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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Up All Night.

    Wednesday, June 06 2012
    Vikki and Billy are back on track, Adam defends Sharon, and Phyllis visits Tim.

    At Gloworm, Sharon tells Adam his bitch of a sister is turning Victor against her. Adam asks what she has on her. Sharon tells him she slept with Billy, and Victoria told Victor knowing he would freak out. Adam says he may have done the same thing if it would keep her away from his father. He thinks moving on with Victor is wrong. Sharon sniffs that she doesn't need his approval, and leaves. Bob from the Newman board approaches Adam and says he overheard - he agrees that it's wrong for Victor to date an employee and plans to ask for Sharon's dismissal. Adam tells him not to say a word or he'll reveal a secret he knows about him. Bob leaves as Chelsea arrives. She thinks it's great what he did for Sharon. Adam kisses her.

    At Crimson Lights, Billy asks Victoria to join him at the Club. She says she'll meet him there. Inside, Kevin tells Eden that Chloe woke up with an idea that will make them lots of money. Eden wishes them luck. On the patio, Daisy looks at Ricky's laptop and realizes he stole Phyllis' file. He warns her it would be very stupid to tell Phyllis.

    Jack works out at home and puffs to Sarge that everything is going his way. He can't believe he wrestled Beauty of Nature from Victor's greedy hands. Nikki arrives and Sarge credits her with helping to motivate Jack. He leaves, and Jack tells Nikki they're going to the Club to celebrate.

    Victor boxes with his trainer at the ranch. After, he takes a call from a reporter. He tells him to get lost. Victoria arrives. Victor asks if she came to gloat. They bicker about Sharon. She says she wanted to open his eyes, but she came to talk about Beauty of Nature. She warns that Jack won't let it go easily now. Victor vows that Jack won't hold onto it. Later, Sharon arrives. She wants to discuss what Victoria told him. He'd rather just move on. They kiss and head upstairs.

    Daniel arrives at the penthouse with Lucy. Phyllis is glad he brought her instead of the freak. Phyllis tells him she may know someone who can talk some sense into Daisy.

    Phyllis and Daniel arrive at Crimson Lights, where she attempts to convince Kevin to try to talk sense into his sister. Eden approaches and says Daisy's there if Kevin wants to try. Phyllis sees Daisy with Ricky on the patio. She wonders what their excuse is this time. Daisy takes off. Phyllis tells Ricky she knows he's digging in her past. Ricky admits he's writing a one hell of a tell all - lots of skeletons waiting to be dug up. He asks her to work with him. She scoffs. He muses about her court-ordered therapist back in the day. Phyllis takes off. Ricky goes back to wondering why the name 'Sasha Green' keeps popping up. Inside, Kevin asks Daisy to talk. Daniel tells Chloe it won't work. In the corner, Kevin asks Daisy if she wants Lucy growing up in a house where the parents are miserable. Daisy says she didn't trick Daniel - he proposed to her. She is upset that Kevin won't forgive her the same way people forgave him. Kevin and Chloe leave, and Daniel asks Eden for a refill. Daisy returns with Lucy and talks with Ricky. He tells her not to worry about Phyllis. She spots Daniel with Eden.

    At the Club, Billy congratulates Jack as he sits down with Nikki. Billy goes to his meeting, and Nikki muses that Victor will have to deal with his loss like a big boy. Jack has a ring brought in Nikki's sparkling cider. He's placing it on her finger when Victoria appears and accuses Nikki of doing this because of Victor and Sharon. Billy appears. Jack clarifies that he proposed a while ago, and asks Victoria to consider working at Beauty of Nature. She agrees to think about it. After, Jack assures Nikki that Victoria will come around. At another table, Victoria tells Billy her parents belong together. Billy's glad Jack got the win, and urges her to take the job as well. They agree they're back on track. Billy tells her he has to go back to L.A. tomorrow. She says she'll keep him up all night.

    At Gloworm, Kevin and Chloe discuss Daisy. He feels he shouldn't give up on her - Michael didn't give up on him. They talks about their e-commerce idea - they need investors.

    At the Abbott house, Nikki has a romantic scenario set up for Jack.

    Tim Reid opens his door to Phyllis.

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Kevin asks Genevieve if what she wants him to do is illegal.

