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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

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    What's the Rush?

    Friday, November 05 2010
    Nikki learns about Victor's wedding, Mac and J.T. are wed, and Daisy plays hardball.

    On the jet, Meggie tells Victor it's hard to believe they're husband and wife. The captain says they will soon be in Genoa City. She asks him to take a photo of them on her cellphone. After, she tells Victor she has quite a night planned.

    At the Chancellor Estate, Kevin listens as Chloe runs down last minute details for Mac and J.T's wedding. Katherine is raring to go. Vikki and Billy come in. Reed runs over and says, "I'm going to be in Daddy and Mac's wedding!" All is quiet as Reed asks Vikki to stay. She says she will. J.T. tells her he knows this isn't easy. Vikki tells him she's a good mom. Katherine explains to J.T. and Mac that Victoria is entitled to her anger. Lily arrives and says Cane has gone to Chicago. Mac asks her to be her Matron of Honor. They hug. Kay asks Kevin about Daisy, considering she ruined his marriage. Kevin shrugs and says Michael will see she is locked up for a long time. Paul turns up and J.T. asks him to be his best man. Paul says he's honored. The doorbell rings - it's Brock! He and Mac embrace happily. Victoria spends a moment with Reed talking about how they'll stay close after he moves. J.T. wanders in on a teary moment. Billy gives J.T. a pointed look.

    Michael asks Lauren to come with him to make sure Daisy doesn't get out on bail. She refuses, saying she's done playing victim. Michael replies, "Not as long as you're locked up in this apartment." He leaves, and Lauren flashes back to being imprisoned by Daisy.

    Behind bars, Daisy tells her lawyer that she's not prepared to pay bail if it's granted, but she hopes the baby's father will come through. Michael arrives at the jail and bickers with Heather about Daisy getting bail. He insists she stay behind bars for Lauren's sanity.

    Phyllis greets Daniel at Crimson Lights and asks if he heard Daisy was arrested. Daniel nods and tells her she broke into his apartment and claimed that her baby is his. Phyllis is stunned to hear she may be a 'g-g-g-grandmother'. Daniel sighs that he didn't have sex with her. Phyllis points out that he doesn't know if he did or not.

    Meggie and Victor enter the Ranch. She says she sent the staff home. He slumps down on the couch and Meggie posts their wedding photo on Faceplace. She then makes Victor a drink and puts in some performance pills. Victor dazedly downs the drink. Meggie enthuses that she can't wait for what comes next! Victor soon begins to groan and slump over as she watches. She muses that it will be over soon. As he agonizes, she tells him to hurry up and die. Suddenly, Victor snaps his head up and grabs Meggie's face. In a clear voice he demands, "What's the rush?"

    At Solidarity House, Nikki tells Deacon that Meggie and Victor are gone out of town together. Nikki wonders if he'd actually get involved with Meggie. She logs onto Faceplace and notices that Meggie changed her status to married. She gasps that there's a wedding photo of her and Victor! Nikki reels, and tells Deacon she needs a drink. Deacon tries to rationalize, but Nikki rants, and then dissolves into tears. Deacon is supportive and says he's not going to desert her. Nikki says she knows that, and they begin kissing.

    Michael gets back home and tells Lauren that Heather is no longer the District Attorney, but is handling the arraignment. He wants Lauren to go to it and speak. Lauren panics, but Michael reminds her of her strength.

    Lauren and Michael enter the jail. Heather is glad to see Lauren. Daisy is brought into the room and Lauren angrily confronts her! Phyllis and Daniel come in. Phyllis says they came about the baby - they want to prove it's not Daniel's. Daisy agrees to do the DNA test if she can move to a hospital. Lauren insists she stay behind bars. Heather offers to put 24-hour surveillance on her. Lauren tells Phyllis she's sorry. Michael tells Daisy no deal. Daisy says, "Bye Daddy," to Daniel.

