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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    I Can Hear!

    Wednesday, April 11 2012
    Devon's devices are activated, Abby burns Carmine, and Vikki chooses a baby name.

    Sofia and Neil hear Devon's song on the radio at Crimson Lights. Neil warns her that Tucker will be at the hospital when they go for Devon. Sofia will keep the focus on Devon. Nearby, Chloe tells Kevin she won't live at 'Angelina's' house. Carmine appears and tells Kevin his wife talked him out of leaving. Chloe and Kevin step aside and bicker before leaving. Carmine gets a coffee, which is spilled on him by Abby! It blisters, so says she'll drive him to the hospital.

    Lily meets Devon at the hospital, saying he'll finally be able to hear after today. He replies, "Hopefully." Harmony, Tucker, Neil, and Sofia arrive. Devon's nervousness is apparent. He admits he saw some negative outcomes on the internet. Everyone reassures him. Neil calls Tucker out regarding Sofia. Tucker says he's there for Devon. Sofia gives Neil a pep talk about Devon. Meanwhile, Lily and Devon settle in the room where his devices will be activated. They talk about his growing family. Lily tells him whatever happens he can handle it. He says Dru would have said that.

    Katherine and Jill arrive at the hospital to see Billy's son, but he's not in the nursery anymore. Vikki and Billy have him in a room and are disagreeing over Vikki's name suggestion, 'Cecil'. Jill and Kay don't like it either. Billy suggests 'Finn' after their bar. Kevin and Chloe arrive, followed by Esther and Delia. Vikki, Chloe, Kay, and Jill chat alone when the baby is taken for tests. Chloe tells them about Carmine sticking around. Katherine compliments Victoria on how she's handled the situation with Chelsea. Kevin returns. Bickering about 'Angelina's' house ensues. Kevin tells Delia it has a treehouse. Esther is sad to think of them moving out.

    Neil finds Harmony in the hospital chapel crying and worrying about if Devon's surgery went wrong. She talks about her guilt and how scared Devon seems. She doesn't want to be the cause of more pain. Neil tells her she's not the woman she used to be. She admits she might hit the pipe if something goes wrong today. Neil insists she's changed and they move closer. Meanwhile, Tucker tells Sofia that she won't have to lie to Neil much longer - he's got the inside track on Beauty of Nature. Sofia joins Neil in the chapel as he and Harmony are looking into each other's eyes. Harmony exits. Sofia asks Neil sarcastically if he got a chance to pray.

    Abby waits with Carmine in the ER. He is amused by Abby badgering the nurse for service. They chat and flirt. Carmine is fascinated to hear she's The Naked Heiress. When he finds out she hasn't been doing anything lately, he says he bet his buddy she'd fade out of sight once the clothes went back on - he won fifty bucks! Abby storms out.

    Devon's family joins him in the room for his devices to be turned on. Sofia waits outside because of Tucker. The technician activates the devices. Everyone peers at Devon expectantly. Devon grins, then sobs - he can hear! Neil hugs him. Tucker cries.

    Billy thanks God in the chapel. Victoria joins him. She says she has named the baby John. Billy says, "I love you."

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Chelsea says to Adam, "If you hadn't pulled me out of that lake..." He says, "No one is going to know about that."

    Cane tells Genevieve if she wants to be with Jack, she'll have to risk being hurt.

    Nikki rails at Jack, "You cannot marry this woman just to acquire Beauty of Nature, it's a terrible idea!"

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by dramaqueen333 at Tuesday, April 10 2012 03:08 PM

    Wow, Wednesday's update on Tuesday afternoon!

    I gave up watching TV for Lent -- 6 plus weeks of no Y&R and no B&B. I've been catching up by reading the updates, and you know what? Nothing has changed on B&B, they are all in the same place, worrying about Hope's sex life, and Liam and Steffy, and things from the past. Endlessly discussing the same things over and over and over. In six weeks almost nothing changed.

    But Y&R has really moved forward with everyone. Characters gone, marriages made, business deals happening, babies born, custody trials, new relationships, health issues, etc. Lots has happened, so bravo to the writers and the actors of Y&R!

    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, April 10 2012 04:10 PM

    Lord, Victoria wanted to name the baby Cecil. Please pick something else. Not Finn either. It's ugly and might get confused with Lauren's Fen. Thand goodness John won out.

