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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Selling Them Both Short.

    Thursday, June 07 2012
    Ashley makes a decision, Heather returns, and Michael is sworn in.

    At Crimson Lights, Noah tells Nick he and Eden are just friends. Nearby, Eden tells Kevin and Chloe the same thing. Kevin tells Eden they need money for their website idea. On the patio, Ashley tells Katherine she reached out to Tucker. He calls and suggests they do couples counseling. Ash agrees to come over. Katherine says it's a start. Eden pours Katherine's coffee, and then suggests to Kevin that he ask her to invest. Kevin and Chloe talk with Katherine about their idea.

    At Gloworm, Gloria tells Genevieve her card was declined. Christine says none of her cards will work - they're also seizing her house. Across the room, Michael asks Avery to take over his practice. Heather appears. Michael greets her, and Avery leaves. Heather tells Michael she's not sure how comfortable she'd be living in Genoa City again. Christine joins them and says she hopes it works out. Heather leaves, and Gloria and Jeff bug Christine about Genevieve's money troubles. After, Christine tells Michael that she is proud of him.

    At the Club, Lauren tells Paul she has reservations about Michael's new job. Paul, distracted, admits he's worried about what Ricky might be capable of - he doesn't seem to have any conscience or compassion. Ricky appears. He and Paul have a tense exchange. After, Paul tells Lauren this is killing him. Heather arrives. She explains to Paul about Michael's job offer, but warns she hasn't accepted yet. Paul understands her reluctance to return to town.

    In his doorway, Tim tells Phyllis to go away. She enters the apartment. She asks about Ricky. Tim plays dumb. He says he hasn't talked to anyone. She asks for her patient file. Tim claims to have gotten rid of it. Phyllis gives him her number and tells him to call if anyone asks about her - or else. Tim says he's lost everything because of her - there's nothing left to take. She says, "I wouldn't be too sure about that, Tim."

    Genevieve arrives at Tucker's place asking for a loan. He says he doesn't need this complication right now - Ashley's on her way over. Ashley says, "Ashley's here." Gen goes. Ashley tells him she wants to believe that Gen came there looking to borrow money. He can see the doubt, and says this is what they need to work on. Ashley says she was wrong before - they can't get past this - she'll always be suspicious of him. Tucker thinks she's selling them both short. Ashley cries that she doesn't want to be questioning him, or for him to be somebody he's not. He realizes it's over. Ash says she'll be in touch.

    Genevieve sits down at a laptop in Crimson Lights. Eden, Kevin, and Chloe notice, thinking she might be another investor. Genevieve looks something up online and seems very upset. Eden tells her Kevin Fisher, the owner, can help - he's a computer whiz. Gen does a search on Kevin and grins. She takes Kevin aside and says he's just the person to help with her little problem. He asks if it would be illegal. She shrugs and says no one would have to know - he could make a bundle.

    Phyllis joins Michael and Christine at Gloworm. Christine quips, "That's my cue to leave!" She hustles on out and Phyllis tells Michael that she just saw Tim Reid and Ricky's writing a tell-all on her. She's freaked out. Michael stops her when she says she threatened Tim. He warns her to think before opening her mouth around him - he's the D.A. now. He advises her to go to Avery.

    Still at the Club, Paul is about to tell Heather his concerns about Ricky, when Ricky appears. Heather tells him he thought he wrecked her life, but the D.A. wants her back. Christine enters in time to hear her say, "Brother or no brother, I'll never trust you again." After Paul's kids clear out, Christine apologizes to him for the other day. She thinks maybe Heather can help him get to the truth about Ricky. Chris says she'll be a phone call away. Paul wonders how dangerous Ricky really is.

    Lauren fusses over Michael at Gloworm, and Avery returns. She agree to take over his practice. Heather arrives and says she'll be A.D.A. Gloria suggests they do the swearing in ceremony right there. Chloe and Eden arrive, saying Kevin is behind them. He arrives as Michael is sworn in.

    Phyllis arrives at home and tells Nick she wants to get married right away because she's 'showing'. Nick's up for it. They agree to do it tomorrow.

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Nikki tells Sharon, "You've managed to sleep your way through two generations of Newmans."

    Phyllis calls Daniel and tells him she and Nick are getting married today - she really wants him and Lucy to be there.

    Ricky tells Tim, "You're not a doc anymore." Tim replies, "But I know a sociopath when I see one."

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Wednesday, June 06 2012 03:52 PM

    Hi Everyone!

    Oh my God! Kathryn is actually using an I-Pad! LOL

    Gen is at GW trying to pay with a credit card; Gloria brings it back and tells her that it didn’t go through so she gives her another one. What part of “assets being frozen” don’t you understand Gen? No more expensive champaign for you! LOL I guess she will be washing dishes to pay for her meal! LOL

    Ashley is going to see Tucker; he has a couple of marriage consultants that she has agreed to look into. Gen shows up before Ash gets there wanting Tucker to give her a “loan”! That poor guy can’t win for losing! LOL Ash decides that she can’t stay in a marriage where she can’t trust him, so she will probably be leaving town. Sorry HeyMon, I really am!

