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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Two-Way Street, Lady.

    Monday, June 04 2012
    Ricky and Daisy butt heads, Victor devises a plan, and Cane learns of Genevieve's decision.

    At Gloworm, Genvieve tells Christine she will tell her everything she wants to know - if she'll leave Ethan alone for good. Christine tells her they want the truth, not Cane. Gen confesses on tape how she drained Colin's accounts and where the illegal money came from. Christine says Cane won't be deported, and she'll recommend Gen doesn't do jail time.

    Victor tells Avery, at the ranch, that he can't stop Genevieve from confessing. Avery warns him that this strengthens Jack's case. Victor muses that Adam played by the rules for once, but did everyone else? He realizes that Holloway, the Newman board member had a clear conflict of interest because he was an employee of FMN and knew Gen was interested in obtaining Beauty of Nature. He calls the man to meet him.

    At home, Jack tells Nikki that he underwent tests because he felt his foot the other day. He says the tests confirm it's happening - the feeling's coming back in his legs! Nikki beams. Jack says he didn't tell her before because he didn't want to disappoint her. She says he never could, and they kiss.

    Phyllis and Nick find Daisy with Ricky at Crimson Lights. Phyllis wants to know what they're up to. Ricky says they were just discussing rent, and leaves. Phyllis questions Daisy. She shrugs it off and joins Ricky on the patio. He tells her to get the copy of the key and meet him at the penthouse.

    At the Club, Cane reiterates to Lily that he just can't testify against his mother. She assures him that they'll be fine - no matter where they are. Cane takes a call from Genevieve saying the deportation hearing is canceled and they should meet her at Gloworm.

    Phyllis and Nick arrive at Gloworm. Phyllis is concerned with why Daisy and Ricky are hanging out - she's frightened to think of what they could come up with together. Nick says they're punk kids, and suggests they go home to play video games. Cane and Lily enter and Genevieve tells them she confessed everything. Cane realizes she did it for him. Christine tells Gen her accounts are frozen and there's no word on prison. Cane asks Gen how she's going to live. She replies, "With a clear conscience." Gen says she couldn't take him away from the one thing she could never give him - a real home. Later, they are all relieved to learn Gen's not going to jail, though her bank accounts are empty. Cane and Gen hug.

    At the penthouse, Daisy lets Ricky in and tries to leave. He bullies her into being his lookout. He tells Daisy that Phyllis has some nasty skeletons in her closet, and he's going to find them. He locates something about 1994, and Daisy says the elevator's coming. Ricky orders her to stall them. In the hall, Daisy tells Phyllis and Nick, "I came to see you." Inside, Daisy stammers that Phyllis misunderstood what was going on with Ricky at Crimson Lights. They kick her out. In the closet, Ricky records Phyllis ranting about Daisy, including her saying, "I swear if I could, I would kill her!" Nick and Phyllis go upstairs and Ricky slips out. In the hall, Daisy warns him not to put her in that position again - he doesn't know what she's capable of. Ricky replies, "Two-way street, lady." He says he got something he can use against Phyllis when the time is right.

    Jack and Nikki arrive at the Club to celebrate, Victor and Avery are there. Victor tells Jack about Genevieve's decision to confess. Jack says Beauty of Nature will be his. Victor wishes him luck, and goes to meet Holloway. Avery accuses Holloway of using his position to help FMN. He claims he had no idea Genevieve wanted to bid for Beauty of Nature. Victor says he can bring them both down. Holloway agrees to do what Victor wants. Across the room, Jack realizes Nikki is thinking about Victor. Nikki thinks Jack is too. They agree to focus on Jack's medical progress instead. Later, Nikki walks through the lobby and Victor follows. Jack wheels over to ask Holloway and Avery what they're discussing. When Holloway tells him, Jack says the judge already ruled the sale valid. Nearby, Victor ignores Sharon's call and tells Nikki that Cassie wouldn't like her with Jack Abbott. Nikki says Cassie wouldn't want him with her mother either. She returns to Jack and tells him he's going to beat Victor this time. Victor ogles Jack from across the room, and tells Avery that Jack won't beat him.

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Ashley tells Katherine she's not comfortable speaking with her about her marriage, saying, "It's not anyone's business but Tucker's and mine."

    Sofia tells Harmony she can talk to Neil whenever she wants because they're getting a divorce.

    Sharon says to Victoria, "You told your father, didn't you? About Billy and me sleeping together."

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by motobabe at Friday, June 01 2012 05:27 PM

    Guess we know how Daisy is exiting and who is going to be blamed for it...