    The wedding ceremony begins at Kay's house with Reed, Lily, and then Mac and Brock coming up the aisle. Brock also performs the ceremony. J.T. and Mac exchange personal vows and Brock pronounces them husband and wife. They kiss happily. Afterward, J.T. and Victoria go up to help Reed finish packing. Billy and Mac share a close moment. Katherine cuts in and embraces Mac, promising to visit often. Lily also says farewell to Mac.

    Outside by the car, J.T. sends Reed back inside for a moment. Victoria makes her case again about him taking Reed from his mother. Vikki makes it clear she'll never forgive him. J.T. stands miserably by the car. When everyone else comes outside, Vikki takes Reed aside to say goodbye. J.T. moves to put him in the car, but he runs back to Vikki. She sends him back and cries as the car starts and they pull away.

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow's The Young and the Restless:

    Nick shows Phyllis their final divorce decree.

    Kay asks Murphy, "Darling, what is it?"

    Nikki holds a sheet around her naked body and says to Victor, "Tell me all about your wedding and you're new life."

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, November 04 2010 03:29 PM

    If anybody knows what Daniel is going through it's Broomhilda. She played the same trick on Danny that Daisy is playing on Daniel. How does it feel Broom?

    I knew Victor was faking. Look at his face. If looks could kill, Meggie would be dead.

    Dang, I guess Nikki will sleep with Deacon now that she thinks that Victor is married to that she-devil.

    I'm so sick of Lauren cowering. She needs to go to Daisy and pimp slap the hell out of her arse.

    I was hoping that JT would change his mind. No such luck.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, November 04 2010 03:36 PM

    I hope Meggie doubled up on her depends. Cause I know she just messed all over herself.

    Posted by juann at Thursday, November 04 2010 04:04 PM

    LMFAO at Phyllis when she learns she might be a g-g-g grandmother! The look on her face is priceless! I wonder if she is feeling a little de-javu since she knows crazy Daisy is playing the exact same charade that she did with Danny.

    Good riddance J.T. Taking your son away from his mother is plain wrong. Shame on you.

    Victor wins again. I bet Meggie just wet all over herself when Victor snapped his head up and grabbed Meggie's face. She should of known that you never cross Victor Newman. I hope he chews her up and spits her out to the wolves.

    Lauren, quit feeling sorry for yourself and stop playing the victim role. We had enough of that crap last year.

    Nice to see Brock again, even if it is only for one episode.

    Meggie's plan got shot all to hell, but it looks like Deacon is getting exactly what he wanted-Nikki. These two are going to hit the sheets.

    Have a great night everyone.

    Posted by 2tgtbt at Thursday, November 04 2010 04:08 PM

    Who cares that winney Vicki is having a coniption over Reed?
    Seh brought it on her self the way she was caring on with Deacon then JT. she is jsut a spoiled whinny rich girl!!!
    not only that... when Reed does come back, he will be as old as Abby.

    Meggie is leaving the Show if, they could just only get rid of That major ugly tailed Heifer Heather. !!!!!! that would be just grand!!!!!

    oh bull hockey pock!!!! we all know that fish lips Daisy will escape again. look who is helping her, the macho man heather!!!

    yeah!!!! Nick the pric is D I V O R C E D from my girl Phyllis. I hope that him and shares don't get back together they are B O R I N G !!!! But for some reason ya'll schick fans want that but there has been too much water under that bridge. I don't they would be happy back together. but, who knows?

    Posted by 2tgtbt at Thursday, November 04 2010 04:11 PM

    oh yeah!!! I believe that, TGVN was setting Meggie up all along. and He already knew she was out to kill him by Murphy's confession and Kay's help and Ronan!!!!!!!

    Posted by Coastie at Thursday, November 04 2010 04:25 PM

    Phyllas's g-g-grandmother?!? Ha Ha, that's a good one!

    Posted by Coastie at Thursday, November 04 2010 04:30 PM

    The only good thing about Mac and Cheese is that they're leaving. I guess that if my husband was going to be kissing on another woman, Clementine Ford is the gal for the job!!

    What a tear jerker and great Friday Cliff Hanger, because we don't know what happened to Maggot!

