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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Bad Timing.

    Monday, February 06 2012
    Chloe and Nina learn Ronan is leaving, Cane and Lily call their loved ones together, and Chelsea upsets Victoria.

    Cane and Lily kiss in the park. He pulls out a ring - she loves it. He places it on her finger and they kiss some more.

    At Crimson Lights on the patio, Neil tells Sofia he's having second thoughts about working things out with Katherine. She offers to talk to Tucker, but Neil's worried they'll butt heads at work. She agrees. Lily calls Neil to ask a favor.

    Harmony listens to Devon's track at his studio. She's flattered that she is the first to hear it. He admits he's nervous about his upcoming surgery. Harmony says he'll be able to hear all the applause when he accepts his Grammy! Devon tells her he's grateful to her. Lily calls and asks Devon to come to the park. He says he's bringing someone.

    Jill hears Tucker talking to a doctor on the phone in Gloworm. He explains that Devon is getting an operation. Jill tells him she's been sick over Jack. She complains about Genevieve, saying she should be the one in the hospital. Tucker muses, "Don't hold back, Jill. Tell me how you really feel!" Jill gets a call from Cane to come to the park. Tucker decides to join her.

    Chloe visits Ronan at the station - she brought a gift from Delia. He tells her he's moving on. She asks why he's leaving town. He shrugs that his assignment's over. They talk about how bad their timing always is - she says he was so sweet when Delia was in the hospital. Ronan wishes he could have done more. They discuss Nina not knowing he's leaving. Chloe thinks he should stop punishing her. Ronan feels he can't live up to her expectations. Chloe thinks he could. She tells him to take care of himself, they hug, and she goes.

    At the Chancellor Estate, Nikki tells Kay she may be prosecuted for involuntary manslaughter. Katherine says Victor won't allow it. Nikki talks about Victor's flaws.

    Billy visits Jack at the hospital and tells him the MRI results are pretty rough. He offers to be his eyes and ears at Jabot, but Jack doesn't want him to leave Restless Style. Jack tells Billy what John said to him when he was dying. Billy says he's also had visits from him, and he shouldn't ignore what he says - he's usually right.

    Inside Crimson Lights, Paul hugs Nina and tells her it's good to have her home. They discuss Patty, and Nikki. Paul is frustrated that Walsh won't drop the charges. Chloe calls Nina and tells her Ronan's leaving.

    At the park, Cane and Lily take those they phoned to meet them to where they've made a bride and groom out of snow. Lily says they're getting married. Everyone's thrilled. Lily thanks Devon for supporting them. He says good things can happen when you give someone a second chance. Harmony tells Devon that Tucker will fly him to his surgery on his jet. Devon thanks Tucker. Nearby, Jill realizes that Harmony didn't ask Katherine to help with the surgery - in fact, she didn't even know about it. Jill says Harmony obviously has an agenda, and Kay's not a part of it. Katherine tells Neil she has a contract for him. He declines. Katherine wishes Devon well with his surgery. Devon asks Neil to come with him and his mom for the surgery. Jill asks Cane about Genevieve. He says they only called people they are close to. Katherine finds Tucker and tells him it's wonderful what he's doing for Devon. He says, "Thanks, Mom." She smiles. Nearby, Sofia is taken aback to hear Harmony is joining Neil and Devon for his surgery. Lily and Cane tell everyone they'll be married on Valentine's Day.

    Nina arrives in Ronan's office and makes small talk about the case. She tells him she hopes his next case isn't so intense. Ronan realizes Chloe told her he's leaving. Nina tells him if he ever regrets walking away, she's here. Ronan finds Walsh and tells him not to punish Nikki for something that wasn't her fault.

    Victoria arrives home to find out Chelsea checked her voicemail and heard Ronan's message that the charges for obstructing justice were dropped. Vikki chews her out for listening to a private message. Chelsea talks about not letting Vikki and her family near Billy's baby. Vikki starts toward the door, and Chelsea asks why she lost custody of her kid. Vikki tells her to back off. Chelsea turns on tears when Billy enters. Chelsea rushes out and Billy tells Vikki she can't let Chelsea get to her. Chelsea returns and apologizes. She says she forgot she was talking to a woman who can't have any more children. Vikki stalks off and Billy follows. Chelsea answers the door - it's Chloe and Delia. Chloe confronts Chelsea, who blurts that she's having Billy's baby and lives there. Delia runs upstairs and Chloe reads Chelsea the riot act. Chelsea goes, and Billy tells Chloe she's staying in the garage apartment. Chloe allows Delia to stay the night. Outside, Chelsea tells someone on the phone this isn't going to work - the guy has principles.

