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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

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    Collateral Damage.

    Wednesday, December 29 2010
    Kevin confronts Daisy, Sharon has no proof, and Nick argues with Adam.

    Daniel arrives home and comments on Daisy having used the guard's phone to order pizza. She tries to talk to him about the baby, saying she wants to be a mom, and thinks he would be a great dad - they could make this work. Daniel scoffs that the kid will be in college before she's up for parole. Daisy asserts that she won't spend one more day in jail. Daniel asks what changed to make her think that, and grills her about who she called. He warns her whatever she's up to, it's not going to work. Daisy yammers on about where she and the baby will live, and Daniel's visitation. Daniel warns her about trying to outsmart him, and goes over the reasons he can have her parental rights terminated. Daniel then leaves, telling the guard, "No more phone calls!"

    Jana shows up on Kevin's doorstep. Exasperated, he asks what she's doing there. She says she came to celebrate on this great occasion - he's going to be a dad! Kevin grabs a bottle of beer and sucks it back before asking if she's saying she's pregnant. Jana says no, she's talking about Daisy's baby, and explains the nature of their deal. She pops open a bottle of champagne as Kevin shakes his head. Jana elaborates that she told the police Sara was responsible, not Daisy, and now he'll get the child. Kevin feels she hasn't thought this through. He says there is something he needs to do and shows her out. She asks to spend New Year's with him, but he declines.

    Nick comes upon Phyllis working in Crimson Lights. She says she has a deadline in three hours. Nick says he had to leave Faith with a nanny to go into work. Phyllis brings up Sharon and lets Nick know that she has gone looking for Skye. He asks how she knows. Phyllis explains that Adam told her. Nick comments on her writing a follow-up article on Adam that will humiliate Sharon. Phyllis rolls her eyes and tells him to let loose on her about the mother of his children, but Nick surprises her by saying he supports her - he's had a dose of reality. Phyllis muses that she used to fantasize about this. Nick says he's done trying to protect Sharon from Adam and herself - if she ends up being collateral damage, it's her own fault.

    In Hawaii on the volcano, Sharon asks Skye how she could let Adam hang for her murder. They argue about whether or not Skye will return to Genoa City with Sharon. Victor approaches and hears them. Sharon decides to take a photo of Skye to prove she's alive. Skye lunges for the camera and slips. Sharon grabs Skye's hand as she hangs on for her life above the hot lava, but she can't save her. Skye falls into the volcano, and Sharon screams. Nearby, Victor seems stunned. Sharon pleads for someone to help, but Victor stays hidden. When Sharon goes for help, he looks down into the fiery volcano.

    Back at the outpost, Sharon tells the authorities about what happened to Skye. She says she came looking for her because everyone believes she is dead. Sharon wants to show him the photo on her camera, but it's gone. The detective says they should go back up and see what they find. Sharon's phone rings - it's Nick. He wants to know if Victor is with her. Sharon tells him she found Skye but has to go. They head outside and back up the volcano. The detective thinks the site is inconclusive. Sharon's tour guide reappears and they all go back to the outpost, where the detective decides that Skye was never there. Sharon protests. The man sneers that Skye conveniently fell off the mountain. He says unless she brings him proof Skye was on the island - no death certificate! Sharon talks about the perfume, but the Hawaiian store owner denies it came there. Sharon tears up.

    Kevin arrives at Daniel's house and confronts Daisy about manipulating Jana. He hollers that she took advantage of Jana, who is messed up by what Daisy's family did to her. Daisy screams that she wasn't going to give him the baby anyway. Kevin says he doesn't want her kid, and then gets in her face. He promises that he'll see to it the baby is taken away from her the second she's born - and warns when Jana learns he has no interest in the baby, Daisy will lose her ally! Jana reappears after he leaves and offers Daisy a non-alcoholic toast. She tells her she changed her statement. Daisy asks if she told Kevin. Jana says she did, and he can't wait to be a father. Daisy grins and tells her she should go, and not to come back tomorrow. Soon, Daniel returns with a U.S. Marshal, who tells Daisy he'll be taking her straight back to jail once the baby is delivered.