    Glad Devon can hear again.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, April 10 2012 04:11 PM

    I don't understand why Adam wants to keep it a secret he help deliver and save the baby.

    Posted by juann at Tuesday, April 10 2012 05:14 PM

    Abby's carelessness just sent Carmine to the hospital.

    As much as I don't care for Chloe most of the time, I have to say I am on her side this time. I would not want to live in Angelina's house either. It's a reminder of the past. They should buy a place of their own or move back into Kevin's apartment.

    Oh God. Billy and Victoria are considering Cecil or Finn for their son. Lord please come up with something better than that.

    Praise Jesus! Devon can hear!!! So happy for this:-)

    Victoria named the baby John. I assume she named the baby after Billy's father John Abbott and I think this is a great choice.

    Have a great night everyone!

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Tuesday, April 10 2012 06:24 PM

    Hi Everyone!

    Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Devon can hear again, and Bates can see and Jack will walk! Did anyone ever doubt that!

    Boy, this show is really rough on people. First it was Dickolust with his foot and not it is Neil the Heal with his hand! They REALLY otta’ be more careful! LOL

    Oh NO! Here come the Granny Granny’s! They have come to see Peanut! They look so excited! How could the Turd call that baby a BA$TARD! Low down $$%$@#%%&&%$#@$!!!! Isn’t that how the Turd started out? Come on Victoria, I hope you can come up with a better name then CECIL! (no offense to all the Cecil’s out there)! LOL They finally decided to name the baby John, how sweet! But why not Victor, he did sooooo much to make this baby happen! LOL

    Come on!!! Chloe refuses to live in the house that Kevin and Angelina had! That is a beautiful house! I guess she would rather stay in the Chancellor Mansion and have her mother wait on her hand and foot! I guess her mom is still her maid! Chloe, me thinks’ you are complaining too much about Carmine! I love how he gets in her personal space and makes her nervous! Yea, I can see the writing on the wall (and it ain’t on the bathroom wall either) (well it could be)!!

    Oh my! Abby just bumped into Carmine and spilled his coffee all over him! Are we going to have a triangle with Kevin/Carmine/Chloe/Abby now? Well I guess that would be a quadrangle for anyone that is a geometry buff! LOL He has the prettiest teeth! Let’s see if the Turd gives Abby as much grief over her dating a mafia kid as he does Victoria over Billy. Well, I guess we don’t have to worry about that. Carmine just totally insulted Abby by telling her she is a has been! LOL

    How did Neil ditch Sophia? And how did he know where to find YoHarmony? Does she have GPS? LOL I SURE hope they are not planning on putting those two together! She and Sarge would be a better match. Neil is hitting on YoHarmony in the hospital chapel, NOT COOL! It was a nice pep talk that he gave her though.

    I dearly LOVE how Billy talks to God! He just has a conversation with him like he would anybody! It is so heart warming.

    I see by the previews that we are going to have to put up with Pole Cat reaming Jack again tomorrow! I wish she would just give it a rest already!

    Posted by kmc320 at Tuesday, April 10 2012 08:49 PM

    See what I mean about thereis nothing secret, private... there's no such thing in GC:
    Katherine and Jill arrive at the hospital to see Billy's son; Kevin and Chloe arrive, followed by Esther and Delia. Earlier, Crabby, Jack, Nikki & Anita

    Name the baby Cecil? May as well be Frigid, Freeze or Frosty since the lake was.... OOOOhhhh It was still seasonal so name him Winter OR Little Bear after Billy's posting lover.

    FeFe baby you're not a nun and neither is Neil the Heel and he's gonna 'bust' a grape before he gets the blue Nads. And you and I both know that he will not be pole fishing in your fishng pond ~: Better get more enticing bait than Moses cause your sea ain't parting

    And don't go bed your dad's bestest friend Tucker now that Ashley is high hatting her a$$ back to the Abbott's mansion @(ᵕ.ᵕ)@ ad nauseum

    Posted by little bear at Tuesday, April 10 2012 09:41 PM

    Now first off lets have no negative comments about my perfectly perfect Billy today! He only bought baby Lucy to make his whiney, whingy wife happy, and he thought he was saving a poor abandoned baby that no-one else wanted! My guy is so sweet and caring he is always trying to make others happy!

