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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

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    Cookies To Sell?

    Monday, April 23 2012
    Daniel has his day in court, Victor visits Jack's house, and Harmony and Sofia face-off.

    Nick pays Victor a visit at home and tells him about what happened with Daniel at Crimson Lights. He asks him to call in some favors to make sure Daniel gets Lucy in court. Victor refuses, saying the SEC is breathing down his neck.

    In court, Daisy takes the stand to say she wants Lucy to have two parents - anyone who loved their child would want the same thing. She blames everything on Phyllis, saying she tried to take her baby to make up for losing custody of Daniel in the past. Phyllis steps out and tells Avery she wants to rip Daisy's face off! Avery tells her to trust Daniel. They sit, and come to an understanding about George's book. Avery says she'd like to be part of Lucy's life. Phyllis agrees. On the stand, Daniel tells the court he loves Lucy. He explains that his mother urged him to fight for her because one day he would want to be her father - she was right. Daniel describes how he felt when she went missing - it was sheer terror. The judge calls a recess, and then returns to say that Daisy will retain custody and the matter will be revisited in six months. Michael goes out to tell Phyllis and Avery. Phyllis is livid. In the court, Daisy tells Daniel he wouldn't let himself love her, and says he can't see Lucy until he accepts how much she loves their baby. Daniel joins the others. Michael gives him a pep talk. Michael tells Phyllis last night's incident influenced the judge. Phyllis is going to fix it.

    At Crimson Lights, Sofia apologizes to Neil for her ruse with Tucker. He murmurs that they're past it. She says she didn't hear him come in last night. Neil stammers that he was with Lily and Cane at the studio. Sofia says, "And Harmony?" Neil walks to the counter and Harmony enters and bumps into him. Sofia watches and asks Neil about the tension. He steps away, and Sofia confronts Harmony, warning her not to keep her husband away from his family again. Sarge watches and approaches Harmony. She drags him over to Neil and Sofia and introduces him as her boyfriend. Everyone eyeballs everyone else. Sarge goes along with it. Sofia and Sarge leave. Neil confronts her about her lie. Harmony insists it's true. Later, Sarge sneaks up and kisses Harmony's cheek on the patio. He teases her about being into him, and asks what her sponsor would say. She tells him to back the hell up.

    Michael reassures Avery at the Club, and reflects about the incident the previous night. They joke about dumping on each other. Avery says Phyllis is lucky to have him as a friend. Michael laughs that there's plenty of him to go around.

    At Restless Style, Ricky is on the phone trying to get the scoop on Daniel's hearing. Phyllis and Nick enter. She fires Ricky, saying he set-up the incident the night before, and asks what he got for it. Ricky mocks her over Daisy winning custody. Nick shoves him into the elevator. Later, Daniel appears and mentions leaving town. Phyllis argues, but he says he'll just go for a week. Phyllis is moved when he says Lucy is his daughter and he wants to fight to raise her.

    Nikki brings Jack treats at home. She tells him she ran into Victor and fell off her horse. Jack confronts her about letting Victor get to her, and how they were going to take things slow. He thinks maybe they are a mistake. Nikki and Jack argue about her still loving Victor. Nikki steps out to take a call and Victor comes to the door. Jack asks if he has cookies to sell. Victor says he came out of concern for Nikki's sobriety. Jack says she only has those issues when Victor's involved. Nikki intervenes and tells Victor they're done. Jack muses that Victor doesn't want her here. Nikki asks him to concentrate on her, not Victor.

    Ricky joins Daisy at home and jokes about Phyllis's face turning the same color as her hair. He becomes frustrated when Daisy doesn't thank him, saying he just got fired. Daisy shrugs that he wanted to stick it to Phyllis, and he did, so they're done. Ricky laughs and says he's just getting started - he wants to write a tell-all on Phyllis's sins.

    Neil rushes into the Club and asks Sofia what the emergency is. She says, "This," and kisses him. She's got them a room upstairs and doesn't want to talk. Neil pulls her up the steps.

    Victor returns home and balls up a note from Genevieve, throwing the accompanying plant in the trash.

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Phyllis tells Avery she's exactly like their father.

    Genevieve tells Victor he's looking for a way to renege on their deal and asks what he's afraid of.

    Daisy tells Jill, "I'm not afraid of Lauren." Lauren aims a gun at her and says she should be.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Friday, April 20 2012 04:53 PM

    Glad Victor turned Nick down. I want Daisy to get Lucy so that Hilda can know how Victoria felt. She should have left well enough alone and Daisy exactly where she was, in prison. But she was so selfish and now it's backfired on her.

    What Daisy said about Hilda in court was true. Thank you judge, Daisy is retaining custody. Hilda you can't fix this. Just get on your broom and ride to Hell where you belong.

    Michael told Avery there is plenty of him to go around. Michael you bad boy.

