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    Epic Fail.

    Tuesday, February 21 2012
    Eden tries to make Daniel jealous, Daisy shows Avery new evidence, and Phyllis makes a decision.

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    Posted by cards1 at Tuesday, February 21 2012 05:52 AM

    This was an epi that had me saying WTH all the way through it.

    WTH A blind mans first skill to learn is to fix a barb wire fence? usually it's where your food is on your plate, but Adam goes out with no cane and has to fix the BARB wire fence? lol

    WTH was so urgent about that fence? What was is keeping in or out, lol, it had one strand of barb wire.

    WTH does Sharon own any underware that are not black?

    WTH Mike goes to see Avery at the jail while talking to Daisy, Mike says to Avery "can I speak to you in private?" then he takes Avery about 3 ft from Daisy and begins screaming at Avery about freeing Daisy, lol, WTH Mike do you not think Daisy can hear you, you are 2 maybe 3ft at best away screaming, lol.

    WTH Lauren is having a fit about Daisy, the "cold blooded animal" (she may be right) but she has NO PROBLEM with her and her hubs sticking up for TGVN at every turn, and I don't have time to write a list of his sins, or Michaels. lol

    WTH Daniel goes into Crimson lights, Phyllis is already there with baby on her lap, he sets down at Phyllis's table, enter Chloe, Daniel "mom was just leaving," WTH Daniel you came in sat at her table and she was going anywhere she had a baby, you leave"

    WTH Phyllis was soooooooo offended by her father's actions, of stealing (yes very bad) but she turns him in and is "fiercely protective of family" and she "CAN NEVER" forgive him for what he has done!" LOL, uhm...Phyllis does Paul know you ran him over? and have you checked on Sasha Greene's family lately? They would probably rather you stole from them instead of having a BBQ with their daughter as the main course. lol

    WTH Nick didn't you also turn your father in to the law and he went to jail and then didn't you just sue him, and you talk about loyalty to your father?

    WTH Daisy tells Avery "Ryder just put this footage/video on the internet of Sarah threatening them a couple of days" ago" then she turns around and says "her other lawyer, the public defender, says it wouldn't make any difference" lol, I thought Avery had been representing her for more than a couple of days??? and how convenient that NOW this footage is accessible to the public.


    Posted by SAWYA at Tuesday, February 21 2012 06:02 AM

    Yes, they are trying to make us feel sorry for Adam. Sorry-No can do!
    They are trying to make us forget about Phyllis being a horrible Mother and a sorry friend-Sorry No can do.
    They are trying to make us forget that Nick is not a faithful husband, boyfriend. Sorry No can do.

    They are trying to make us forget that Sharon was a good and decent person and a good Mother until she met the stinky hole of a person Adam. No can do.

    I believe in redemption-but stay away from the sicko who stole your child from your arms and gave it to another woman, the same woman who took you in as a friend and you drove insane. We will not forget you set into play alot the crazy acts that caused you to become blind.
    I will always hate Sharon and Adam together no matter what.
    Redeem this guy in another way. Send him off to an orphange in Africa.

    Cane is so wonderful, it is time for him to be center stage. I Love Cane.

    Posted by cards1 at Tuesday, February 21 2012 06:19 AM

    How did Adam find that fence? How did he know it was broken?

    Sharon came up on him after he already had the tool box, lol, yes tool box, out there on the ground, right behind them is a shed? How did he get to the BARB wire fence with out running face first into that shed, lol, he is not even using a cane or a seeing eye dog. lol

    One would think that Adam/Sharon might be trying to learn a skill that could possibly be useful to him one day if they are returning to GC, like maybe learning how to read braille or contacting people for a seeing eye dog, unless he's going to return to GC and fix BARB wire fences for a living.

    ROTFLMAO at Adam fixing the fence. "Good as new" Sharon said.

    Posted by 1LightQT at Tuesday, February 21 2012 06:34 AM

    Good morning!

    I just had to log in to say this: if TIIC think we're going to feel some type of sympathy for SyPhyllis then they've got another thought coming. I can already tell that MAB is really laying this BS on thick like peanut butter and it doesn't add up. So SyPhyllis felt sorry for the people and then testified against her father, ran away from home, became a PSYCHOTIC GROUPIE which led her to Genoa City when she was STALKING Danny Romalati, lied about being pregnant by him, used Tim the doctor to help with the lie, made sure Sasha Green NEVER talked again when the lab burned with her in it, was obsessed with Cricket and tried to run her over but instead hit Paul and made him impotent...the list goes on and on and you mean to tell me that she became the Psychotic B!tch that she is today because she turned her father in??? PULLLLEEEEZZZZEEEE!!! I was expecting something much more dramatic than that. Hey Idiots in Charge, go back to the drawing table on this storyline because it DOESN'T ADD UP!!

