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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

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    I'm So Sorry!

    Thursday, May 05 2011
    Jana transforms herself, Katherine pitches in, and the authorities visit Billy and Victoria.

    Michael comes into Gloworm looking for Gloria. Jeffrey tells him she went out early. Michael approaches Angelo, who tells him his people have heard nothing about Kevin. Michael goes, and Angelo asks Jeffery to hand over the books - he can't trust him now that Kevin's gone. Jeff refuses. As Angelo is roughing him up, an officer appears to take Angelo down for questioning about Kevin. Jeff muses that he won't get the books without a fight, and leaves Gloria a loving phone message.

    Jana listens to Kevin, who is asking to be let out of the closet. She reads the article about Chloe saying Kevin is a victim. Jana lets Kevin out to eat and talks about fun times they had together. He says he wants to be close again. Jana gets pulled into sharing memories, but when she moves to kiss him, he jerks away. Jana flips; screaming at him to get back in the closet. She listens to a radio report about Kevin signaling from the train station. She picks up the gun. Later, Jana opens the closet. She has goth hair, clothes, and make-up on. She tells Kevin the real Jana is back and hotter than ever!

    At the Chancellor Estate, Chloe tells Katherine the D.A. is still convinced Kevin is a fugitive. Katherine says she has an idea. Heather calls Chloe and tells her she filed the custody papers yesterday. Gloria arrives and tells Chloe she's spent all night worrying about Kevin. Katherine reappears and says they're going to make t-shirts and a website for Kevin, as he did for her when she was missing.

    Billy and Vikki play with Lucy at home. Phyllis and Daniel arrive, and tell them Michael is on his way. Billy hopes to have a protective meeting - they don't want the authorities involved. Rafe and Michael enter. Rafe warns if they don't hammer out an agreement, Billy and Vikki would face criminal charges and Lucy will go into the system. Phyllis wants acknowledgment that Lucy is a part of their family. Vikki explains why love makes a family, and says Phyllis should compromise. Billy says they can be part of Lucy's life. Daniel points out that he signed over his rights. Vikki and Phyllis argue about what's best for Lucy. Daniel tells Phyllis she deserves to have two parents who love her. Phyllis nods and cries. Michael tells Phyllis she'll get access to Lucy and shouldn't fight this. Phyllis wants Lucy to know that Daniel is her biological father, and wants her one weekend a month. Vikki and Billy take a moment to confer. She tells him she doesn't want Phyllis having so much influence. Billy dislikes the alternative. They announce that it's a deal. The doorbell goes - it's a woman from Child Protective Services and an officer. They want to talk to Billy about the adoption of his daughter, Lucy. Rafe asks what prompted this. The woman says a custody suit was filed for Cordelia. Rafe reads the paperwork and announces that Chloe is calling Billy unfit for hiring Jana against her wishes and for illegally adopting Lucy. Billy gets the adoption papers, but the lady says she has to take the baby until the proper criteria is met. Daniel says he's the biological father and Billy and Victoria have his permission to keep Lucy. She says he'll have to take another DNA test for the court. Vikki and Phyllis plead with the woman not to take the baby. Daniel and Billy join the protest. The woman takes Lucy from Victoria, who sobs and moans, "No!" Billy tries to console her, but she pushes him away. Billy blames himself. Everyone clears out and Billy punches the coffee table and sobs, "I'm so sorry!"

    At Crimson Lights, Chloe and Gloria pass out flyers about Kevin. Katherine checks in, and she and Gloria tell everyone in the place about Kevin, the owner, going missing. Heather appears. She tells Chloe that Billy never got the custody paperwork - it was pulled by the police. They watch as Katherine passes out t-shirts. Heather tells Chloe that they likely flagged the papers because she claimed Billy adopted Lucy illegally. Chloe says she was just trying to protect her daughter. Gloria thanks Katherine for helping. Kay says it's clear she loves her son. They embrace.

    At the police station, Chloe tells the D.A. she was just angry about Billy hiring a psycho nanny. Michael comes in ranting about a social worker trying to take Billy's baby. He tells Heather to get all the information she can. Angelo is brought in. Chloe is puzzled that he's been brought in regarding Kevin. He tells them Michael is his attorney.

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Cane tells Lily he wants to see the babies.

    Jana tells Kevin he needs to commit a serious crime. He shakes his head and says no.

    Vikki asks Billy to find someplace else to stay tonight.

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    Posted by juann at Wednesday, May 04 2011 02:57 PM

    Note to self: Have kleenex on end table when watching this episode. I most definitely will be busting a tear or two.

    Jana transforms herself into Goth. I have no words.

    Chloe, your a disgrace as a human being as far as I am concerned. Your anger and hasty decisions has caused Lucy to be taken by Child Protective Services and now Billy and Vikki have to say good-bye to Lucy. Someone needs to file a lawsuit against you. Your boyfriend is in with the mob. You think that is role model material for Delia. I hope when this is all said and done, Billy takes you back to court and fights for Delia.

    Chloe your puzzled that Angelo is being brought in the police station regarding Kevin. Newsflash: Kevin is in with the mob. He is playing with the big boys and has lied to you

    Have a great night everyone.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Wednesday, May 04 2011 03:03 PM

    No Jeffrey wasn't trying to man up to Angelo.

    Kevin, you better learn to pucker up if Jana wants you to. Just picture her as Chloe with those two horns sitting on top of her head. Then make a run for it.

    I was glad that Billy and Victoria gave into Broomhilda's demands, if it will make her shut up. Heck she don't spend every other weekend with Summer.

    I hope when Daniel takes this dna test that they would give Lucy back to Billy and Victoria.