    Jack asked Victor if he was selling cookies. Too funny. Didn't know Victor was a girl scout. He Vic, I'll take some lemon cookies.

    I must see this scene where Niel pulls Sofia up the stairs. Did they have to put it like that? (lol) Did he grab her by the hair like a cave man?

    Posted by juann at Friday, April 20 2012 05:37 PM

    Phyllis, you know what they say about karma. If you would of left Lucy with Victoria and Billy where she belonged, none of this would be happening. You had to stick your nose in it, and now look-Daisy has custody of Lucy. Keep your nose out of other people's business Phyllis.

    Phyllis, how many times can you fire Ricky? Billy should be the one doing the firing, not you.

    Michael and Avery sure have been spending lots of time leaning on one another lately. And Michael just told Avery there is plenty of him to go around.

    Lord Have Mercy. Neil is going to pull Sofia up the stairs. This I gotta see:-)

    Victor, Go Home. You are not wanted at Jack's house and Nikki just told you that it is done. Got to love Jack though asking Victor if he was selling Girl Scout Cookies!

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    Posted by juann at Friday, April 20 2012 05:38 PM

    *oops* should of said Loved the part where Jack asked Victor if he was selling cookies.

    Posted by IngaOlaf at Saturday, April 21 2012 12:14 AM

    Daisy tells Jill, "I'm not afraid of Lauren." Lauren aims a gun at her and says she should be.

    Ready, aim, fire, Lauren!

    Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!

    Posted by Coastie at Saturday, April 21 2012 10:48 AM

    Dickolas is not shy about asking TGVN to help "bend" a court's ruling for Phyllass?
    BH Ricky could file assault charges against Dickolas for throwing him around Restless Style like he did!

    It IS wrong that Grumpy Granny taught Little Lucy to call herself "Mom" - and Daisy testifying about it turned ol' Broom as red as her head!! :*
    Daniel's not making good parental choices by leaving Genoa City to pursue selling his art!

    Hermoney is still a "user" now she is using men!
    WTH is FeFe and Neil (the Heel) renting a room @ the club? To consummate their marriage?

    Did TGVN not read the fine print on his contract with Genevieve?

    ~~WAVING~~ to IngaOlaf!!

    Posted by Coastie at Saturday, April 21 2012 10:49 AM


    Posted by Coastie at Saturday, April 21 2012 10:49 AM

    Why isn't the red face working? :*

    Posted by kmc320 at Saturday, April 21 2012 11:27 AM

    *************SPOILERS FOR WEEK OF APRIL 23*****************

    Nikki grows frustrated by Jack and Victor’s bickering (Oh my chica, now is the time to take some alone time)

    Victor spurns Genevieve’s romantic gift (you already gifted him BoN, stupid)

    Genevieve wonders if Victor is trying to double cross her

    Victor vents his spleen on Michael (What did Mikey do)

    Harmony and Neil struggle to maintain their post-smooch equilibrium

    Sofia notices the tension and warns Harmony to keep her distance (I want to see if she twist her neck and wave the finger with her hand on her hip)

    Neil and Sofia’s coffee date is interrupted when Harmony introduces her boyfriend, Sarge

    Sofia realizes that Harmony is lying -GOOD

    Sarge calls Harmony on her deception

    Harmony chastises Sarge when he gives her a kiss (but he's your boyfriend)

    Sofia lures Neil to the club with a fake meeting

    Neil and Sofia head upstairs to the room Sofia booked (oh my)

    Daisy is granted custody of Lucy for another six months

    Daniel retains visitation rights

    Phyllis fires Ricky for interfering with Daniel’s case

    Daniel tells Phyllis he’s leaving Genoa City

    Phyllis is relieved when Daniel admits he loves his daughter

    Daisy thanks Ricky for a job well done

    Ricky tells Daisy that this is only the beginning – he looking into Phyllis’s
    past (I knew I could find something to like about that slimeball)

    Harmony avoids Tucker’s party for Devon’s song

    Neil can’t keep himself from watching for Harmony’s return

    Sofia unhappily notices Neil’s distraction

    Neil abruptly leaves the party for the Chancellor house

    Harmony is confronted by Neil

    The tension leaves Harmony struggling with her sobriety (Yeah Neil makes me want to hook the Lut up by IV) ٩(×̯×)۶

    Michael visits Lauren at the boutique and begs her to bring Fen home

    Lauren agrees to reunite their family (whew thank you)

    Michael leaves to prepare for Fen’s trip home

    Jill arrives at the store with Daisy hot on her heels

    Lauren demands that Daisy leave immediately

    Daisy refuses to go

    Lauren freaks out when Daisy admires the clothing she’s seen Fen wear to school

    Lauren gets her gun and threatens to shoot (Pop a cap in the butt)(O.O)

