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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Started On A Pole And Wound Up In A Bottle.

    Friday, May 11 2012
    Nikki spreads her news, Daniel gets Daisy drunk, and Jack bonds with Sarge.

    At Crimson Lights, Chelsea and Adam discuss Victor's offer to her. He warns her if she takes the money, her life will be dictated by 10 million Victor Newman dollars. She realizes she can't take the offer. He says he'll come with her when she breaks the news.

    At the ranch, Victor asks Sharon to dinner in Chicago, but she says she's decided not to get involved with him. Adam and Chelsea arrive. Sharon awkwardly exits. Chelsea tells Victor to keep his money. He asks why she's not accepting his offer. Chelsea takes Adam's arm and says she has her reasons. Victor laughs, and then tells her to stay away from Victoria's child. Adam tells him he can't just order people around. Chelsea goes to the car. Adam tells Victor to think about how getting naked with Sharon will effect Nicholas and their kids. Victor orders him out.

    At the penthouse, Phyllis and Nick decide to go find Daniel, but Nikki arrives. Phyllis leaves alone. Nikki tells Nick about Victor and Sharon's romantic nightcap. She complains that she thought it was all for her until Sharon appeared. Nick says he pities Sharon if these are the choices she's making.

    Daisy pours Daniel champagne at home. They drink to their marriage. Daniel downs his glass and pours more. When Daisy checks on Lucy, Daniel fills her glass with his. Daisy drinks it and passes out. Daniel slips out. Phyllis hammers on the door and Daisy gets up. Phyllis realizes she's drunk. Daisy says she and Daniel drank champagne to celebrate their wedding night. Phyllis gapes as Daisy hiccups, "You're my mother-in-law!" Daisy says she'll be a good wife. Phyllis says she's delusional - her son doesn't love her. It's her wedding night and he's not even there! Daisy wants to find Daniel. Phyllis says she's not driving around with Lucy drunk - she'll take her.

    At therapy, Jack tells Sarge he's ready to make up for lost time - besides it's a great distraction from his personal life. Sarge gives him extra dips for calling him 'Auggie'. Nikki arrives. She tells Jack about Victor and Sharon. Jack hopes seeing it will set Nikki free. Nikki complains about Sharon being on the prowl. Jack can't understand Sharon anymore, and thinks she and Victor deserve each other. Later, Jack is distracted when working out. Sarge says he's been there - personal problems can mess with your head. After they finish, and Sarge walks away, Jack gets a twinge. He calls for Sarge!

    Nick and Sharon run into each other at Crimson Lights. She tells Nick she just had one drink with Victor. Nick says he hopes she can see what's ahead on the track and get out of the way before the train wrecks. Later, Sharon spots Adam and asks to speak to him alone. He tells her to talk in front of Chelsea. She tries to explain about her and Victor. Adam says it's messed up and then blows her off.

    Kyle spots Eden at Jimmy's and gives her a bracelet she left in his room. She tells him she's hanging out there until her creepy roommate moves out. They sit down and talk about facing Mother's Day without their moms. Two girls flirt with Kyle. He ends up going bar-hopping with them and leaving Eden behind. Daniel appears. Eden hopes he's not going to marry Daisy. He says, "Not going to..." They move to a private booth and make-out. Daisy enters, followed by Phyllis carrying Lucy. They stare at Daniel and Eden.

    Kyle is with his girls at Crimson Lights. Their chatter is bothering him. He decides to go back to Jimmy's.

    Nick arrives at the GCAC, where Victor says he plans to see Sharon socially. Nick says he won't get involved and announces that he and Phyllis are having another child. They bicker. Nick tells him his thing with Sharon affects Nikki most of all - not that he cares. In the lobby, Nikki spots Sharon and says she's always wanted to be her and have her lifestyle. She mocks Sharon, saying Adam and Nick got tired of her, and Victor will too. Sharon reminds Nikki she was a stripper - she started on a pole and wound up in a bottle - why would she want to emulate that? In the dining room, Chelsea tells Adam how good she feels after turning Victor down. Nearby, Victor passes Nikki, who confronts him. He says he's seeing Sharon because Nikki was cavorting with Jack Abbott. Nikki says she's happy with the choice she made. Victor stalks off. Nikki joins Nick and accepts an invitation to spend Mother's Day with him and Phyllis. Nikki, Nick, Adam, and Chelsea all cringe as Sharon joins Victor at the bar and kisses his cheek. She's decided to go to Chicago with him.