    Posted by little bear at Wednesday, May 04 2011 03:03 PM

    My poor Billy!!!!! I still don't care that he bought baby Lucy, i still love him and just wanted to jump into my computer to comfort him as Lucy was taken away!

    Didn't feel that sorry for Victoria, if she had of not been such a whiner in the beginning and used her time and money to get joint custody of her son then Billy would never have even thought of having to buy her a baby to keep her quiet, or she could have actually looked after her own baby instead of hiring a nanny and then Lucy would be safe and sound at home instead of with strangers.

    Chloe has every right to protect her daughter but what about protecting her from Kevin and his illegal activities?! She doesn't seem to have any problem with Kevin being part of Delia's life.

    Phyllis did the right thing with Lucy, agreeing to not try to fight for custody to let Lucy remain with the only parents she knows, and i think it was perfectly fair that she want to spend time with her granddaughter. Of course now that Lucy has been taken away i'm sure she's going to change her mind and decide that she was right all along and that Lucy belongs with her.

    Jana's craziness is just irritating! Plus i don't understand why she changed her mind and decided it's all important that she get Kevin back when she was the one who broke up their relationship in the first place! Kevin wanted her she didn't want him and he didn't resort to kidnapping to get her back, now he's moved on and she's moved backwards, what a boring mess!

    queenmoe06 - thank you for saying it doesn't make me sad, and i love the word quirky!! messiness just drives me crazy, sometimes if i'm at someone's house and it's untidy, i have to clutch my hands together really tightly to keep from cleaning up after them! Also i just wanted to let you know that i think you're very sweet and i love reading your posts every day!

    brooksie - thanks for the welcome back! You'd think Ashley would have learnt to spot a control freak a mile away after all the time she's spent around Victor and Jack and yet here she is being blinded yet again. Plus i just don't see anything between Ashley and Tucker, i'm just not feeling them as a couple. And Devon has my permission to follow Abby around and make sure she stays dressed!

    MsChief - as sick as these stories make me sometimes! i have been actually sick, had pneumonia which developed into sepsis and i was in the hospital for 9 days, 5 of those in ICU

    juann - i'll be crying a river for my poor Billy when i watch this!!

    Posted by Coastie at Wednesday, May 04 2011 06:54 PM

    Kay is taking charge of the situation!
    She is a force to be reckoned with today!

    I'm glad to see Angelo getting questioned by the police, but it sure makes Jeff look bad to the bad guys!

    Pleather isn't even trying to hide her baby bump anymore.. and Jana looks like a vampire in that photo ^ did she die her hair pink again, or is it an extension? She's even bringing up all of her past misdeeds!

    Oh little bear, I know what you mean about feeling sorry for Billy in this episode, I'm so sorry!!

    Posted by Tinkerbellz22 at Wednesday, May 04 2011 07:42 PM

    Yeah this is Chloe's fault. Not the man who actually BOUGHT another human being. Chloe has every right to question Billy's parenting. He hired Jana who has a history of mental problems and is a known killer. And when Chloe tried to make her worries known both he and Victoria ignored her and pretty much called her the crazy one. And yeah I would be worried about my daughter's father committing felonies that fall under human trafficking laws.

    Posted by kmc320 at Wednesday, May 04 2011 08:12 PM

    HTH this updte reverted to and posted on Wed's IDK
    This !#$)(*&T^%$#$%^&%$%$# just gobbled my post and it's not Thanksgiving

    Can't be soory for Billy. You got to pay the piper. You 'out' others; now you see what it's like. [and it hurt, doesnt it? (The Big Payback)

    For all you OCD tidy a$$ neat nicks wanting to clean Lily's place, Come on over to my place. I am not, nor will I ever be. We can cook out in the yard and have a damn good time afterward.
    I'd rather meet that 7 - 3:30 mule "Ever'day". I can whip up some soulfood like nobody's biz however. or make huz put marinaded ribeyes on the grill

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Thursday, May 05 2011 12:47 AM

    it's 2:30am here in Dallas!
    Cowboysfan, I think you are in Texas too! Woman, do you sleep?

    Why did Lauren go blabbing about Lucy anyway? What did she expect that self-righteous Chloe to do? You know her sh*t don't stink. I hope Billy fires her butt from the paper.

    I guess this is what Victor meant about Billy hurting Victoria. Not intentionally, but by his stupid decision making.

    I think Kevin can take Jana in a fist-fight so he should go for it and fight her for his freedom. He is a man, he should be able to knock her out fast

    Posted by little bear at Thursday, May 05 2011 01:08 AM

    kmc320 - i'm can't help feeling sorry for Billy no matter how stupid he is or how much he brought this on himself cos he's just too cute!

    I've actually offered to tidy/organise friend's houses for them before, and now you've made me feel very anxious about your house! if i didn't live in Australia i would be straight there to tidy it all up!!

    Tinkerbellz22 - all true what you said but Billy's just so cute! I don't care that he bought Lucy he's so cute and i definitely feel sorry for him!

    Coastie - i feel so bad for Billy! He looks so devastated in that picture up the top of the page! I really hope he fights for both Lucy and Delia!

    Posted by MsChief at Thursday, May 05 2011 04:21 AM


    I'm so mad and hurt. Juann, I need tissues now

    I just arrived at work, opened the site and quickly skimmed thru the pictures like I always do. When I saw Jana looking a mess, I quickly scrolled past her and saw the look on Vikki's face while she clutched Lucy and I knew this is the part I needed to read.

    Writers, all I have to say is why can't you leave the babies alone?

    Posted by MsChief at Thursday, May 05 2011 04:30 AM

    Darn it, I'm sick of this Pain (no longer Cane) and Lily story line.

    This is just ridiculous, we still don't have any confirmation of what's going on with the crappy story line

    I'M SICK OF THE WRITERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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