    And then you have dumb ass Nick talking about, "That's why you fight so hard for your family." Nick go sit your ass down somewhere; this b!tch is CRAZY and she fights so hard because she's PSYCHOTIC, not because she really gives a sh!t about her kids, hell look at Daniel, Summer AND Lucy. She's NEVER with them except when it's convenient!!

    And Sharon is living in LA-LA DICK with Adam, once again sacrificing what's important: HER CHILDREN. Nick, when it came to picking wives, you sure picked some DOOZIES!!!!

    Daisy/Avery/Eden/Chloe/Daniel: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!

    Lauren used to be a bad ass, vindictive chick back in the day with all the tormenting she did of Tracy. I guess Karma is a B!TCH, huh Lauren??? Oh well...

    Posted by 1LightQT at Tuesday, February 21 2012 06:44 AM

    And I'm NOT going to feel sorry for Adam, I don't care how much MAB tries to PROP him! He gets no pass card from me! Y&R has turned into some twisted type of soap opera no longer worthy of even being said in the same breath with William Bell. Maria ARENA Bell has come in and let Hogan Sheffer with his RIDICULOUS plot driven imagination ruin a good soap opera. Sh!t doesn't even add up yet they put it on TV for us viewers to watch. But I don't; I'll tune in if I read something worthwhile, which isn't often, but other than that I just read the daily updates and the BRILLIANT comments from you all. That's the ONLY reason I come to this site everyday.

    Posted by adamrocks at Tuesday, February 21 2012 06:46 AM

    Puhleeze. Like we'd believe Phugliss is having a normal human emotion? Like she'd actually care about what happened to other people. I am counting the seconds until Avery takes Lucy away from her. Don't even get me started on Nick sniffing around after her. Poor guy, he must have sustained a head injury which has given him hopelessly bad taste in women.

    I'm curious to see how the Sharon and Adam storyline plays out. I can't help it, I love the guy! Besides, has he done anything more horrible than the rest of the denizens of Genoa City?

    The show has been really good lately. I could do without Kevin, Angelina, Daniel, and Eden, but other than those lame storylines the show has been great.

    Posted by repairwoman01 at Tuesday, February 21 2012 06:46 AM

    Eden and Ricky are totally useless characters! Why take up valuable time with them, not even good actors. Poor Sharon had her entire brain sucked out. That's the only excuse for her being with Adam. Daisy again. Really? Aren't we tortured enough with Adam & Sharon??? Bring in another physcho!!! Already have enough.

    Posted by DIRTRUDE at Tuesday, February 21 2012 06:49 AM

    Once again it is a NO-Go for Sharon and Mr.Magoo. The sight of them together is so PATHETIC. Do the writers really think a sex-capade with those two is something we the viewers want to see? @#$%$@# Writers, think again, NOT!!!!! One more time, or as many times as needed, NO SHARON AND MR. MAGOO!!!. We will never like Adam, you have made his charactor deplorable, dispicable, and once again I will never, ever, ever, what part of NEVER do you (writers) not understand, will I ever like Adam. Writers, please understand, there is no redemption for Adam, so please stop with the "Oh feel sorry for me because I am soooo blind. YOu can cut off both legs and arms, and he can hop around like the black knight in Monty Pythons The Holy Grail for all I care. ADAM us unredeemable .

    Posted by 1LightQT at Tuesday, February 21 2012 06:55 AM

    Sidenote: Wow, did I just watch some "soft porn" with Khloe Kartrashian and her weak-minded husband, Lamar? Um, who wants to see these two trying to get it on in the trapeze swing? Or see him rubbing his head in her breasts??? Are their ratings that LOW that they have to "advertise" here on to try and get some viewers??? How pathetic!

    Posted by Texanne at Tuesday, February 21 2012 07:25 AM

    The ads are more exciting than the s/l on Y&R and that's not saying much. I couldn't stop laughing at Khloe and Lamar on the swing. Get real! Those people are so far beyond idiots.

    Eden/Daniel/Ricky are totally useless on Y&R. How about using the time to, no wait a minute the whole show was useless today. Never mind....

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