    Posted by kmc320 at Friday, June 01 2012 07:55 PM

    RE: Victor muses that Adam played by the rules for once
    ~~~~HUH, I'm lost

    BFG - Big Fat Grin/Giggles @ Nick says Craisy & Ricky are punk kids, and suggests they go home to play video games.
    ~~~OK go play vid games; And who are the kids

    Ohhh shiver me timber, oh damn, aw h311; Ricky records Phyllis ranting about Daisy, including her saying, "I swear if I could, I would kill her!"
    ~~`yep y'all said it BH's gonna make it look like Red killed her D-I-L

    HeyMon now if every other person in GC adopted this attitude there would be no more GC but ITA with dum-Ash:
    Ashley tells Katherine "It's not anyone's business but Tucker's and mine" regarding their marital troubles. Hot damn O_o

    Sharon says to Victoria, "You told your father, didn't you? About Billy and me sleeping together."
    ~~~Dumbschitt didn't you tell her? What did you think the the little mirror image of Victurd was going to do? Stupid A$$ ಠ_ಠ

    Posted by cowboys fan at Friday, June 01 2012 08:58 PM

    I'm proud of my girl Genevieve. That's a lady that takes responsibility for what she does.

    Now Victor wants to harass and bully Holloway. Victor, do you really need to be in the perfume business? They had better not let this evil man get Beauty of Nature from my Jackie.

    Hilda, it's none of your business what Daisy and Ricky are discussing. So keep your long pointed nose out of it.

    Dang, Hilda and Nick are really getting around on Hilda's two seater broom. First they were at Crimson Lights and now Gloworm.

    So Nick thinks Daisy and Ricky are punk kids. That boy is still dumb. I'm glad he's good looking because there is nothing upstairs.

    Come on Cane. Let Genevieve move in with you and Lily.

    Goodie, Ricky got Hilda on tape saying she could kill Daisy. I said it the other day. Ricky will kill Daisy and Hilda will take the fall for it. I love it. Sorry for you Daisy.

    Victor is senile. He has the nerve to tell Nikki that Cassie would not like her with Jack and yet he was trying to get with Sharon. I'm glad that didn't work out. I'd rather see her with Sam with his shirt unbuttoned at the top.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Friday, June 01 2012 09:00 PM

    Posted by kmc320 at Friday, June 01 2012 07:55 PM

    RE: Victor muses that Adam played by the rules for once
    ~~~~HUH, I'm lost
    kmc320, Victor wanted Adam to lie for him when he spoke to the agents and say the sell of Beauty of Nature was illegal. But Adam wouldn't do it.

    Posted by juann at Saturday, June 02 2012 08:18 AM

    Genevieve, I am proud of you. You told the truth and you prevented Cane from getting deported. You did the right thing.

    Victor, leave Holloway alone. You really have no desire to be in the perfume business. This is all about your hatred and rivalry against Jack. I hope he (Jack) nails your sorry behind to the wall.

    Jack is getting feeling back in his legs. It won't be long now and Jack will be walking again!!!!

    Phyllis, it is none of your business what Ricky and Daisy are up too. They just might be two friends having a cup of coffee together. Worry about your own life, for once.

    Phyllis, you need to be frightened because your past is about to come back and bite you in the butt. You know what they say, karma is a b$tch.

    So happy that Cane and Genevieve are in a much better place now with their relationship since Gen told the truth. I love what she said, she can now live with a clear conscience.

    The writing is on the wall. We now know how Daisy will die. Ricky will commit the crime and Phyllis will do the time.

    Victor, how dare you bring up Cassie. First of all, Nikki and Jack are much better than you and Nikki. Secondly, what would Cassie think of you dating her mother Sharon? Shame on you.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Sunday, June 03 2012 06:47 AM

    Hi Everyone!

    Gen IS going to turn over the information to Christine about where she got the money to buy BON and it was right before Cane’s deportation hearing. I STILL don’t understand this deportation story line! If Gen is/was a US citizen when Cane was born that made HIM a US citizen, so how can they threaten deportation? DUMB WRITERS! Of course all her accounts are frozen, but she gets no jail time and all of this was done with a phone call! ONLY IN GC!

    Jack FINALLY had those tests run. He does have feelings in his foot! Maybe he will walk down the isle after all…if it isn’t Polecat….he’ll find someone else tomorrow! LOL

    The Turd and Avery call Hathaway (the board member that also works for Gen’s company) and he threatens him that if he doesn’t say that Gen told him to vote for the sale of BON that both of them are going to go down. Looks like Gen may do jail time after all. So that is how the Turd is “going to win again”! So sick of it!!!!!!

