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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

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    Wednesday, November 02 2011
    Big things happen at Sharon's trial, Billy enlists help in clearing his name, and Chloe and Kevin make plans.

    At the Club, Ricky and Avery argue over using the photos of Heather. He wishes he'd never taken them. He begs her to find another way to win. Avery says she's doing what's best for her client.

    In prison, Sharon tells Victor she may get a mistrial today. Victor is encouraged and asks what's going to happen. Sharon will only say if this happens, it will be due to a very interesting source.

    In Ronan's office, he and Phyllis are about to write-off the memory card as damaged when they hear Sharon's voice.

    Kevin finds Chloe swamped with wedding planning materials at Crimson Lights - she wants to get married at Christmas. He wants to know why it feels like she's in such a rush to make this happen. She says she feels bad about what happened between them before, and wants to be a family. She mentions him being Delia's donor, and he balks, but agrees to the wedding.

    Nick arrives at Vikki's place and finds her hungover. Nick tells her she was an effusive host at the party. She groans when she hears she did karaoke. Vikki tells him Santa helped her into the house. Nick muses about the amount she must have drank. They discuss her divorce - she says she needed to take action, so she did. Vikki asks why he's not at Sharon's trial. Nick says they had a hard conversation the other day - not that Victor understands how he feels. Vikki thinks he's a good dad to protect Faith.

    Cane meets Billy at the room he's rented to hide from Victor. Billy says he called him because he needs help clearing his name. He's hoping Cane has some connections higher up in the police station. Billy explains he got railroaded in Myanmar - there were drugs...and a girl. Cane groans, but then asks him to tell him everything from the beginning. Billy says he knows he didn't do what they're accusing him of, and there must be a way to prove it. Cane asks why he should help him. Billy tells him to do it for Delia and his mom. Cane agrees, but warns he'll tell Lily if she becomes suspicious. Billy gives him the girl's name to start.

    In the courtroom, Adam tells Heather there are photos of them kissing. She accuses him of arranging the whole thing to help Sharon's case. He says they'll probably surface today. Ricky arrives and eyeballs Adam. Sharon and Avery sit down. Avery reassures her. Noah enters, followed by Victor, who questions Adam's presence. Paul arrives, and Ricky warns it may be a hard day for Heather. Heather takes Avery aside and tells her she knows about the photos. She wants to explain, but court is called into session. Avery tells the judge there's a matter that requires his attention. As she approaches the bench, Ronan and Phyllis enter. Ronan says he has evidence which speaks to the innocence of the accused. At the bench, Ronan explains about the memory card and plays it. Sharon cries with relief. The judge asks Avery what else she was going to present. Avery declines. They go to chambers, leaving Sharon to tell Phyllis she never thought this moment would come - or that she'd have anything to do with it. Phyllis gives her a tissue and explains how she found it on Ronan's desk with the contents of the creek. Sharon thanks her. Phyllis makes note that she saved her - not Avery.

    Outside the courtroom, Paul, Noah, and Victor speculate about what's going on inside. They notice Adam is talking to Ricky. Paul asks what's going on. Adam tells him to ask his son. Paul advises Ricky to avoid Adam, but Ricky snaps at him. Nick arrives as Phyllis exits the courtroom. He asks what's happening. Court is called into session. She says he'll find out, and leaves. Everyone enters as Heather proposes to drop the murder charges, but says Sharon still has to answer for her escape. The judge sentences her to time served and says she's free to go. Everyone hugs and celebrates. Avery notices the photos are gone.

    In Delia's hospital room, Chloe and Kevin tell her they have amazing news - they're getting married at Christmas. Vikki enters as Delia says Santa visited her on Halloween. Vikki says, oddly, she thinks Santa kissed her last night. Kevin stammers that he saw Santa too.

    At Restless Style, Phyllis uploads the photos of Heather and Adam.

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Nick asks Sharon how long it will be until she abandons her kids again. She shouts, "Never!"

    Victor orders Adam to stay away from Sharon.

    Paul tells Adam to give him one good reason why he shouldn't kick his ass.

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    Posted by juann at Tuesday, November 01 2011 05:14 PM

    Ricky your a dollar short and a day late. You should of never taken those photos and you know it. Feeling bad now isn't going to change the situtation. What's done is done and you have to live with it.

    Chloe you just got engaged for pete's sake. Enjoy your freakin' engagement for a little while before you go off making wedding plans. Personally, I don't think there is even going to be a wedding. She will dump Kevin as soon as she finds out that Billy was the donor match.

    Cane is on board to help Billy. Could this be the beginning of brotherly love for these two?

    Phyllis shut up please. Sharon has been locked up for months now and all you can tell her is to make note that you helped her, not Avery. Avery has helped her more in the past few months than you have the past few years. Your just trying to score brownie points because you hate your sister. You make me sick.

    Praise Jesus! Sharon is a free woman. It's about darn time too.

    That red headed witch took the photos and just put them on the internet for the whole world to see. As much as I despise Adam, this is one time where I hope he goes after her and gives her a good swift kick in her arse. She is no good.

    Have a great evening everyone!!

    Posted by SkegeeAce at Tuesday, November 01 2011 06:17 PM

    AWWWWWWWWW SH**!! It's going down in Genoa City! This is the show I love!

    Um, HEATHER- you have just lost ALLLLLL of my sympathy. You have railroaded Sharon from day one and even AFTER you've seen proof of her innocence, you have the NERVE...the unmitigated GALL to try and get her on escape charges? After you JUST dodged a bullet by the skin of your teeth with those photos of you kissing Adam???