    Genoa City Spoiler for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

    Eden says to Daniel, "You married her?" Abby, watching with Kyle, says, "No way." Daisy says, "Tell her, Daniel."

    Tucker hollers at Ashley from behind a door, "I'm not leaving until we talk. I'll stay out here all night if I have to."

    Phyllis says, "He's never going to want you, Daisy." Daisy says, "How the hell do you know that?" Phyllis replies, "I played out the same scenario."

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by juann at Thursday, May 10 2012 03:51 PM

    Good Girl Chelsea! So glad you turned Victor's offer down. Now you and Adam can tell him to stick it where the sun don't shine.

    Adam is really beginning to change his life around and I like it, and I like him and Chelsea together too.

    Victor shut up. You have no right to tell Chelsea to stay away from Victoria's child. I don't think Chelsea would do anything to harm that baby. She did the right thing, unlike you who started up this whole mess in the first place. However, you didn't get your way this time did you?

    I would be drunk too if I had Phyllis for a mother-in-law.

    Sharon, why would you want to explain yourself to Adam? You dumped him a long time ago and Adam has moved on and has grown into a decent person, unlike yourself. Sorry Sharon, but Adam isn't into you anymore, and I pray to god it stays that way.

    Daniel, you just got busted. You may not love Daisy, but you took the vows. This is not what you do if you want to protect your daughter.

    Victor and Sharon are just sick together. This is disgusting.

    Have a great evening everyone.

    Posted by Meshellmybelle at Thursday, May 10 2012 06:03 PM

    Hello! Im a first time poster, longtime reader.
    I finally have a comment i'd like to share......
    Daniel, really?? 1st you don't kiss the bride, then you leave her passed out and get found with Eden? Are you trying to fool Crazy Daisy that u love her or what? Is this all part of some ingenious plan?

    ....Ok thats all i got.......for now.
    Have a great Friday EVERYONE!!!!
    p.s. Im a B&B fan too? (Go Team Steffy)

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Thursday, May 10 2012 06:34 PM

    Welcome to the board Meshellmybelle! I'm sure you will enjoy!

    Posted by little bear at Thursday, May 10 2012 06:41 PM

    I agree with Nick, I pity Sharon too!!

    In fact i am finding it hard to find a character that i do not pity!! I think the only person in Genoa City i don't pity is my marvellously wonderful perfect guy Billy!! ♥웃❤유♥

    Sharon is beyond stupid! In fact i think we need a whole new word to come up with her level of stupidity! She doesn't want to be happy as every time she has a shot at it she goes and messes things up! She deserves to be all alone!!

    I like Chelsea and Adam as a couple, and if she hooks up with Adam then she will still get to be a part of baby John's life, as Aunt Chelsea!

    Victor needs to make up his mind! He is so indecisive! He insults Billy's baby, but then tries to get Chelsea to stay away from him because he's Victoria's baby!! He wants Nikki but pushes her away at every opportunity!!

    I am pretty sure that other than my sweet friend aqua i must be about the ONLY person to be happy for Nick and Phyllis and their engagement and new little baby on the way!! I hope they do get married and their baby is born nice and healthy!!

    Daisy is such a delusional dope!! What a moron to believe that Daniel is actually in love with her!!

    MsChief - sending (✿◠‿◠) for a happy day!!

    Posted by bikette at Thursday, May 10 2012 07:22 PM

    Daniel does not deserve Lucy! He gets Daisy drunk and then goes off and leaves his daughter there alone with Daisy passed out. Good thing Phyllis showed up, who knows what could of happened? What a punk azz.

    Posted by kmc320 at Thursday, May 10 2012 08:25 PM

    Right Now I can't stand Old Sour Puss Grandpa Victor and I hope Dummy is sincere when she says she's decided not to get involved with him. Dumbschitt >)

    AND I truly love Satan's Son when he: Adam tells Victor to think about how getting naked with Sharon will effect Nicholas and their kids. Victor orders him out. LMAO CDHU

    I will now be enroute to GC with Jason and Freddie; the chainsaw massacre is about to begin. That b1tch said what to polecat - Dummy reminds Nikki she was a stripper - she started on a pole and wound up in a bottle what what what - why would she want to emulate that?

    Oh Lawd there won't be nothing left but sawdust. Hold me back. I will tear that heifer an new hole.

    I need a swig. I bust the cuff on my blood presure monitor. I'll 'wrang' her damn neck

    Daniel is USELESS. Screw Craisy, kiss Lucy, make out with Eden all in a matter of hours. Nasty trifflin 'scugsy' lil greasy headed punk

    TGVN - The Grubbin' Viagra Newman - says he's seeing Sharon because Nikki was cavorting with Jack & Dummy is flicking your bic 'cause Nugget and Spawn don't want her, well right now at least.

