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The Way We Were.

Friday, May 06 2011
Jana's reign of terror ends, Billy confronts Chloe, and Cane makes a request.

Billy tells Vikki, at home, that he's going to go down to the police station to see what he can do. She goes with him.

At Crimson Lights, Nikki tells Ashley that Katherine is firmly behind the 'find Kevin' campaign. Ashley says she's heading over to ask Billy if Lucy can be a flower girl. Nikki gets a call from Victoria, listens, and says she'll be right there.

At the station, Michael tells Chloe that Angelo knows nothing about Kevin. He confirms Lucy was taken from Billy. Daniel and Phyllis arrive. Michael asks the D.A. to call the judge about Lucy. He refuses. Billy walks in with Vikki, who tells Chloe, "We lost our baby because of you!" Chloe says she didn't know this would happen. Nikki comes in as Vikki calls Chloe a vindictive hypocrite. Nikki takes Vikki home. Billy takes Chloe elsewhere. Rafe comes in and tells Michael, Phyllis, and Daniel the judge is an old friend of his father's - the DNA test is set.

Lily goes to the cemetery, where Cane appears and asks, "Are you looking for me?" She questions if she's losing her mind. He says it's real, though he has no answers as to how it's happening. Lily wants to tell someone she trusts, but he wants her to talk to him only. They kiss. He asks about the babies - he wants to see them. Cane tells her he has to go and hides behind a tree to send a text as she leaves.

Kevin calls out to Jana from the closet. Jana opens the door and handcuffs him to a chair, saying they have to get back to the way they were. Kevin says they always helped each other. Jana whines that it wasn't really her who saved him from Clint - it was Amber. Jana decides they need to recreate that intensity - he needs to commit a crime. He resists, which sends her into a frenzy, ready to do a crime together. She has a clown mask for herself, and pulls out a chipmunk head for Kevin! She tries to put it on his head and he pushes it away violently. Jana says there is one thing that will break him - he's left her no choice.

In the holding room at the station, Billy and Chloe have a go at each other. Chloe points out that he went after her. They argue. Billy says he's a good dad. Chloe counters that she doesn't trust his judgment because of Jana. Billy says Kevin has the same type of history, and storms out.

At the coffee house, Rafe assures Phyllis and Daniel that Lucy is being taken care of, but Daniel is impatient. Phyllis notes his parental instincts are kicking in. Michael arrives, and while talking with Phyllis, wonders if she's changing her mind about letting Billy and Vikki raise Lucy. Billy appears. He's relieved to hear that Daniel's done the DNA test, and thanks Phyllis for compromising earlier before leaving. Lily comes in and Daniel tells her about Lucy. Chloe arrives, but gets a call from Jana telling her to come alone if she wants to see Kevin alive. Daniel tells Lily he's attached to Lucy, but Billy and Victoria are her parents. Lily has to go. Phyllis approaches Daniel and tells him if he winds up with temporary custody of Lucy it might change his perspective.

Back at the house, Nikki tries to digest the reality that Lucy is Sheila Carter's granddaughter. The doorbell rings - it's Ashley. Nikki tells her there's been an emergency, but she's the perfect person to talk to Victoria. Ashley gets filled in and can't imagine that Billy did this. Vikki says he thought Lucy belonged with them, and she agrees. Ashley compares her situation to hers with Faith. Billy comes in and Ashley hugs him. She and Nikki leave the room. Billy sits by Vikki, who tells him he needs to stay somewhere else tonight. They bicker as Michael comes in. Billy finally agrees to go, saying he's going to fix this. Michael follows. Nikki calls Victor.

Waiting for Chloe, Jana tells Kevin if she brings the police she will shoot him and then shoot herself. Chloe arrives and opens the door. Kevin kicks the gun out of Jana's hand and yells for Chloe to get it. Chloe and Jana fall to the floor and struggle. As Chloe shakes her, Jana appears to lose consciousness. Kevin warns it's a trick, but Chloe gasps, "She's dead!"

Lily returns to the cemetery with the twins. She's puzzled that Cane isn't waiting.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young And The Restless:

Adam tells Nick, "This is my place now." Nick replies, "In your dreams." Adam says it was in Sharon's will.

Sam asks Sharon to work with him up at the house.

Tucker tells Abby he won't have her treating her mother this way. Abby sneers, "I have had enough daddies, and I sure as hell don't need you."

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