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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

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    You Can't Keep Avoiding Me.

    Monday, May 02 2011
    Neil confronts Sofia, Phyllis won't back down, and Chloe gets Kevin's signal.

    At Crimson Lights, Malcolm and Sofia announce their pregnancy to Lily and Devon. Lily wants to call Neil over to celebrate, but Sofia nixes the idea. When they look at her strange, she relents.

    At the Club, Neil tells Olivia about Sofia's pregnancy. Devon calls Neil and asks him to join them. Neil declines, and asks to speak to Sofia. Liv steps away and Neil orders Sofia to come to the Club, warning she can't keep avoiding him. Olivia returns, and Neil sends her to Crimson Lights. She leaves just as Sofia arrives. Sofia tells Neil it's not his baby. Neil says he has to be positive. He wants Malcolm to be the father, but if he isn't, he's going to tell him.

    At Gloworm, Chloe and Gloria watch the footage from the train station. Chloe tells Gloria that Kevin is doing rock, paper, scissors - he's signaling her. Lauren and Michael sit nearby. He tells her Daisy's daughter is Lucy Abbott, and says Phyllis wants him to represent her in filing for custody. Lauren feels the press could bring Daisy back. Michael says he'll refuse the case and leaves. A detective arrives and Chloe shows him Kevin's signal on the security tape. He's not impressed, so Chloe decides to talk to the press. Lauren comes over and they fill her in. Lauren says it's not a good day - she just found out that Lucy Abbott is Daisy's baby. Chloe is stunned that Billy bought a baby on the black market, and decides to sue him for full custody! Chloe calls Heather to represent her because she's good. Chloe explains that Billy's making poor choices. Heather says she'll draw up a petition for custody. The press arrives to put Chloe and Gloria on TV. Heather returns with Chloe's papers - she signs them. Gloria and Chloe then go live with the proof that Kevin is being held hostage.

    In the school room, Kevin tells Jana that she's no better than Daisy. Jana says it's different because she's doing this out of love. She has a romantic dinner set up, but handcuffs him to the chair. Suddenly, they hear police outside. They hide in the closet. As Jana presses the gun against him, he says you don't hurt someone you love. Jana chloroforms him and they narrowly escape being found. Jana talks to Kevin while he's unconscious. He awakens alone. Jana opens the closet door and he pretends to be traumatized.

    At Billy and Victoria's house, Phyllis flips over Daniel signing away his rights and storms out saying she'll contact her lawyer. Daniel follows. Vikki says to Billy, "We're going to lose her." Rafe comes over and warns that he may be able to have Daisy's parental rights terminated, but they still have to deal with Phyllis - the first thing her lawyer will do is check out the legality of the adoption and child protective services could step in.

    Daniel catches up with Phyllis at the Club. They debate the situation with Lucy. Daniel says Lucy is where she belongs and is going to stay there. Phyllis replies, "Like hell she is." Daniel goes and Michael enters. He tells Phyllis he can't represent her due to Lauren's fears. As Phyllis tries to change his mind, Lauren appears. A heated argument ensues between the ladies. Michael says they can both get what they want if he works on this his way.

    Daniel returns to Billy's house and tells him, Vikki, and Rafe that Phyllis won't listen to him, and he doesn't think anyone will get through to her. Phyllis arrives with Michael and Lauren. Billy says, "Bring it on, we're ready for you." The arguing escalates until Michael says they all want to protect Lucy, which means they have to keep this between the people in this room and figure out an agreement.

    Olivia congratulates Malcolm at the coffee house. He says Sofia had a meeting. Liv realizes she left her cellphone at the Club and leaves. Devon and Lily get a drink and then find a bouquet on their table. The card says, "Meet me at the usual place." Devon asks who they're from.

    At the Club, Neil tells Sofia they will do a paternity test, and if the baby is his they have to tell Malcolm. Sofia says he needs to let it go. She places her hand over his and says she's begging him. Just then, Olivia comes back and spots them together. When Neil leaves, Liv confronts Sofia.

    Neil arrives on the patio at Crimson Lights. Malcolm greets him and wants to know what he thinks about him becoming a papa.

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Cane says to Lily at the cemetery, "So you got my message?"

    Olivia says to Sofia, "Tell me the baby couldn't be Neil's."

    Abby says to Tucker, "What part of 'no chance in hell' do you not understand?"

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Friday, April 29 2011 03:14 PM

    Chloe, no judge in their right mind will give you full custody of a German Shepherd. Have you forgotten about your past deeds? I'm surprised that Heather wants to help the nut. Chloe, your so called boyfriend is in with the MOB. How safe is that for Delia?

    Daneile needs to to tell his witch of a mother Endora, that if she pursues this, she is out of his life. Heck, she might not care.

    I'm glad that Michael turned Broomhilda down. I can't wait for Nick to find out what she is doing to his sister.

    For some reason, I can see Olivia changing the baby paternity results.

    Posted by juann at Friday, April 29 2011 05:07 PM

    Malcolm and Sofia's short lived marital bliss is about to come to an end. We all know this baby is Neil's.

    Chloe is going to sue Billy for full custody of Delia because he is making bad choices. Chloe honey, you need to go look in the mirror because your past choices are nothing to brag about. I hope the judge denies your request.

    Daniel, your mother is a crazy lunatic. I pray to God that Phyllis does not get Lucy. Heck, she can't even take control of her own life these days, let alone try to take care of a newborn baby.

    Thank-You Michael for telling Phyllis No.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    Posted by Coastie at Saturday, April 30 2011 08:04 AM

    It's always about BABIES!!! I guess the WINOs think that is what draws viewers?

    WTH couldn't Sophia and Malcolm be happy, and Neil get it on with Leslie?