    Congratulations to him on his new little guy John! And Chelsea cannot decide to keep the baby away from Billy and Victoria, Billy is John's daddy and there is no reason for a judge to take his son from him if Chelsea ends up deciding to go to court. So John is as much Billy and Victoria's child as Delia and Reed! Which by the way why does Victoria not want to go to court to try for custody of her son again?! So long as she stays away from her daddy she should be able to get it, i mean if Daisy can get custody of the child she conceived via rape that Victoria should be able to get joint custody of Reed!!

    Wow, Victor can really be super-duper infuriating!! Seriously i get that the guy doesn't like Billy but to be insulting an innocent infant only a few hours old just makes him look like a complete and utter dopey doofus!!

    Oh my goodness i am starting to like Adam!!

    And on bruceyboy's comment the other day about what people under 30 prefer in a show and i have to say i may be 28 (which seems pretty old since i cannot believe in a few years i will be 30, but since pretty much all my friends are already 30 or older they do not seem to share my view!) but i definitely LOVE to see a complicated well thought-out intricately woven story, whether it be in a show, a book i'm reading, or one of the books i've written!

    Posted by little bear at Tuesday, April 10 2012 09:46 PM

    kmc320 - you are too funny!! And i think "little bear" is an absolutely wonderful name for my guy's new little bundle of joy!!

    Posted by apple1950 at Wednesday, April 11 2012 02:41 AM

    Either Victor is mad at Victoria only because she is staying with Billy after the Chelsea incident and wants to raise the baby with him, or he is mad because he made the DNA test say that Billy was the father and now Victoria will be raising a son but not Billy's. Which will it be? I agree. Why does Adam not want people to know that he delivered the baby? The thoughts of him with aother child in GC? Angelina's father bought the house for Angelina and Kevin. I would say it still belongs to Angelo (and Angelina). Kevin has no real interest or investment in it. Why is it even a factor? What is the purpose of the character Carmine? What real purpose does Abby serve? Jill has exited for 6 months. Will they just not mention her? Thought Anita would be back today to open Victor's safe since she knows where it is and did see Victor put the combination in. Did he do that on purpose so she could be caught and go to jail? Get the relationship between Sophia and Neil over with already. Harmony/Yolanda is so exaggerated that I am beginning not to like her. Such a waste of a good actress. Sarge is over-the-top and I fast-forward through his scenes with Jack. Just my opinion. If Gen sells to anyone other than Jack, she faces the lawsuit which will freeze her assets until a decision will be made. Inother words, no sale of BON unless the deal with Jack goes through. Don't care about this contrived past reltaionship with Tucker. Tucker told Ashley if he bought BON, it would get Gen out of Jack's life and theirs, but he told Gen he would hire her to work for BON if she sold it to her. Sounds like a breakup coming on the horizon.

    Posted by Phytopunk at Wednesday, April 11 2012 02:47 AM

    So Chloe doesn't want to live in "Angelina's house". I guess she figures since half the town already lives in Katherine's hotel, the Chipmunk can move in to her room.

    It was nice to hear a mention of Dru today. I miss her.

    Good lord, somebody buy Billy and Victoria a book of baby names. Cecil sounds like a name for a turtle and Finn will make the baby sound like a gleek.

    Neil the Heel is looking to get some harmony in his life. How nice. Why don't you tell that to Sofia. You remember her right? She's your wife and the mama of your biological son.

    Big surprise Devon got his hearing back. Good for him. Now maybe he can stop being a bitter brat and drop his grudges against Tucker and Kay.

    I think Kevin is more excited about the treehouse than Delia. He knows he will spend a lot of time there when Chloe blows her stack. Considering she has gone a whole three days since a meltdown, she won't last much longer.

    Poor Abby, you stop showing off the goods and nobody cares about you anymore. You could always try endorsing a fashion line and preaching morality then steal someone's husband. I hear that works out pretty well for publicity. I'll even throw in a few bottles of Mope's pills.

    That baby is lucky Vikki is mad at old Mumbles this week, otherwise he would be named Victor III. John isn't really original, but I'll take that over Cecil or Finn. I wonder how long it will take for Bug Eyes to steal this baby and give it to Ashley.

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