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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

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    There's Going To Be a Wedding!

    Thursday, November 04 2010
    Katherine makes the impossible happen, Meggie's plan goes off with a hitch, and Heather makes a difficult decision.

    Paul stops in to visit J.T. and Mac. He is stunned to hear that they are moving to D.C. today! Mac leaves to tell Kay, and J.T. tells Paul he had too much heart damage to be an officer. Paul is sorry. As Paul leaves, J.T. asks him to wish Heather the best. Paul looks concerned. Mac returns later and tells J.T. she couldn't find her grandmother. Within minutes there is a knock - it's Kay. She tells them Murphy has been moved to a long-term care facility. She notices the boxes and Mac explains what is going on. Kay says she'll miss them, but is happy for her about the job. They talk about getting married and Katherine offers to make it happen today! When she's gone, they banter playfully and kiss.

    Heather's adviser comes into her office and tells her she is leading in the polls. She grins. Paul knocks and enters. The adviser leaves. Heather reassures a tense Paul that she has everything with Victor under control.

    At home, Vikki tells Billy that Vance said the same thing as Michael - J.T. has the right to take Reed out-of-state. They look at the article about Victor and Heather on the laptop. Vikki continues to be melancholy. Billy notes that she didn't sleep well. Vikki urges him to go about his day - she's going to visit her mom.

    At the Ranch, Meggie offers Victor coffee when he walks into the room. Victor tells her it's not a good time to take a trip. Taken aback, Meggie starts talking. Victor excuses himself to take a call. He returns to the room and says a deal fell through. Meggie talks him into taking the trip.

    As Deacon lies with Nikki on her bed, Meggie calls his cellphone and tells him that she and Victor are off to Vegas - by this afternoon she'll be his bride, and by tonight his widow! Deacon says his priority is Nikki right now and hangs up. He asks Nikki if she's feeling better this morning. Nikki murmurs that she's numb. He leaves, and Victoria arrives in tears shortly after. She tells Nikki what is going on with Reed. Nikki wants to check out, but Vikki won't allow it. Nikki upsets her by suggesting she call Victor. Victoria says she'd have custody if not for the stunt he pulled. They talk more and Nikki says they'll get through this together. Vikki leaves, and Deacon asks Nikki if she's alright. She tells him what's going on and says she's calling Victor. She can't reach him, so tries Meggie, whose voicemail says she's gone to Nevada with Mr. Newman!

    Billy enters the Club, where a reporter asks if the article he published is true. Billy says he doesn't make stuff up. Heather and Paul arrive and sit down in the dining room. She soon gets a call from a reporter about Billy's article. Billy appears nearby and Heather storms over and confronts him. She says he twisted it to look like she did something wrong. Billy feels that she did. Paul comes over and asks if he had to ruin Heather's reputation to get to Victor. Billy says she shouldn't have taken Victor's money. Heather and Paul sit back down and Heather gets a call from the party chairman - her poll numbers are plummeting and they want her to resign. When a gaggle of reporters appears, Paul stands by her as she says she did nothing wrong, but is withdrawing her candidacy.

    On the jet, Meggie decides that Victor needs a Bloody Caesar. She fixes it, and then thanks him for all he's done for her. Victor begins to slur his words as he tells Meggie to order the pilot to turn the jet around. Meggie says Nikki didn't appreciate him. As he becomes increasingly out of it, Meggie convinces him he's proposed. She gets arrangements started to land in Reno and have a ceremony. When the officials show up, Victor signs on the dotted line, vows are exchanged, and photos are snapped!

    Billy shows up at Mac and J.T.'s house. Billy says he understands they are doing what they think is best for their family, but reminds them that Reed loves his mom to pieces and will be miserable without her. He says it's ripping Vikki to pieces. J.T. leaves Mac to talk to Billy, who says he wants to be happy for her, but he can only see the pain it's causing his wife. After he's gone, Katherine returns and says, "There's going to be a wedding this afternoon!"

