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    Wednesday, April 25 2012
    Neil and Harmony reach an agreement, Lauren gives Michael an explanation, and Tucker worries about his marriage.

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    Posted by bruceyboy at Wednesday, April 25 2012 04:28 AM

    AND furthermore, I WANT TO SAY that I absolutely blame Phyllis for everything ....

    When my hair started to disappear in the 1990's I blamed that B! Then, when hair started popping out of other places that it hadn't before, I blamed that B! On my return flight from San Francisco the last time I flew out there I had to sit by this stunning gorgeous (next to me of course) young man ... it made the trip unbearable .... SO I BLAMED THAT B!

    Finally yesterday the boss brought in doughnuts and I have four ... yes FOUR of them .. and it was PHYLIS' fault.

    THAT B!

    Posted by queenmoe06 at Wednesday, April 25 2012 04:36 AM

    Morning All! Today's episode seems to be O.K. I think I'm going to watch it!
    Neil: take your horny ass home and deal with your "Wife"! Don't go to Kay's house, expecting to have couch sex!
    Yoho: If you don't want to break up a marrige, might I suggest you stop FLIRTING with a married man! Go to AA, you Marta-Harri!
    Daisy: STFU! Philthy is much more DECENT than I am! I would have beat you like a pinata! What in the Hell is Daniel going to do? NOTHING....that's what!
    Sypllis: Why would you go to the police station? Are you working for the GCPD now?
    Michael: STFU! I understand that you're upset about your wife, but PHILTHY isn't the ONLY 1 who knew about the Gun! I like to see you do that to Jill! #punk
    Tucker: Just get a damn divorce from that higher-than mighty b!tch! (sorry HEYMON,but she is!)
    Ash-4-brains: Why are you mad @ Kay? Don't make me go to GC with my sneakers! You knew who & what Tucker was BEFORE you married him. Why are you trying to change him? It's funny how you're giving him all this GRIEF, yet when you were married to Mumbles, you look the other way! STFU DUMBASS!!

    Posted by FL senior fan at Wednesday, April 25 2012 04:37 AM

    Give us some more of Gloria/Jeffery; and Adam/Chelsea please.
    Perhaps the writers are still trying how to satisfy the viewers with an exciting continuation of Adam/Chelsea...what's in the future for them, jobs, whatever?
    Perhaps Michael will have Gloria find them a home now since he wants to give up the condo near Daisy? As successful as Michael is, with the big money Victor obviously pays to retain him, I'd like to see Michael/Lauren in a nice country home, perhaps GATED community!

    Posted by aqua23 at Wednesday, April 25 2012 04:39 AM

    Posted by MsChief at Wednesday, April 25 2012 04:00 AM

    Yes Chelsea is definitely having second thoughts.

    We know what harmony is addicted to...what is Neil addicted to?

    I'm sure there will be plenty of responses for this question....

    Heel is addicted to banging women and booze.

    Posted by queenmoe06 at Wednesday, April 25 2012 04:39 AM

    ********SPOILER ALERT****************************************
    I would like to start off by telling the Sharon fans SORRY!!!!

    NB confirmed that Sharon's "new" man is actually none other than Victor. This was on his online (by subscription at $2.49 per issue) column in issue #27. Apparently, it will be a romance that won't for the foreseeable future include matrimony. Anyway... there you have it.


    Posted by MsChief at Wednesday, April 25 2012 04:39 AM

    and how could I forget, Moses is adorable.

    Posted by aqua23 at Wednesday, April 25 2012 04:42 AM

    Posted by bruceyboy at Wednesday, April 25 2012 04:24 AM

    AQUA MY PET .... it is one thing to chastise our dear BROOKSIE ..... but you DID NOT tell her you continue to love her as all us do ....

    HEE HEE.....


    You're right Bruceyboy, just were are my manners today, I love you Brooksie.

    Posted by MsChief at Wednesday, April 25 2012 04:42 AM

    WITW would she do that?

    Are times that hard?

    Posted by da_kid at Wednesday, April 25 2012 04:52 AM

    I can't speak for Brooksie, but I did not mean to offend anyone with the discussion on grammar. Sometimes,even when I proofread what I post, I still miss things, especially when I have to do it quckly because the screen is only up for a short period of time. I'm so afraid of losing my post. Sometimes when I read what I have posted, I can't believe that I didn't spot certain errors, but I try to keep errors to a minimum only because that is just me. I love the English language, and hate to see it destroyed, but I will back off, Bruceboy. Thank you for commenting in a friendly way instead of lashing out like some posters do.

    In our defense, there have been posters who had so many errors,we could not figure out what their message was, or what they were trying to say.

    Posted by bruceyboy at Wednesday, April 25 2012 04:56 AM

    Well QUEEN, if that is true re Sharon's new romance being ol' Victor, it is PHYLLIS' fault!

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