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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!


    Wednesday, April 25 2012
    Neil and Harmony reach an agreement, Lauren gives Michael an explanation, and Tucker worries about his marriage.

    At the Chancellor estate, Neil gives Katherine some contracts he tweaked. Katherine marvels that he came all the way there for that - she thinks the trip was about Harmony. She says she hopes they work it out - they've all come so far. Once alone, Harmony reads Neil the riot act for coming there. Neil tells her she can't avoid him and Sofia or Devon will notice - and he will too. Neil admits he missed her today. Harmony can't act like nothing's changed - she really liked the kiss, and can't be around him. Neil husks that the kiss meant something to him too. Harmony doesn't want to make trouble for him. Neil thinks they can become friends. Harmony reminds him she's an addict - temptation is too much for her. Neil says he's an addict too. They agree to stay away from each other. Neil gets a call from Sofia and leaves.

    At the Club bar, Ashley asks Tucker why he wants to start this Beauty of Nature stuff again. They bicker about the 'business opportunity' Genevieve's offered him. Ashley doesn't want him associating with Gen, and asks him to walk away. Tucker doesn't know if he can do what she's asking. Ashley wonders if he and Sofia fell out over Beauty of Nature. Tucker admits that it was all a set-up. Hurt, Ashley storms off. Harmony arrives and Tucker says he feels like a disappointment to Ashley. He's not sure he can cut it where marriage is concerned. Harmony asks why he's telling her. He shrugs and says maybe because she's seen him at his worst.

    At the penthouse door, Nick and Phyllis act skeptical of Daisy's story about Lauren. Daisy insists the cops just arrested her. Nick tries to placate Daisy, but Phyllis isn't buying her innocence in the scenario. Daisy says she just wants to talk to Daniel. Phyllis tells her Daniel is out of town.

    Michael and Avery arrive at the police station. Jill informs them that Daisy was taunting Lauren. An officer tells Michael that Lauren won't be arraigned until tomorrow. Avery goes to change that. Michael is upset that Lauren had a gun and Jill knew about it. Michael goes to see Lauren. Nick and Phyllis arrive. Phyllis tells Jill she knew Lauren had a gun as well. Avery reappears and says she couldn't get the arraignment moved up.

    In the interrogation room, Lauren tells Michael she knew he wouldn't approve of the gun, and he'd think she was unstable, but she needed to feel in control. Michael points out that she lost control today. Lauren says something snapped when she mentioned Fen. Michael sighs, "And you bought into that?" Lauren says she was afraid. Michael says he loves her, but they can't keep living this way. He decides they will move out of their apartment. Michael rejoins the others upstairs and Lauren is taken to her cell. Phyllis admits to Michael she knew about the gun. He grabs her in anger that she didn't tell him and prevent all this. Phyllis protests that Lauren confided in her. Avery jumps in, saying emotions are running high right now. Michael hollers at Phyllis that she could have prevented this, and leaves.

    At Fenmore's, Katherine offers to help while Jill, upset over Lauren, takes care of some things. They have a laugh over Katherine working the sales floor. Katherine rings up a sale much to a customer's delight. Kay rolls her eyes at the customer's gushing. Ashley arrives. Katherine says how glad she is that they can talk now. They discuss the situation with Sofia - Ashley says she has no problem with Tucker confiding in Katherine, but leaves hastily. Jill watches her go. Katherine tells Jill, "It was something I said."

    Nick and Phyllis return to the penthouse and kiss. She's glad he's been there for her; it helps.

    On the coffee house patio, Michael tells Avery that Lauren admitted she snapped. He muses that they've been down this road before - he's terrified at what might happen next. Avery tries to reassure him, but Michael worries that Lauren may not be able to leave the house again.

    Neil arrives at Crimson Lights and Sofia tells him Moses sat up all by himself today. Neil is proud.

    In her cell, Lauren flashes back to being held captive by Daisy. She cries, "It's never going to end."

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Jack has two men from the SEC in his living room regarding his lawsuit against Genevieve. They tell him his wasn't the only lawsuit.

    Nikki tells Victor that today is the day Victoria adopts her son.

    Chelsea says to Adam, "Maybe it's a sign that I saw him on the day I'm supposed to give him up."

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Tuesday, April 24 2012 03:48 PM

    Hi Everyone!

    You go Kathryn! Neil and YoHo sure can’t pull the wool over her eyes! Givem’ LLEH! Kathryn has given everyone in town THE TALK now except the one that needs it the most….THE TURD!!! She is now the official Gandhi of GC! LOL

    Neil and YoHo BOTH should know better! Settle with Sophia, Neil, before you go sniffin’ around YoHo! Neil tells YoHo they are going to put everything on the table right now! What the LLEH does Neil have to PUT ON THE TABLE? (Other than a table cloth) LOL

    How is it that Michael can pull strings for the Turd and get hearings set up for the same day/evening, but he can’t do it for his OWN WIFE!

