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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Will You Marry Me?

    Monday, June 25 2012
    The search is on for Abby, Carmine discovers Abby in the trunk and Adam asks Chelsea an important question.

    In his suite, Ricky smiles as he says to himself, "It’s time to go to a party."

    In their suite, Adam and Chelsea flirt and laugh that they might have to be late for the gala. Chelsea's nervous and Adam can relate. They head downstairs. Adam gets notice that the gala was cancelled. He’s disappointed. They joke around and head for a drink at the bar. Adam checks on the engagement ring before joining Chelsea. She compares the night to a prom and this prompts Adam to run out for a corsage. While he’s gone, Chelsea discovers the ring in his coat. Adam comes back - she wonders, 'what the hell?’ He tells her about his plan to propose at the gala. She accuses him of wanting an audience - Victor and Sharon. She runs out of the club.

    At the ranch Victor pours wine for himself and Sharon. Victor tells her she's beautiful. She's glad they left the gala so she didn't see Adam make a spectacle of himself. Sharon's mind wanders to Adam, how he's using Chelsea. Victor thinks they might deserve each other. Sharon hugs him before leading him to the bedroom.

    At the gala Chloe runs in recounting the details of Carmine's kidnapping attempt. She tells the party goers Abby saved her but she doesn’t know where Abby is. The party goers all head outside to search for her. She's nowhere to be found. Ashley arrives and demands to know what's wrong. She tries to call Abby. Soon Chloe gets a tweet from the naked Heiress saying she’s been kidnapped. Michael gets on the phone demanding to get an APB out on her. Daniel and Kevin try to comfort Chloe. It's not her fault. Daniel and Phyllis take a moment alone. They wonder why Daisy didn't show. Phyllis thinks that Daisy realized it was in her best interest to keep her mouth shut. Ricky arrives. He wonders what happened to the party. Phyliss, Lauren and Paul fill him in on Abby's abduction. He sees Daisy's scarf and looks worried. Nearby Tucker catches up with Ashley to see if there's anything she needs. Jack comes over and Tucker says he's just checking to see if she's okay. Tucker leaves and then tells Jack and Ashley they have to stick together. Chloe comes over to apologize. Ashley asks her to tell the police everything about Carmine. Later, Lauren notices an injury on Daniel's hand, he brushes it off. Michael realizes they forgot about Daisy. He shows everyone the scarf - Kevin recognizes it as Daisy's. They realize Daisy was there but left. Michael errs on the side of caution and treats the scarf like evidence. Phyllis acts nervous and says she doesn’t want the Daisy thing to distract Michael. Michael shares that Daisy sounded scared on the phone. Phyliss claims to know why. She tells them about the duty-to-rescue statute that could be used to prosecute Daisy. They wonder if that’s enough reason for her to talk to Michael. Lauren wants to know if she’s gone for good. Phyliss leaves and Daniel looks thoughtful.

    Meanwhile, Carmine drives furiously with Abby locked in his trunk. She munches on a snack and tweets about being kidnapped. Perfect she thinks, now no one will ever notice that the gala was an epic fail. She keeps tweeting her followers. From inside the car Carmine hears the news broadcast of Abby's kidnapping and slams on the brakes. He opens the trunk to find Abby who’s thrilled she has 200 new followers. She laughs and says the naked heiress doesn’t go gently into the good night. He's frustrated that she tweeted to the whole world but she thinks this is one of the biggest things to happen to her. He wants to leave her there but she threatens to testify he tried to kidnap Chloe if he does. She goes back to tweeting before Carmine throws her phone away. She pulls him into the car to get going before the cops show up. Later, they arrive at a motel. Abby immediately jumps on the computer and is thrilled that she is headline news.

    Later, Ashley arrives at the ranch to speak to Victor. She tells him Abby has been kidnapped.
    Nick, Jack,Victoria all show up. They discuss the kidnapping. Victor suggests it’s one of Abby’s publicity stunts. Ashely goes off on him, but he knows something isn’t adding up - that their daughter would do anything for publicity. Officer Brooks shows up with an update. He’s working on tracing their phones. Jack questions if Victor still thinks she’s faking it. He hopes so.

    Back at alley behind the gala, Tucker hugs Ashley.

    At the penthouse Daniel arrives to tell Phyllis that Daisy never came home.

    In his suite Ricky flashes to being in the alley with Daisy. He announces, "She won’t be talking now."

    Adam runs out to Chelsea behind the club. She blasts that he was using her, that he doesn’t love her. Adam tells her he’s madly in love with her. As they stand in the rain, he tells her he’d rather be there in the rain with her than anywhere else in the world. He asks her to marry him. She says yes.

    Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Daniel gets blamed for Daisy's disappearance.

    Ashley asks Tucker for help.

    Carmine and Abby take their relationship to the next level.

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    Posted by simscb at Friday, June 22 2012 04:00 PM

    There is no doubt in my mind that Ricky murdered Daisy in the alley. Is her body in that dumpster?

    Ricky looks worried when he realizes he left Daisy's scarf behind. Someone, PLEASE test for DNA.

    Lauren notices Daniel's hand. Woman, he banged his hand on the table because he was angry with Daisy.

    Abby is just an "attention getter." What a way to get her followers on the bandwagon! She gets dumber as each day passes.

    Posted by simscb at Friday, June 22 2012 04:05 PM

    Where is Lucy? Did the baby sitter bring her to her parents' house because she did tell Daniel she couldn't stay long because she had a date?

    How long will it be before BH Ricky frames Phyllis for Daisy's murder?

    I'm happy Adam and Chelsea are engaged. Take that, Sharon!

    Posted by CBS11cntrl_tm at Friday, June 22 2012 04:15 PM

    BH Ricky, You may have erased the video, but it is still in the deep hard drive. Abby, just when I thought you were as dumb as snot, you drop lower than the airhead you are. Jack, the ink was not dry before you start bragging to Victor, in front of Abby---too tacky, even for you. Looks like another over-long, over-drawn out who done it; substitute Daisey for Diane. It is better to read the posts,IIC. Have a great weekend and stay soapy!!!

    Posted by simscb at Friday, June 22 2012 04:54 PM

    I just watched the show.

    Lucy was with the baby sitter and Daniel brought her to see Phyllis. Daisy is DEAD!

    Sorry I can't remember who said it, but Abby does nothing without a reason. She couldn't stand the embarrassment of the GALA being a big FLOP. She let Chloe out and she crammed herself in that trunk all in the NAME OF FAME.

    Cannot wait to see everyone's faces when they find her little behind. She will either be in the sack with Carmine or NAKED running up and down the streets.

    If TIIC take as long as they did to reveal Diane's murderer, Ricky's being the murderer had better hurry up and get it over and done. I'm hanging on by a thread.

    Folks, see that happens when you don't WATCH the show!!!!

    Posted by simscb at Friday, June 22 2012 04:59 PM

    "At the penthouse, Daniel tells Phyllis that Lucy never came home." WHAAATTT?

    He is holding Lucy in his arms.

    Posted by Estrelita at Friday, June 22 2012 05:40 PM

    I think the worst part of this re-run is going to be the rather gross part where Paul ends up being the one who has to track down his son. If this re-run of the Diane-NOT-so-mysterious "mystery" is going to drag out as long as the Diane mess dragged out, it is going to turn into one LONG hot, boring and very, VERY dull summer!

    Posted by juann at Friday, June 22 2012 06:53 PM

    Oh My God. How sick and nauseating. Sharon leads Victor to the bedroom. If these two do the humpty dumpty I will not watch one second of it. Definitely will FF through that garbage. YUCK!

    Well Daisy is dead and I do believe that Ricky is the killer. I seriously hope this doesn't take 7 months to solve like Diane's murder did.

    OMG! Abby is locked up in a trunk and tweeting. This girl will do anything to get attention.

    YES!! Adam and Chelsea are engaged. Thank-You God. I am so glad that he has moved on and is over Sharon. #TeamChadam all the way!1

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    Posted by kmc320 at Friday, June 22 2012 08:24 PM

    fan4now, bruceyboy, MsChief and the rest of you know who you are, I'll see you when we're changing shifts at the BBQ grill in h311, calling the "legume" with those cryptic posts out from hiding

    Hmmmmm what's off the Yucatan Peninsula ? Ohhh a tropical depression. H311 it is hurricane season

    Posted by brooksie at Saturday, June 23 2012 05:20 AM

    I think that while Abby is impulsive and reckless, she is quite smart when it comes to marketing...her goal was to redirect the attention from the failed gala to something else and that is what she did. Yes, her method is questionalbe and may even be against the law, but she did what she need to do. It's too bad the writers have written her so badly, in the past that her behavior always comes off as stupid.

    Posted by brooksie at Saturday, June 23 2012 05:24 AM

    In typical soap fashion, Adam and Chelsea have known each other for a few months and now they are getting married. Do they plan on living at the hotel forever????

    Adam is still in love with this marriage won't last long and I see a new s/l for Sharon...she will be the catalyst that ruins the relationship between Adam and Chelsea. LAWD....Aqua will have field day with that..LOL

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