua23 at Thursday, July 05 2012 01:20 AM

    Hi All Peeps

    Well I see Tucker is Shank's new mark. Is that the reason Sictor is going to break it off with you, because you screwed Tucker? You can have your who the baby daddy test again.

    Shank sure did look funny when Tucker was telling her the silver lining of his divorce is that Abby's not his headache. He says Sharon should think about that before getting serious with Victor.

    Shank looked like it is already to late. I still think Shank is pregnant with Sictor's baby. She still looks goofy as hell.

    Poor Carmine, Abby was trying to help him with his charges, but ended up running over him with a fleet of buses.

    MiniVic talking to Johnny wonders if she overreacted to Adam and Chelsea's engagement news. Hell yes you overreacted and now you're sitting there wondering if Chelsea is going to take Johnny away from your freaky ass. You are a mean nut case and I'm glad you don't have Lucy, you don't need Johnny.

    Woo hoo Billy's back.

    Chelsea gave you her baby and you talked to her like you think you are better then her, well you may have more money than Chelsea, but little girl Chelsea is a much better person than you.

    Jeffery you got busted by Glo and Anita is still blackmailing you, I guess you will have to steal some more money from Gloworm to pay her not to tell that you are still married to Anita.

    Heymon I guess the psycho of this month is Canes toy fairy. Aka his dead sister with the toys and code name email.

    Christine's back, good news for you Paul, bad news for my girl cause I just know Daisy sent that car rental receipt to her and she might try to run you down Phyllis.

    Who's going to try Daniel, Michael removed himself from the case because he's friends with Phyllis and now Heather has removed herself from his case because of her dad? Paul said BH Ricky got rid of her, but everyone thinks he's crazy. I do to.

    Have a great soapland day and put a smile on those lips.

    Posted by queenmoe06 at Thursday, July 05 2012 02:44 AM

    Morning All! This damn site can BAN me for something so Stupid, yet they can't come up with a way to fix it ? (SMDH~) Anyway, being that this is my 2nd time posting, (this time thru word pad) I'm gonna try to remember what I said in the 1st post! Since it's my Son's birthday, I won't be available for you guys, till Monday. Anyway, let's get it!

    Chadam: While I'm so happy for you guys, I'm wondering...Why would you go around telling your So-called "Family" about your engagement? It's not like they love you guys! Here's a thought: Elope, and tell everyone else to Fk-Off! It's none of their business what you do anyway!

    Avery: You are 1 of the WORST Lawyers in history! If I was your client, I'd FIRE your incompetent ass! I might not be up on my Client/Lawyer speed, but Isn't talking to OTHERS about a client's case (1 of them being a "REPORTER") breaking a contract? You couldn't wait to run your mouth to Philthy & Co. about Paul's predicament! Here's a FREE Tip: STFU!!!

    Carmine: Oh, I get it...We lost a GOOD actor (Peter P.) so you can do pretty much the same damn thing that Prick does on a daily basics: Prop up another DAMN Actress! If that's the case, at least make sure that all of your scenes are Shirtless!

    Crabby: STFU! I have no words for that stupid ass ___!!!

    Share-a-bed: Oh! Now I get it! You're Mumbles NEW C&I DOG! That's why every time I see him, he has YOU with him! I've said for a while now, that he was loosing his vision...Why else would he want YOU! He thinks you're Nikki! Here's an Idea: Go home & CLEAN it!!!
    Sitoria: You're trifling ass gets on my nerves! I find it very funny that you've got nothing but great things to say about Philthy, but when it comes to Adam, you won't forgive him! I wish that Chelsea NEVER gave you Johnny! Now I see why Billy's a Raging Alcoholic...It's the only way to put up with your Baby-centric, COMPLAINING Ass!

    St. Prick: STFU! I find it funny that you & your b!tch-ass sister are sitting around talking about how Adam's engagement is a dig to get back at the Newmans! Prick, when did Philthy unlock your cage? Shouldn't you get her permission to speak? Go home & take your PlayStation with you! No one want's to play video games with your retarded ass, but Philthy!

    Posted by FL senior fan at Thursday, July 05 2012 03:45 AM

    Victoria, go ahead and tell Billy what you said; that's why you are worried about Chelsea! Perhaps Adam and Billy need a heart to heart talk about Vikki's treatment towards Chelsea who gave him the son Vikki couldn't.
    Glad to see Cricket back in town. Hope she helps out Paul, and hopefully Daisy sent her a copy of that rental car receipt!
    I can understand if Jack wants to help (or be the one to bail out Abby)...she helped him financially in his time of need.
    I'm not in favor of Adam/Chelsea having their wedding in G.C. because "someone" will spoil it. These two love-birds should go away and be married, somewhere lovely and romantic.

    Posted by FL senior fan at Thursday, July 05 2012 03:51 AM

    People are posting about Tucker/Sharon conversation?
    I don't see that above? Was it Canadian show?
    Anyway...sounds interesting because some of you think
    there may be a future connection there. So Sharon goes back to shoplifting huh. Lousy storyline; just bring Sam back to town please. Haven't they kept in touch after being such good friends (or more?)?? Why the dropped storyline on Sam?
    Regarding Tucker, I think the writers will have him and Geni become a couple. The writers or someone at the show is personal friends with the actress, and Ashley is leaving.

    Posted by Texanne at Thursday, July 05 2012 04:03 AM

    Why do I see a big custody battle looming in the future? I think Victoria better give the baby a few extra hugs because I don't think she will have him much longer. Chelsea and Adam will try to take Johnny away.

    Daniel hold onto Lucy because I think Daisy is going to take her. Daisy may not be dead after all. Even though she is scheduled to be off the show, it didn't give a final date in the Comings and Goings section.

    Christine is going to give Phyllis what for. She is back to help Paul but Phyllis in her paranoid mind will take it personal.

    Oh and Michael you are just useless as D.A. You and Walsh are cut out of the same cloth.

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