    Oh God! We have to put up with “Puppet Hands” Broomhilda again today! And she is still waving them around! Just put a little lipstick on the thumb area, some eyes on the knuckles and – WA LA – Lamb Chop! LOL

    I’m glad Lauren told Michael that Crazy was stalking Fen, but I guess it doesn’t matter, Michael just told her that they could not continue to live this way! I HOPE HE MEANS THAT THEY ARE GOING TO MOVE! Whew! He just told Lauren that they would HAVE to move now. Maybe they can get Angelo’s old house and be next door to Kevin and Chloe! Oh NOW Michael is going to be mad at Broomhilda for not telling him about the gun. For once she kept her mouth shut when someone asked her not to tell something, and I agree with her! Am I going crazy, what did I just say, what did I just say, what did I just say (in my best repeating Broomhilda voice)! LOL

    Ashley is really getting down on Tucker for not confiding in her EVERY LITTLE DETAIL of his business decisions; does SHE tell him everything that is going on at Jabot?

    Kathryn is working the floor at Fenmore’s! LOL Is she ringing ANYTHING up? I don’t even see a cash register! LOL

    Posted by bellydance at Tuesday, April 24 2012 05:01 PM

    Who wrote yesterday storyline.So untrue, even in Texas, you have the right to put people out of you place of business. What happen to Lauren order aganist Daisey to keep her distance from her and her family.? She should not have been arrested.. That was so " STUPID "...
    Neil, Go away, dirty, dirty dogg !!... he will never change..
    Victor, I hope you do not get control of B O N again. Work that out writers..
    I hope Jack find out about the SEC sting from the start , when they were trying to set Adam up.....

    OH, my goodness.. what a show... OMG... SMH !!!

    If Billy had not bought Lucy from crazy Lady, there is no telling where the baby would be by now or with who... But Phyllis, still has not realized how Billy and Victoria felt..She wants to blame everything on everybody, except herself...Peace Out .. !!!

    Sophia, walk out on Dirty Neil, fast quick and in a hurry...Ask his last wife Karen !!!

    Posted by juann at Tuesday, April 24 2012 05:07 PM

    Neil and Sofia both admit that they enjoyed the kiss, but agree to stay away from each other. In soap terms this means they will be hitting the sheets next week!

    Ashley, I understand your disappointment and frustration, but when you married Tucker you knew he was just like Victor when it comes to business and business always comes first with these guys.

    With that said, I do hope Tucker and Ashley can get over this rough patch cause I do like them together.

    Look at Katherine working the sales floor!! You go girl!!

    Here we go again with Lauren and her flashbacks and her craziness. Is this ever going to end?!

    Have a great night everybody!

    Posted by Coastie at Tuesday, April 24 2012 07:10 PM

    Thanks to da_kid and Tweete- y'all got me laughing so hard about FeFe's wardrobe!!

    Temptation - the elixir of addicts!

    Hermoney has some great advice to Mother Tucker- tell your wife!

    There goes Grumpy Granny- stress must raise her libido.

    Look @ Moses, he's dressed in little blue jeans!

    Posted by kmc320 at Tuesday, April 24 2012 08:26 PM

    Ol Big bad Phyllass can't resist LilNikki's charm. Her kryptonite. An Old fool, heifer

    Tucker as many time as DumAsh has been married she has no clue about being a wife. thank goodness she hasn't lost her mind... YET.

    Let's drop Neil off in the Mojave desert and if he makes it back he can have any woman he wants OR h311 both of 'em

    Posted by kmc320 at Tuesday, April 24 2012 08:32 PM

    I'm still LMAO over the united Baptist women's fenmore voucher. I want one for Va Slims, 1.75 Absolut and $100 gas voucher. ٩(̃-̮̃-)۶ ◠‿◠ ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀

    Katherine you ain't no spring hen's biddy but you know what's going on with Neil wanting YoHo

    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, April 24 2012 08:54 PM

    I predict Neil and Harmony will stay away from each other for about five minutes.

    Ashley you married Victor and Tucker, knowing full well what they were all about. Stop acting like it's a shock to you. Business comes first, family comes in second.

    A night in jail will do Lauren some good. She should have been in jail years ago.

    Michael, your good friend Hilda didn't tell you about the gun because she was baiting your wife into shooting Daisy. She is all about someone else doing her dirty work.