    Phylthy barged into Dr. Tim’s apartment and is DEMANDING her patient files! She almost got in a wrestling match with him trying to take one of those boxes away from him! LOL He told her that he had gotten rid of the files because there was some incriminating info about him and that he just wanted to go on with his life as if SHE did not exist! She told him that if anyone came snooping around that she wanted him to call her “or else”!

    Phylthy is talking to Michael about Dr. Tim and she gets to the part where she threatened him and he told her to stop right there. Because he is going to be the next DA she shouldn’t be telling him things like that. She goes home and tells Dickolass that she wants to get married RIGHT NOW because she is “showing” and she didn’t want anyone to start talking. When has that EVER stopped you Phylthy! LOL So they are going to get married tomorrow (which will mean Friday because they don’t have any real cliff hanger yet! LOL)

    Everybody is at GW getting ready to go to the courthouse so Michael can get sworn in, but Gloria suggests that they have it there! As if they weren’t going to have it there anyway! LOL It actually was very nice, and so were the scenes during Michael taking the oath. While he was reciting the oath, the scenes were flashing from Kevin (trying to ditch Gen wanting him to do something illegal on the computer), to Phylthy hugging Dickolass (secure in the thought that they will be married before the $HIT hits the fan), to Dr. Tim (looking at his phone and it is BH Ricky calling), to BH Ricky (trying frantically to reach Dr. Tim) and to Paul (worrying at the bar alone). Well done!

    Tomorrow Polecat tears into Dummy again; can’t wait. I guess Dummy and the Turd FINALLY made it downstairs; she must have finished counting all his moles/wrinkles; either that or he ran out of Viagra! LOL Gotta’ be better days to come people!

    Posted by juann at Wednesday, June 06 2012 05:41 PM

    I feel bad for Genevieve. She did the right thing by telling the truth, but now she has no money and no home. They are taking everything she owns. Her days of Caviar and Champagne are long gone.

    Look at that witch Phyllis just barging into Tim's apartment. He told her to go away and she just let herself in like she owned the place. Tim should of called the cops. I know I would of.

    Ashley and Tucker are headed for divorce court. I will miss Ashley when she leaves town and the show.

    Kevin is tempted to do this favor for Genevieve even though it is illegal. Kevin just might be resorting to his old ways again.

    LOL! Gloria says they are having the swearing in ceremony at Glo-worm. I don't think they are too many other options in Genoa City to have a swearing in ceremony.

    Congratulations to Michael who is now the DA. First order of business should be to bring down Victor Newman!!!

    Dear God Phyllis wants to get married tomorrow because she is showing. What a pathetic excuse Phyllis. What's the real reason?

    Have a great night everyone.

    Posted by Estrelita at Wednesday, June 06 2012 06:43 PM

    It is a real shame that the only story which TIIC could think of for Paul's son was to turn the kid into a creepy psycho! Genoa City has so many Psychos running around loose all over town, they should change their name to Psychos R Us! In my opinion, Paul deserved better. After as many years as Paul has been a consistent and steady character on Young and Restless, the actor - and the character - deserved a better fate than to be handed this month's boring re-run of the traditional psycho story!

    Posted by kmc320 at Wednesday, June 06 2012 09:40 PM

    Thank goodness I wasn't eating or drinking but I did choke
    RE: so if daisy had sex with daisy and had lucy. that would make daisy mother of the year to me. that was actually have been sex my bad my mistake. daisy is mother of the year to me all of the time.

    (I've had a few Luts but coherent enough to be totally discombobulated by the incoherence)

    Amazing that a trouble maker would take time from B&B to come and incite Y&R
    RE: toocutemama - Ok Candace...time to post the same thing here that you did on Bold and the Beautiful site....

    Why don't you take your messy trouble instigating self back to from whence you came? It's people like you who wish ill will on our good time. Go rain on your own parade.

    And ain't nothing 'cute' about that

    And I'll take the wrath of the moderator Addy; of which you aren't one. So report that "Baiter"

    I won't be able to respond/post till Sunday/Monday. Gotta head to ORL for Convention and vowed not to take any of the laptops or netbook. Working on a smartphone though (for 2 yrs at least). Convention is more pain than pleasure

    Posted by kmc320 at Wednesday, June 06 2012 10:09 PM

    Tucker realizes his and Ashley marriage is over and I say (courteous of Chantay Savage's remake of Gloria Gaynorr's I will Survive)
    If you wanna know do I need you?
    No, no, no
    I will, I will, I will, I will survive
    So long, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye

    RE: Michael stops her when she says she threatened Tim
    ~~~Typical Phyllass. But a many a people threaten which allows them to mask their fear and/or insecurities JS