    Nick shows up at the jail to see Adam. They spar and bicker. Nick says he doesn't care what he and Sharon want to do together, but he'd better stay away from his daughter. Adam wonders if Nick will use Faith to keep them apart. He warns if Sharon wants them to be a family once he's out of jail, there will be nothing Nick can do about it.

    Back at Crimson Lights, Phyllis asks Kevin if he's given anymore thought to her adopting the baby. Kevin says that's all he's thought about - he muses that all this insanity has made him realize he's no more ready to be a parent than Daisy is. Phyllis presumes he's going to help her, but he says he thinks Daniel is right that the baby needs to get as far away from Daisy and Genoa City as possible.

    Victor steps into Skye's hut with a gas can. He throws her belongings, including her distinctive perfume, into a suitcase and then pours gas around. He lights a match to Skye's things.

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Daniel tells Abby he's about to climb out of the hellhole Daisy's dragged him into.

    Daisy goes into labor and Jana wants to take her to the hospital, but Daisy refuses, saying they'll throw her in jail.

    Adam says to Sharon, "You did it. You saved me again."

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    Posted by kmc320 at Tuesday, December 28 2010 02:05 PM

    Hey Folks, you know you all are certainly welcome on the spoilers.
    Let me began by saying (to others chagrin) that the writers need to join the unemployment ranks. THEY are the ones driving away viewers with this slop. One can't help but speak ill of the dumbchitt.

    We know the actors are doing a fantastic job with the garbage written. JM doesn't like the stepmom love thang.

    Is it me or does Victor favors one leg? After you all posted about his hip surgery I paid more attention. And him climbing the hiking trail....

    Chipmunk had me rolling when he say "no" if Red was proposing so I know I'll CDHU when Jana says Kevin's going to be a dad! Kevin grabs a bottle of beer and sucks it back before asking if she's saying she's pregnant.

    If Blondie head gets any clearer you'll be able to hear the wind whistling.

    brooksie, Spawn called Blondie from the jail payphone not her calling him.

    This is a volcano not a charcoal pit
    RE:When Sharon goes for help, he looks down into the fiery volcano.

    I'm happy that the results blew up in Bimbo's face. Cry baby cry

    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, December 28 2010 02:42 PM

    Dang Kevin, you slept with Jana two days ago, how can she know if she is pregnant? Please don't give the baby to this Dufus. Jana went through all this trouble and Kevin still doesn't want to spend time with her. Well, I see the light came on in Kevin's head. He no longer wants the baby and is on to Daisy.

    Nick ask Phank Broomhilda how she knows where Sharon is. Nick, Hilda is always in Sharon's business. She is in love with her. She can tell you what color draws she's wearing.

    Sharon is asking Skye, how she could let Adam hang for her murder. I guess the same way Adam let Victor hang for a murder he didn't commit.

    That Volcano is no match for Skye. She will live again.

    Why am I not surprised. Adam sent Sharon to find Skye and take a simple picture, and she messed that up. Oh well. No proof that Skye was alive.

    If Adam had really changed, he wouldn't be so hard on Nick and apologize profusely about kidnapping his daughter. But he still has no regrets about it. He should not be surprised that Nick would not want him near his daughter. Adam can have his own little demon with Sharon. I hope the horns don't stab her when she delivers.

    Awwww, Phank Broomhilda has lost her ally she had in Kevin. Plotting against her own son. How awful. Some mother she is. It's all about what she wants. To Hell with Daniel, Lauren and Michael. With a witch like her, who needs enemies. Couldn't use the word friend.

    Glad Victor set the place on fire.

    Posted by kmc320 at Tuesday, December 28 2010 02:42 PM


    Nick's choice devastates Sharon (I ain't mad)

    Colin uses his grandchildren to ease his way inn with Cane. (Most of us have had it with Cane)

    Daisy leaves her newborn daughter behind (with whom)

    Kay questions Colins motives (???)