    Jill convinces Lauren to put the gun away

    Daisy leaves the shop as Lauren succumbs to anxiety

    The police arrive to arrest Lauren (Isn't that assbackward) Lauren's in her store and people are barred from stores all the times

    Lauren insists she was only protecting herself

    The police charge Lauren with assault with a deadly weapon

    News of Lauren’s arrest spreads

    Michael, Jill, Phyllis and Nick arrive at the station to support Lauren

    Michael is infuriated to learn that Jill and Phyllis knew about the gun

    Lauren is encouraged when Michael promises to get her out

    Michael worries when he’s unable to get a hearing until morning

    Lauren spends the night in jail

    Michael and Lauren agree to delay Fen’s return to Genoa City

    The Baldwins move out of their condo (I urged you to move in plex Neil lives)

    Nick is dumbfounded when Phyllis pulls a pregnancy test kit from a shopping bag (nah nahhh nahhh)٩(๏̯͡๏)۶

    Phyllis tells Nick she may be pregnant (Oh LAWDDD Noooo)(•̪●)

    Tucker’s plotting alienates Ashley

    The McCall’s marriage teeters on the edge of disaster

    Michael makes a distressing mistake

    Billy and Victoria hope for the best as Chelsea makes a decision

    Reed arrives for his new baby brother’s christening

    College grad Kyle makes an angry arrival in Genoa City when he learns that Jack
    is sleeping with his mother’s killer so that's why he's returning WOW

    A sneak peek at next week

    Kyle struggles with Jack’s betrayal

    Victor’s failure to make a deal with Michael pushes Lauren to an extreme

    Ashley discovers that Tucker has been hiding the truth about his past with

    Nick and Phyllis look to their future

    Cane is investigated by the SEC for what

    Down the road previews

    Eden’s storyline heats up for summer as Noah ponders a return from Manhattan

    Teenagers Summer and Fen find themselves back in the mix

    Jack is discomfited by Kyle’s alliance with Victor’s world

    Victor meddles with Jack’s relationships with Kyle and Nikki

    Nikki and Jack consider letting their relationship go for Kyle’s sake

    Jack is forced to make a painful decision

    Adam’s growing relationship with Chelsea sends Sharon into the embrace of a
    surprising new relationship

    Genoa City is shocked by Sharon’s latest choice

    Tucker’s teenage romance with Genevieve slowly erodes his marriage to Ashley

    Ashley finds herself making some hard choices about her marriage as Tucker finds
    himself pulled back to his promiscuous past

    Tucker fights to save his marriage from his bad habits and Ashley’s iron clad

    Nick and Phyllis relationship grows stronger when they’re dealt the surprise of
    their lives

    Christine and Danny are pulled back to Genoa City when a shocking turn of events
    changes everything

    Phyllis’s long hidden attempt to kill Christine and Paul with a rental car hit
    and run comes to light

    Phyllis and Danny’s past has significant emotional impact on Daniel’s present

    Michael gains power in Genoa City

    Kevin is tempted by dubious and potentially illegal opportunities

    Jack and Sarge’s physical therapist/patient relationship deepens to true friendship

    Gloria and Jeff’s marriage is threatened by Chelsea and Anita

    Ricky’s history continues to impact his relationship with his father

    Daisy's release puts an unstoppable chain of events in motion

    Lily and Cane work together as Cane’s family history affects their lives

    Eden’s storyline heats up for summer as Noah ponders a return from Manhattan

    Teenagers Summer and Fen find themselves back in the mix

    Fen carries some resentment for his years of boarding school

    Jill leaves on a mysterious trip

    Colin’s change of circumstance has a ripple effect in Genoa City

    Jill’s behavior stuns Genoa City when she explains herself in the fall

    Posted by kmc320 at Saturday, April 21 2012 12:02 PM

    LAWD of mercy, can the SOBIC come with something besides another baby

    @cowboys fan - Glad Victor turned Nick down. I want Daisy to get Lucy so that Hilda can know how Victoria felt. She should have left well enough alone and Daisy exactly where she was, in prison. But she was so selfish and now it's backfired on her.

    ~~~ICAM It's about time for Phyllass to feel pain.

    Coastie if you indent instead of starting at the margin, the will show up but mine wasn't animated. so the site is messed up

    Neil is a hypocrite. Why must he pursue YoHo

    RE: Spoiler***********************
    Ashley needs to grow the h311. Tucker has been single all his life, he's settled in his ways so what makes you think you can mold him into what you want. Nevermind your dishonest/distrustful a$$ doesn't know what you want either.

    Posted by Coastie at Saturday, April 21 2012 03:51 PM

    Hey kmc320, been reading mostly this past couple of weeks, the Tax Man was knocking.

    ***spoiler talk*****
    Maybe Jill enjoyed being a "Best Man" so much that she went for a sex change operation? An Adadictomy!

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