    I thought Broom was so strong and independent that she didn't need any help from Nick. She is about as needy as some say Sharon is.

    Posted by aqua23 at Tuesday, April 24 2012 09:52 PM

    Posted by Princess Pickles at Tuesday, April 24 2012 06:31 AM

    Phyllis could save the world and people on this board would STILL find reason to blame/hate her, I don't get it, everything isn't Phyllis's fault. This board might as well be renamed the "I hate Phyllis board", it's all that ever seems to be talked about......

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------... />
    ITA: Not to worry Princess Pickle, Shank fans try to haze anyone who don't agree with the pack. Some even had to take a years vacation trying to haze me. You write whatever you want to, good, bad, about Shank, Phyllis are whom ever. Have a great day lady.

    Now Brooksie when did you get to be Chief Po Po of grammar and then misspelled one of your words? I really think Bruceyboy said it best as always:

    Posted by bruceyboy at Tuesday, April 24 2012 06:00 AM

    " I must respectfully disagree with my learned colleagues BROOKSIE and DA_KID with respect to the way some of us (and I one of the worst) let go of proper writing skills when posting to this board ... AND I KNOW THIS WILL COME ACROSS as an excuse ...

    I write/correct/proofread all the damn day at work and then two nights a week at school ...

    SO I COME ON THIS BOARD to have fun .... I care NOT what or how my writing skills/spelling/grammer etc. (or lack thereof) come across

    CAUSE I KNOW y'ALL love me and I AM NOT applying for doctorial degree on this board!

    So there!"

    Hopefully we can get back to having fun posting without having to worry about a misspelled word. So deer Brookc put a cap on it. Utter than that I have nuttin else to say on this subject. Loosen up will you.

    Posted by aqua23 at Tuesday, April 24 2012 10:19 PM

    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, April 24 2012 09:39 AM

    Posted by aqua23 at Monday, April 23 2012 11:05 PM

Posted by

    Coastie at Monday, April 23 2012 02:46 PM

    Everyone (except aqua23) blames Phyllass for Crazy Daisy having custody of Little Lucy!!

Here we go again.

Have you noticed that some Shank fans don't always tell the truth?


Did someone just admit to telling little white lies?
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------... />
    Well since you mentioned it yes. I saw Avery go to court and get Daisy released from prison, Phyllis was not in court , and you saw this:

    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, April 24 2012 09:36 AM

    " Hilda is certifiable crazy. She had the nerve to ask Avery if she's gonna help, like when she got Daisy out of jail. " Tramp, you got Daisy out of jail. " Then she said she feels the need to hit something."

    I stand by my statement.

    Posted by aqua23 at Tuesday, April 24 2012 11:48 PM

    Hi All Peeps

    The name of the show today is Temptation.

    That's not true at all, there is nothing tempting about Neil the heel are Yoho aka Harne as in Har money/Ne il.

    They wasted half of the show today with these two freaks.

    Kay goes to Fenmores to talk to Jill who is reopening the store but is short of help ( I guess the pay is not that good ) so Kay fills in as a sales clerk. Jill has paper work to do. Now before Annie got her gun, they only had two non shopping customers until Daisy came in to shop and got run out by Lauren with a gun.

    Miss Ashley came in to pick up a gift for John ( Ashley the party was last week ) and Kay tells her about Tucker and FeFe's rue's. Tucker just told Ashley and she is upset that Kay was told before she was.

    Lauren will have to spend the night in jail. Michael is upset and blame Phyllis for Lauren pulling the gun on Daisy. Michael must be a Shank fan cause it don't have to make any sense to blame Phyllis, just do it. Michael says Phyllis should have told him, I say your wife should have told you.

    Well TGVN's going to get Michael because he still haven't called the SEC and he is now back at CL with his shadow Avery.

    Lauren is going crazy being locked up, she is having flashbacks of being held in the cage by Daisy. Lauren when you point a gun at someone, this can and is likely what will happen. Lauren, Michael has always protected you but now you don't feel safe.

    I can't wait to see tomorrows show:

    " Jack has two men from the SEC in his living room regarding his lawsuit against Genevieve. They tell him his wasn't the only lawsuit. "

    How come Genevieve haven't said anything about a second lawsuit? Who filed the second lawsuit, Colon, Victor, who?

    " Nikki tells Victor that today is the day Victoria adopts her son.

    Chelsea says to Adam, "Maybe it's a sign that I saw him on the day I'm supposed to give him up."

    Is Chelsea having second thoughts?

    I know it's all Phyllis's fault. It's pretty sad to have such a cold heart and be so unforgiving from 1994 to 2012, It's just a soap.

    Have a great soapville day and put a smile on those lips.

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