    Billy finds Victoria at Crimson Lights and says they'll figure this out. Vikki knows J.T. won't change his mind. Billy reassures her they'll work it all out - J.T. doesn't want to keep Reed from her. Victoria cries that she'll never forgive J.T.

    Spoilers for Tomorrow in Genoa City on The Young and the Restless:

    Daisy wants to go to a hospital, or the baby stays behind bars with her.

    Reed tells Billy and Victoria he's going to be in Daddy and Mac's wedding.

    Nikki tells Deacon she needs a drink!

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    Posted by juann at Wednesday, November 03 2010 03:41 PM

    Just leave it to Mrs.C! Where there is a will there is a way.She knows how to make J.T.'s and Mac's wedding happen.

    And just like that, Victor is swayed by that heifer into taking a trip. Victor is really losing his grip.

    Oh Great! Meggie purposely leaves her voicemail message stating that she is going to Nevada with Victor knowing that Nikki would hear it. This is going to send Nikki right over the edge.

    Thank-You Billy!! Thank-God you published that article about Heather and Victor. Heather it was wrong of you to take Victor's money and you know it. It's called bribery and it is against the law. You should of said no to Victor from the beginning.

    I hate seeing Victoria so sad. J.T your wrong for taking Reed away from his mother.

    Dang, forget the justice of the peace. Meggie married Victor's sorry butt on the plane! She didn't waste any time getting him drugged so he could sign at the dotted line. This broad has just moved in for the kill.

    Murphy is in a long term care facility. So does this mean so long Murphy?

    Nikki, why would you tell Victoria to call her father about J.T. when Victor was the one responsible for Victoria losing custody in the first place? Not good motherly advice.

    Have a great night!

    Posted by Coastie at Wednesday, November 03 2010 04:12 PM

    Kay can perform Mac and Cheese's wedding, or better yet, how about Brock?

    Paul's radar is in high gear over Heather getting involved with TGVN aka TIVN.

    Poor Vikki, this is worse than her miscarriage, poor Reed, he's not just leaving his mother and grandmother, but what about Billy and Delia?

    Why would Maggot put that message on her phone?

    1 1/2 oz. Vodka
    6 oz. Clamato Juice (Mott's)
    1 stick Celery
    1 dash Celery Salt
    1 wedge Lime
    1 dash Pepper, black
    2 splashes Tabasco Sauce
    2 splashes Worcestershire Sauce
    Mixing Instructions
    Rim glass useing lime & celery salt. Fill glass 1/3 with ice, add vodka, clamato and a splash each of worcestershire sauce and tabasco. Add a dash of celery salt and pepper, garnish with lime & celery.

    There is nothing in there to make TIVN sign his life away and still be able to stand up!

    Posted by cowboys fan at Wednesday, November 03 2010 04:21 PM

    Lord, I hope Katherine doesn't tell Nikki where Murphy is. Knowing Nikki, she will want to visit Murphy and for some ungodly reason, bring Meggie. Maybe she won't bring Meggie. Meggie will be Mrs. Victor Newman, no longer Nikki's flunkie.

    Heather, nobody controls Victor. If Nikki, Nick, and Victoria can't control him, what makes you think you can.

    I hate JT.

    Dang, gone Meggie with your bad self. Her voicemail said she was going to Vegas with the Mustache. YOU GOT THAT NIKKI! You do know what people do in Vegas, don't you. There's plenty of chapels and Elvis ministers that performs weddings.

    I'm glad the Heather's poll numbers are down. That's what she gets for dealing with the devil. She was bought by Victor and she knows it.

    I have to admit, I love Meggie playing Victor for the old fool he is. If I was there, I would throw the rice. Uncle Ben rice, the good stuff.

    I just love how protective Billy is over Victoria. That is so sweet. There's nothing he wouldn't do for her.

    Posted by greyhounddani at Wednesday, November 03 2010 04:46 PM

    I might be going against the grain but I am sick of hearing Victoria whining about something. I don't feel sorry for her because JT is taking Reed to D.C with him and Mac. From the time that Victoria lost custody of Reed the first and second time , if she really wanted to get him back she would have filed for custody right away but she didn't in fact she was so busy "DOING" Billy that she couldn't give a good kitty about her child. GIVE ME A BREAK !!!!!!!