    RE: Nikki tells Sharon, "You've managed to sleep your way through two generations of Newmans."
    ~~~That's my girl you h311 of a role model you

    I still wish the SOBIC would keep Ricky around. Bring him back and name hi Patrick after Patti

    Love Peace and Whatever makes you happy as long as it's legal

    Posted by gabbygirl39 at Thursday, June 07 2012 12:16 AM

    well i am very ,very happy for jack to win over victor--victor plays dirty and does as he dam well pleases. if he no longer needs you he spits you out--and he cares nothing about who he hurts.---i am so glad nikki is with jack as he treats her like she is so precious. the minute anyone does one thing to oppose victor he shows them the door and itcan be his kids he honners no one. and now he is taking his poor little sharon to bed---she is already a newman being married to nick,adam and now she marry victor--always a newman. sharon now disgusts me why did she have to go to victoria and throw it to vicki about sleeping also with billy. vicki did right to call her dad.

    Posted by aqua23 at Thursday, June 07 2012 02:16 AM

    Hi All Peeps

    Gen find out today that she's broke when all of her credit cards are rejected at Gloworm, she don't have two nickles to rub together. boneyass Christine tells her she's also homeless, so where does she go for help, Tucker McCall.

    Tucker you have the worse luck with women that your wife don't like showing up at your apt. and Miss Ashley finding them there.

    Tucker told Gen he couldn't help her and Ashley told Tucker it's over for them.

    Miss Ashley you might rethink this move, there's only three other soaps on now and you look good but you are getting up in age and I haven't seen you working anyplace else, can't you forgive and forget this time? I really don't care but you have a number 1 fan who's mother-n-law is his boss and his wife is a roadrunner and he's been hitting the Sprite awfully heavy because he heard you were leaving and I'm afraid he will over Sprite himself and we would all miss him so much and his best friend Bruceyboy may become so ( Kmc's ) discombobulated that he can't write anymore of his Y&R short stories. As you can see there could be no end to our suffering if you leave.

    Phyllis pay Dr Tim a visit because she want her 18 year old files, they wrestle with the box ( I'm yelling Phyllis don't hurt the baby ) Phyllis end up with the box, but it only has one file and it's not her file. Phyllis leaves her number and says Tim better call her if anyone ask about her. After Phyllis leaves and BH Ricky calls, poor Dr Tim is scared sh!tless to answer the phone.

    Phyllis goes home and tell Nick she want to get married tomorrow, dummy says OK.

    Kevin and Chole will be getting some help from Kay to start their new on line business, but brokeass Gen ask Kevin to do something for her, Kevin ask if it's legal, Gen tells him no one would have to know. Kevin why does Gen need to steal money, cause somebody found out and took everything from her. Gen should have at least made a deal to keep her home with the feds and took some money out before turning herself in.

    Did they take your car, you have no place to sleep now? Victor was right you are dumb, you should have given your house to your grandkids in a trust, they would be grown before they could put you out and they can't be deported.

    I think Michael/Heather will be prosecuting Kevin first cause I know he helped Gen steal some money from someone, he was late getting to Michael's swearing in as the new DA because he and Gen was watching the computer. Kevin why on earth are you so stupid. You must like being the jail cupcake. When you get out this time you'll be walking like a damn duck. Chloe will divorce your ass in a heartbeat.

    I think I'm going to like the new Heather but I wish she would dye her hair, one red head is enough. She looks better as a blonde.

    Have a great soapville day and put a smile on those lips.

    Posted by HeyMon at Thursday, June 07 2012 03:04 AM

    I suppose I will drink 'The New Y&R' kool-aid, and become my happy self again about this show.

    Thanks Fiddler and juann, for the shout out about Ashley. And Aqua you are too funny.

    Good-bye Eileen D.

    So, what's going on with Ricky and Phyllis? Let's see...

    This guy who could be romancing any girl in town, is instead focusing all of his energies on Phyllis Newman...

    Posted by Texanne at Thursday, June 07 2012 03:29 AM

    Ex-Dr. Tim: You are the only one on this show that has said something worthwhile. You told Ricky you know a sociopath when you see one. Amen brother, amen!

    Posted by Janol77 at Thursday, June 07 2012 03:30 AM

    The red-headed hypocrite, Phyllis, is about to get her just desserts. She's 'showing" alright. It couldn't have happened to a nicer person. So I assume that once it's revealed that she was behind the hit and run, Phyllis's bff will have to prosecute her since he's the D.A. now. Oh joy! When will it be Victor's turn? Do the writers hate Sharon's character? She's the town punching bag. It's either that or they hate the actress. I don't know, but the writers have succeeded in total obliterating the Sharon character. Little Sharon pieces are hanging from every building in Genoa City. Why did she have to hit the sheets with Victor? To quote Big Daddy, he has old..... Yuck!

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