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The Young And The Restless Spoilers.

Saturday, February 28 2015

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Week of March 2:

Watch the Y&R Weekly Spoiler Video: New Suspects.

Monday March 2:

Read today's Y&R Recap: It’s Complicated.

Jack makes a pact with Victor.

Christine says to Phyllis, "You smug narcissistic bitch! I'm going to make you pay for every vicious thing you've ever done." Paul tries to calm Chris.

Ashley asks Jack, "So now you and Victor are allies?" Jack replies, "Let's just say we're not enemies."

Kelly asks Victor, "You call the shots and I do what you say, is that it?" Victor smirks. "Are you in?" Watch a Y&R spoiler video of Victor and Kelly.

Tuesday March 3:

Summer says, "I have to watch this. My husband made it for me on the day he died."

A video of Austin is shown and he says, "What I really have to give you is an apology."

Christine rants to Paul, "This is about us, this is about our marriage, and this is about your undying loyalty to Nikki!"

Neil's drinking troubles Lily.

Wednesday March 4:

Nikki spirals out of control.

Thursday March 5:

Trouble brews at the Abbott cabin.

Friday March 6:

Jack and Ashley fight to protect Jabot.

Week of March 16:

"Y&R" will be pre-empted on Thursday March 19 and Friday March 20 due to CBS coverage of NCAA basketball.

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- Candace Young