    Posted by CBS11cntrl_tm at Thursday, November 04 2010 06:42 PM

    YES, INDEED!!!! A pick-me-up with hope for the weekend!!! Now, the question is... HOW FAR BACK DID TGVN FAKE? Was it from the first 'drugged' drink? Was the plane staff in on it? Was the Reno group in on it? Was the marriage really legit? Was Murphy able to tell Ronan in time for Ronan to warn TGVN? Was Nikki in bed by herself naked or wa she with D-Con??? I need answers... I hear Eric Braden will be out for surgery a few weeks. If so, prayers for speedy recovery. I was going back to the 'City' (New Orleans from childhood until USACOE used Katrina as the perfect excuse to de-populate the City) to see in-laws and relatives until I found out Y&R was taping. Guess I'll wait till Bayou Classic time. Y'all have a good weekend!! Stay soapy!!!

    Posted by kmc320 at Thursday, November 04 2010 07:51 PM

    @cowboys fan - I hope Meggie doubled up on her depends. Cause I know she just messed all over herself.

    I did and baby wipes too

    And here I go again for all you religious zealots

    Why don't the buttholes make Y&R a comedy 'cause most of this schitt is a joke.

    If my big demon (Satan's Cuz) runs away I'm partying till the moon turns to cheese. (KANSAN I've had him for 37 yrs and whosoever gets him will return him with gift
    certificates to all my favorite stores) true words

    The new Blondie - Tah Dahhhh is Nikki.

    2tgtbt be careful not to lump us all together as I couldn't care less if Shick got back together. I'd rather they become friends and if there's a romance, let it be gradual.

    CBS11cntrl_tm - go back and have a grand time. It's 3 hrs away for us and we have charters going to Orleans practically every day

    Posted by simscb at Thursday, November 04 2010 07:55 PM

    Until I get more tomorrow...

    After a visit with Daisy, Abby makes a decision about her relationship with Daniel. (Don't tell me she's going to "throw in the towel" because Crazy said Daniel is the baby's father.)

    Chloe and Kevin find themselves in a precarious situation with the police. (What? Not again. Wonder what they do.)

    Who knew?.... Victor knew all along about Maggot's plan to get rid of him. When will he find out about Meggie's plying Nikki with liquor-laced smoothies? What about her plans with Deacon to keep Nikki drinking? Want to bet that he substituted the vials and pills she gave him? He was taking placebos. LMBO

    The call he received when he changed his mind about going to Vegas because he lost a business deal had to have been Katherine warning him. When Maggot went to pack his clothes, that's probably when he did the switching. JMO

    Nikki should not have jumped in the bed and had sex with Deacon...NASTY. She should have restrained herself. Too bad, Nikki! The JIG is UP. Victor sees her naked body covered with a sheet. He knows!

    It's high time that he realizes what those two are the ones responsible for Nikki's falling off the wagon. I hope he finds Meggie's stash of those mini bottles of Vodka.

    Just had a thought...Do you think TGVN had cameras installed in his house? NAH

    I am really happy with the outcome of Friday's show and am so excited about her getting her comeuppance on Monday, Nov. 8.

    Heather had better install a camera in Daisy's cell because she is like a slippery eel and will wiggle her way out of jail to torment Lauren and Daniel.

    Laueren should face her demons and just beat the CRAP out of Daisy. I am waiting to see the pregnancy pad or basketball fall out.

    Phyllis...a g-g-g-grandmother? Can't wait to see her facial expressions tomorrow. She's going to have a COW because she thinks she is still "young at heart."

    Another Brock sighting is going to be great. Katherine really is the BEST and knows how to get things rolling.

    Guess I'd better have a lot of Kleenex on hand tomorrow watching the scenes with Vikki and Reed.

    JT should stand miserably by the car before they leave for Washington. He should be crying a river of tears for taking Reed away from his mother. No matter what Vikki has done, SHE is his MOTHER, not Mac.

    JT and Mac: BYE, BYE!

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