    Ricky finds Paul with Heather at the Club and says he didn't know they were having a family reunion. Paul says he didn't know Heather was coming back.

    Tim tells Phyllis he's lost everything in his life because of her. She says, "I wouldn't be too sure about that, Tim."

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    Posted by little bear at Tuesday, June 05 2012 05:53 PM

    I just ♥ my Billy so much!! Seeing his beautiful face is so wonderful!! He is so awesome to put up with Victoria and her self-centredness!

    Too many icky things happening right now for me on this show!

    Victor and Sharon are the worst, but i also find it repulsive that Daniel had to marry his rapist to be with his daughter, the product of the rape, because some stupid judge thought that giving custody to a rapist of a child they conceived through rape is a good idea!! Really!! How idiotic!! I am sure they would not have done this if the gender's were reversed and given custody to the male rapist of a child conceived via rape!!

    I do however LOVE Chelsea and Adam!! They are my favourite couple after Billy and Victoria, who i really only like cos of Billy!!

    A very sweet person who has been copying and keeping bruceyboy's stories emailed them to me, she doesn't post on the board but wanted me to say a big HI to everyone from 'Leann in Denver' and to say a big THANK YOU to bruceyboy for his wonderful stories!

    Posted by bikette at Tuesday, June 05 2012 06:29 PM

    It says on this site that Ricki is the next one to exit. Victurd and Stank kiss and head upstairs. ICK PUKE BARF. Bruceboy please kill the biotch off in your next episode.

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Tuesday, June 05 2012 06:50 PM

    Hi Everyone!

    Sarge is making house calls now? He is at Jack’s watching him work out; and the Turd is at the club “beating up” his sparring partner! LOL. Way too much testosterone! LOL. I, for one, would like to know who that HUNK is the Turd is sparring with! LOL. Maybe I’m way off base (correct me if I’m wrong), but I do not see how Jack working on his upper body has anything to do with him getting feeling back in his legs. Working out the upper body only gives him enough strength to get around better.

    Share-a-bed is “white washing” what happened between Vickie and her to Bates (does that surprise anyone?). After she told him that Vickie is “ruining” her life with the Turd by telling him about Billy, he told her that he probably would have done the exact same thing to keep her away from the Turd! Oh, the look on her face! PRICELESS! Bates, more or less, agreed with what Vickie did and Dummy didn’t like it ONE BIT! She doesn’t like to hear anything that she doesn’t WANT to hear, does she? LOL

    Crazy grabbed BH Ricky’s I-Pad from him and found out that he has Dr. Tim’s notes on Phylthy. She threatens to go to her and tell her if he doesn’t leave her alone. Phylthy walks in and catches them together AGAIN! No surprise there! Phylthy looks like she has a toga on today! LOL

    BH just told Phylthy that he is writing about HER; she told him that no one is going to believe it! He tells her that she should work with him then and tell HER side of the story and then mentions the court mandated therapist and I thought she was going to swallow her teeth! Phylthy high tails it to see Dr. Tim!

    Uh Oh Turd!!! Mr. Lemon just approached Bates and said that the NE Board has questioned the Turd giving Dummy such a high profile position, and thinks that they should be informed that he is dating a subordinate and is going to ask the Board for her resignation….but wait…..Bates is blackmailing him about a certain chemist from another company that he has been filtering information to…so he agrees to drop it. I think the Turd ought to clean house with his Board; it sounds like they ALL have their own personal agendas!

    Jack finally gave Polecat that engagement ring (and I still say it looks just like the one that the Turd gave her and Dummy). Vickie came to the table just as he was giving it to her; she wasn’t very happy (it’s hard to be happy after the 10th time around), but Jack offered her a job at BON and Billy encouraged her to take it!

    The Turd is getting a knock on the door and gets up to see who it is. Honestly, folks, the guy is a BILLIONARE and he can’t afford someone to answer his door! LOL. Well, I WONDER who it is? It’s Dummy! She tells him that what happened with Billy and her was a long time ago. He says I guess the question is should they still be together…and we all know what SHE says…and they swap slobbers again! And there they go UPSTAIRS! MY EYES! MY EYES! MY EYES! I sure hope he remembered his Viagra! LOL. So now let’s all have a moment of silence for the demise of Y&R.

