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    Wednesday, April 25 2012
    Neil and Harmony reach an agreement, Lauren gives Michael an explanation, and Tucker worries about his marriage.

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    Posted by HeyMon at Wednesday, April 25 2012 03:17 AM

    There Ashley goes again, sabotaging another relationship with her high expectations. Ashley, you know who Tucker McCall was before you married him. If a guy was willing to take/steal Chancellor Industries away from his own Mother, who did you really think you were marrying. You want the billionaire's wife life-style, but you won't cut the guy some slack.

    Why? Because of Jabot and Jack? That's part of Jack's problem growing up, you will defend him no matter what Jack does. But you won't give Tucker any slack at all.

    There -- I wrote a harsh word against Ashley. That was tough.


    Posted by bellydance at Wednesday, April 25 2012 03:40 AM

    Heymon, well said . well said ...

    Posted by Ebybrowempoly at Wednesday, April 25 2012 03:41 AM

    so neil has a itch in his pants and he wants not his wife but a junkie to take care of it. i wonder wht devon will say when hefinds out that yoho and the perfect dad are trying to hook up beind his fathers wife back while she is home with thier son. i wonde if yoho junkie street ways is what draws him to her. so much of her is like dru. to bad she is here she would whip yoho butt along with neil. where is her ghost why hasn't she come to see neil or devon or lily . she isn't dead she is somewhere and when yoho has neil where she wants him gues who could pop up and blow it all out of the water.

    michael has a right to be mad at lauren phyllis and jill. sick of lauren and her whinning she is starting to sound like phyllis when she don't get her way .

    i have to laugh when i see phyllis now of days . sh is always sying what a weak person sharon was . but look at phyllis the once strong woman . she is no better than a whinning baby. oh nick i need you i didn't get what i wanted so you need to be there for me. i lost lucy i have to wait for six months . i can't take it. well who is there for daniel . he is hr=unrting as well right i mean he said he love lucy after all she is his baby .oh phyllis forgot to tell you daniel when you get lucy back you will lose her because the big bad reds is going to take her from you. she will tell you that you are not able to take care of kucy after all you did lose her. so you need to give her to me and just go away . me and my two daughters will be find and nick can be lucy daddy.

    Posted by Texanne at Wednesday, April 25 2012 03:55 AM

    Looks like Tucker and Ashley are soon to be finito. So is Tucker going to go after Harmony? Neil will have some competition which will probably drive him into Harmony's arms. Sofia might as well hire a good divorce attorney because it's curtains for that marriage if you want to call it a marriage.

    Katherine is always good for some comedic relief. I just love her. She keeps this soap opera afloat.

    Tomorrow it says Vikki tells Victor today is the day for the adoption. Vikki don't you know by now that anytime you tell Victor something, he will screw it up for you? Although it looks like Chelsea is having second thoughts.

    Posted by MsChief at Wednesday, April 25 2012 04:00 AM

    Yes Chelsea is definitely having second thoughts.

    We know what harmony is addicted to...what is Neil addicted to?

    I'm sure there will be plenty of responses for this question....

    Posted by bruceyboy at Wednesday, April 25 2012 04:19 AM

    NOW let's take a moment to ponder MSCHIEF'S query about whatever it is that NEIL-BANGS-A-LOT could be addicted too ...

    HMMMM ,,,,

    Posted by bruceyboy at Wednesday, April 25 2012 04:24 AM

    AQUA MY PET .... it is one thing to chastise our dear BROOKSIE ..... but you DID NOT tell her you continue to love her as all us do ....

    HEE HEE.....

    Posted by FL senior fan at Wednesday, April 25 2012 04:25 AM

    I guess I won't watch LIVE today. I can't stand that ridiculous sweater top Phyllis has on....with the sleeves over her hand knuckles...what's with that?!!

    Nice that Michael offers for them to move...they should & hope they do as soon as Lauren gets sprung from jail. It's been stupid that they did not have a restraining order out on Daisy long ago. Wonder if Daisy will take one out? EITHER WAY, IT SHOULD KEEP THEM APART and that's what is needed.

    Posted by MsChief at Wednesday, April 25 2012 04:26 AM

    LOL bruceyboy, I knew it was coming, I'm sure there's more to come...

    Posted by FL senior fan at Wednesday, April 25 2012 04:27 AM

    Just another's so cute Kathrine helping at Fenmore's store. Seniors do work, and it was cute seeing this in the storyline. Ole Kathrine is still one sharp cookie isn't she; and she caught on to Neil/Harmony as well.

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