    I'm GLAAAAAAAAAAAD Phyllis uploaded those pictures! Bloody GLAAAAAAD! That's what you get you spoiled, selfish, ridiculous woman! UGH!!!

    You know, I don't normally like Phyllis, but she's my girl today. She did the right thing- turned in the evidence and made SURE Sharon knew who helped her. I ain't mad at her. So glad she uploaded those photos of Heather, did I mention that?

    UM, NICOLAS NEWMAN. I'm not even going to call you Nick because I don't LIKE you right now. How dare you say to Sharon, "When are you gonna run off and abandon your kids again?" What a cruel, snide thing to say! It's not like she DELIGHTED in running away from them- she thought she was going to be in JAIL forever! You really DID want her to be in prison for life? Oh screw you, mister. You don't DESERVE Sharon- or anyone else for that matter. Heck, right now you don't even deserve Phyllis! (I'm not gonna call her Broom since she's acting human.)

    Ricky, you're gonna have to pull your foot out of your mouth and your own behind for screwing over your sister. Wait until Paul finds out! And, uh Paul, you won't be kicking Adam's @$$ when you find out who his partner in crime was.

    Posted by cards1 at Tuesday, November 01 2011 07:06 PM

    OMG This has probably been posted on here numerous times.

    Mrs. Walton is temporarily taking over the role of Kay Chancellor while Jeanne Cooper takes a temporary medical leave? I like Mrs. Walton but I can not imagine her playing Mrs. C. or going anywhere near GC for that matter. They couldn't have just had Kay go on a fishing trip with Murphy?

    TGIW Sharon is set free!

    I almost feel a little sorry for Heather..almost...hooks back up with the guy that cheated on her with Rafe, then gets screwed by her long lost brother.

    Phyllis better hope Heather's aunt Patty does not find out Phyllis is responsible for putting the pics out there or Phyllis might be hanging out with Diane soon.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, November 01 2011 07:35 PM

    I can't wait for Chloe to find out Billy was the donor. I want to see if she will still marry Kevin. My money says, NO!

    Heck, Sharon didn't go free. She served her time if you ask me. She's paroled. It seems she's been in jail for two years.

    Cane has learned his lesson. He will not keep another secret from Lily Blossoms. He might want to tell nossy arse Lily before she becomes suspicious.

    Broom wants Sharon to know it was her and not Avery that saved the day. Talk about wanting to compete with somebody. This child needs to grow up.

    I can't believe that big boobed Heather wanted Sharon to pay for escaping. I wish those pictures would have gotten to the judge.

    Oops, Broom has the pictures. Uh oh Heather. Your goose is cooked.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, November 01 2011 07:37 PM

    Wait a minute. Paul sit your old I can't find my butt hole if somebody gave me map down. Adam will whoop your hair off your head. Sorry nanas3.

    Posted by kmc320 at Tuesday, November 01 2011 07:54 PM

    Phyllass is in a dither. She loves Nugget and loathe Sherrie; but Nick loves and is protective of Sherrie causing Red to do good toward Sherrie to maintain Nick's affection.
    In other words When Red is helping Sherrie it's to win favor in Nick's eyes. (TO Win Nugget's affection)

    If the SOBIC is hellbent on resurrection of the dead, bring back Carmen Mesta, Ji Min, Brad and Colleen. Then go find Mary William because Paul needs her now; the Wart Man, John Silva and Estella who may hold clues to the dysfunctional Spawn antics.

    nanas333333 go get yo man. Better yet let's go help - Paul tells Adam to give him one good reason why he shouldn't kick his ass. Then kick that Beech A$$ Phyllass, backstabbing, self ingratiating, Nick Peter whipped, hating sister, rejected sex slutpuppy, busy body, hurtful, redheaded dumpster desk screwing hussy.

    Nick to dummy: "When are you gonna run off and abandon your kids again?"
    How apropos. when will she ever learn

    Posted by kmc320 at Tuesday, November 01 2011 08:09 PM

    Sam (Sean F) in a new film, Lake Effects, which also stars former Genoa City actor Eyal Podell (ex-Adrian), as well as Casper Van Dien (ex-Ty Moody, “One Life To Live” and “Starship Troopers”) and Ben Savage (“Boy Meets World”)

    Yeah bring back Korbel too.

    Posted by MinMich at Wednesday, November 02 2011 12:38 AM

    cowboysfan -- I can't believe that big boobed Heather wanted Sharon to pay for escaping. I wish those pictures would have gotten to the judge.


    I think the actress playing Heather had a baby recently, giving her the bigger boobs. I did think that in an earlier court appearance she was showing inappropriate cleavage.

    Posted by Re-Write at Wednesday, November 02 2011 03:33 AM

    I don't believe that Chloe will marry Kevin either, but just because he lied about it all. He should have never went along with the plan of Victhug's.
    It's just like Cane living a lie, living it over and over again. I hope Sam comes back....he is a good guy and they are so few and far between on soaps.

    Posted by svic0812 at Wednesday, November 02 2011 03:46 AM

    So glad Sharon is finally she needs to get rid of some of the losers in her life, Nick and Adam, and she might be okay again. Phyllis can actually be a good person when she wants to be, but she had to go and ruin the moment by mentioning she did the saving, not Avery. Oh well, she did what is right this time. Heather makes some stupid went after Chance when he was in a relationship, you got him, then after he died and came back and he asked you about it you told him you got drunk around your mortal enemy and let him set you up...I'd go home and drink before I drink around Adam, it wasn't hard to set her up at all.

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