    Nikki visits Jack, who tells her he sent his other visitors away. He asks about her life. She says he doesn't want to know. Jack asks what's wrong. Nikki says she'll likely be prosecuted for Diane's death. Jack muses that Walsh is desperate and no jury will convict her. Nikki's scared of prison. He understands - his prison is his broken body. Nikki tells him he's brave.

    Back at Crimson Lights, Nina tells Paul that Ronan almost seems scared of her. Paul says he grew up with people keeping a secret. Nina wonders if it will ever change.

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Paul tells Patty she hurt Jack and they can't let that happen again. She says he's confused - she'd never hurt Jack.

    Emily tells Jack feelings don't always make sense. He says, "And there's the reason I fell in love with you."

    Billy says to Chelsea, "You want us to raise the baby? Victoria and me?"

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Friday, February 03 2012 03:22 PM

    I'm happy that Devon and his mother are getting along. Now if only he will give Tucker and Katherine the same chance.

    I really hate the fact that Ronan is leaving. I like him. But not with that she devil, Hilda. Let Nick go back that long winding road with that heifer. Tired of them too. They need some new people of this soap and stop putting the same couple back together 10 times.

    Walsh, do you ever get tired of losing cases. If you show that video of Nikki and Diane to a jury, Nikki is walking out a free woman. IT WAS SELF DEFENSE YOU IDIOT.

    Chelsea is a real piece of work. She loved throwing the fact that Victoria can't have kids in her face.

    Nikki sure is being sweet to Ironside, I mean my Jackie.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Friday, February 03 2012 03:23 PM

    Dang, look at that picture of Patty. I'm sleeping with my lights on tonight.

    Posted by juann at Friday, February 03 2012 05:03 PM

    Wow! Looks like Devon and Harmony are on the right path to having a good mother/son relationship.

    Dang, we have to say good-bye to Ronan again. I wish he could of worked things out with Nina.

    Walsh, you should listen to Ronan and take his advice. Don't punish Nikki for acting in self defense. Like Ronan said, It wasn't her fault.

    I would of slapped the mess out of Chelsea if she talked to me the way she did to Victoria. Telling Victoria she can't have children and throwing it in her face is very insensitive and rude. Shame on her.

    I think I am going to like this new founded friendship between Nikki and Jack.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    Posted by Coastie at Friday, February 03 2012 05:47 PM

    That Sophia is one smart lady, she can already smell trouble brewing between Harmoney and Neil (the Heel)

    Sweet moment between Kay and Tucker, finally.
    Then there's Jill......
    What ever happened to Jeffturd?

    Go Big Blue!

    Posted by kmc320 at Saturday, February 04 2012 11:47 AM

    Paul hugs Nina and tells her it's good to have her home.
    LMOA I thought the chancellor's mansion belong to the Dutchess and that Nina lived out of state. JS

    FeFe remember the boomerang - what comes around goes around. Nor did Neil marry you for love with your celibate marriage.

    Jill when it comes to men your track record is off track so HTH you wanna talk about people with ulterior motives, i.e., Gen and Harmony

    Posted by kmc320 at Saturday, February 04 2012 11:50 AM


    ********Spumors***Spoilers*******Blood Boilers*****
    For the Week of Feb 6, 2012

    Jack tries to cope with his condition

    While he puts on a manly front for Traci and Ashley, Brother
    Billy provides a place for Jack to admit his true feelings

    Jack's becoming depressed and resentful

    A conversation with his physical therapist gives Jack a ray of hope and indicates on chart that he may walk again

    Emily comes by to visit Jack, unnerving him for a moment

    Jack reminisces about his romance with Emily

    Jack turns down Emily’s offer of therapy (WTH the SOBIC keep beating the dead horse to death?)

