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The Young And The Restless Spoilers.

Friday, April 24 2015

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Week of April 27:

Y&R Weekly Spoiler Video: Strap In And Get Ready.

Monday April 27:

Read today's Y&R Recap: Not My First Rodeo.

Victor says to Yack, "You do as I tell you, and you'd better behave when we go to dinner. You got that?"

Neil tells Gwen, "You did a damn good job of pretending to date my son while he was cheating with my wife."

Sharon hollers at Nick, "If I'm to blame for what our children are going through right now then so the hell are you!" Watch a Y&R spoiler video of Nick and Sharon.

Hilary asks Devon for a second chance.

Tuesday April 28:

Phyllis questions Jack's 'partnership' with Victor.

Wednesday April 29:

Kyle romances Summer.

Thursday April 30:

Ashley and Victoria clash at the office.

Friday May 1:

Sparks fly between an unlikely duo.

May Sweeps spoilers from Soap Opera Digest:

Murder Story: Victor gets involved in the Scooby Doo mystery as the murder story and Jack story collide. Fen returns to the murder story with a new twist.

Victor/Nikki: A threat from Victor's closest ally puts his empire in jeopardy.

Jack/Phyllis: Phyllis begins to look into the changes in her husband. She digs into the mystery with gusto and learns things that put her whole family in terrible jeopardy. Jack may appear to have lost his mind but Ashley, Billy, and Kyle take nothing sitting down at Jabot. Towards summer a mind-numbing event shakes up Genoa City.

Adam/Chelsea/Victoria/Billy/Stitch: With Chelsea and Billy split, Adam moves closer to Chelsea but his love/hate relationship with Victor and a subtle lure from 'Jack' will put his true identity at risk of coming out. If Chelsea discovers it, he knows he'll never get his family back.

Avery/Dylan/Joe/Sharon: Dylan falls more into Sharon's orbit, which is good for her. Avery goes away with Joe and is warned during visits with Phyllis and Dylan to keep a clear head with her ex. Avery senses Dylan is slipping away from her into the arms of Sharon.

Sage/Nick: Mistakes from the past threaten their relationship. It's uncomplicated and above board until Sage discovers something that will rock a whole lot of worlds.

Devon/Hilary/Neil: Hilary can't walk away from her strong feelings for Devon. Neil has revenge on his mind and when he hits full boil, Hilary and Devon better watch out!

Lauren/Michael/Cane/Lily: Michael is the puppetmaster in this scenario. He is recovering from his cancer but has psychological scars. He makes decisions that affect everyone with surprising hook-ups and gasp-worthy consequences.

- Candace Young