    Lauren is right, the press about Lucy will bring Ryder back- but now she's told Chloe

    I'm happy for SAWYA that she gets to view her sweet Candy Cane this week!

    Posted by simscb at Saturday, April 30 2011 08:33 AM

    My heartfelt thanks to those of you wrote condolences and have been praying for me. It helped knowing that so many of you care.

    Neil: MYOB! You are jumping the gun in assuming you are the father. Butt out and let Malcolm and Sofia have their happiness. I hope Malcolm IS the father. Since this is soapland, we know it's going to be Neil the Heel's baby.

    ITA with cowboys fan that Olivia will tamper with the results. Isn't this what soap writers always do?

    Why is it ALWAYS involving precious babies? Something is WRONG with the WINOs.

    Posted by Coastie at Sunday, May 01 2011 02:10 PM

    I see that Cane is still lurking in these comments...just lost a long one!

    Kevin was playing rock-paper-scissors behind his back to the camera and now he's playing with himself in the closet!

    MiniVic should just pack up Little Lucy and leave the country with her!
    If she would just talk with her brother Adumb, he could tell her how to steal babies and disappear!!

    Posted by cards1 at Sunday, May 01 2011 05:37 PM


    Daniel and Phyllis argue about Lucy’s future

    Rafe tells Billy and Victoria that Daisy still has rights to Lucy

    Rafe suggests everyone should hope the judge doesn’t find out Lucy was a black market baby, or Child Protective Services could get involved

    Billy and Victoria are heartbroken when the social worker removes Lucy from their home

    Victoria is unable to forgive Billy for what he’s done
    This is going to be so sad IMO. Phyllis I hope this makes you happy to have that baby ripped away from the only mommy/daddy she's ever known to satisfy your own selfish needs.

    Posted by aqua23 at Sunday, May 01 2011 11:42 PM

    SPOILERS ---------From

    Tucker pushes Abby one time too many

    Jack is ecstatic when Abby agrees to sell to him

    Abby sells Jack her Newman shares for $299 each, one dollar less per share than Tucker offered

    Jack dashes to the ranch to taunt Victor with the news

    Meanwhile, Diane and Victor are preparing for a night of romance Victor declines to react to Jack's antics

    After Jack departs, Diane tries to comfort her husband

    Victor tells her that he lost his appetite

    Smarting at the rebuff, Diane leaves, and heads for Jack's house

    Jack assumes Diane came by to discuss Kyle

    Diane shocks Jack when she suggests the two of them work together to get even with Victor

    Jack is shocked when Diane takes off her coat and stands naked before him

    Jack takes advantage of Diane's offer

    Nikki tries to reach Victor before it's too late

    In a heated argument, Nikki begs Victor to think of their children

    Billy and Chloe argue about Delia

    Chloe asks Heather to take her custody case

    When Heather hears about Billy buying a black market baby, she agrees to help Chloe

    Sofia scrambles to keep the truth from Neil, and asks him not tell anyone about their tryst

    Neil asks for a DNA test

    Sofia is upset when Neil says that if he's the father, he's not letting Malcolm have his baby

    Neil tells Olivia that Sofia is expecting a baby

    Olivia asks Sofia to tell her the truth about Neil

    Sofia admits that Neil could be the father

    Abby loses her temper with her mother during a fight about Ashley and Tucker's wedding

    Abby refuses to attend the wedding

    Daniel and Phyllis argue about Lucy's future

    Rafe tells Billy and Victoria that Daisy still has rights to Lucy

    Rafe suggests everyone should hope the judge doesn't find out Lucy was a black market baby, or Child Protective Services could get involved

    Billy and Victoria are heartbroken when the social worker removes Lucy from their home

    Victoria is unable to forgive Billy for what he's done

    Devon gets curious when Lily gets a bouquet of flowers

    The siblings wrestle over the card, but the name of the giver remains a mystery to Devon

    When Lily reads the card, she sees that it's an invitation to meet Cane at the cemetery

    At Cane's grave, Lily and Cane share a kiss

    Cane stays cagey about his status in the land of the living

    As Cane disappears, Daniel arrives and gives his ex-wife a friendly hug

    Devon observes the interaction and misunderstands Lily and Daniel's relationship

    Devon asks Lily to tell him what's going on

    Lily explains that Daniel is just being her friend

    Abby emphatically asks Lily to come see her at Gloworm

    Lily tells Daniel that she's concerned about what Lily thinks

    Daniel and Lily head for the restaurant with Devon in tow

    Later, Lily take the twins to Cane's grave

    Jana gets increasingly desperate as the stakes are raised

    Chloe's interference pushes Jana closer to the edge

    Michael hunts for his brother

    Kay steps in to free Kevin from Jana's clutches

    A completely unstrung Jana reveals her plan to Kevin

    Kevin kicks the gun away

    Jana and Chloe come face to face

    Death arrives again in Genoa City

    Posted by aqua23 at Sunday, May 01 2011 11:57 PM

    One more thing, Adams sells his stock to Tucker and Abby sells her stock to Jack, neither would sell their stock to the man that gave them the stock because they hate him.

    Posted by aqua23 at Monday, May 02 2011 12:09 AM

    President Barack Obama's announcement that Osama Bin Laden is dead late on Sunday night in an unexpected televised address prompted an outpouring of reaction from across the political spectrum.

    I'm glad he's gone, but don't break in Y&R today, it's going to be a good Y&R day.

    Posted by SHANSI01 at Monday, May 02 2011 01:14 AM

    The storyline of the custody of Lucy becomes utterly ridiculous.
    Billy bought a baby in black market but Phylllis is the bad person in storyline . Victoria and Billy have become the poor victimes of devil Phyllis.
    The best it's Daniel: what? you bought my child no problem, I'll sign the papers and you will become legally his father.

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