    Heather is disturbed by Ronans serects (Not to worry Cricket's coming back around the 13th)

    Sofia becomes Canes partner in crime say it ain't so

    Jack makes Nick doubt Victor (what's new? Ea always pitting fami against the other)

    Jana experiences a setback (What she making head way?)

    Adam's case gets underway (whether guilty or not ROT in jail)

    What should be interesting to see how it plays out is Blondie being angry with her F-I-L/TGVN and how he treats her

    Posted by kmc320 at Tuesday, December 28 2010 02:51 PM

    Nick's Done With Sharon! At least, according to Nick's portrayer, Joshua Morrow, he is.

    Morrow hopes that all the Genoa City viewers who have been anxiously crossing their fingers and toes wishing for a Nick and Sharon reunion have a lot of patience! "For the time being, Nick has clearly turned a page," he points out. "How many chances can he give this woman to stay away from this incredibly dangerous human being? He's an evil person! Nick, for the life of him, can't understand why Sharon would want to be around him and why she would pick Adam over him. That kills him," adds the actor. "He hasn't really gotten into it with anyone, but it just kills him inside!"

    But does it kill that place in his heart that he's always reserved for Sharon, even when he was married to Phyllis? "She picked Adam -- Nick's mortal enemy -- over him. Adam -- his own brother!" marvels Morrow. "This is a truly awful thing for Nick to deal with, so I have to believe that he is done with Sharon."

    Of course, soap characters have notoriously short memories. And despite the hurt and fury his alter ego is going through right now, Morrow agrees that you can never say never when it comes to Nick and Sharon. "We know that these two can never truly get away from each other completely," the actor concedes. "But it really seems like Nick has moved on!"

    Colin uses his new relationship with Jill to cozy up to Lily, even admitting to Blake that he'd love to meet his grandkids.

    Yet there is one person who sees through Colin's smooth charm -- Katherine! After meeting Jill's latest squeeze, the sharp-eyed matriarch hires Paul and Nina to dig into his past Down Under! (Paul's playing PI again; should have hired Red)

    Unaware that he's under investigation, Colin contrives to swing by Lily's place, where he's thrilled to finally meet the twins

    Posted by Coastie at Tuesday, December 28 2010 02:56 PM

    Bubye Skye! Who thinks that she will resurface again, thanks to TGVN?

    Posted by Coastie at Tuesday, December 28 2010 03:02 PM

    I just read your post, cowboys fan,
    Damn straight, Skye will live to see another day!!

    Posted by juann at Tuesday, December 28 2010 07:26 PM

    I have had enough of this Daisy situtation, seriously. Please end this storyline and now.

    Dang Sharon, all you needed to do was take one picture of Skye, and yet you couldn't manage that.

    Skye slips and falls into the fiery volcano. I do not believe for one minute that Skye is dead.

    I like Nick going to see Adam and getting in his face. I can't blame Nick one bit for not wanting Adam around his daughter. Adam, telling Nick that there is nothing he can do if you and Sharon want to be a family was the wrong thing to do. Don't underestimate Nick, he is a Newman and he has daddy on his side. They will make your life more complicated and miserable than it already is.

    Hallelujah! Kevin has come to his senses about raising Daisy's baby and has even turned on Phyllis. Give it up Phyllis, your no better than Kevin to be a parent to a newborn baby. I'm in Daniel's corner on this one.

    Have a great night everyone!

    Posted by kmc320 at Tuesday, December 28 2010 07:33 PM

    aqua23, LETSGOCAVS We rarely see eye to eye but I applaud you for continuing to state your mind.

    mspiggyda1, cyber, simscb - same for trying to stay tactful.

    BUTT..Carlotta01 and her - "The same posters, day after day, (you know who you are) post on this site with only negative criticism for the writers and the actors.

    Re: Are these posters more accomplished in their chosen profession? I sincerely doubt it! We are about to start a new year, how about fresh and positive attitudes."