    Crazy bumps into BH Ricky in the coffee shop and of course he wants her to do something for him with his usual threats. Before she can say anything to him, Dickolass and Phylthy walk in and Phylthy asks her why she is talking to HIM! Crazy tells her it is none of her business who she talks to; BH tells her that they are talking about her apartment that he is sub-letting. BH walks away and waits in the other room for Crazy. He wants her to get the key to Phylthy’s penthouse and meet him there.

    When they meet at the penthouse he makes her stay to be the look-out. He is looking for the information that Dr. Tim told him to look for; December 1994. Crazy is supposed to be the look-out and at first she is sticking her head out the door so she can see if anyone is coming and then she is INSIDE talking to BH! Some look-out! Unless someone stayed downstairs by the elevator and called the one in the penthouse, there is NO WAY either one of them would be able to get out of there without being seen! IT’S PAST JUNE 1 ALREADY, WHEN ARE WE SUPPOSED TO GET NEW WRITERS! LOL

    Dickolass and Phylthy decide to go home to play…(NOT WHAT YOU’RE THINKING) games, and, just like I said, Crazy and BH don’t have time to get out before the elevator stops. BH jumps in the closet and Crazy goes out to meet them in the hall. After they go inside she apologizes for how she acted at the coffee house, but Dickolass escorts her to the door saying that the next time she wants to see Phylthy she needs to call first. BH is still in the closet. I hope they play video games until the wee hours of the morning, fall asleep on the couch and I hope BH had a REALLY big drink before he got there! LOL

    Well, I guess BH decided to make himself useful while stuck in the closet; he is recording EVERYTHING that Phylthy is ranting about…and BOY is she ranting! She just told Dickolass that she WOULD KILL CRAZY…and, of course, repeated it SEVERAL times, and it is all being recorded! I guess we know now what is going to happen to Crazy! BH is going to kill her and make it look like Phylthy did it! Dickolass took her upstairs to relieve some of her stress…the only way he knows how to do LOL, and BH slips out the door. Crazy threatens him that she is NOT going to do ANYTHING for him anymore, and he says he has everything he needs!

    Today’s episode did not include Dummy blubbering to the Turd like she usually does, the Turd got a call from her that he ignored, but tomorrow she confronts Vickie about telling him that she slept with Billy. Ought to be interesting!

    Posted by kmc320 at Sunday, June 03 2012 01:00 PM

    cowboy fans I wouldn't have never guest that trivia lol

    Here's the link to the spoilers; copy and paste

    Frankly, this B&E at the penthouse has lost its luster as has the constant visits btwn Red and Craisy. Move on to something else.

    And my girl Nicole needs to go sit her a$$ down somewhere. WTH should people be overjoyed at her 10 marriage

    Greg Foster [Married: 1979; divorced: 1981]
    Kevin Bancroft [Married: 1982; divorced: 1983]
    Victor Newman [Married: 1984; divorced: 1988]
    Jack Abbott [Married: 1990; divorced: 1994]
    Dr. Joshua Landers (deceased 1998) [Married: 1996; invalid]
    Victor Newman [Married: 1998; invalid deathbed wedding]
    Victor Newman [Married: Sep 5, 2002; divorced: Jan 21, 08]
    David Chow [Married: May 14, 2008; widowed: Jul 28, 2008]
    Married to Deacon Sharpe [Married: Dec 9, 2011; apparently divorced]

    What torment is going to cause Phyllass to fall out and cry out, a sudden tragedy; Craisy, Ricky, Tim or a miscarriage

    Nina the Nag is coming back and there will be some interaction with Christine

    Ohhh Sacred Cow, nanas3 if this is true you'll have to wait till July:

    Victoria's Daddy and her twice former S-I-L (Dummy) relationship IS NOT ending as soon as we thought. Supposedly they will have sex and remain a couple until July.

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Sunday, June 03 2012 06:34 PM

    One spoiler says that Kevin will be tempted to do something illegal again. I read on the message board that it has something to do with Gen wanting him to do something.

    Posted by MsChief at Monday, June 04 2012 03:59 AM

    So its just like we thought, age old regurgitated mystery, Phyllis is overheard wishing she could kill Daisy, Ricky I guess will do the deed - how long will that take.

    Jack and Victor, when are they gonna STOP...goodness. Haven't they had enough yet???

    Now that Gen has is she going to make it in GC? She's crossed Jack, Victor....who else will hire her?

    Gloria LOL

    Posted by MsChief at Monday, June 04 2012 04:08 AM

    cowboys, everyone is being nosy today, why is Jack "wheeling" over to ask Holloway and Avery what they're talking about?

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