    Dummy decides to go to Chicago with Grandpa Victor.
    ~~~~KMC hopes the plane crash over the Great Lakes. HeyMon can go bail your a$$ or Vic's or both out since he has time on his hand this weekend.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, May 10 2012 09:13 PM

    I'm glad Sharon has decided not to get involved with Victor. Let's hope she doesn't change her mind.

    Nick, if you should pity anybody, it should be yourself. You will be saddled with grandma witch again. And the train that is about to wreIck is yours.

    So, Daniel will try to make Daisy look like an unfit mother. I hope she wises up to his plan. Well Daniel, you were just spotted cheating on your bride. Looks like you are unfit also.

    Nikki, get over yourself. Who would want to be you. Honey, you were not born with a silver spoon in your mouth. And exactly how many men have gotten tired of you? I bet your number is higher than Sharon's.

    My girl Sharon has a little fight in her. She told that old bag she stared on a pole and wound up in a bottle. Damn Nikki, wanna get away? Oh well, Nikki thanks to you, Sharon is going to Chicago with Victor.

    Posted by aqua23 at Friday, May 11 2012 02:23 AM

    Hi All Peeps

    Holy Sh!t bat man, Polecat tells Skank that when she first came to her home Shank had stars in her eyes, she's always wanted to be her and have her lifestyle. She mocks Sharon, saying Adam and Nick got tired of her, and Victor will too. Polecat said when grandpa Sictor wake up in the morning he will be looking for her to be laying beside his wrinkled up ass.

    I was saying go Nikki go Nikki, but then the worm turned and that old nasty skanky b!tch told polecat she was a stripper - she started on a pole and wound up in a bottle - why would she want to emulate that, then went boot scootin off? What, what, what? Skank is way out of line considering Skank started out on her back and is still on her back working her way to the top.

    Polecat why didn't you grab that b!tch by her stringy hair and drag her ass back and stump it, I'd slap the taste out of Skank's mouth, that b!tch would think I was Cujo when I got done with her, or you can funk her to death, isn't that the same dress you've had on for a few days now?

    Look Polecat I only live 2 hours from Chicago, I'll gladly run over and kick the sh!t out of Skank for you and if I see the Newman jet fly over I have my laser lights ready.
    I'm going to pay the waiter to muck up your meal.

    Old lying dog, last week Skank said " lets freak them all out " and today she's worried about what people will say.

    Poor, poor Lucy, thank God for her grandma coming to the rescue. Daniel you are worse than Daisy, you got her drunk and left her alone with Lucy. Daniel you are going to cause your mother to lose her baby acting stupid. Ol Daisy is going to be your bridezilla. The bride from hell.

    Damn Eden are you in heat or just that easy, all these men wanting to do the nasty with you?

    Chelsea I'm so proud of you and Adam, you turned down the money and Adam cracked me up telling TGVN to think about how getting naked with Sharon will effect Nicholas and their kids. Shank sure don't think about no one but herself.

    Nick you did good today also, telling grandpa Sictor and Skank that you don't give a damn what Skank does. Woo Hoo for you.

    Have a great soapville weekend and put a smile on those lips.

    We miss you Nanas3, I could end up with Alzheimer's without you keeping my brain sharp. I better stop, I wished for Victor to come back and now look at what he's done.

    Posted by aqua23 at Friday, May 11 2012 02:44 AM

    Jackass is yelling for Sarge and looking strange. Did he have a accident on himself are is he about to walk again?

    Jackass can't walk and Adam went blind for real, Tucker lost his memory, why can't TGVN have a stroke?

    Posted by Ebybrowempoly at Friday, May 11 2012 03:39 AM

    oh daniel that is how you protect your kid. you made sure daisy passed out and then you leave . what if something happen to lucy . what if there was a fire. we know why you did it but you are no better than your mother now.i thought you were better than that to pull one of your mother tricks. then you are talking to another woman on your wedding night. i hope daisy finaly see what you are up to . so eden what do you think of a man getting his wife drunk left her passed out on ther wedding night with the baby. so daisy takes lucy and they are leaving town cause daisy see wat daniel is up to . there is a bad car crash and both diasy and lucy dies . phyllis flips out and she lose the baby. daniel feels so bad cause deep down he knows he is the cause of it all. he leaves town.

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