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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    It's A Blueberry!

    Monday, May 07 2012
    Nick and Phyllis go to the hospital, Nikki and Jack make a decision, and Sharon decides to go for it.

    In Victor's office, he steps back after Sharon kisses him, and then goes in for another kiss. Nikki arrives, and Victor tells her he already knows about Nick and Phyllis. Nikki imagines that they don't like it, but says it will happen regardless of what others think. She tells Sharon to move on, adding that it's great she has a work project to concentrate on. After, Sharon tells Victor she doesn't regret kissing him. Victor's glad, but feels it should be a one-time thing. Sharon says everyone will criticize her regardless - so she might as well do what she wants. She says, "Let's freak 'em out." Victor asks what they do now. Sharon suggests they figure it out over a drink.

    At the Abbott house, Jack hangs up from Nikki as Ashley comes in. She's ignoring calls from Tucker. They discuss Kyle. Jacks says he's working for and living with Victor. He feels he's really screwed things up. Jack asks about Tucker. She says Genevieve and Tucker have known each other for decades. Jack marvels at them keeping this a secret. Ashley says she's not even up to seeing Tucker right now - she's going to stay in the pool house tonight. Jack laments about lies of omission and hopes Tucker learns his lesson. He mentions Nikki is coming over. Ashley says he won't work things out with Kyle easily with Nikki in his life. Nikki arrives, and Ashley exits. Jack explains that she's upset about Tucker. Jack tells Nikki he feels like he's jerking her around, but he has show Kyle he wants to be his father before it's too late. Nikki says they can't see each other anymore. They kiss, and she leaves.

    At Jimmy's, Eden and Kyle flirt. She tries to talk to him about Jack, but he deflects, asking her if she's seeing anyone else. She says no one serious. They bicker about music and then he leans over and kisses her. He wants to bring her to the ranch.

    Neil and Harmony meet at Crimson Lights. They bicker after Neil tries to get her to sit with him. She steps away to take a call and Sofia and Moses appear. Harmony sees them interacting, makes a comment about how lucky they are, and goes. Later, when Neil asks distracted, Sofia asks if he's thinking about Harmony. She says she saw the look in his eye when she walked out, and demands to know if he has feelings for her. Neil says, "Yes." Sofia tears up.

    Tucker gets drunk at Gloworm. Harmony happens along and asks if he's okay. Tucker says Ashley's not taking his calls. He talks about getting his act together and trying to be who everyone wants you to be, but the universe doesn't care. He admits he misses his wife, and tells Harmony he's proud of her helping people. She tells him she'll drive him home.

    In the hospital, Phyllis tells Nick to be realistic about what could happen, adding that she may not have been pregnant at all - maybe she just saw what she wanted to see on the test. Nick talks her down - she's scared. Nick says he loves her and that won't change no matter what the doctor says. He talks about fighting, making up, making out, and playing video games. The doctor appears and confirms she's pregnant. Phyllis asks, "Am I losing the baby?" He says spotting isn't uncommon in the first trimester, and the baby is about the size of a blueberry - all appears to be fine. The doctor goes, and Nick exclaims, "It's a blueberry!" Phyllis giggles, "A healthy blueberry." They kiss.

    In the dark at the ranch, Kyle giggles as Eden frets over being caught in his room. They make out until she hears Segundo bark. They stop to discuss protection, and Eden says she's glad he put the brakes on. He thinks she's going to leave, but she merely locks the door.

    Harmony gets Tucker into his office, where he whines that there's still no word from Ashley. She suggests he sober up and call her in the morning. He launches into questioning what marriage is really about and the mood turns darker. Harmony says goodnight, and Tucker notices she's sad. He hugs her and they end up making out. They hit the sheets. Ashley walks in on them. Tucker gasps, "Oh, God!"

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Jack tells Tucker, "You don't come in here making demands, not after what you pulled!"

    Sofia says to Neil, "Wasn't there something in our marriage vows about being honest with each other?"

    At AA, Katherine and Nikki listen as Harmony says, "He's married, this guy I was with; I used him."

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by juann at Friday, May 04 2012 04:57 PM

    I'm sad that Jack and Nikki broke things off. I was really hoping these two would stay together.

    I kind of actually feel bad for Sofia even though we all knew this was coming.

    Kyle and Eden...Ewwwww.

    Tucker got drunk and hit the sheets with Harmony. I think Harmony did this to try and forget about Neil and Tucker is a stupid fool. Ashley just got an eyeful and I would say this marriage is over.

    Have a great weekend everybody.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Friday, May 04 2012 08:13 PM

    Look at old Vic, going in for seconds. Nikki, remember you told Sharon to move on, which I don't understand. You didn't want her with Nick either, but she is with Vic.

    Dang, Ashley walked in on Tucker and Harmony. Ooops!