    Billy is now Victoria's lapdog. I want to scream at the t.v, screen " Go do something Billy, that does not involve sniffing after Victoria and Victor butt's. Also I am getting sick and tired of seeing Amelia Henlie with that mess of a hair of her's on my t.v screen everyday for the past two weeks. She is not a leading actress.

    Posted by Coastie at Wednesday, November 03 2010 04:46 PM

    Is Crazy Daisy ready to have that baby?

    IMO Billy and Vikki should be invited to JT's wedding, especially if Reed is in it, after all, they were invited to their wedding!

    Posted by Coastie at Wednesday, November 03 2010 04:47 PM

    Wow, greyhounddani, tell us how you really feel!

    Posted by simscb at Wednesday, November 03 2010 06:07 PM

    The next thing Maggot is going to do is send Nikki the wedding photos on her phone. What a deceptive, unconscionable, conniving, treacherous, cunning, murderous piece of PURE TRASH.

    Nikki should know that when you lie in bed with a man where it will lead. She's so stupid and Deacon is getting on my nerves. I wish he would be the one who tells SOMEBODY, ANYBODY about Maggot's plan to marry and murder Victor. Then he would be a good old boy and save Victor's life before she does the deed.

    After all this Bull Crap with Victor, no wonder she needs a drink. Poor Nikki just cannot control her drinking.

    Victoria needs to stop whining because she can do nothing to keep Reed in GC. It's a done deal, courtesy of Daddy Dearest whom you now hate. Go with Bily and work at RS. That would keep your mind off Reed's departure with JT and Mac.

    Leave it to Katherine to get a wedding so quickly. I know it will be lavish and catered with every edible food. You Go, Katherine.

    I hope Murphy is still tapping his fingers so Ronan can find out what he has been trying to do all these weeks. Thank you, writers, for FINALLY having a character with some brains.

    Well, Heather! That's the SC******G yoou get for the SC****NG you gave your constituents. When you go on maternity leave, PLEASE don't come back to GC.

    Poor Paul must be so disappointed in what she has done. She can't say she wasn't warned. DUMMMY!

    It hasn't been 9 months since Crazy Daisy left GC. Who is REALLY the father? I would put my money on Ryder, brother or not. Incest runs rampant on our sister soap. Why not here? This storyline is nauseating.

    TIIC and WINOs just had to bring that nutso back to infuriate the viewers.

    BTW, someone posted last weekend that B&B has the BEST STORYLINES.

    I have a question. Since when? The only GREAT STORYLINE is Stephanie and Brooke's going to Skid Row and Stephanie's determination to help the homeless.

    No other s/l appeals to me on that show.

    Posted by kmc320 at Wednesday, November 03 2010 08:07 PM

    Hey Bartender Coastie fix me up a double

    CBF ssshhhhh, we hate other stuff. Right now can't stand JT's a$$.
    It's the dumbschitts who think this is entertaining fault
    simscb it has to be the blonde lifting bottle. It must be the ingredients in the booster/color lifter chemicals that causes Nikki to act like Sharon.

    Posted by butterfly affect at Wednesday, November 03 2010 08:09 PM

    Wow I feel sorry for victoria and for those people who tell her she needs to suck it up aparently don't have children. As a mother the worse thing that could happen is having my child taken away from me so I feel terribly bad for her. Jt is wrong to even try to do that, he wasn't thinking about reed or victoria's feelings. And billy is the best husband a woman can have. I love the way he protects and comfort victoria, it just shows how much he loves her.

    Posted by kmc320 at Wednesday, November 03 2010 08:09 PM

    We're hearing Laura Stone, who plays the sexy Skye Lockhart Newman, is also a goner

    Like Sean Young (Maggot) NOV 8. My question is will she be killed, captured, harmed, what what what?

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