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The Young and the Restless spoilers

Tuesday, July 28 2015

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Week of July 27:

Watch the Y&R Weekly Spoiler Video: Colin plans Devon’s bachelor party.

Monday July 27:

Read today's Y&R Recap: Chelsea shuts Adam out.

"The thing with Sage was just some recreational fun? Other guys play golf, you have sex with your ex-wife?" Chelsea asks Adam.

"I'm not going to make this any harder for you. I'm going to get my things out of the office and I'm going to get out of your life," Sage tells Nick.

"You've been to the lake, haven't you?" Marisa asks. "You'll never guess what we found," Kevin tells her.

Tuesday July 28:

Read today's Y&R Recap: Adam takes Connor but returns him.

Victor says, "No more secrets, no more lies." Victoria says, "Truth, Dad. What happened between you and Jack in the park."

Christine asks Paul, "What happened now." Paul replies, "I went to arrest Gabriel Bingham. He's gone. He left town."

Adam hollers at Billy, "Go hold your children! Go tell Victoria you love her. Stop trying to make me suffer, I'm suffering plenty!"

Adam makes a run for it.

Michelle Stafford (ex-Phyllis) expecting second child.

Wednesday July 29:

Read today's Y&R Recap: Cane and Lily clash.

Phyllis second-guesses her future with Jack.

Billy loses his cool.

Christine gives Paul an ultimatum.

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Thursday July 30:

Read today's Y&R Recap: Neil pays Hilary a visit.

Cane catches Joe making a move on Lily.

Harding questions Mariah and Kevin.

Neil extends an olive branch to Hilary.

Friday July 31:

Read today's Y&R Recap: Colin convinces Devon he cheated on Hilary.

Devon's bachelor party takes a shocking turn.

Phyllis demands the truth from Jack.

Summer spoilers from Soap Opera Digest:

Neil/Hilary/Devon: Neil's desire for revenge grows as a trip to the altar nears for Hilary and Devon.

"Neil is driven to the brink, and what happens will blow people's minds," says Charles Pratt, Jr.

Phyllis' life explodes when she realizes she's been sleeping with Marco.

Phyllis' feelings for Jack are on edge as she wonders how things have changed between them.

There is a huge twist in the murder mystery when the real killer is revealed.

Adam and Chelsea's relationship is tested.

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