    Speak for your damn self as I'm about to retire w/38 yrs and a BIG A$$ BONUS and a call back to train others. What's your accomplishment(s)? I volunteer, donate to charities, collect for Vets and homeless; WTF do you do?

    When you Holier Than Thou Wannabe Moderators don't know a thing about the posters you should refrain from condemning others unless you know us personally.

    Report my Ass, cause this is a public site; it ain't paying you, me nor the others.

    I'm sick of y'all asses trying to tell us how to behave.

    Damn Writers
    Dumbschitt producers
    F'ed up'ed inconcositent stories. Hate Cain lying; Craisy baby s/l; Red wanting to be a grandmother; Kevin; Jana; Blondie stupidity; Spawn; etc etc

    Posted by aqua23 at Wednesday, December 29 2010 12:15 AM

    Hi All Peeps

    Thank you kmc320 for the kind words.

    Man is this going to be a good show, I will be ROFLMFAO.

    Jana you have been suckered, crazy Daisy outwitted crazy Jana. Now the states attorney won't be able to put Jana on the stand because she has changed her story to many times.

    Lawd the big guy gave Shank a bottle of alcohol to sacrifice at the volcano and she done gone and made a human sacrifice out of Skye.

    What's worse is she didn't make a wish and now lover boy will be locked up for life.

    " Skye falls into the volcano, and Sharon screams. Nearby, Victor seems stunned." Why in the hell is Victor stunned, every time you plot something, it always backfires and someone dies, can you say Colleen?

    Shank's phone rings - it's Nick, she tells him she found Skye but didn't have time to tell him that Skye is deep fried, Nick goes and tell Adam and Adam is off the wall happy about the good news, now Adam will be going down faster than a roller coaster when Shank gets back and tell him that she is in part to blame because Skye tried to take the camera from her and fell into the fiery volcano. Skye is really dead and she has no proof that Skye was ever alive in Hawaii.

    If they had hired Paul to find Skye, they would still have hope cause he couldn't find her.

    Victor's throwing evidence into the volcano and burning down Skye's hut to make sure Adam never gets out of prison and that dumb Shank is pleading with anyone to believe her.

    I really think Victor pulled Skye out after Shank left, but Skye should be crispy, now it's a good thing Victor ain't mad at Lauren are he could put Sheila's face on Skye and drive Lauren crazy.

    Daisy goes into labor and I bet some how she switch places with Jana and walk right pass the guard.

    Phyllis face it Daniel is right this time, put the baby up for adoption.

    Nick now see's the light about Shank. I don't think Adam love Shank, I think he wants whatever Nick has. Adam was after Phyllis first before he moved on to Shank. How can you steal a woman's baby and then say I love you, he must have had some feelings for her before they got together.

    I also think Adam killed Hightower. Patty started to remember what happened the night Hightower died and said I didn't kill anybody and Adam crawled thru the vents and put the diary that he wrote in it that Patty killed Hightower and told her " you killed me " pretending to be Hightower. He even made her see blood on her hands. Yes that SOB killed Hightower.

    Have a great soapville day and put a smile on those lips.

    Posted by aqua23 at Wednesday, December 29 2010 12:26 AM

    July 26,2010 Patty and Adam.

    Patty sits in her cell and tells herself that she didn't kill anybody. She dreams about being locked up underground.

    Outside, Adam sneaks into the institution through a vent opening onto an alley. He crawls through the shafts and into Patty's room. She mumbles to herself as he stands beside her. He flips through her notebook and tears out some pages. She wakes up and sees him. He tells her he's the ghost of Richard. "You look like Adam," she says. He says that she killed him and she has to die there if she doesn't do as he says. Adam offers to take her down the rabbit hole to the answers she wants. She scribbles in her book and then he takes her hand and leads her out. They slip out into the alley and he gives her a nun's habit and a fake ID. He says she's going to Canada to do penance and can never come back. "Tell Jack I'll never forget him," she says.

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