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Tuesday, June 05 2012 07:07 PM

    HeyMon, since you are always up to date on the statistics of the viewers, keep tract of what they are for the remainder of this week (or whenever they are posted). I am curious to see if the viewership drops after Dummy and Turd do the deed! Please, thank you and hugs and kisses! LOL

    Posted by kmc320 at Tuesday, June 05 2012 07:28 PM

    RE: Later, Dummy arrives. She wants to discuss what Victoria told Victor. He'd rather just move on. They kiss and head upstairs.

    Poke pins dipped in rattlesnake venom in my eyes. I WILL NOT WATCH A F'K SCENE BTWN VICTURD & DUMMY. H3lltodanah. grrrrr ノಠ益ಠ)ノ ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶ (•̪●)

    Posted by aqua23 at Wednesday, June 06 2012 01:07 AM

    Hi All Peeps

    The thrill is gone, I hope someone, any one will take BON away from Jackass. For Jackass to say " He can't believe he wrestled Beauty of Nature from Victor's greedy hands. "

    Victor and MiniVic built that company from the ground up and Jackass is the greedy one who has two companies that was built by his dad and Victor, he haven't done any thing but steal their hard work.

    Old nasty Shank has gone around and told everyone how mean MiniVic is being to her the little victim who don't know why she would tell about Shank sleeping with Billy, it happened so long ago.

    Not one time has Shank said that she was the person who told MiniVic she slept with Billy. Shank said MiniVic FOUND out and rushed and told Victor. YOU B!TCH!

    Shank don't use a broom, she use those huge elephant ears to fly her evil ass around and cause trouble for everyone. You sick b!tch.

    Shank is the most selfish woman on the show, she don't care about no one but herself. It's all about what Shank wants, be damned with her kids are her mother. It's a poor excuse of a woman to try to come between a father and his kids, like she's doing to MiniVic. MiniVic didn't make up a lie on Shank, she told her " I slept with Billy, " Now the lying b!tch is saying MiniVic found out and is trying to make trouble for me. You shanky b!tch.

    I've said for years Shank is a liar and sneaky and she always hurt people to get what she want.
    I posted yesterday that Shank would throw herself on Victor and I think she will get pregnant. You gold digging b!tch.

    I'm glad Phyllis knows what BH Ricky is up to, writing her bio. BH Ricky you are a fool, you never warn your enemy about what you're doing.

    " Tim tells Phyllis he's lost everything in his life because of her. She says, "I wouldn't be too sure about that, Tim."

    Yes Tim life can get worse when you p!ss Phyllis off and that's what you've done.

    Have a great soapville day and put a smile on those lips.

    Posted by MsChief at Wednesday, June 06 2012 01:42 AM

    What did she be reduced to such a non existent level to:

    Accept, fall in love, forgive and sleep with the enemy?

    Constantly ignore her daughter after months of separation and pain?

    Repeatedly lay with a man, any man

    ESPECIALLY her father in law, childrens grandfather, aka the oldest most outdated ancient aged wrinkled shriveled well used and distributed tool on the show ....


    Posted by Blue 501 at Wednesday, June 06 2012 03:16 AM

    Run Dr Tim, run as fast as you can.

    Posted by Ebybrowempoly at Wednesday, June 06 2012 03:48 AM

    well from what i understand its eb aka victor who push for this s/l sharon her self didn't want this s/l at all . i hate they are doing this to sharon. i hope they break it off soon . cause this is almost like daddy doing his own . so to me i know where eb head is and that is sick.

    kevin of all should be trying to help dasiy not try to hurt her and make her leaves town. look at what he has done and now he is the man. sad they are going to kill daisy off . i really love her and i think she would be so great if given a chance to turn her life around .

    vicky needs to suck on a pill and get over it. you are turning back into your daddy . i can see that if you do you and billy will be done and i wonder if you will be able to keep the baby or will chelsea go after her baby.

    phyllis what are you going to do sex up tim again to keep his mouth shut or are you going to have him kill rick. why did the writers have rick tell her what he was doing.will nick get up in rickys face and tell him he better not write a word about phyllis . will rick say what does she have to worry about if she has nothing to hide.

    Posted by bellydance at Wednesday, June 06 2012 03:49 AM

    Aqua23, I agree with you about everything... Sharon is a NUTT!!! She can not survive without a man, if she is rejected, she seems to lose it mentally...
    Have a wonderful Wednesday all....

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