    Chelsea continues to try to get under Victoria’s skin which irritates Victoria

    Chelsea makes a phone call to discuss her worries about the outcome of her scheme

    Chelsea’s baby is a boy

    AND she begins to seriously consider allowing the Abbotts to adopt her son but Chelsea’s controlling, manipulative mother Anita arrives killing that thought

    Victoria and Billy are suspicious

    Gloria and Jeffery come face to face

    Ronan prepares to leave Genoa City again

    Nina tries to reach out to Ronan one more time

    Genevieve begins to feel the repercussions of her actions

    Victor fights Genevieve for control of Beauty of Nature (HUH)

    Angelina saves Kevin from certain death (Oh Please)

    Kevin makes a surprising decision about his relationship with Angelina

    A JP is summoned for an impromptu wedding

    Adam and Jack’s hatred of Victor gives them something in common (Double Huh or what's new deja vu)

    next week

    Victor arranges a Valentine’s Day surprise for Nikki

    A secret threatens to tear the newly reunited lovebirds apart

    The Winters family enjoys Lily and Cane’s romantic French wedding

    Billy and Victoria are frightened when something seems to go wrong with
    Chelsea’s pregnancy

    Ease on Down the road (previews )

    Anita’s actions reveal the chinks in Chelsea’s armor

    The other side of Chelsea comes to light

    Patty’s tenuous grip on sanity dissolves

    Nikki stands by Jack as Jack struggles to accept his situation

    Sharon takes an injured and despondent Adam home to Kansas

    Adam struggles to overcome the darkness inside of him

    Memories of Hope provide comfort and illuminate a path forward

    Intrigue and surprises threaten the Ashby’s bliss (What now)

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Sunday, February 05 2012 05:00 AM

    Hi Everyone!

    That necklace Jill had on looked like barbed wire! LOL How appropriate for her!

    You would think that this was the first time that Cane proposed to Lily the way she was acting. It was kind of corny, but refreshing compared to what we have been witnessing between couples.

    I’ll bet Kathryn REALLY appreciated being asked to meet at the park in the middle of winter! LOL I really felt sorry for her that no one was actually including her in the festivities. I don’t know why they asked her to come. Why would everyone bring someone else when Cane and Lilly called them to meet? It could have been something personal! DUMB STORY LINE!

    It looks like Devon is FINALLY coming down off that high horse he has been riding. Now if he would just make amends with Kathryn, all would be right in the Winters family.

    This Chelsea person is getting on my last nerve!!!!!! I think she does actually think that Billy is going to dump Vickie and marry her! FAT CHANCE!!! Can’t wait till her mother gets here and Jill meets her! DU DUM DU DUM DU DUM (Jaws theme) LOL

    I can’t believe the writers are making such a big deal of Nickie not having to go to jail! She would have to at least have a trial and it be proven self-defense. The Turd must have more powers than GOD if Kathryn thinks he wouldn’t let Nickie go to jail. WHAT THE HE$$ CAN HE DO!!!!

    At least we didn’t have to see the “blind” boy wonder and his side-kick “see-no-evil” today! Why does he still have those bandages on anyway?

    It sure looks like they are going to have a love interest between Jack and Nickie. I can’t say that I am totally against it; I think Jack would be good to her. I can’t stand this on again off again with her and the Turd, and I think that Gen could be the one to put the Turd in his place where he belongs.

    Sooooooo, who thinks that there is going to be more than surgery going on in Texas when Neil and Harmony to with Devon? Let’s see a show of hands! I know Nannas probably has two hands in the air, she always does! LOL Yea, me too!

    Sophia looked like she just bit into something nasty when she overheard them talking about it. Why doesn’t she ask Neil if she can’t go along, they haven’t had a honeymoon yet? (And I doubt they ever will).

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Sunday, February 05 2012 05:16 AM

    It always puzzles me why the ghost of John has visited Billy and Jack, but never visited Ashley when she was going through her mental breakdown, nor Traci when Colleen was killed. The other two have just slophed (sp) off his words of wisdom, but I think it would have helped Ashley and Traci.

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Sunday, February 05 2012 05:20 AM

    Did you see that ROCK that Cane gave Lilly? WOW!!! How can a bartender at Jimmy's afford a ring like that? I doubt if the owner of Jimmy's could buy that ring; the only have a handful of customers! By the way, who own's Jimmy's anyway?

    Posted by bellydance at Sunday, February 05 2012 03:57 PM

    Neil, go to work for Gen and protect her from the"BIG BAD WOLF "...VICTOR NEWMAN, he need to be left alone for a looonnnnnnggg time...maybe he and Chelsea Mom can get together...L O L !!!!!

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