    Posted by ajsp35801 at Friday, May 04 2012 10:30 PM

    Tucker nd They have excellent chemistry. Doubly hot! This could be Y&Rs next great couple. tucker needs to let Ashley go. Get with Harmony, someone he can be himself with. and I do believe we are in for mother bundle of joy for them. Lol

    No words for Shictor. Just nasty.

    Phick's baby...I don't care. Why o they even need a bby anyway? Move both these people on.

    Posted by bikette at Saturday, May 05 2012 08:23 AM

    Nick exclaims, "It's a blueberry." He!! I'm surprised it's not a stapler with all the desk sex those two had.

    Posted by Coastie at Saturday, May 05 2012 08:39 AM

    @juann, Kyle and Eden are a heck of a lot easier to understand than The Lovely Sharon with The Gray Victor Newman!!

    Of course Sharon DID marry the man before.....

    Posted by simscb at Saturday, May 05 2012 03:59 PM

    Sharon! Sharon! All I can think about is Bonnie Raitt's song, "Let's Give Them Something To Talk About."

    You don't care what everyone will be saying now that you are going to be "with Victor." You are going to self-destruct in a New York Second.

    You made the first move and kissed Victor, then, he just couldn't resist the woman he has said that he loves as his daughter, and kisses you right back. "What do we do now?" "Let's get a drink and talk about it."

    DANG! Both of you have really lost it.

    I'll bet his "soldier" stood at attention this time. Good Grief!


    Posted by simscb at Saturday, May 05 2012 04:24 PM

    Well, Ashley, since you decided to have a temper tantrum about Tucker and Genevieve's past, you catch him in bed with Harmony. Pack your things, honey and go to the Abbott Mansion because I think this is it for your marriage.Sophia told Neil he is an honest man. Since when? Now you know he hots for Harmony.

    You should know by now that you can love Neil the Heel with all your heart, but I have yet to hear him say that to you. Your marriage is one of convenience for Baby Moses. Neil is NOT into YOU. Pack your things and Moses' clothes and go find Malcolm. (I am still wondering about their night in the room in GCAC.) Were they just playing Tiddly Winks?

    Posted by notodo at Saturday, May 05 2012 05:53 PM

    Be careful what you ask Sophia, if you are not prepare for the answer.......

    Posted by notodo at Saturday, May 05 2012 05:57 PM

    Dang! Why couldn't that baby be the size of a tangerine....then maybe it would have been someone else's like maybe Ronan......anybody but Nick (though he's not one of my favorite characters.....

    Nick doesn't know that Phyllis was stepping out on him before he slept with her sister

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Sunday, May 06 2012 03:57 AM

    Hi Everyone!

    Well the program starts where it ended Friday with Share-a-bed and the Turd in a lip lock! They pull apart looking surprised AND HE KISSES HER AGAIN! YUCK and double YUCK! He tells her that this will just be a one time thing and they will go on from here, and she says, “What if it isn’t just a one time thing?” She is actually throwing herself at him!

    Nickie goes to the Turd’s office where he and Share-a-bed are making out and KNOCKS ON THE DOOR! When the LLEH does she EVER knock on the door first, and when in the LLEH is the door ever locked! LOL

    Nickie and Jack just told each other that they can’t see each other anymore because of Pyle. She’ll be headed back to the ranch now! Uh Oh! The Turd and Share-a-bed have just decided to go have a drink and discuss them dating and not giving a damn about what anyone else says. They are probably going to stop off at the nearest drug store to stock up on Depends, Ben Gay, and Viagra (the trinity of the geriatric crowd)! This is NOT going to go well with Pole Cat!!!!! She is exactly like Share-a-bed; she can’t stand not having a man either!

    Nickie and Share-a-bed look like the Bobbsie Twins in those dresses! LOL

    Neil’s after YoHo again! So what else is new….moving along. I’ve never noticed it before, but YoHo’s face is darker than her throat and chest! Does she use dark makeup on her face? Sophia shows up with Moses and flat out asks if he has feelings for YoHo, and he finally admits it but can’t even look at her! Good for you girl! Let him know that you KNOW what is going on!

    Broomhilda and Nugget are in the hospital waiting for the tests results to come back. She REALLY looks strange in that hospital gown! I’m surprised she didn’t turn it around backwards to be able to show off her chest and shoulders! LOL The baby is fine!

    Wow! I think Tucker and YoHo should be paired together! They are hot!!!!!! Oh No! Ashley just walked in on them in bed!

    Pyle snuck Eden into his “wing” at the ranch. I wonder if it is the wing that Diane was working on? Maybe when Share-a-bed and the Turd get there, they can make it a foursome! LOL

    Was it just me? When Share-a-bed was talking to the Turd, she said that she decided that, no matter what she did people were going to talk about her. so she might as well do whatever she wants! It sounded like she was talking to US! LOL

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